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Scrap Cars Spotlight 2.1

Are you pondering how to sell a junk car in the counties of Cuyahoga, Geauga and Lake? We are a damaged and wrecked vehicle buyer that pays cash for cars 6 days a week. Complimentary scrap vehicle removal is included when you contact our junk and wrecked vehicle buyer. Find out how to sell a junk car for fast cash today! We may not be the highest paying for junk cars, but we offer same-day and next-day cash for cars pickup and excellent service.

Our next segment of the Scrap Car Spotlight features Steve Holland of Brandon Auto Service in Valrico, FL. Valrico is located just east of Tampa. Our interview with Steve is as follows:

What are your primary roles/functions in managing Brandon Auto Service?

I oversee the computer system and financial status.

Your website states you are a Barely Used Dealer. Would you explain this concept and how it works?

It is a logo that is easily recognizable by consumers and in the past, a number of recyclers would join together and advertise in their local area as a dealer of BUAP. We have over 28 produced commercials and rent to clients that have a clean and organized salvage business.

What are some of the changes in the auto recycling industry recently that you have noticed?

Salvage dealers are going out of business. My perception of their loss is caused from lack of education of today’s salvage economy. Most don’t attend any conventions to learn techniques and most don’t even join an association.

Is there any marketing initiative(s) that you have used lately that was very successful?

I still advertise on TV, in newspapers, telephone books, and on the internet.

Have you considered offering the “self-service” aka “U-Pull-It” concept that seems to be popular today? Any potential benefits or drawbacks that you see?

I tried at another facility, but never could get the customers to bring their tools to pull items. Today with the scrap prices falling, I am reversing back to a full-service yard at the another location.

How does Brandon AS track its large inventory of vehicles and components?

We place our inventory in a Hollander Database.

The scrap prices have continued to fall in the US. What do you typically pay for vehicles these days in Florida?

$150 to $200

Having steered your company for 30+ years, what key advice would you give to younger folks that are getting started in business?

Stay connected to the latest technology and trends. Things change over time and you can be left behind.

We certainly find Mr. Holland’s industry feedback to be extremely worthwhile. We encourage you to visit their website at http://www.brandonauto.com/.