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Auto Recycling of Aluminum

Cleveland Scrap Cars is one of the local scrap yards that buy cars in the surrounding areas. When you sell an old car you are creating an opportunity for its components to be repurposed. Yes, we buy junk cars with same-day or next-day scrap vehicle removal service. Who scraps cars that can pick up my old vehicle with a flatbed? What is a junk car worth if it is mangled from a horrific accident? We are an eco-friendly auto scrapper who knows that environmental contamination from junk cars can occur within the scope of scrap car operations.

On August 8, 2016 an article titled ‘Study Finds Recycling Rate of Auto Aluminum is 91%’ was posted on Aluminum Insider with the following details: “A study recently by the Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s (WPI) Center for Resource Recovery & Recycling shows that the recycling rate for aluminum in the US auto industry is at 91 percent overall. The study, entitled “Auto Aluminum Recycling at End of Life: A Grave-to-Gate Analysis,” is a peer-analyzed study and was funded from the Aluminum (AL) Association. It backs up research done previously by both public and private sector researchers regarding the high sustainability of AL in auto manufacturing.

The founding director of WPI’s Metal Processing Institute Diran Apelian says they set out to determine exactly how AL is sorted and recovered at the end of a car’s service life and findings indicate it is highly recyclable and is recovered & reused at extremely high rates. To reduce the country’s energy consumption, decrease carbon emissions and increase fuel economy, these results confirms that as AL use continues to grow in the auto sector it also enhances energy security & environmental issues.

Studies indicated that auto components in AL from the moment of obsolescence through the recycling process and to the moment that particular piece of metal is re-integrated in another car or product. The high recycling rate is due to the value of AL as a raw material, pointing to the strong effort to recover this valuable commodity from end-of-life cars. AL continues to show that it is a great solution at every phase of an automobile’s life.” The full article is available here.

What is a junk car worth?

Call us up 6 days a week to receive a price, as indeed we are among the scrap yards that buy cars. I’m sure it is likely that your neighbors are tired of looking at the car—sell an old car for cash to us! Many of those in Cuyahoga, Geauga and Lake County weren’t aware that we buy junk cars. Call it free advice from one guy who scraps cars—find a reliable junk car hauler in the NE Ohio region. Did you know that auto scrap recycling preserves over 80 million barrels of oil, normally lost in making new components?