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Abandoned Vehicle Removal

To sell us your car today, give us a call at (216) 282-JUNK and we can provide a quote. The vehicle scrap market pricing is subject to changes from fluctuations in the commodities markets. Those wishing to know where to scrap a car for fast cash in Cleveland should contact our office. We have a guy who buys junk cars exclusively in Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga County. Not only to we pay cash for a damaged car, but complimentary junk vehicle removal is included.

On August 18, 2016 and article by MacGregor Eddy, for the Salinas Californian, told us the following: “Salinas City Council approved a program to hire a private firm to manage the city’s parking enforcement, which is now conducted by Community Service Officers (CSOs) of the Salinas PD. CSOs complete jobs that do not require the usage of weapons.  Placing tags upon and towing away these abandoned vehicles is one of their responsibilities. Police Sgt. Kendall Grey is oversees the CSO work. Grey says that they will be relieved of parking enforcement, and now better able to allocate more people on the abandoned cars problem. Often there are hundreds of complaints waiting for much needed attention. Salinas citizens should know that if you make a complaint it will take some time for the CSO to tag the vehicle, and then they must provide 10 days before it can be removed.

Abandoned cars do more than look ugly and worsen parking problems. Permanently stalled vehicles on our residential streets make it more difficult to clean and sweep city streets.  When streets aren’t swept, there is accumulation of various junk and litter.  Following a heavy rain after a long dry period, this debris is washed into the storm drains and contaminates the runoff water and potentially clogs the drains. The new parking improvement contract will take effect in November.” The full article is available at this link.

Get cash for a damaged car

To sell us your car today simply not grab the title and your phone to dial us at (216) 282-JUNK. Do you need vehicle scrap removal? Contact our junk car buyer today. Are you pondering where to scrap a car? We have a buyer of scrap cars on hand. Many of us who buys junk cars are influenced by the market price of various auto-related commodities. Many residents do not actually realize that in the US, over 12 million cars are scrapped, bringing tremendous amounts of salvageable components and recyclable materials.