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Cleveland Scrap Cars is quite often referred to as simply a scrap vehicle buyer within the auto recycling business. To sell a car for scrap we recommend calling for a price quote and having the title and an ID on-hand. A totaled car may still have some value, particularly if it is less than ten-years-old. The vehicle removal process generally refers to towing away the car with a rollback tow, a trailer, or a flatbed truck. If your car, truck or van is beyond ten years of age with a bad motor or transmission you may want to determine where to junk a car. Our next story outlines a legal battle between a salvager of automobiles and a neighbor to the business.

On July 24, 2016 an article was posted by Kent Jackson on the Standard Speaker with the following details: “Joseph Kress wants to install a Wendt shredder at Harry’s U-Pull-It, his automobile recycling yard in Hazle Twp. Frank Skokoski wants to stop Kress from installing the shredder to prevent noise and other intrusions. Legal challenges that Skokoski filed have halted construction since winter. Kress, meanwhile, sued Skokoski for defamation of character on July 12. Skokoski said he will defend himself against the suit while continuing to fight to stop construction of the shredder. As cars have evolved during the past century, so has the technology for dismantling and recycling them. Now cars have less steel but more aluminum and polymer parts. A growing variety of computerized sensors, systems and other such as back-up cameras and video screens in newer cars requires more copper wiring. Currently Kress’ employees remove motors, radiators and wiring with huge tools hooked to the arm of a front-end loader. Then another loader with a forklift moves the cars and puts in the crusher. Kress ships crushed cars to a shredder in NY State.

If Kress does install a shredder, his workers no longer will have to rip apart and crush cars. Kress can sell the 4 to 5-inch bits of steel that emerge from the shredder to steel mills and deal directly with end-users of nonferrous bits such as aluminum, brass and copper that typically bring in a few cents a pound more than steel. In shredders, magnets separate steel from nonferrous metals, which move farther along a conveyor where they are sorted by reverse magnetic fields. The remaining automobile shredder residue or “fluff” goes to a landfill and contains about 2% metal, an improvement from (5) years ago when the fluff’s metallic content approached 8% metal, said Kress’ nephew, Harry, who has been heading up the shredder development for the family business. When cars arrive, they are drained of fluids. Each car goes on a rack that tilts so the oil and antifreeze and other fluids spill into a grate and float to different levels and are separated for re-use or resale. The reclaimed motor oil heats the office and their other buildings. Gasoline, removed at the next step on the scrap and recycling process punches holes into gas tanks to fuel the vehicles that employees drive around Kress’ lot. After the fluids are drained, the cars are arranged in rows. Cars stay on Harry’s lot 3-4 months before being stripped, crushed and trucked away.

The opposition Frank Skokoski bought close to 100 acres on the NE edge of Harry’s U-Pull-It in 1988. He built his house, 400 feet from where he grew up. Skokoski asks if dust, vibrations, noise and fumes from the shredding unit will impact his property and that of other neighbors. He said Hazle Township hasn’t restricted the hours when a shredder could run and pointed out that explosions, fires, water run-off and release of pollutants can stem from these units. The shredder will emit 6 tons of volatile organic compounds, according to an estimate. The agency approved the plan; Skokoski is asking it to reconsider.

About 30% of the shredded material goes to a landfill. The remaining 70% of the material is recyclable, which Upstate ships to steel mills to reduce truck traffic. The shredder shouldn’t substantially heighten truck traffic, as Harry’s U-Pull-It said during meetings with the Twp. Department. The weight of material entering & leaving the site should be about the same with a shredder. Kress said he selected one of the smaller shredder models to handle vehicles from his lots. Kress didn’t say he planned to shred metal other than vehicles, but didn’t rule out taking other sources of metal either. He still is discussing hours of operation with officials, but said he expected the shredder hours to be similar to those of the lot. Kress would like to shred at night, when rates for electricity that power the shredder are cheaper. The complete article is available here.

Where to junk a car

Our scrap vehicle buyer will provide you money for a junk car and even pick it up for you. If you are considering how to sell a car for scrap, simply contact our junk car buyer. The price to repair a totaled car is often quite outrageous and that is why the decision to scrap it is sometimes made. Complimentary old vehicle removal is available in our junk auto quoted price.