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Automotive Industry Standards

Truth be told, buying junk car scrap in a fairly simple process in Bedford, Berea, and Tremont. Let’s face the truth you need that old vehicle gone by calling us for junk car towing in Avon, Geauga County, and Macedonia. Those who have yet to come to grips in Aurora, Westlake, and Shaker Heights on dumping that car—get money for scrap car today. Many are still in denial throughout North Randall, Solon, and Walton Hills that they really need old car removal—move that junky car! It can be illegal and hazardous to discharge used auto fluids to our water, land and other key resources

A recent story in Rubber News tells us the following: “An EPA’s decision last week seeks to maintain their greenhouse-gas goals keeping the auto sector on a path to cleaner & highly efficient cars. This significantly limits the latitude for auto manufacturers to pursue changes to the big bargain they struck with federal and CA regulators in 2011 to move Obama’s energy & environmental plan. It also restricts the choices for the new administration of Donald Trump to resolve the rules with his deregulation goals. The big auto market group is making a true effort to stop the EPA from completing the fuel efficiency standards. The Alliance of Auto Makers, an industry group for GM., Toyota Motor Corp., Ford, Volkswagen and Daimler A.G., is urging congress to add language in a short-term economic resolution that would stop the Obama team from finalizing the rules before they leave office in January.  The EPA’s ruling shrinks the promised mid-term assessment of the government’s determined fuel efficiency program. Auto manufacturers knew they would be challenged to meet stricter goals in exchange for regulatory visibility. Industry leadership was seizing on the unexpected win of Trump to appeal for additional time to deliberate the economic costs of the operation, especially with low gas prices, spurring light-truck sales & soft demand for hybrids & electric cars.   The EPA rather hit the “go” button with its proposed plan to keep the standards the same, subject to a 1 month comment period. Obama’s EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, is supposed to issue the final ruling.

Auto executives who spoke to Auto News confidentially said the choice was a political one intended to prevent the next Trump administration—and his appointee for the EPA—from undermining a key piece of Obama’s legacy.   A Ford lobbyist, Ziad Ojakli, criticized the EPA’s move as politics of a lame-duck presidential group. The timing of this EPA move was unexpected to the auto business. Those realities may limit the auto market’s options under Trump. He may try to weaken NHTSA’s impending fuel-efficiency standards for those 2022-25 model years.” The complete story is available here.

Cuyahoga County Junk Car Scrap

There is no doubt that those in Streetsboro, Fairview Park, and Bentleyville Village, will like our junk car scrap program. If I had a penny for every time I heard a guy in Willoughby, Lyndhurst, and Ohio City say they are going to fix that old car—get junk car towing now! Those getting sentimental about their junky car in Highland Heights, Maple Heights, and Middlefield need to get money for a scrap car instead. Today is the day to let go of that crappy car in University Heights, Warrensville Heights, and Mentor—call for old car removal. Our company believes in waste diversion by aiming to reuse and recycle as much as possible.