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7 Most Common Car Problems

Cleveland Scrap Cars is back with our latest news and information from the world of auto scrap and recycling. Are you determined to find out the price for a junk car that you own? Our goal is to make the scrap my car process as simple and as easy as possible. When pondering whether to sell a junk car or not, one key consideration is whether it costs more to fix it then it is actually worth. Among the area’s list of those who junks cars, we can assist you quickly and easily. Every year, awards are doled out by Government agencies like the EPA & private corporations for environmental endeavors. We strive for reduction in waste material where possible and call on society to use and recycle materials more productively. The true cost of vehicle ownership is much more than simply the monthly payment; the repair bills can be steep in many cases. The 7 most common auto problems are as follows:

  1. The front ends of front-wheel drive vehicle suspensions. This usually stems from either encountering a pothole or a curb which thrusts the suspension. The list of headaches includes tie rods, ball joints, wheel bearing and such. Inevitably, those that are trying to keep costs low will have one-side fixed and within a couple months come to realize that they should have done both sides, as the opposite side needs work.
  2. The water pump, particularly on domestic vehicles, is likely soon to be a problem. This is a key component that acts as a liaison between the motor and the cooling system (radiator). Once these vehicles get older you will likely have to have the water pump replaced and six months later the radiator will need replaced.
  3. The rubber molding around the driver door. It is usually damaged initially when attempting to retrieve your keys that are locked inside the vehicle. The problem then begins and causes the car to have loud wind noise when driving at high speeds with the windows rolled up. The automatic car washes further worsen and remind you of the problem.
  4. The leaking sun roof almost a guarantee at some point if you live in a city that has rough winters. Those with an older car that has a sunroof in Cleveland usually wishes that option was not included on their car at some point.
  5. A damaged bumper-cover is all too common in today’s vehicles. Why do they call it a bumper if it can’t be bumped without denting or cracking? Upon inspection, you realize that you can’t simply “pull-out” the dent because these are made of plastic now with Styrofoam on the inside. Your next thought is that because it is plastic, it is probably cheap to obtain a new one. Not so fast… It turns out that there are aftermarket bumper covers that can be ordered online for about $80; however, they are unpainted! Next, you are informed that painting these plastic covers is going to cost much more than the piece itself. After this you call salvage places in hopes finding one in the correct color and they either don’t have any or insist you purchase the complete assembly.
  6. Air conditioning-related issues. You will hear people over the age of (40) reminiscing of the days when you could simply pour a can of Freon into the A/C system in your garage. Today, environmental agencies have made it a requirement that other types of refrigerants must be used and the bottom line is that they repairs are more costly.
  7. Owners of the older (before 2004) Chrysler and Dodge Minivans will tell you that you are lucky if you get to 80,000 miles without replacing the transmission.

 Who junks cars for cash in Cleveland?

We are able to provide you a price for a junk car quickly over the phone. We have been working as a scrap my car hauler in NE Ohio for many years now. Why would you consider another spot when looking to sell a junk car? We are fast, courteous and pay with cash. When phoning everywhere to see who junks cars, you will find out how much cash you can scrap a junk vehicle for. Scrap vehicles can be a major source of other hazardous items, such as lead, mercury and asbestos. We are a clean recycler with a commitment to “green” procedures, our auto recycling of steel uses 60% less energy as well.