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Scrap Outlook for 2018

Where can I determine how to scrap my car in the regions of Lakewood, Linndale Village, or Newburgh Heights? We are a scrapper who junks cars that can provide a simply price over the phone for those in Collinwood, Sagamore Hills, and Middleburg Heights, OH. There is no excuse for the residents of Glenwillow, Parma, or Beachwood not to sell an old car to us. When you decide to junk your car for cash in Eastlake or Twinsburg, the recycling process begins.

China is proposing a ban on import waste which could have some negative consequences according to David Biderman, the CEO at SWANA. They are seeking to reform the ways that they will accept imported materials from both the U.S. and Canada, which will impact recyclers. Proper management of these materials will be challenging. In the meanwhile, recyclers are taking measures to make their loads of material more “pure” and to consider other possible markets internationally. China will likely soon require that recyclers process their ferrous scrap more prior to shipping it there. Recycling Today recently posted that the Chinese are establishing thresholds for the quality of the scrap. This is likely to require that contaminants and foreign material be limited to 1 to 2% of the volume of the material. These details were expected to have been released by now.

Our “green” practices preserve precious resources for the next generation, without compromising the environment. If your car is broken down in Bentleyville Village, Mentor, or Willoughby, you may want to look into how to scrap my car.The guys who by scrap vehicles and who junks cars in Lyndhurst, Ohio City, Highland Heights are now available 6 days a week. Attention, junky vehicle owners in Maple Heights, Middlefield, & University Heights—you can sell an old car for cash today! Anyone possessing junk cars in proximity to Richmond Heights, Pepper Pike, and Euclid, should act now to junk your car for cash.

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Scrap & Recycling Economic Forecast

A common misconception is the when you junk your car for cash, that is the end of its useful life; however, that is not the case in Bedford, Berea, or Tremont. Those looking to have a salvage car taken off their hands should contact our office today in Avon, Warrensville Heights, or Reminderville. We are the premier site for scrapping cars and junk vehicle hauling in Geauga County, Wickliffe, or Macedonia. The price to repair a totaled car is typically outrageous and that is why the decision to scrap it is usually made in Aurora, Westlake, and Shaker Heights.

A recent story locate here on Earth 911suggests that in the decades to come the U.S. scrap recycling market will be composed of a smaller group of larger sized organizations.  Sean Daoud, of PNW Metal in Washington, says that he expects to see significant mergers and acquisitions within the industry. Many corporations are experiencing difficulty conforming to new legislation and regulatory initiatives. It is expected that more ownership of U.S. based scrap firms will be by parties in Europe and Asia. Many feel that the U.S. model will change to look more like China’s where recycling is centrally based at major hubs. The number of “family-owned” recycling outfits is likely to continue to decline. A couple factors that may help the industry could be ways of transporting freight without drivers or dependence on oil-based fuel. It will be critical for those looking to grow in the market to really adjust to the many differences involved with a truly “global” scrap and recycling market.

Automobile liquid wastes are maintained from contaminating the local environment. We are now available in North Randall, Solon, & Walton Hills to quickly junk cars for cash. People looking to turn an old salvage car in Brooklyn, Streetsboro, or Fairview Park into cash have found the place to do so. Environmental concerns are at the forefront of our operation which is scrapping cars in Bentleyville Village, & Mentor. Even a totaled car will have some sort of salvageable value to us in Willoughby, Lyndhurst, and Ohio City.

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Abandoned Junk Vehicles Left Behind in STL

Why leave that old car sitting there in North Randall, Solon, or Walton Hills—get cash for cars today! Complimentary junk car removal is included with our car scrapping service in Brooklyn, Streetsboro, or Fairview Park, OH. The majority of people that buy junk cars in Bentleyville Village, Mentor, or Willoughby do so for purposes or reusing, recycling and scrapping them. If your car needs expensive repairs and is not worth fixing, call us to sell a car for cash today in Lyndhurst, Ohio City, Highland Heights.

Fox 2/KPLR 11 did a recent report about cars that have been left for years. St. Louis-Lambert International Airport parking seems to accumulate these vehicles for whatever reason. The Kansas City PD made a horrific discovery of a dead body in the front seat of one. Many of these cars feature flat tires, dusty windows and some lacking license plates.  Google Earth showed a Honda vehicle that literally had been parked there since 2012 that was listed as being owned by a body shop somewhere in Texas. Michael Talignani, who resides in Los Angeles, was contacted about a Nissan truck that had been at the airport for months. He says a relative was supposed to retrieve the truck but claimed he could not locate it. Another owner contacted had long since been in the Air Force. As they continue sorting through these vehicles, authorities are prepared for more surprises

To be profitable in today’s green environment, the auto scrap process must be done systematically. Has anyone in the local regions of Bedford, Berea, or Tremont determined where to get cash for cars? We will handle the junk car removal of your car in a timely manner in Avon, Warrensville Heights, & Reminderville.  We are the people that buy junk cars in Geauga County, Wickliffe, & Macedonia.  If your car, truck or van is in need of a new tranny, it may be time to simply sell a car for cash Aurora, Westlake, & Shaker Heights.

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New Vehicle Recycling Technology & Market Update

Older car owners in Bedford, Berea, and Tremont should be aware that our buyer of scrap cars will pick them up. Same-day or next-day damaged car removal is included in the scrap car quoted price for those in Avon, Warrensville Heights & Reminderville. The latest price for scrap cars in Geauga County, Wickliffe and Macedonia is approaching unprecedented depths, yet showing recovery. When selling a junk car in Aurora, Westlake, or Shaker Heights, it is important to consider whether the service provider is environmentally conscious

A recent article on Verge explained as follows: “The release of Tesla’s Model 3 for the first thirty buyers (actually Tesla employees, per reports), shows how far this young auto manufacturer has really come — and their impact on the rest of the market. When Tesla first debuted with Autopilot in 2015, their CEO (Musk) cautioned drivers to be very careful. This was the original semi-autonomous vehicle technology available in a commercial market. Musk stated that people should not take their hands off the wheel. The videos were an indication that many people will always react poorly when handed an innovative & powerful technology. Since Autopilot’s release, all the major auto manufacturers have developed their own plans for semi-autonomous, automated systems. Examples include:

  • General Motors has it with the Cadillac CT6
  • Mercedes implemented their S-Class with Drive Pilot
  • Nissan is working on the ProPilot
  • Audi’s A8 will be somewhat autonomous.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are still very much in development. The EV segment still has truly flourish and they only represent 1% of the record 17.55M vehicles sold last year across the country. And a recent study of 2,000+ Americans found that 60% were still unfamiliar with electric cars, which has nothing to do with battery range or charging station locations. When viewing a Tesla, many claim it to be the “Apple” of vehicles. The traditional auto manufacturers are also adhering to the franchise dealerships model as both middlemen & service centers. The Tesla model of direct-to-consumer is certainly much different. It will be interesting to see how the brand continues to operate amid the competition”. The complete article is available at this link.

Junk Vehicle Removal in Chardon

Many scrap auto recyclers (such as us) use systems and processes that are friendly to the atmosphere. Best practices are in place throughout Solon, Walton Hills, and Brooklyn by our buyer of scrap cars. Get fast damaged car removal and scrap vehicle hauling service by calling us today in Streetsboro, Fairview Park, & Bentleyville Village. The current price for scrap cars in Mentor, Willoughby, & Lyndhurst is at a significant low currently. While selling a junk car is the last phase of one vehicle, it extends the life of many vehicles that are still on the road throughout Ohio City, Highland Heights, and Maple Heights.

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Understanding the Scrap Market Overseas 1.0

Residents with junky cars in Bedford, Berea, and Tremont should reach out to our buyer of junk cars. We are here now in Warrensville Heights, Reminderville, and Geauga County to provide you a fast junk car quote and cash for your car. Unwanted vehicle owners in Wickliffe, Macedonia, and Aurora should reach out to our salvage car buyer. If your car is broken down in a state of disrepair in the regions of Westlake, Shaker Heights, or North Randall, contact us today for information about how to sell a junk car.

Sending Scrap to the Far East

A recent article by The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) titled ‘Troubleshooting Trade’ explained the following: “China was a relatively small player in the international scrap market until the 1990s. They were estimated to have been importing roughly 200,000mt of U.S. scrap annually. It is uncertain how much (if any) they may have been importing from other nations. Si Wakesberg, the Bureau Chief for Scrap in New York correctly predicted that as the Chinese industrial base formed, so would their insatiable demand for recyclables. By 2000, the country was bringing in 3.4 million mt of material and it reached a peak in 2011 of approximately 22.2 million. Back in the U.S., a new challenge emerged as the Chinese government began constructing regulations that sellers must adhere to including a vague licensing requirement.

New Dilemmas in the Junk Market

For reasons that not certain, the licensing process was not transparent and the majority of recyclers were uncertain exactly how to proceed. Moving ahead to 2008, the market began feeling the effects of the “great recession”. The buyers abruptly began cancelling orders, or offering significantly less for the product. Unfortunately, many loads of material were already in containers heading to the country at the time. On the bright side, this forced many suppliers to develop more secure trade policies with China, such as making large deposits in advance of shipments. In 2013, the county introduced Operation Greenfence, which sought to scrutinize imports in hopes of lessening junk and waste that was mixed in among the loads of scrap. While suppliers began to better focus on delivering “pure” loads of product, the market began experiencing a problem with widespread theft. With help from various agencies, this problem only lasted for a short time.” To read additional information on the topic, visit this link.

As an established buyer of junk cars here in Solon, Walton Hills, and Brooklyn, we take the proper eco-friendly steps forward. Are you seeking a junk car quote for your old clunker in Streetsboro, Fairview Park, or Bentleyville Village? Are you still holding on to that old car in Mentor, Willoughby, or Lyndhurst? Our salvage car buyer is standing by. Those looking for a spot to sell a junk car for fast cash in Ohio City, Highland Heights, Maple Heights, should call us. Recycling reduces the pollution associated with manufacturing processes in Northeast Ohio.

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Are Vehicle Mechanics Soon Going to be Scrapped?

The market pricing for junk cars in Ohio has declined recently with dips in the scrap steel market. The old car scrap process in North Randall, Solon, and Walton Hills is much simpler than you may realize. To all those residing in Brooklyn, Streetsboro, or Fairview Park, our scrap car hauler is readily available! The good news is that we can pick up non-running cars, trucks, and vans from Bentleyville Village, Mentor, and Willoughby, OH.

In the February 27, 2017 edition of Auto News, Keith Crain explained the following: “There was a time when a driver would stop at the shop because their car didn’t run right. You had to determine out why and then fix what was wrong. Today, you simply use an OBD-II scanner and it indicates the problem. There are still some of systems on cars that have to be repaired, like brakes or suspensions; however, largely it’s now plug-and-play. And that trend is likely to continue as fewer systems will allow you to do much other than pull out a suspected defective component and replace it.

That means we’re going to need a different type of mechanic in the future. As auto systems get more complex, it will lead to additional importance to have service technicians who are comfortable using diagnostic equipment and to determine what really needs replaced. Recently, I heard that 90% of all computer modules that were returned were still OK.

It will take a different type of person to analyze the problems. Not your typical mechanic anymore; but rather technicians. It also takes a different kind of service manager to work with customers today than many years ago. It just is not possible to tell a customer that the car acts this way, it is a problem from the factory. As vehicles become complex, the financial components of the service department will change.  It is a distinct world in today’s dealership. Hiring will be different moving forward, as long-term employees will have to be re-trained.”  The full article is available here.

Where to Junk Cars in Ohio

We buy junk cars in Ohio quickly and the towing is included, even in Highland Heights, Maple Heights, or Middlefield, OH. From an environmental standpoint, our old car scrap processes do not harm the ecosystems in University Heights, Warrensville Heights, or Richmond Heights. Most of those working as a scrap car hauler in Pepper Pike, Euclid, or Garfield Heights, can provide you a junk car quote right over the phone. Are you or a family member selling an old car in Eastlake, Twinsburg, or Lakewood? Our goals do include recovery of materials in order to reduce pollution and maintain stable supplies–long into the future.

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Automotive Industry Standards

Truth be told, buying junk car scrap in a fairly simple process in Bedford, Berea, and Tremont. Let’s face the truth you need that old vehicle gone by calling us for junk car towing in Avon, Geauga County, and Macedonia. Those who have yet to come to grips in Aurora, Westlake, and Shaker Heights on dumping that car—get money for scrap car today. Many are still in denial throughout North Randall, Solon, and Walton Hills that they really need old car removal—move that junky car! It can be illegal and hazardous to discharge used auto fluids to our water, land and other key resources

A recent story in Rubber News tells us the following: “An EPA’s decision last week seeks to maintain their greenhouse-gas goals keeping the auto sector on a path to cleaner & highly efficient cars. This significantly limits the latitude for auto manufacturers to pursue changes to the big bargain they struck with federal and CA regulators in 2011 to move Obama’s energy & environmental plan. It also restricts the choices for the new administration of Donald Trump to resolve the rules with his deregulation goals. The big auto market group is making a true effort to stop the EPA from completing the fuel efficiency standards. The Alliance of Auto Makers, an industry group for GM., Toyota Motor Corp., Ford, Volkswagen and Daimler A.G., is urging congress to add language in a short-term economic resolution that would stop the Obama team from finalizing the rules before they leave office in January.  The EPA’s ruling shrinks the promised mid-term assessment of the government’s determined fuel efficiency program. Auto manufacturers knew they would be challenged to meet stricter goals in exchange for regulatory visibility. Industry leadership was seizing on the unexpected win of Trump to appeal for additional time to deliberate the economic costs of the operation, especially with low gas prices, spurring light-truck sales & soft demand for hybrids & electric cars.   The EPA rather hit the “go” button with its proposed plan to keep the standards the same, subject to a 1 month comment period. Obama’s EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, is supposed to issue the final ruling.

Auto executives who spoke to Auto News confidentially said the choice was a political one intended to prevent the next Trump administration—and his appointee for the EPA—from undermining a key piece of Obama’s legacy.   A Ford lobbyist, Ziad Ojakli, criticized the EPA’s move as politics of a lame-duck presidential group. The timing of this EPA move was unexpected to the auto business. Those realities may limit the auto market’s options under Trump. He may try to weaken NHTSA’s impending fuel-efficiency standards for those 2022-25 model years.” The complete story is available here.

Cuyahoga County Junk Car Scrap

There is no doubt that those in Streetsboro, Fairview Park, and Bentleyville Village, will like our junk car scrap program. If I had a penny for every time I heard a guy in Willoughby, Lyndhurst, and Ohio City say they are going to fix that old car—get junk car towing now! Those getting sentimental about their junky car in Highland Heights, Maple Heights, and Middlefield need to get money for a scrap car instead. Today is the day to let go of that crappy car in University Heights, Warrensville Heights, and Mentor—call for old car removal. Our company believes in waste diversion by aiming to reuse and recycle as much as possible.

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UK Auto Scrap Recycler

The price for a wrecked car has been in a slow, downward spiral for a couple of years now in Streetsboro, Fairview Park, and Bentleyville Village. Our superb scrap car removal process is executed in Mentor, Willoughby, and Lyndhurst, with the environment taken into consideration. The alternatives to choosing to sell a junk car are simply to leave it sitting around somewhere in Ohio City, Highland Heights, or Maple Heights. What little value of a junk car that is retained is then transitioned to usage in recycling? When you begin comparing those who buys scrap cars in Middlefield, University Heights, or Warrensville Heights, they won’t seem too much different

“Recycling provider EMR will turn your old vehicle from junk into a cube of metal, and then shred it into the size of a golf ball. These pieces will then be placed into a fluid that sifts out heavier metals. Remember that coin you lost in the many years ago, never to be seen again? It may surface among a pile of non-ferrous products.. There are over 20000 licensed sites like this in the UK. In the trade, they’re called recycling facilities, or ATFs. To us, they’re junk yards, but they do a great deal more than just leave your old car rotting for scrap. EMR then recycles millions of tons of waste each year. Metals are re-smelted, auto glass is smashed up for other industry aggregate, foams & plastics are used to generate power.

The UK auto industry now recycles 95% of old cars based on overall weight. The SMMT praises vehicle recyclers’ assistance with the overall recycling industry. 75% of a car is relatively simple to recycle. The other by-products left over – plastics, composites, carbon fibes and glass – that’s creates a huge investment from vehicle recyclers to deal with. It’s this investment that’s helped attain that 95% recycling figure. That’s investment from recyclers, rather than the car industry itself. Indeed, recyclers even have to purchase the cars they’re recycling, and they have spent a lot to buy processes that, such as, recycle plastics while retaining each material’s sole properties.

The profit margins in the business are slim. Lawfully, the only plastic parts eligible to sell are plastic bumpers. They ship wiring bundles to overseas buyers and engines are sent to Asia for stripping. Car manufacturers aren’t helping. They’re all too keen to sell cheap parts in opposition with the auto recycling industry. But if recyclers weren’t participating to recycle the ever-changing range of cars, how would the industry exceed its recycling goals?” The complete article is available here.

What is the price for a wrecked car?

If you are looking for scrap car removal in Bedford, Berea, or Tremont, simply visit  Why would you consider another place when looking to sell a junk car in Avon, Geauga County, or Macedonia? We are fast, friendly and pay with cash. Those who are in the market to scrap a vehicle in Aurora, Westlake, and Shaker Heights should contact our office to determine the value of a junk car. Are you in search of who buys scrap cars and pays cash in the North Randall, Solon, or the Walton Hills area?

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Abandoned Vehicle Removal

To sell us your car today, give us a call at (216) 282-JUNK and we can provide a quote. The vehicle scrap market pricing is subject to changes from fluctuations in the commodities markets. Those wishing to know where to scrap a car for fast cash in Cleveland should contact our office. We have a guy who buys junk cars exclusively in Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga County. Not only to we pay cash for a damaged car, but complimentary junk vehicle removal is included.

On August 18, 2016 and article by MacGregor Eddy, for the Salinas Californian, told us the following: “Salinas City Council approved a program to hire a private firm to manage the city’s parking enforcement, which is now conducted by Community Service Officers (CSOs) of the Salinas PD. CSOs complete jobs that do not require the usage of weapons.  Placing tags upon and towing away these abandoned vehicles is one of their responsibilities. Police Sgt. Kendall Grey is oversees the CSO work. Grey says that they will be relieved of parking enforcement, and now better able to allocate more people on the abandoned cars problem. Often there are hundreds of complaints waiting for much needed attention. Salinas citizens should know that if you make a complaint it will take some time for the CSO to tag the vehicle, and then they must provide 10 days before it can be removed.

Abandoned cars do more than look ugly and worsen parking problems. Permanently stalled vehicles on our residential streets make it more difficult to clean and sweep city streets.  When streets aren’t swept, there is accumulation of various junk and litter.  Following a heavy rain after a long dry period, this debris is washed into the storm drains and contaminates the runoff water and potentially clogs the drains. The new parking improvement contract will take effect in November.” The full article is available at this link.

Get cash for a damaged car

To sell us your car today simply not grab the title and your phone to dial us at (216) 282-JUNK. Do you need vehicle scrap removal? Contact our junk car buyer today. Are you pondering where to scrap a car? We have a buyer of scrap cars on hand. Many of us who buys junk cars are influenced by the market price of various auto-related commodities. Many residents do not actually realize that in the US, over 12 million cars are scrapped, bringing tremendous amounts of salvageable components and recyclable materials.

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Auto Recycling of Aluminum

Cleveland Scrap Cars is one of the local scrap yards that buy cars in the surrounding areas. When you sell an old car you are creating an opportunity for its components to be repurposed. Yes, we buy junk cars with same-day or next-day scrap vehicle removal service. Who scraps cars that can pick up my old vehicle with a flatbed? What is a junk car worth if it is mangled from a horrific accident? We are an eco-friendly auto scrapper who knows that environmental contamination from junk cars can occur within the scope of scrap car operations.

On August 8, 2016 an article titled ‘Study Finds Recycling Rate of Auto Aluminum is 91%’ was posted on Aluminum Insider with the following details: “A study recently by the Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s (WPI) Center for Resource Recovery & Recycling shows that the recycling rate for aluminum in the US auto industry is at 91 percent overall. The study, entitled “Auto Aluminum Recycling at End of Life: A Grave-to-Gate Analysis,” is a peer-analyzed study and was funded from the Aluminum (AL) Association. It backs up research done previously by both public and private sector researchers regarding the high sustainability of AL in auto manufacturing.

The founding director of WPI’s Metal Processing Institute Diran Apelian says they set out to determine exactly how AL is sorted and recovered at the end of a car’s service life and findings indicate it is highly recyclable and is recovered & reused at extremely high rates. To reduce the country’s energy consumption, decrease carbon emissions and increase fuel economy, these results confirms that as AL use continues to grow in the auto sector it also enhances energy security & environmental issues.

Studies indicated that auto components in AL from the moment of obsolescence through the recycling process and to the moment that particular piece of metal is re-integrated in another car or product. The high recycling rate is due to the value of AL as a raw material, pointing to the strong effort to recover this valuable commodity from end-of-life cars. AL continues to show that it is a great solution at every phase of an automobile’s life.” The full article is available here.

What is a junk car worth?

Call us up 6 days a week to receive a price, as indeed we are among the scrap yards that buy cars. I’m sure it is likely that your neighbors are tired of looking at the car—sell an old car for cash to us! Many of those in Cuyahoga, Geauga and Lake County weren’t aware that we buy junk cars. Call it free advice from one guy who scraps cars—find a reliable junk car hauler in the NE Ohio region. Did you know that auto scrap recycling preserves over 80 million barrels of oil, normally lost in making new components?

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Scrap Vehicles in US

Those who pay cash for scrap vehicles are most likely able to provide a price over the phone. The process of selling your scrap car to a junk car towing place is simple. Pick up the telephone and contact a junk vehicle buyer to tow it away. If you are within our service area, we are happy to offer you a price for a wrecked car. Were you aware that scrap automobiles can be a source of other hazardous items, such as lead, mercury and asbestos?

Maura Keller composed an article in the June edition of American Recycler titled ‘Exporting ELVs Impacts Auto Recycling’ with the following details: “Americans scrap 10-12M vehicles a year, a $20B industry in recycled automotive steel, copper, plastic, glass & rubber. As such, auto recycling companies are an important source of salvaged car components for consumers, providing them with a less expensive alternative to new. Likewise, selling scrap metal from scrap cars has historically been a big business. With the now lower scrap prices, there is less scrap volume, slowing the scrap car recycling business & forcing companies to store their inventory, waiting for a better price. While the slowdown in junk cars continues, consumers are utilizing new ways to sell or dispose of their junk cars. According to Jordan Perch, researcher with, an online information hub for all motor-vehicle topics, the primary changes to the method of selling scrap cars is the way consumers advertise their cars. In the past, mostly newspapers or magazines advertised the cars for sale, thus print media advertising prevailed. But how consumers sell their end-of-life vehicles (ELV) now impacts auto recyclers. Currently most people sell their junk cars online. Advances in use of the internet to sell & buy used cars, has helped the auto recycling industry. Online avenues, including Craigslist and eBay are helping automotive recyclers locate and acquire junk cars more easily.

At the same time, scrap yards and automobile recyclers compete for ELVs offered on Craigslist, eBay or directly from junk car owners. In doing so, recyclers need to ensure they are equipped with latest in technology. According to Dmitriy Shibarshin, marketing director at West Coast Shipping, in the past, consumers would either donate their cars or sell them to local scrapyards to be parted. Now that the market has gone global, buyers from developing nations scour the U.S. for old cars, giving U.S. consumers an alternative means of disposal. Depending on the make and model, consumers can get better value by selling to overseas buyers. Shibarshin deals with the shipping of many cars to locales outside of the U.S. He said that cars from the states continue to be one of the most demanded exports, despite limitations on their import to certain countries. Africa and the Middle East tend to be the most popular destinations. Previously, Kyrgyzstan was a big importer in the past until they joined the Russian union and drastically raised their import taxes.

The internet has certainly made it easier to export junk cars to buyers across the globe. “Consumers can now reach a worldwide audience when selling their junk cars. They typically post them on sites such as eBay and Craigslist, which tend to attract end buyers and re-sellers overseas,” Shibarshin said. Some utilize licensed auto dealers to help them sell their cars at salvage car auctions. And there are also a growing number of U.S. dealers who buy junk cars and fix them to a drivable condition and market them to overseas buyers.

While the vast majority of used cars exported from the U.S. find new uses in Mexico, United Arab Emirates, and Nigeria, many also reach Europe. In response to the questions surrounding end-of-life vehicle disposal and the influx of used vehicles, the EU passed the End-of-Life Vehicle Directive, which targets dismantling and recycling of ELVs more environmentally friendly. Now, the national Mexican government also following Europe’s lead on the subject.” The full article is available at

Free junk car towing

Where can I obtain cash for scrap vehicles in the greater Cleveland area? Our junk vehicle buyer is prepared to purchase vehicles in virtually any condition. What is the going scrap price for a wrecked car? Prices can vary somewhere between $100 to $200 and beyond. Our scrap car buyer will insure that your end-of-life vehicle is properly reused and recycled. As an eco-conscious scrapper, our program limits water and land pollution, as well as a variety of other environmental benefits.

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Spare Change in Auto Scrap

Cleveland Scrap Cars is an established auto buyer and is among those who buy used cars for scrap. To obtain money for a junk car quickly, you should locate the title and call us for a junk car quote. Our junk car handling processes are centered on waste diversion by aiming to reuse & recycle as much material as possible. Doing what is in the best interest of our environment is a goal within our auto scrap and junk recycling procedures.

An April 29, 2016 article in the Wall Street Journal by Joe Palazzolo titled ‘Lost in the Seat Cushions, There’s $100 Million in Spare Change’ with the following recycling-related story: “The quarter stuck to bubble gum in the ashtray, the dime between the seat cushions. The U.S. ships countless tons of scrap to China annually, much of it comprising the aluminum remains of broken-down vehicles that have passed through shredders. The scrap is laden with coins, many battered beyond recognition. A new industry has emerged to reclaim and repatriate these coins. Mr. Shahar, 46, an entrepreneur, was among those who realized the potential in change (coins) years ago. Shahar buys US coins from Chinese scrap sites and ultimately the U.S. Mint pays for them. The Mint takes these coins that are bent, chipped or otherwise unable to be uncounted by a machine at close to face value.

Shahar’s business was thriving until the U.S. cancelled the coin program, and detained over $664K worth of his coins. Shahar has not been accused of a crime, but US prosecutors allege that others redeemed counterfeits. Mr. Shahar says that nobody is likely to create fake coins with such low value. Shahar Mr. Shahar developed coin sources in 25 countries–much of his business is in China, since they are a global metal recycler. A junk car donated or scrapped in the U.S. generally passes through a shredder and then is sorted using technologies including electric currents, magnets and X-ray. The result contains tiny metals, including coins, which are too small for the system to filter.” To view the story in its entirety, visit this link.

Who will buy used cars for scrap?

Call our auto buyer at (216) 282-JUNK and we will give you a junk car quote for the scrap value of your ride. How much money for a junk car do you actually get? The answer is often variable–anywhere from $100-$300 is the norm. We are a junk auto buyer serving Cuyahoga County in Ohio. We pay cash for cars in Geauga County with free junk quickly and easily. You can get junk car hauling plus cash for your old car today!

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Scrap Car Spotlight 2.3

Cleveland Scrap Cars is back with our latest installment of the Scrap Car Spotlight 2.3 interview series. As are reminder, we are one of the people that buy junk cars in the greater Cleveland area. As a buyer of junk cars, for pay cash for scrap cars and offer other junk car scrap-related services. Additionally, we maintain a commitment to recycling in an environmentally sound manner.

Our next industry expert is Clyde Cameron, whose company Clyde Auto Recycling is based in South Amboy, NJ. The city itself has approximately 8,000 residents.

What are some of the primary functions you handle in managing Clyde AR?

Owner & Operations Manager.

What are some changes in the auto parts industry recently that you have noticed?

We have noticed that it is far more difficult to purchase salvage vehicles from the local auctions due to the large amount of exporters and domestic shredders that we are bidding against.

Is there any marketing initiative(s) that you have used lately that was very successful?

We feel that the most successful marketing that we have done are in person visits to local repair facilities with promotional material.

The “self-serve”/ “U-Pull It” business model has risen in popularity lately. Do (or have you) offered self-service? What do you think are the main advantages or drawbacks with it?

We are a full service facility. The only advantages that I see are the savings in payroll. The disadvantages that I see are a larger possibility of theft and the major liability of the public becoming injured opening us up for a lawsuit.

How does Clyde AR track its inventory of auto component inventory?

Pinnacle Yard Management System.

Do you recall times when the per-ton scrap price has fallen this much? How and when do you anticipate a rebound?

Fortunately it seems like the market has already started to rebound with shredder feed finally hitting over $200.00/ton and still on the rise.

With low scrap prices, what are you typically paying for older scrap vehicles in NJ currently?

Currently we are paying $200.00 for a complete car with a free pick up.

What are the different ways that you obtain late-model (2006+) vehicles for parts?

Most of our late model vehicles are purchased from the public and repair facilities.

We encourage those with interest in additional information to visit their website @

Who are the people that buy junk cars?

CSC is an established buyer of junk cars in NE Ohio. We are in the junk car scrap business and pay cash for scrap cars 6 days a week. Our procedures and recycling practices have great environmental benefits such as reducing pollution within the air and water supplies.


cash for a damaged car, how to scrap my car, what is a junk car worth

Scrap Car Spotlight 2.2

Cleveland Scrap Car is back with our next Scrap Car Spotlight.  As a reminder, we pay cash for a damaged car in any (and all) conditions. Our scrap vehicle buyer is ready and willing to explain the simple process of how to scrap my car. Are you attempting to determine–what is a junk car worth? Our next interviewee comes to us from British Columbia. Neil James oversees Empire Abbotsford Recycled Auto & Truck and gave us the following insight:

What are some of the primary functions you handle in managing Empire?

I manage the final decisions on renovations, acquisitions and the general company direction.

What are some changes in the auto parts industry recently that you have noticed?

More vehicles and parts are being exported.

The “self-serve”/”U-Pull It” business model has risen in popularity lately. I see that you offer both self and full service, what are the main advantages or drawbacks with it?

It enables us to maintain a significant wholesale trade as well as being able to offer our retail customers the service of pulling the parts for them. It requires a larger staff than a self-serve only operation.

How does Empire Abbotsford track its inventory of used auto components?

We use the Car-part system and inventory for complete vehicles, engines, transmissions and some later model body components.

Do you recall times when the per-ton scrap price has fallen this much? How and when do you anticipate a rebound?

I remember when prices were as low as $20/ton. Our last crush was $85/ton, which is the 2nd month in a row it has increased. I do not see a significant increase happening for this year.

With low scrap prices, what are you typically paying for older scrap vehicles in BC currently?

We have a contract with the local salvage division of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia that includes no-bids, water and fire damage, and 2000 and older vehicles. We just won the contract for the next 12 months at $172. It generates about 350 vehicles a month. We buy very few additional, mostly from towing companies and off the street.

What are the different ways that you obtain late-model (2005+) vehicles for part-out?

We rely solely on our contract with ICBC, which produces late model vehicles each month.

It looks like the business hours are 7 days a week. Does this result in staffing issues such as frequent overtime, needing additional part-time staff etc…?

No, we have sufficient staff to manage a 7 day week.

You were a recipient of two Environmental Achievement Awards and a Green Leader Award. What are some of the best practices that have led to these achievements?

We developed an ‘Industry Code of Practice’ which led to a provincial regulation and the basis for a national standard adopted by the Canadian Automotive Recyclers Association.

What advice would give to young people that may consider entering this industry?

I believe you need a significant amount of land to do well in this industry, which for the Vancouver area is very expensive. It is also necessary to buy an existing auto recycler here, as there is no additional land available that has the special zoning required for auto recycling. But the industry is profitable for those that run a good business, and counter staff make a quite decent income.

We appreciate Mr. James’ taking the time for feedback on the auto recycling business. Please take a look at their website at

We pay cash for a damaged car or wrecked vehicle 6 days a week.  Are you attempting to determine how to scrap my car quickly? By contacting our cash for junk car buyer you can find out what is a junk car worth now.  We are available for a junk car quote when you call us at (216) 282-JUNK.


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Scrapping a Car Prematurely?

Are you wondering who is the highest paying for junk cars in Bedford, Berea, or Avon? Are you seeking who buys crashed cars or where to get cash for a damaged car? At Cleveland Scrap Cars we pay cash for a damaged car and are among the many who buys crashed cars in Westlake, Shaker Heights, and North Randall. We are repeated asked how to sell a junk car in Solon, Walton Hills, and Streetsboro. The good news is that we now offer cash for a damaged car 6 days a week in the regions of Bentleyville Village, Mentor, and Willoughby.

Our next topic discusses how Tesla electric vehicles may be a source of problems for owners who have surpassed their factory warranty period. The manufacturer has a “virtual monopoly” on the ability to repair these cars, which will likely result in very costly repair bills. On March 8, 2016 Steve Hanley of authored a story titled ‘Blogger Says Tesla Is Building Throwaway Cars’ with the following details: “Russell Graves is a mechanic whose philosophy is if the engine in your car dies, you go to the junk yard, buy another one, and install it over the weekend. Russell has recently wrote a blog post in which he claims Tesla is building what he calls throwaway cars. He doesn’t mean to suggest that Tesla vehicles are not built with quality components or that they don’t hold up; Graves thinks when things start to go wrong with them, the cost of repair (beyond the warranty) will be too high.

Much of Graves complaint with Tesla is that is makes it difficult for repairs to be made by anyone other than a Tesla service center. There aren’t independent garages willing to work for less than what the factory store charges. Imagine if we all had to take our cars to a factory dealer every time something went wrong. Graves says don’t even think about the hardware. What about all those sensors, display screens, and computers lurking within the dashboard? Tesla will not even allow a customer or a repair site to read the service manuals unless the owner can prove they live in Massachusetts, the only state requiring manufacturers to make their service manuals accessible to the public. The rate starts at $30 an hour with a year’s access being $3K.

The other issue is who owns the car’s software–Tesla takes says the software belongs to them. The owner, merely have a license to use it and it may not be altered. If Tesla decides a car is not safe to operate, it can deactivate it wirelessly over the air. If you repair your car yourself, they can require you to bring it to one of its service centers to inspect the repair. Cars are becoming more like computers. The company lives and dies on customer satisfaction and good word of mouth. What happens if a significant number of disgruntled owners find out they own expensive cars that can’t be repaired for a reasonable amount of money?” The complete article is available here.

Who is the highest paying for junk cars?

We may not be the highest paying for junk cars in Geauga County, Macedonia, Aurora—but we are the best! Our junk vehicle buyer will explain how to sell a junk car quickly in Maple Heights, Middlefield, or University Heights. Those of us who buys crashed cars in the regions of Glenwillow, Parma, and Beachwood should know that we are an eco-conscious organization. Our auto scrap program reduces both water and land pollution, and you get fast cash for a damaged car. Landfills are a major source in hurting the natural environment; therefore, we are the best option for how to sell a junk car in the areas of Pepper Pike, Euclid, and Garfield Heights. Green companies like Cleveland Scrap Cars are good for the environment and also create green jobs. Pick up the phone today in Eastlake, Twinsburg, and Lakewood and dial (216) 282-JUNK to receive a junk car quote for your junk vehicle or scrap car.

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Scrap Car Spotlight 2.1

Welcome back to yet another installment of our Scrap Car Spotlight series of interviews with the best in the auto recycling and damaged vehicle removal business. As you recall, Cleveland Scrap Cars is a cash for junk cars buyer that offers fast damaged vehicle removal. If you want to sell your old car for cash, simply call us for a junk car quote. The junk car quote will include complimentary wrecked and/or damaged vehicle removal.

Our next industry expert is Brent Adkins of Queen City Pick-A-Part, which is located in Clarksville, TN. Clarksville is a town of approximately 130,000 that is part of Montgomery County, which is in the north region of the state and borders Kentucky. Here is our conversation with Mr. Adkins:

What are some of the primary functions you handle in managing Queen City PAP?

I handle the day-to-day functions of QCPAP. We are set up differently from most yards, so I do not handle any of the vehicle purchasing.

What are some changes in the auto recycling industry recently that you have noticed?

More and more people are driving older vehicles. To this, they are wanting to repair their vehicles at a lower cost than taking their vehicle to the dealership.  The best way to do this is to buy recycled components.  More people also feel they can make small repairs themselves saving on labor charges.

Is there any marketing initiative(s) that you have used lately that was very successful?

We have tried a few different marketing plans and none seem to work as well as “word of mouth.” We have used TV, radio, print, billboards, and social media.  Social media is slowly catching on and we are starting to see people looking to Facebook to ask questions and also to see any monthly specials we are running.

The “self-serve”/”U-Pull It” business model has risen in popularity lately. With your experience, what are the main advantages or drawbacks with it?

The advantage is that we don’t have to supply or rent tools. People must bring their own.  We pulled them for a short time and ended up with a shop full of stuff people never came to pick up.  By pulling the items themselves, people buy only what they need.  You lose a sale or two occasionally because people don’t have tools or the time to pull it themselves, but the lost sales don’t add up to as much as the labor involved with pulling the items and then letting them sit on the shop floor.

How does Queen City PAP track its inventory of used auto components?

We don’t track individual items. We use CRUSH to track our vehicle inventory. We don’t inventory components only the year, make, and model of the vehicles on the yard.

Do you recall times when the per-ton scrap price has fallen this much? How and when do you anticipate a rebound?

I have never seen the prices this low, for this long. I don’t see a rebound to amount to anything until at least June.  Warm weather tends to help scrap prices come back.  So for now, it is just a wait and see game.

With low scrap prices, what are you typically paying for older scrap vehicles in TN currently?

$100-$200/ton depending on the condition. Most of the yards in Tennessee are paying $50-$80/ton.  We are overpaying so we get those vehicles.  By having more and better vehicles, we are able to have the components most people are looking for.

What are the different ways that you obtain late-model (2005+) vehicles?

Auto auctions and insurance auctions

I noticed that you are open 7 days a week. Does this cause scheduling problems or often result in overtime pay?

No problems with scheduling or overtime. I have 2 groups of employees.  One group is customer service only.  They are the only full-time employees.  The other group is the labor group.  They are all part-time employees working less than 30 hours a week.

I saw that you advertised refurbished batteries. How are they refurbished? Is this process done in-house?

We buy all of our refurbished batteries from Interstate. They have a program where they refurbish them and sell them as such.

We certainly would like to thank Brent for his time and insight into his business. A few key points that I found particularly interesting were:

  • I did not realize that such a high percentage of “call ahead” orders would end up as being “no-shows”
  • They do not inventory the individual components, just the vehicle description
  • He expressed some optimism stating that scrap prices should slightly improve during the summer months.

We certainly encourage you to visit their website at

Do you need cash for junk cars?

Call (216) 282-JUNK for a junk car quote today!




who buys junk cars, sell a car for scrap, buy used cars for scrap, junk your car for cash

Car Buying Breakthrough

Car Buying Breakthrough

Are you wondering who buys junk cars so you can sell a car for scrap? We buy used cars for scrap paying cash for cars throughout Bainbridge, East Cleveland, and Chesterland. To junk your car for cash in Parma, Beachwood, and Bedford Heights, contact who buys junk cars in this area. We are where to sell a junk car and receive fast cash for cars. There are options among where to sell a junk car, but when you junk your car for cash with us, the job is completed in an eco-friendly manner. When we buy used cars for scrap, our goal is to safely recycle and repurpose the vehicle and its components in an environmentally sound way.

In a February1, 2016 story by Paul Austick on 247wallst titled ‘Costco Sold 58,000 GM Cars during Holiday Promotion’, we learned the following: “Beginning October 2 and ending January 4, Costco Wholesale Corp. and General Motors Co. sponsored a promotion for Costco members, wanting to purchase a GM vehicle. Sales were approximately 58K GM vehicles for the 3-month promo, up 34% over last year. It offered GM supplier pricing & included qualifying manufacturer rebates & incentives on vehicles, including trucks, sport utility vehicles & luxury and fuel-efficient models. Buyers also received a $300 or $700 Costco cash card for completing a member survey.

Customers were asked if the promo was a factor in their purchase of a GM car instead of another brand. Over 50% of buyers said that it was their reason for purchasing. Approximately 32% of the GM buyers switched from Ford to GM cars. Toyota and Honda lost 14% & 7% of sales, respectively. If Costco only sold cars it would be the largest new car dealer in the US. In 2015, Costco sold more than 465,000 vehicles.”  The full article is available at this link.

The program is outlined on with some details including: “To begin, visit our Build & Research Vehicles section to conveniently search new makes & models, read reviews, compare cars, view photos and more. Choose a new vehicle & locate the participating dealer near you. An Authorized Dealer will contact you to schedule an appointment. Meet with the dealer contact and show your Costco membership card; then have the Authorized Dealer Contact help you select a new vehicle. The Costco Members Price Sheet shows the prearranged Costco member savings on the vehicle you choose.” To see the complete program, visit the site.

Upon further review of the program, I noticed that they are now offering used vehicles as well. Motorcycles and Auto Insurance options are also available on the site. I’d be interested in knowing if whether the promotional pricing is actually better than if a tough negotiator went through the process. Likely we will not know since the discounts, MSRP and such is all a confusing jumble of information.

Cleveland Scrap Cars is an option among who buys junk cars in Richmond Heights, Solon, and Walton Hills. To sell a car for scrap in Streetsboro, Bentleyville Village, or Mentor, call our junk car buyer today. To sell your junk car to someone who will buy used cars for scrap, the requirements are that you possess the vehicle title and an ID. Those seeking to junk your car for cash in Willoughby, Lyndhurst, and Ohio City, should call (216) 282-JUNK. The sell a car for scrap market pricing can fluctuate based on many factors in the industry. We are a green recycler of scrap vehicles that takes the time to properly dispose of the many potentially toxic substances such as used oil, antifreeze and transmission fluid. Residents of Highland Heights, Maple Heights, and Middlefield can expect same-day scrap vehicle removal plus cash for their car. Even if your car is broken down at a service center or repair shop in University Heights, Warrensville Heights, or Pepper Pike, we can pay you cash for it.

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Scrap Recycling Difficulties

Scrap Recycling Difficulties

Cleveland Scrap Cars is a scrap vehicle buyer and wrecked car buyer within the salvage car business. We are car buyers committed to recycling in an eco-friendly manner. Those with a salvage car to sell in North Olmsted, Avon and Fairview Park will be happy to know that same-day removal is available when you sell us your car. Are you seeking a wrecked car buyer in Northfield, Cuyahoga Heights, or Oakwood Village? Our scrap vehicle buyer is happy to provide you a price for a junk car right over the phone. Our next topic discusses the downturn in the scrap and recycling industry in a general sense.

In the latest edition of Scrap Magazine, Megan Quinn authored an article titled ‘Tools for Survival’ for the following highlights: “The depressing economic climate is all too familiar in the recycling industry: China’s down economy is causing a ripple effect, reducing demand for commodities while there’s an oversupply, driving prices down. Operations costs, meanwhile, only seem to go up. This economic climate is causing people to have to work smarter, and harder, and not simply wait for the markets to improve, since it might be a while. Experienced recyclers know there will be good times and bad. Commodity markets are cyclical and most recyclers believe what goes down must eventually come back up. Spirits were high between roughly 2002 and mid-2008, when commodity values were up & China’s growing demand for scrap spelled big bucks.

The recession, which started in late 2008, began to dry up credit, and push down scrap prices. The most serious problems came from buyers who canceled contracts for scrap that had already been shipped to Asia from the US and Europe. Recyclers & traders were on the hook for the shipping costs and storage while they looked for new buyers. Due in part to economic stimulus measures, the scrap markets had recovered significantly by 2011. Today’s market is the worst since the recession; there is an ongoing decline in terms of demand, business opportunities, and profitability. China’s economy is slowing down, meaning it doesn’t have the same demand for U.S. scrap to construct things like steel bridges & complexes for its expanding cities as it did after the recession. The strength of the U.S. dollar has made American scrap more expensive in foreign markets. That means Chinese and other buyers can look for better deals outside the US. The plunging prices of commodities such as iron ore, brought on from overproduction, is another problem; scrap is a less attractive when companies can just as easily buy lower-priced primary material instead. David Chiao of Uni-All Group, says that steel prices keep falling, which is dragging down steel scrap prices. It’s harder to access credit since the recession, even though interest rates are low; those who can access more credit are not typically motivated to make large purchases because they are unsure about the ROI in this economic climate. Some have escaped bigger economic problems by avoiding loans altogether. Uni-All is self-financed, which has come in handy during times like these.” The full article is available at this link.

Get a price for a junk car

We act as a wrecked car buyer, vehicle scrapper and scrap vehicle buyer throughout NE Ohio. Many people have no idea what to do with a salvage car. In our business we pretty much classify vehicles as either running or non-running. It is not possible in most cases when you sell us your car to determine what is wrong with it. Our mission is to recycle any usable components of the vehicle and then crush and shred the remaining materials for reprocessing. Our new expanded service area to the east includes Mentor, Eastlake and Chesterland.  We are now offering cash for cars in the southern regional areas of Richfield, Northfield and Macedonia.  Our junk car removal service is proudly serving the far western cities of Berea, Westlake and Middleburg Heights also.

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Scrap Car Spotlight 2.0

Scrap Car Spotlight 2.0

Cleveland Scrap Cars, an established site which provides money for a scrap car, is back with news and information. As car buyers within the salvage car market, we accept our role in insuring that all vehicles are recycled in a manner that is friendly to the environment. As we approach 2016, it’s no secret that global scrap steel prices are at the lowest point in recent memory, thus limiting the amount of money for a scrap car that sellers receive. Today we continue our Scrap Car Spotlight series, which asks questions of those who are car buyers, salvage car service providers and auto recyclers in the US. Our next interviewee is Jack Angell of LKQ Barger Auto in Garden City, ID. Garden City is a small municipality adjacent to Boise with history dating back to the 1800’s.

Q:  How long have you been LKQ/Barger? What are some of the primary functions you handle in managing the business?

A:  I’ve been in this business for 32 years, four since the LKQ purchase.  My duties included vehicle purchases, daily books, title services, and reporting.

Q:  What are some major recent changes in the auto recycling industry that you have noticed?

A:  More cars are being scrapped rather than being repaired. Fewer small pieces are being sold as rebuilders make them so affordably.

Q:  Are there any marketing initiative(s) that you have used lately that was very successful?

A:   The best are small coupon ads and word of mouth resulting from good customer service.

Q:  The “self-serve”/”U-Pull It” business model has risen in popularity lately. Does your location employ this model? Any positives or negatives that you see with it?

A:  LKQ has been an established self-service site.

Q:  How do you track your large inventory of used vehicles and components?

A:  We use Hollander with Project X

Q:  Do you recall times when the per-ton scrap price has fallen this much? How and when do you anticipate a rebound?

A:  About 15 to 20 years ago the prices dropped to $8 ton, but only stayed that way for a few months.  I believe ours will turn back up after a few months. There is a new Cadillac factory going in, a new GM factory being built and a Volvo America site.  There should be a bigger demand for US steel, which will rise back slowly.

Q:  What are the different ways that you obtain late-model (2005+) vehicles for components?

A:  We pre-bid on cars and bid insurance auctions in and out of state.

Q:  Are there any challenges that are unique to your business based on your location in Southern Idaho? 

A:  The distance from our site to customers for delivery.

Q:  Does your location stock or sell the LKQ aftermarket products? If so, please tell us some of the benefits of this side of the business?

A:  My location does not maintain stock, we have a local warehouse about 15 miles west & can ship from Portland overnight if needed. Some of our customers prefer new, which takes away from used item sales. On the other hand, some customers prefer OEM (used), so the aftermarket products add some value.

We certainly appreciate Mr. Angell’s time and feedback on the state of the industry and on how their business practices have allowed them to sustain the business for so many years. We encourage you to visit their website at

Cleveland Scrap Cars are salvage car buyers that offer money for a scrap car throughout Northeast Ohio. We are an environmentally conscious team of auto scrappers and recyclers that believe firmly in recycling for greater sustainability and a healthier environment.


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Scrap Car Spotlight 1.9

Scrap Car Spotlight 1.9

At Cleveland Scrap Cars we buy scrap cars 6 days a week and you can get cash for a car in any condition. In addition to our efforts to buy scrap cars, we provide auto scrap and recycling related news and information. Next we had the opportunity to interview Mr. Mike Garvin or Vander Haag’s, Inc. which began in Iowa many years ago and now maintains several locations.

Q:  What are some of the primary functions you handle in managing Vander Haag’s?

A: Work with the 4 department leads in components, truck sales, service and inventory. I oversee what they do and help them make decisions such as reviewing sales orders, service orders and to ensure accuracy. Reviewing item records, new inventory and looking over the buildings and grounds.

Q: Your website mentioned you offer remanufactured products. Does your company remanufacture these items in-house? Please elaborate on how this aspect of your business works.

A:  We rebuild differentials and manual transmissions, as well as rebuild class 8 engines. Our remanufactured facility cores are brought in and we rebuild them. We set stock levels and stock certain ones we can customize.  The engines we rebuild 5 numbers right now and they are dyno-tested to ensure quality

Q:  What are some of the changes in your industry recently that you have noticed? 

A: More difficulty in purchasing junk units.  Scrap prices are low; quality employees are harder to find

Q:  Is there any marketing initiative(s) that you have used lately that was very successful?

A:  We have a strong web presence and  run ads in truck paper. We also have our inventory uploaded to 5 different sites.

Q:  How do you track inventory, with so much product and multiple locations?

A:  Our computer system is the I-soft system. It can handle all of our new, used and rebuilt inventory. It also has a multiple-store function. We can see what all of your stores have at the same time and have set, common pricing.

Q:  Does Vander Haag’s end up scrapping a lot of metal? If so, do you recall times when the per-ton scrap price has fallen this much? How and when do you anticipate a rebound?

A:  We have not seen it fall to these extreme levels and I have been here 30 years.  I’d like to think it will go back up in the spring, but my gut tells it won’t increase that much. I keep hearing about Chinese steel, but not sure what is going on — not good for the scrap business.  We don’t figure scrap in our business plan — it is an added benefit

A couple interesting things that Mr. Garvin discussed were:

  • He feels that quality employees are in shorter supply
  • The scrap prices (to his recollection) have not declined to this extent before
  • They synchronize their inventory with about (5) external websites to insure coverage in most forums
  • Mike mentioned a lengthy list of areas of the business that he oversees. He has obviously had experience in all facets of their business.

We encourage you to visit today!

We buy scrap cars with no towing fees. We will come to you & pick up your vehicle for free. You can get cash for a car the same day at BJC. Get paid for your car. We buy scrap cars, trucks and vans (with title) that are wrecked or have serious body damage. Get a free online offer in Summit County. Have an old clunker that is not running? Sell the vehicle to us to get cash for a car today.

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Scrap Car Spotlight 1.7

Scrap Car Spotlight 1.7

Cleveland Scrap Cars is a where to scrap my car service provider that buys cars throughout Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights and Collinwood. The old car scrap market has various aspects and we like to report on how these successful businesses are operating in the current market.  This is our 7th installment in our Scrap Car Spotlight series which interviews a company who junks cars and handles old car scrap. Our interviewee is Mr. Robert Carbone of Salisbury Auto Salvage, which is located in the northeastern corner of Massachusetts.  

Q: What are some of the primary functions you handle in managing Salisbury?

I am the CFO and compliance person. My primary responsibilities involve managing finances, taxes, and operating policies.  My business partner handles day to day operations and employee supervision.

Q: Your website indicated that you may (or may be preparing) to sell used vehicles. Is this something you currently do? If so, how is it going?

We sell cars on a regular basis and have trouble keeping them in inventory. Often times, the vehicles sell so quickly in front of our business that they never make it on the website.

Q: What are some of the changes in the auto recycling industry recently that you have noticed?

Metal prices being at an all time low is the most pronounced. More competition amongst catalytic converter buyers; Certain import vehicles demanding a premium at auctions; Car donation and tower sites driving up competition and increasing the costs of end of life vehicles.

Q: Is there any marketing initiative(s) that you have used lately that was very successful?

No one channel is best, customers need to be reached using a comprehensive strategy.

Q:  The “self-serve”/”U-Pull It” business model has risen in popularity lately. Have you considered doing this? Any positives or negatives you see with it?

That is a great model for yards with ample acreage and minimal machine traffic. It is not the best fit for our operation.

Q: How does Salisbury track its large inventory of used vehicles and components?


Q:  Do you recall times when the per-ton scrap price has fallen this much? How and when do you anticipate a rebound?

2008/2009 saw steep declines but the market rebounded quickly because investors saw security in commodities. Since then infrastructure in China and other countries has reduced the demand for US scrap, couple that with a strengthening economy and dollar value here and we feel any improvement in price will be slow coming and small.  The hype of China and India’s explosive growth has diminished and I feel that scrap prices have realized a new normal.  Scrap yards, peddlers and processors need to realize this and adjust.

Q:  Have you in the past or currently handled processing vehicles for donation? Is so, any positives or negatives you experience?

We do currently take donation cars and have in the past. With values being so low right now, the tax deduction for a junk car is more attractive to tax paying customers.  When prices are up we find that we can better compete with these companies and tend to do less with donation cars.

We would like to thank Mr. Carbone for his excellent feedback on the status of the old car scrap and recycling market. We encourage visitors to learn more about his company at

Are you wondering where to scrap a car in Beachwood, Bedford or Bentleyville Village? Are you seeking a place who junks cars in Highland Heights, Moreland Hills or Maple Heights? We buy junk cars 6 days a week in South Euclid, Cleveland Heights and Wickliffe, Free scrap car removal is included when we pay cash for cars in Richmond Heights, Solon and Walton Hills.

Buy scrap cars, junk car towing

Scrap Car Spotlight 1.6

Scrap Car Spotlight 1.6

We move to our 6th edition of the Scrap Car Spotlight from us here at Cleveland Scrap Cars. We buy scrap cars and offer junk car towing from Mentor to Berea and Garfield Heights to North Olmsted. We offer you a price to buy scrap cars right over the phone and that price includes complimentary junk car towing and removal. This edition interviews Mr. Tom Andrade of Everett Auto which is located in Brockton, MA, a city located 25 miles south of Boston

Q: What are some of the primary functions you handle in managing Everett?

My primary functions are the overall administration of the company. We employ 75 people, so most of my time is spent performing the role of General Manager, the balance of my time is spent performing owners duties.

Q: How did your company venture into the sales of used vehicles? Has the business always done this or perhaps added the department along the way?

We began selling used vehicles in the mid 1980’s. Our lot has grown significantly over the years.  Used cars is our smallest line of business in the overall gross revenue, but accounts for approximately one million dollars in annual sales.

Q: What are some of the changes in the auto recycling industry recently that you have noticed?

I believe the single largest change to our industry has been technology. Technology helps us purchase vehicles, manage and sell our inventory and track our financials.  Technology has expanded our audience of potential customers.  However, technology is also making the vehicles we dismantle more difficult to diagnose and dismantle.  Traditional mechanical part failures can be masked by computer problems.  As technology advances into self driven vehicles it will continue to make our business more difficult.

Q: Is there any marketing initiative(s) that you have used lately that was very successful?

The largest initiative we have undertaken over the last several years has been the additional harvesting of materials from end of life vehicles. We use heavy equipment to extract motors & transmissions, radiators/condensers, and wiring harness from salvage vehicles.  We also harvest wheels, catalytic converters, batteries, oxygen sensors, mercury switches, cores  and all fluids.  Each one of these commodities have value that contribute to our annual bottom line.

Q: I noticed you offer both full-service and self-service components What are some of the positives and negatives comparing these two models?

We have operated as a hybrid yard since the early 1990’s. For many years, peers recommended separating the full service and self service operations.  Recently more and more yards are adopting the hybrid model. The largest positive attribute to a hybrid model is the low cost of goods and operating costs. If you can purchase your self service/scrap vehicles with a scrap positive buying model, your COGS for the self service yard remain very low.  The other major positive are the extra sales that are realized on the full service vehicles after the stock items are removed during dismantling.

The major negative to the model is the higher operating costs for the full service yard. We must staff for hundreds of customers daily which can lead to higher personnel costs.  The other problem is with customer service.  Hybrid yards tend to over-serve the self service customer and unfortunately underserve the traditional full-service customer.  The sales staff must quantify the customer to determine quickly whether they are a self service or full service customer.  This can lead to lower customer service when dealing with a high volume retail operation.

Q: How does Everett track its large inventory of used vehicles and components?

We utilize the Pinnacle Professional yard management system to track all of our inventory – full service vehicles, scrap/self service vehicles and our used car inventory.

Q: I noticed that your website listed the current per ton scrap price as $35 per net ton. Do you recall times when it has fallen this much; what/when do you anticipate a rebound?

The scrap market is at one of its lowest points in history. The scrap pricing has not been this low since 2008 and before that the late 1990’s. The 2008 crash was relatively short-lived in comparison to the current market situation. In 2008 there was a very steep drop in pricing but it did rebound in a few months.

The current market has been in a steady decline for over a year now. The market has recently stabilized and the decreases should be over.  However, the long-term outlook for this market is not good.  Most analysts are predicting market conditions to remain very low for the next 18-24 months. We are experiencing a global “perfect storm” that are creating the current market conditions. Some of the contributing factors are China becoming a net exporter of scrap instead of a net importer, strong US dollar against the Euro, Turkey being in turmoil and on the verge of a war, and a very weak domestic scrap market.  Until several of these factors have been corrected we are in for a long road to recovery in the scrap market.

We certainly appreciate Mr. Andrade’s time and feedback.  A couple of particularly interesting points that were discussed are as follows:

  • Everett has a very diverse business which generates revenue by employing both the self-service and full-service aspects of the used component business, sales of used cars and general scrap processing.
  • His emphasis on “harvesting” the components that have commodity value. It seems that they truly recycle a large percentage of each vehicle’s composition.
  • The explanation of this global “perfect storm” creating the decline in the scrap market revealed a couple factors I was not aware of including, the strength of the US dollar versus the Euro.

We encourage you to visit Everett’s website at

Auto scrap, junk car towing, where to scrap my car, value of a junk car

Auto Shredding Company

Auto Shredding Company

Only (2) months left in 2015 and I think that most of those operating in the auto scrap and junk car towing business are hoping the 2016 will bring a reversal in the negative spiraling of the metal commodities. Those seeking where to scrap my car are probably noticing fewer buyers in the market due to the now minimal value of a junk car. Many within the industries of auto scrap and junk car towing have transitioned to other aspects of the business until the prices and overall value of a junk car rebound. Many of the places where to scrap my car are likely doing more road side towing work, repair-oriented work or other related types of work. Our story today takes us to Oregon, where an auto scrap and shredding company is the latest casualty in this recession within the commodities. In the November 2, 2015 edition of, an article was composed by Christian Wihtol that is titled ‘Eugene metals recycler files for bankruptcy protection’ with the following details: “Crunched by heavy debt and weak worldwide metals prices, a major Eugene metals recycling company has filed for bankruptcy. In its Chapter 11 filing with U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Pacific Recycling (PR) owes $22M and has assets of just $11M. The firm owes the city of Eugene $433,000 on a loan made in 2012 to help expand. They are fending off Walla Walla-based Banner Bank’s efforts to seize the firm’s roughly 20-acre Cross Street property, equipment & piles of scrap.  With about 20 employees — down from 50— PR buys metal & processes it. It sells the materials on the national & international scrap markets. The company admits it has been hampered by problems with an enormous used-vehicle shredding machine it has spent years planning for and installing and $6.6 million in financing debt for the machine. As metals markets were plunging, PR finally got the shredding machine running this fall.

Rod Schultz, Pacific Recycling’s owner says the closest shredder machines are in the Portland & SF Bay areas. The 4-story-high shredding & sorting machine is built around a shredder into which are poured flattened junk cars, dishwashers, refrigerators, water heaters and more. The shredder chops each item into pieces and the material is on to a network of ramps & conveyors that use magnets, vibration and screens to sift the metals from the debris, such as plastic, fiberglass, foam & wood. The system occupies three acres. Prior to the machine, PR used shears, torches and manual labor, but couldn’t process as much and had to sell at minimal profit. PR has fallen behind on monthly payments. One of the shredder’s motors failed during startup and had to send it back to the manufacturer for repair. Eugene Water & Electric was concerned about getting paid for electricity to run the machine. In September it tried to require the firm to post upfront deposits. Revenues plunged to $15.8 million in the fiscal year from $29.3 million the previous year. PR is operating at a substantial loss–the reasons include low metal prices & large fixed costs. The complete article is available at this link.

It seems that PR’s failure is a combination of three factors:

  1. Incurring major debt to fund the new shredder
  2. Inadequate foresight or savings fund to prepare for the implementation (and delays and problems with) the machine
  3. The massive drop in scrap commodity pricing was devastating

Are you wondering where to scrap my car?

Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to scrap my car for cash in Aurora, Shaker Heights and North Randall. A junk car towing provider that is on-hand 6 days a week to service areas such as Richmond Heights, Solon and Walton Hills. To sell your junk car in Pepper Pike, Aurora or Moreland Hills simply call (216) 282-JUNK. We offer scrap car hauler services aka junk car towing from Lakewood to Twinsburg and Wickliffe to Parma!  As mentioned before, the value of a junk car has sharply fallen lately, but we look forward to a rebound. Residents of Euclid, Garfield Heights and Eastlake can receive cash for their cars and same day vehicle removal in most cases.

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Junk Vehicle Buried

Junk Vehicle Buried

We work in the auto scrap and junk car towing business, which is far from a glamourous activity. When receive calls from those wondering where to scrap my car and often do not know what to expect when we arrive to buy scrap cars. Many of the vehicles heading in for auto scrap are wrecked, totaled, flooded or torched. Our junk car towing operators have likely seen it all from years of going out to buy scrap cars. Our next story comes from California where a buried car was recovered, which had a passenger still inside! The October 20, 2015 edition of had a story titled ‘Body found in vehicle buried in six feet of mud in Palmdale’ which outlined the following tragic news: “A body and a car buried under mud were found at the scene of a flash flood that on a Mojave Desert lane. The LA County Fire Dept. dug up a car buried under six feet of mud that was found in a drainage culvert.

The vehicle was found with a body inside. LA County Sheriff’s say it wasn’t clear whether it was a man or woman in this death investigation. It could be the 1st death related to a storm last week that sent of water slicing through the region of the Tehachapi Mountains. Efforts to find a 67-year-old man swept in the flooding were suspended because wet mud in the area made the search very dangerous. Much of the search area was covered in up to 6 feet deep. The searchers say it is like wading into quicksand.

Officials hoped to resume the search for Richard Harvell, who was hit by mud & water trying to enter his truck. He’d been camping in the flood zone with a friend who was helpless as he washed away. The family is holding out hope that he is alive. Massive flows trapped more many cars, buses, RVs and trucks.  Crews hauled away the vehicles but tons of mud still needed removal before traffic could flow again. Dump trucks, bulldozers and such hauled thousands of yards of mud.” To read the full article, visit this link.

This is certainly a tragic story of mother-nature turning a roadway into an auto scrap yard. Junk car towing related vehicles worked around the clock to penetrate the deep, hardened mud. Hopefully these victims had adequate insurance and the vehicles were probably sent to a facility that will buy scrap cars.

Auto Scrap Solutions

Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to scrap my car for cash in Willoughby, North Olmsted and Independence. We are able to offer same-day removal of wrecked cars, damaged vehicles and old clunkers. We operate our “cash for cars” operation 6 days a week for your convenience. If you are asking yourself where to scrap my car in Parma, Mentor or Tremont, then look no further than CSC. Same-day or next day scrap vehicle hauling is available to those in Willowick, Lakewood or Seven Hills. As established junk auto buyer that proudly services the (216) and the (440). When we buy junk cars we pay you in cash—there is no fooling around with checks! For ‘cash for my car’ assistance in Garfield Heights, Bedford or Fairview Park, pick up the phone and call us at (216) 282-JUNK.

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Auto Donation Program is Junk

Auto Donation Program is Junk

We are back to discuss the latest news within the world of auto junk and old car scrap and recycling. Cleveland Scrap Cars is an outfit who junks cars, thus allowing sellers to get cash for a car throughout Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga Counties. One aspect of the auto junk industry is those who handle old car scrap by marketing the process as a means to obtain a tax deduction as a donation to charity. In these instances, you receive a receipt indicating that you chose to donate the car, rather than get cash for a car. As a provider who junks cars, we concur that this may be a viable option for junk car sellers based on their circumstances.

A recent article by Chris Morran on titled ‘Report: “Wheels for Wishes” Charity Misled Donors about Make-A-Wish Donations’ brought forth the following: “Car Donation Foundation, more popularly known as ‘Wheels for Wishes’ is the nation’s largest auto donation charity. It takes in millions of dollars from donated cars benefiting local chapters of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Attorney General (AG) Lori Swanson says the charity has been misleading donors about how much money that organization was getting from the donated vehicles. According to a Swanson’s compliance report, MN-based CDF received more than 144,000 donated vehicles and brought in $108 million in revenue between 2011 and 2014. Only about 20% of that money ever made its way to the Make-A-Wish Foundation (MAW) chapters. During that same amount of time, more than 30% of CDF’s revenue was spent on advertising.

The two men who founded and run CDF, William Bigley & Randy Heiligman are the two owners of the company called National Fundraising Management (NFM), whose only client is CDF. These two gentlemen own 100% of another for-profit company called Metro Metals Corp., in the car auction and scrap metal business. Together, these 2 businesses received nearly $36 million from CDF between 2011 and 2014 — a third of the charity’s gross revenue. The AG’s office says these operations appear to be highly profitable for Mr. Bigley & Mr. Heiligman.

In 2013, the IRS criticized Bigley & Heiligman for being on CDF’s board of directors and owning two for-profit companies that directly profited from the charity. At the time, the IRS noted that a charitable organization should not serve as a generator to get business for the for-profit companies. After the IRS raised questions about the legitimacy of CDF’s non-profit status, Bigley and Heiligman, stepped down from the board. But the compliance report contends that the board thereafter delegated day-to-day management for running CDF to Mr. Bigley & Mr. Heiligman.

Though CDF’s contract with Make-A-Wish (MAW) allows the foundation to audit CDF’s books, MAW never took that opportunity until after learning about the Minnesota AG’s investigation. When MAW did audit CDF in 2015, it discovered a number of red flags. For example, there were no invoices found for the $1 million/month in advertising fees paid by CDF to NFM. For 2014 and into the 1st quarter of 2015, CDF paid a total of $29 million to NFM without proper invoices being used. The foundation auditor explained that an outsider looking at this operation might get the idea that the for-profit company is receiving something more of the proceeds instead of a legitimate management fee.

That same law also prohibits charities in MN from any deceptive practice in connection with any charitable solicitation, ‘including any such actions or omissions designed to confuse or mislead a person to believe that such organization is another organization having the same or like purposes’. The AG’s office says that CDF’s use of the MAW brand is confusing and misleading, especially since MAW only receives a small portion of the donation. The report notes that a search for “car donation” not only brings up Wheels for Wishes, but directly references MAW in the search results. Swanson’s office says it has received complaints from MN residents who believed they were donating directly to MAW only to find out otherwise. Additionally, the report claims that donors receive inconsistent & inaccurate information about how much of their donation would benefit MAW.

CDF is accused of telling donors that they can deduct at least $500 from their taxes for their donated cars. But that’s only true if (A) the donor itemizes their tax return, which fewer than 1/3 of taxpayers do every year, and (B) the car is worth more than $500. This is not CDF’s first go-around with a state regulator. In 2014, the South Carolina secretary of state and Oregon AG denounced the charity.” The full article is available at this link.

It seems that the auto junk and ‘get cash for a car’ business will always be intertwined with those that handle old car scrap lead by the idea of vehicle donation. CSC is a provider who junks cars in the greater Cleveland area. Our scrap car buyer is on-hand 6 days a week to provide you a quote for your junk vehicle or non-running car. Same-day removal of your car is possible at Cleveland Scrap Cars for those that call before 2PM during the week or 1PM on Saturday.

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Scrap Car Spotlight 1.5

Scrap Car Spotlight 1.5

Cleveland Scrap Cars, a local auto buyer, is back with the 5th installment of our Scrap Car Spotlight. In this forum we expand upon our primary role as a purchaser of cars for cash and a buyer of junk cars. We provide insight and analysis throughout the world of auto scrap and recycling. As a junk my car company that offers the fastest junk car quote in northeast Ohio, we report on others who act as a buyer of junk cars to get better perspective. Our next featured auto recycler is based in Maricopa, AZ. Maricopa is a town of approximately 47,000 residents that is located about 30 miles south of Phoenix. Mr. Tom Buessing is a co-owner of Auto Recycling Mall, which was established in 1996 and boast a massive inventory of junk and scrap cars. Here is our interview with Mr. Buessing:

Q: What are your primary roles/functions in managing the Auto Recycling Mall’s cars for cash operation?

A: The emphasis is mainly centered on sales activity.

Q: What are some of the changes in the auto recycling industry recently that you have noticed?

A: It seems that we are being squeezed from several directions. The emergence of aftermarket components in the marketplace and the entrance of corporately owned yards, make it more difficult to make a buck.

Q: It looks like you are open Saturday until noon and closed Sunday. Have you tried or considered being open for longer weekend hours?

A: We haven’t done a great job of marketing the business; thus, we currently, we operate with a small staff on Saturday

Q: Your website says you have 1300+ vehicles. How do you track this large inventory?

A: We have trimmed to approximately 500 vehicles, which are tracked on computer. We have found that bigger isn’t necessarily better.

Q: I had seen that you transitioned away from a “U-Pull-It” business model. Why is that?

A: We found that the clientele was very “challenging”. There was too much theft.

I did not think previously about the “self-serve” or “u-pull it” challenges as it relates to theft. I suppose that it would be difficult for the auto buyer to monitor what is happening if you have 15 people throughout the yard. Another potential drawback I could see from the self-serve model is the possibility of customers removing certain components with no regard for components that may be either connected to the item they want or a component that is obstructing access to the item they want. We certainly encourage those seeking auto related components in Arizona to contact ARM at 888-254-6766 or visit them online at

Cleveland Scrap Cars is a scrap auto buyer of junk cars that takes in cars for cash 6 days a week. Asking yourself where to junk a car for cash in Cleveland? Wondering how to scrap a car for cash? Call the Cleveland area’s cash for cars buyer for a fast quote for your scrap car. Same-day or next-day pickup of you junk vehicle is always available. We’re specialists in junk car buying and scrap car hauling is on hand throughout the (440) and (216)!

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Low Scrap Prices

Low Scrap Prices

Anyone that has attempted to scrap a car in Mentor, Lakewood or Old Brooklyn (or anywhere) has noticed that selling an old car isn’t fetching as much cash as it used to. In general, scrap vehicle prices do vary slightly when shopping around to see where to junk a car. Overall the pricing when scrapping cars is down quite a bit regardless of where you sell an old car. What influences the price you receive when selling an old car? The answer is that these prices are swayed by a variety of factors including global demand for commodities and the current volume of supply within the market. Joe Culbertson posted an article titled ‘Commodities reduce local recycling profits’ in the October 4, 2015 edition of with the following highlights: “The plummeting prices of commodities like steel, aluminum & copper are taking a significant bite out of the local recycling industry. Many in the Tri-State area expect the situation to get worse before it gets better. Joe Culbertson, co-owner of T & T Iron & Metals, in East Dubuque, Ill., Dubuque, and Savanna, Ill., said the market started to decline in 2015 and prices have continued to slide. The company has been forced to lay off six of its 21 full-time employees. T & T Iron & Metals collects and purchases scrap from area industrial & manufacturing companies, then sells materials to mills or larger scrap companies.

For manufacturing companies that produce scrap as a byproduct of their operations and sell materials to companies like T & T, the slide in prices has meant less revenue. Klauer Manufacturing in Dubuque, said the company creates an average of 4 million pounds of scrap per year. Prices are about half of what they were at the start of the year.

Culbertson’s son, Tyler, who serves as vice president of T & T Iron & Metals, said activity at the company has slowed–you have companies that don’t want to sell. You have mills that are not looking to buy any of the products. Municipalities in the Tri-State area also have been impacted by falling prices. But city officials say curbside programs are not in jeopardy. Galena City has a contract for its curbside program that will be extended through 2018. The prices were locked in before prices began to tumble.

The City of Dubuque, meanwhile, partners with Dittmer Recycling and the Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency to provide curbside recycling service to Dubuque residents. Dubuque Public Works Director Don Vogt said prices for many of the products collected through the program — including plastics, tin cans, newspapers and cardboard — recently have declined, but not as dramatically as commodities like steel or copper. As a result, the city is no longer bringing in revenue from its curbside program. To support the program, the city is drawing from past revenues produced by curbside recycling services.” The complete article is available at this link.

Commodities Overview:

01/14: 1222.48; 07/14: 1315.80; 01/2015: 1198.31; 07/15: 1170.41; 10/15: 1137.58 (-7%)

01/14: 3.40; 07/14: 3.20; 01/15: 2.81; 07/15: 2.62; 10/15: 2.33 (-31%)

01/14: 1367.30; 07/14: 1506.40; 01/2015: 1204.20; 07/15: 1080.80; 10/15: 908.90 (-34%)

Are you looking to scrap a car in Mentor, Chardon or Maple Heights? Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to junk a car for cash. We are a junk car buyer and scrap vehicle hauler that services the counties of Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga. What is the solution when it comes to scrap car removal? Contact the home of cash for cars, CSC is a junk vehicle buyer offering free scrap car removal 6 days a week. To sell a car for cash, you need only to call (216) 282-JUNK for a junk car quote and you can sell a car for cash today. To scrap a car in Mentor, Walton Hills or Streetsboro you simply must have the vehicle title and a photo ID. Selling an old car to Cleveland Scrap Cars is a simple process of obtaining a quote for your junk car or scrap vehicle and then scheduling a time to have it towed away. If you are wondering where to junk a car, you should consider that we offer same-day junk vehicle buying service if you contact our scrap auto buyer before 2PM during the week and before 1PM on Saturday. We are closed on Sunday; however, you can visit our website and submit your car’s information (the year, make and model) and we will respond with a quote and quickly schedule picking up your scrap car the following day.

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Scrap Tire Recycling 1.2

Scrap Tire Recycling 1.2

Cleveland Scrap Cars is back with the 2nd part of our report on retread (RT) tires. Many wonder what occurs to the various components when you sell your scrap car. Selling a junk car is only the beginning of a process that ultimately recycles over 80% of the vehicles composition. Many Americans cringe at the thought of putting RT tires on their vehicles. On they have an article titled ‘Retread Industry tired of bad rap’ with the following information: “It is true that as late as the 1970s, rubber from retreaded tires was known to rip away and leave chunks of tire or ‘road alligators’ laying on the highway—but times change and so has the retreaded tire. Not only are RTs safe and reliable, TRIB believes that its industry is extremely environmentally friendly. Retreading of passenger vehicle tires hasn’t been as popular as in large commercial tires used in the trucking industry. That is mostly due to the competition from tire manufacturers in India, China and Brazil. It was cheaper to buy a new passenger tire than purchase a retread. Those cheaper poorer quality tires are also not suitable for retreading.

According to industry representative Harvey Brodsky, passenger retreads are about to become more popular. A set of four new tires for an SUV or a high performance vehicle can cost around $1000. Four RTs will cost about half that. Safety is not an issue. They are as safe as new tires, the handling & performance is the same. You wouldn’t know the difference when you are behind the wheel of the vehicle.” The complete story is available here.

An article by Matt Berner from April 2015 in titled ‘Retread industry under constant pressure’ sheds additional insight into the RT market as follows: “The cost benefit of retreading is obvious. Tire Review’s 2014 Study showed the average price for a new 11R22.5 was $448.10, while a retread of that size came at an average price of $249.70 – a $198.40 difference, serious money when you’re dealing with thousands of tires. Ben Rosenblum, product manager at Bridgestone says that a big driver of the decline since 2000 is the trend to purchase low price import tires. Fewer quality casings will put a lot of price pressure on RTs at a time new decent quality Chinese brands are being sold at lower-than-RT pricing.” The read the article in its entirety, visit this link.

One maker of RT tires is TreadWright (TW) located in Houston, TX, which has been in the industry for 40 years and refers to their products as “remolds”. Here are some highlights that we found interesting from “We are unique in two ways: (1) Less Material = Lower Cost. A retreaded tire requires less materials & production than traditional tires, so you get premium quality tires for a lower price. (2) We sell direct, avoiding the markups from distributors & tire shops. You buy tires on our website directly from our warehouse; we don’t have a fancy store.

Creation of the best tires means using the best ingredients. TW uses the highest quality rubber available. Every TW tire uses the premium rubber trusted by professional drivers every day in the commercial trucking industry. If you want the best rubber, you want TW. Any retreaded tire starts with the casing, or we like to call the foundation. TW uses only casings from premium tires, so you know your tire has the best foundation. We discard more than 25% of the casings that come into our shop because they do not pass our inspection credentials.” For additional information about TW please visit

Are you looking to sell your scrap car? Are you interested in selling a junk car for cash? Cleveland Scrap Cars is who buys scrap cars throughout the (216) and (440). Even if you have a totaled car it can usually be sold to us for cash. To sell your scrap car in the counties of Cuyahoga, Geauga and Lake — call us at (216) 282-JUNK. Our junk car buyer is on-hand 6 days a week to answer your questions relating to selling a junk car. Free towing is available when you opt for receiving cash for cars from CSC.   We pay cash for damaged cars, wrecked cars and non-running vehicles. Call the Cleveland area’s premier cash for cars buyer for a junk car quote. We offer same day or next day pickup of you old car. (The vehicle title is required) We specialize in junk car removal, scrap car hauling and have been a junk car buyer for over 5 years in Northeast Ohio. We’re committed to being Northeast Ohio’s fastest, easiest way to get cash for a junk or unwanted car.

Price for a wrecked car, sell your junk car

Scrap Car Spotlight 1.4

Scrap Car Spotlight 1.4

Cleveland Scrap Cars is back with our 4th installment of Scrap Car Spotlight, a forum that discusses vehicle scrap news. We seek to be much more than simply the guys that give you a price for a wrecked car and a location to sell your junk car. The year 2015 has continued to be the lowest year for scrap prices in recent memory, in fact, the quoted price for a wrecked car or non-running vehicle is easily 20% lower than in 2012. Our next interviewee is James Pautot, who owns Glendale Auto Wrecking in Glendale, AZ. The city of Glendale was a desert until development began in the early 1900’s and geographically the city is only 9 miles outside of Phoenix. Phoenix has a population of over 1.4M and ranks in the top 10 largest US cities. Glendale played host to the 2015 Super Bowl and its climate is dramatically different than here in northeast Ohio. The average daily high temperature in December is 66 degrees and 67 degrees in January; needless to say that vehicles in this region are not exposed to the horrific snow, ice and road salt that our vehicles experience.

  1. I saw that Glendale has been in business for over 40 years. What is the secret to your success and longevity?

Watching the markets and listening to our customers.  We monitor the trends in the industry through our state association (AARA), the national association (ARA) and trade publications to stay current with what is changing and upcoming in our industry.  The only way to stay in business for an extended period of time is continually making changes.

  1. What are some of the changes in the auto recycling industry recently that you have noticed?

The industry in the last 15 years has matured at a rapid pace and is now recognized for the professional automotive recycling services that are provided across the country.  The technology integration into the automotive recycling industry has been the biggest change.

 3. Do you see the “self-service” business model as the future of auto recycling? Will the traditional used market model be phased out?

There is a movement currently towards the self-serve business model.  It allows for a lower operating overhead with fewer employees but requires a higher volume of vehicles to process.  There is a strong demand from the public for self-serve facilities.  Traditional full-service facilities will cater to the wholesale repair customers.  Finding out what serves your desired customer base the best will be a key to long term success.

  1. Are there any marketing initiative(s) that you have used lately that was very successful?

Everything is going to online marketing.  Traditional advertising that we did 10-15 years ago just does not work as effectively.  Take a look at the “Yellow Page” ads that used to be placed for thousands of dollars a month and none of those exist today.  Having a functional website that provides customers useful information and the ability to order items is key.  We have spent a lot of time and energy on our website

  1. How does your company track its inventory of vehicles and components?

Yard management systems and the utilization of technology are keys to maximizing your inventory exposure.  We use Pinnacle Pro and have all of our vehicles inventoried with multiple pictures for our sales staff, product pullers and customers to use to verify the items.

  1. Are there any things that your company does that are different and unique in the industry (perhaps a certain niche)?

There are many ways to process vehicles to sell used auto components and be successful.  We have found that being consistent in our buying, processing and marketing is key.

There were a couple of interesting points that Mr. Pautot brought up. First, he acknowledges that having a quality online presence is critically important and they have allocated significant resources toward its development. Secondly, his company also uses the Pinnacle Pro yard management system. We have noticed that this system seems to be the most widely used among those in the industry. Lastly, he stressed the importance of consistency in the various functions in the business. He is certainly a solid example of this since his company has been around for over 40 years!

We encourage those seeking a price for a wrecked car and those looking to sell your junk car for cash to call us at (216) 282-JUNK or visit our website at Our junk car buyer is on hand 6 days a week to pay you cash for cars. We service the regions of Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga County and free junk vehicle removal and scrap car hauling is always included in the price.

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Auto Aluminum News

Auto Aluminum News

Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars we make it simple to scrap a car in Euclid, N. Olmsted and Shaker Heights. When you sell us your car we will handle the old car removal quickly. We buy junk cars 6 days a week and offer a fast price for a junk car. Are you wondering where to scrap a car in Euclid, Aurora or Solon? To sell us your car simply call (216) 282-JUNK you can sell my car for cash today! Free towing aka old car removal is always included when you sell us your car. Our next story talks about new auto manufacturing materials used in production. This relates to auto scrap and recycling as the vehicle reaches end of life status, which could be 12 years from now or sooner if the car were to be “totaled out” by an insurance provider.

In the September 15, 2015 edition of there was staff published article titled ‘Ford & Alcoa cooperate on new aluminum alloys’ with the following information: “Ford Motor Co. and Alcoa Inc., say they’re collaborating to produce new auto aluminum alloys that formable & design-friendly. It will use what Alcoa calls its new Micromill® material in multiple components on the 2016 F-150, becoming the 1st automaker to use the type of aluminum commercially. They have entered into a joint development agreement to collaborate on next-generation items using Micromill technology.

Applications for the material include structural components & exterior panels that meet Ford’s surface quality requirements. Light-weighting enables designing vehicles with great customer attributes. Raj Nair, Ford group VP and CTO of global product development explained that: The new F-150, can tow more, haul more, accelerate quicker & stop faster than the previous model and is more fuel-efficient.

The increased formability[1] of Micromill aluminum makes it easier to shape into intricate forms, such as the inside panels of auto doors & external fenders. The increased strength allows for the use of thinner aluminum sheet without compromising dent resistance. Alcoa says Micromill is a fast, productive aluminum casting & rolling system, combining multiple technologies into the production system. A traditional rolling mill takes around 20 days to turn molten metal into coil; Micromill does it in just 20 minutes. Alcoa’s pilot Micromill facility is in San Antonio. An article on the Automotive News website says components made with the new material will be easy to recycle and will be all the same grade and can be re-melted together. Aluminum has a higher value than steel, the weight of vehicles & components handled by recyclers will drop. Items made with Micromill will be twice as formable and at least 30% lighter than those made from high strength steel.” The link to the complete article is available here.

According to Alcoa’s[2] website, company sales exceeded 23B in 2014 in these (8) markets:

  1. Automotive
  2. Aerospace
  3. Building & Construction
  4. Packaging
  5. Consumer Electronics
  6. Commercial Transportation
  7. Oil & Gas
  8. Defense

It appears that Alcoa is seeking to rebound as there stock had receded a bit lately from a 17.60 point in November 2014 to 12.96 in March 2015 and is currently at 9.86 as of September 16, 2015.[3] Alcoa is an important company for our local economy in Ohio as they have sites located in Barberton, Canton, Chillicothe, Cleveland and Niles, OH.

If wondering where to scrap a car in Euclid, Garfield Heights or Old Brooklyn, we encourage you choose CSC and the place where to scrap a car. We have been in the old car removal business for several years and when you sell us your car you can rest-assured that the vehicle will be recycled in a manner that is friendly to the environment. Recently, we have expanded our cash for cars service area to include Geauga County and Lake County. If needing to get “cash for your clunker”, give us a call. Our COD car buying service (cash on delivery) is available Monday through Saturday. Our scrap auto pricing is competitive and our junk vehicle buyer is on-hand when you call (216) 282-5865 to give you a quote for your junk car from 8AM to 5:30PM.

[1] Formability is defined by Metal Formaing Magazine as follows: the ability to form (or deform) a material. While mainly applied to manufacturing metallic items, artists define formability as the ability to shape their medium before it hardens and is no longer workable The link to the reference is found here:




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Junk Vehicle News

Junk Vehicle News

Cleveland Scrap Cars is a buyer of scrap vehicles that offers you a quote for an old car right over the phone. To scrap a car in Parma, Northfield or Twinsburg simply call (216) 282-JUNK. Where to sell a junk car is a “no-brainer” once you see how easily Cleveland Scrap Cars makes the process. Aside from being the best place where to sell a junk car, CSC strives to update our news blog on a weekly basis with information relating to the auto scrap and recycling industry.

In the September 6, 2015 edition of there was a posting by Ernie Garcia titled ‘Where did my junky car go?’ with the following information: “For decades, Brookfield Resource Management has dismantled vehicles for spare products & recycling, diverted waste from landfills & helped charities by processing donated cars. The company is one of five auto dismantlers in the Hudson Valley that processed 10,212 vehicles last year for components, reuse or recycling. The Journal News obtained annual reports filed with the state by car dismantlers from the NY Department of Environmental Conservation. The reports documented how many vehicles were processed & how many hazardous materials were recovered.

Brookfield is the area’s largest vehicle dismantler, processing 94% of the old vehicles shipped out of the region. The other dismantlers in Westchester & Putnam counties are tiny by comparison, with the next largest, processing just 280 vehicles last year. Vehicle dismantling is a big business, but the recent economic slowdown in China and a related drop in global commodities prices means metals & other recyclables in vehicles don’t fetch as much as they used to. Brookfield pays about $250 for a typical car. If it’s a heavier SUV or a vehicle with valuable accessories like aluminum rims, that could add another $150 to the salvage value. About 18 months ago when commodity prices were higher, Brookfield paid anywhere from $350 to $500.

End-of-life vehicles can end up at dismantlers a few different ways. Wrecks are typically towed from a crash scene to a tow yard or an auto shop. Insurers have wrecks towed to dismantlers. Sometimes, vehicle owners decide they don’t want to repair their crashed cars, so they make arrangements to scrap the vehicle. Charities are a big source of recycled vehicles because many nonprofit organizations actively promote car donations.

Kars4Kids in Lakewood, N.J., for example, runs radio commercials in the New York metro area. In 2013, the charity raised $28.2 million — almost entirely from 48,425 donated vehicles — and it spent $12.4 million in advertising & promotion. On a smaller scale, Habitat for Humanity of Westchester accepts donated vehicles through its national organization’s Cars for Homes program.

Once vehicles arrive at a dismantler, it’s not just metal that gets recycled. Dismantlers recycle antifreeze, gasoline, car batteries, tires and other materials. In 2014, Brookfield’s Elmsford location recovered 6,200 pounds of refrigerants and 30,568 gallons of used motor oil. Enviro Waste of Mahopac sends tanker trucks to Brookfield to cart away hazardous fluids.” The complete article is available here.

As an established buyer of scrap vehicles, we empathize with BRM’s struggle with the sharp decline in commodity and metal pricing. Those receiving a quote for an old car today are recognizing the reality of a 20-25% reduction in junk vehicle purchasing pricing. It is certainly a nationwide problem; therefore, regardless of whether you wish to scrap a car in Parma, Lakewood or Eastlake, the downswing in the market is clearly evident. We try to make the decision of where to sell a junk car in northeast Ohio a simple one by offering same-day cash for junk cars pickup service. Those who contact us for a price for a junk car before 1PM during the week, or before Noon on Saturday and usually able to have their vehicle hauled away the same-day. Our buyer of scrap vehicles in on-hand 6 days a week for your convenience and is ready to provide you a quote for an old car. To scrap a car in Parma, Chesterland or Chardon, you will need to have the title and a matching ID.

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Scrap Car Spotlight 1.3

Scrap Car Spotlight 1.3

Cleveland Scrap Cars, the area’s premier outlet for selling a junk car, is about more than buying junk cars in Ohio. We strive to keep informed on changes in the industry of those that buy junk cars. We are back with another industry expert. Dan Snyder is the General Manager of Snyder’s Certified Auto & Truck Parts in Holland, TX. Holland itself is a smaller town that is positioned about 60 miles northeast of Austin and approximately 50 miles south of Waco. His company was founded in 1988, thus is well-established within the auto scrap and recycling market. We asked Dan a few questions about his business as follows:

Q: I noticed you had a Grand Opening of a new self-serve lot this month. How is that coming along?

The grand opening is fine. We have a long way to go to achieve the traffic we would like to see but we are keeping the overhead low and it will come along just fine.

Q: I saw that your company offers the Charity Car donation options to vehicle sellers. How has this been working out?

We get very few cars through this program. Most of those that we do get are really self-service vehicles

Q: What are some of the changes in the auto recycling industry recently that you have noticed?

There are more and more facilities that continue to struggle and / or close. There is no substitute for education, information, and dedication. If you don’t have one of these you will struggle for sure. If you are missing more than one the end will come quickly.

Q: Do you see the “do-it yourself wrench” business model as the future of auto recycling? Will the traditional used parts model be phased out?

There will always be a place for “full service” auto parts recycling as long as it is profitable. There are many consumers of these parts that work hard to increase their margins while that decreases the margins of the recyclers. This just makes it more difficult to run these businesses. I see less and less facilities with more and more of the market share in the future.

Q: How does your company track its inventory of vehicles and components?

Pinnacle Professional Yard Management System

There are several things that I noticed about Mr. Snyder’s operation:

  • He recognizes a trend where there may be fewer competitors in the market to buy junk cars
  • The company is fairly diverse in that it offers full-service, DIY and vehicle donation options
  • The emphasis they place on keeping overhead low to allow time for the business to progress

Dan mentioned that they utilize the Pinnacle Yard Management System. After reviewing the system, it seems to offer the following benefits: “some of the more significant features include remote order creation, fully integrated production manager, email integration, Pinnacle Chat instant messaging, complete accountability, PinnacleNet real-time trading network, advanced multi-location capabilities, extensive management reporting suite, warranty module, automatic and manual pricing, all-in-one bidding, inventory and tracking tools, fully customizable control centers, screen recommendations, commission calculation reports, new and aftermarket parts module and soon to be released integrated e-commerce facilities.”[i]

Are you looking to scrap a car in Lakewood, Tremont or Brecksville? Selling a junk car is made easy by CSC. We buy junk cars in Ohio 6 days a week. Regardless of where in Ohio that you are selling a junk car the company that will buy junk cars is going to require the vehicle title and an ID. To junk cars in Ohio, call our junk car buyer today at (216) 282-5865. If you need to scrap a car in Lakewood, Twinsburg or Northfield—we are a fast option!


Car Battery Scrappers

Car Battery Scrappers

Cleveland Scrap Cars is back with the latest in auto scrap and recycling news. Our primary business is being a place where to junk a car in Cleveland, Euclid and Eastlake; however, we are very focused on how the late-model vehicles will impact the price for a wrecked car or non-running vehicle in the upcoming years. When you sell your scrap car for cash, there are often various components that have significant value. Owners of these models of electric and hybrid vehicles are years away from being faced with decisions such as where to junk a car or sell your scrap car; however, the batteries in these vehicles have been the target of thieves in the Bay Area.

In a July 26th 2015 article on titled ‘Bay Area Company Develops Deterrent For Hybrid Car Battery Thieves’ composed by Cate Cauguiran explains as follows: “Hybrid car owners are being warned over an uptick in battery thefts, and a Bay Area company has come up with a solution to stop them. Jim Elkins was asleep when thieves broke into his Toyota Prius, broke through his back passenger window, taking the car apart to get to the battery. The bill to get his car fixed was steep – $11,000. San Francisco Police Officer Carlos Manfredi says they could probably sell it for $1,000.

A Bay Area company, Greentec Auto, came up with a solution to deter battery thieves, in the form of a specialized bolt. These bolts are installed so if they do break in, they’re not able to walk away with the battery, says Greentec Auto VP Daniel Razumovsky. Greentec’s bolt requires a special tool to remove it. The bolt installation costs about $350. The full article is available here:

I visited Greentec’s website to gain understanding and it looks like they have about a dozen US locations and specialize in offering remanufactured hybrid auto batteries. The special bolts are very similar to how many newer cars have a special socket that is included with your car that are required for removing the vehicle’s wheel lug nuts. After reading the article I have several questions as follows:

  • Where is your auto alarm? These vehicles sell for over $25,000 and should have a car alarm with a shock sensor. These bolts are designed to make the process of removal far too long for thieves. It seems to me that if an alarm was sounding, it would make them flee immediately.
  • Why isn’t insurance covering the theft? Again, you have an expensive late-model hybrid without proper insurance coverage?
  • Who are the thieves going to sell them too? I assume they are not going to scrap them for $1,000. First, I doubt they have that high of scrap value and also these are not very common and would raise a red flag to any scrap yard. They need to sell them to someone that is going to use it. Are they going to post the item on Craigslist to find a buyer who coincidentally needs a battery for that model?

The price for a wrecked car is continuing to plunge! We are monitoring the commodities market closely and it seems that the world economy is just not good. Anyhow, Cleveland Scrap Cars is the place to junk a car in Cleveland and you can sell your scrap car the same day. If seeking where to junk a car in Cleveland, Wickliffe or Euclid, call our scrap vehicle buyer at 216-282-JUNK (5865) for a price for a wrecked car. Asking where to junk a car for cash in Cleveland? Wondering how to scrap a car for cash? Call Cleveland’s premier cash for cars buyer for a junk car quote. We offer same day or next day pickup of you old car. (vehicle title is required) We specialize in junk car removal, scrap car hauling and now a junk car buyer for over 5 years in Northeast Ohio.

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Scrap Car Spotlight 1.2

Scrap Car Spotlight 1.2

Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to sell a junk car, more specifically; we are a site where you can junk cars in Ohio. To sell us your car and receive free old car removal simply contact our junk car buyer today. As previously mentioned, we strive to provide news and information within the industry, particularly from industry professionals.

Our 3rd installment of the Scrap Car Spotlight takes us to Cocoa, FL. Cocoa is located on Florida’s eastern coast in Brevard County with a population of approximately 17,000. Cocoa Auto Salvage’s President is Ms. Shan Lathem, who also serves as Vice-President of the Florida Auto Dismantlers & Recyclers Association. We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions relating to her business and the auto scrap and recycling industry.

  1. Could you describe your background and primary function/role in managing Cocoa Auto Salvage?

“My mother and father founded Cocoa Auto Salvage in 1979, with a partner. After several years, my family purchased the partner’s interest in the early 80’s. I worked the family business during summers and after school growing up. Once I graduated college in 1997, I began really learning the business and the nuts and bolts of how the industry works. Initially my function within the organization was focused mostly on the financial side, implementing accounting and control systems. This eventually paved the way for me to move on to procedural implementations and processes including day to day activities enabling us to be more efficient and productive. Today, I work closely with our General Manager who is responsible for making sure objectives are met. We talk daily but have a more formal, sit down meeting weekly to go through the prior week’s productivity, review metrics and discuss any concerns either one of us may have.”

  1. Are there challenges in the auto recycling business that are unique your eastern location in Florida, or to the industry in Florida as a whole? (ie..Climate, Location, Regulations etc…)

“We are located about seven miles inland from the coast in East Central Florida. Our land here is very flat, and during the rainy season it can get very wet in the yard which can certainly present some challenges.”

  1. What changes have you noticed in today’s new vehicle manufacturing that will have an effect on the scrap vehicle market in years to come?

“The auto manufacturers are using aluminum in production today more than ever before in an effort to be compliant with impending legislation regarding gas mileage requirements. This will certainly effect how we process the vehicles for end of life sale and our scrapping processes will need to be modified. Only time will tell if this move toward aluminum will be one that works for the industry or not. It may just be the push needed for steel companies to work at creating better, more lightweight alloys.”

  1. Have you had measurable success marketing your business in any certain ways? Perhaps you have tried some marketing initiatives where the results were lower than expected?

“We have been the largest automotive recycling facility in East Central Florida for many years and so when the retail customer is looking for a quality, used item our name typically comes to mind. Word of mouth is so important to us, just like for any business. We do have a large wholesale business, accounting for about 70% of our overall sales. We have built relationships with our local dealerships, body shops and garages through the years on trust and it’s mutually beneficial for both parties involved. We tried a social media campaign over a two year period including Facebook and Twitter along with some interactive web site programs.   We monitored the response but there was not any real significant change based on these campaigns so we have suspended them for now. We do use CraigsList locally which does generate a significant amount of calls with limited investment. We also participate in multiple on line component  locating systems making our inventory available to all consumers both locally and nationwide.”

  1. Are there any key differences or niches that your company specializes in that are unique among the local auto recycling market?

“One of our biggest advantages is being able to supply a customer their item next day more than 90% of the time. If we have the item, we get it pulled and put on one of our trucks that make deliveries daily to the Central Florida area. If we don’t have it, we can get it from one of our 10 trading partners that we have formed an association with where we trade items every night at a “Cross Dock.” Each one of us sends our delivery truck up with a load after closing hours and our truck returns later that evening loaded with the items my salespeople have purchased that day which means our customer can have their part upon opening or it will be on my delivery truck’s route that day.   This significantly reduces my freight costs making me much more competitive on price. I can get the components to my customer faster than the competition which is a huge advantage in our industry.”

Cocoa Auto Salvage is a sustainable industry leader in this business. Several of Ms. Lathem’s comments are excellent including:

  • They have a weekly management meeting to insure goals are accomplished, evaluate processes and review results.
  • The company is deeply rooted locally and operates well in both the wholesale and retail segments of the industry.
  • Has formed “win-win” partnerships that creates 2 competitive advantages:
    1. Speed of product deliver
    2. Lower freight (shipping) costs

Due in part to the heavy usage of road salt, the volume of junk cars in Ohio is plentiful. Our old car removal system is structured so you can sell us your car as quickly as possible. There is no question of where to sell a junk car for cash in Cuyahoga County, since we give you our best price quote right over the phone and in most cases will have your car picked up the same day. You may find a guy that buys junk cars in Ohio that may offer you a few dollars more; however, all too often when these guys show up for the old car removal there price changes. Don’t play those games… Sell us your car and avoid headaches and “no-show” tow drivers that are all too common in this business. This is why I explain that we are where to sell a junk car—plain and simple!

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Scrap Car Spotlight 1.1

Scrap Car Spotlight 1.1

Cleveland Scrap Car is back with our 2nd edition of Scrap Car Spotlights news. SCS is a forum that relates to auto recycling, damaged car removal and where to junk a car. Our next industry professional is Mr. Troy Webber, owner of Chesterfield Auto, which has Virginia-based operation sites in Richmond, Midlothian and in Fort Lee. Chesterfield offers a quote for a junk car both through their website and over the phone. Mr. Webber provided the following information:

  1. What are some of the primary functions you handle in managing Chesterfield?
    I have 3 stores, so I do not manage day-to-day functions; I rely on my GM’s to manage those operations. My directors and I evaluate reports on the business & deal with the long term, high level type of issues like policy & procedural changes, insurance, licenses, retirement plans, health insurance plans etc…
  2. What types of vehicles (for salvage) are your most sought after? (ie… any types of vehicles that you cannot buy enough of?) We ask our customers what kind of car they are looking for when they come in just so we know the answer. The results are; Accords, Camry’s, Ford and GM pickups, Grand Cherokee’s and Taurus’s. We can’t get enough Wranglers and will buy every Wrangler I can get my hands on!
  3. What are some of the changes in the auto recycling industry recently that you have noticed? I have seen a noticeable trend away from the full service business model to the self-service model. A lot of the old well established and well run full service/late model yards are either switching over to entirely self-service or trying to run a hybrid self/full service type of business.
  4. Can you elaborate on what kinds marketing efforts, campaigns or technology that you have had success with and/or certain marketing ventures that did not meet expectations? Any retail driven business depends on people knowing about you. If the people don’t know you exist, they will not shop at your store. We have had success with our TV & Radio advertising campaigns. We are also devoting a huge portion of our marketing budget to digital ad campaigns on the internet. This is a new avenue for us and it seems to be the trend of the future. TV and radio ads are a great way to get your name out there but it can be very expensive and you rarely have any quantitative results to show for it. With internet ads, you know exactly how many calls, clicks & visits you got from each ad, what each call, click or search cost you & you can really customize based on objective results. In my experience bill boards are a waste of money.
  5. Are there any key differences or niches that your company specializes in that are unique among the local auto recycling market? We don’t have any niches or specialties per se, but we are unique in the fact that we do offer a free 30-day cash back warranty on all our components.
  6. Are there any advantages or disadvantages unique to those in the industry within that state of Virginia that differ from other states?  In the past few years VA began to allow licensed demolishers to buy vehicles with no ownership documents & without any prior owner notification procedures under certain circumstances.  We can run the VIN through the DMV database, and it will indicate whether or not we can buy the car. Up until then, the process with no documentation took months, and was costly, so cars were being disposed of illegally.

We encourage those interested in more information on Chesterfield Auto to visit their website at 

Cleveland Scrap Cars is a site to scrap a car in Mentor, Twinsburg or Old Brooklyn. Wondering where to junk a car for cash? We include free damaged car removal and offer a fast quote for a junk car. To scrap a car in Mentor, Eastlake or Garfield Heights the requirements are that you have the title and an ID. Where to junk a car should be a simple process once you obtain a quote for a junk car. Regardless of whether the vehicle is wrecked or needs damaged car removal to scrap a car in Mentor, Solon or Strongsville, we will pick it up. 

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Scrap Car Spotlight 1.0

Scrap Car Spotlight 1.0

Cleveland Scrap Cars is beginning our new “Spotlight” feature to be updated every few weeks. What is the purpose of the Spotlight? We seek to expand beyond that of a buyer of scrap cars;  we want to offer the public a bit more than a quote for an old car. This feature will contain input from those within the auto scrap & recycling industry. These individuals will discuss more than just information about selling an old car, rather, they will reflect on new ideas & innovations in the junk vehicle market.

Our first industry pro that will provide input is Mr. Mike Rosser, whose company is Newton Auto Salvage in Covington, GA. Covington is approximately 35 miles SE of Atlanta with a population of about 13,000. Mike’s location is in southern Covington, just west of Georgia’s Yellow River. Although the city itself isn’t heavily populated, it is about a 1-hour drive to Atlanta (400,000+ population), Athens (110,000+population) and Macon, GA (90,000+population). Newton has been around since 1978 offering recycled auto components and a site for selling an old car. Mr. Rosser addressed a few questions as follows:

  1. What are some of the primary functions you handle in managing Newton Auto Salvage?
    “I am a small business w/ 6 employees and we process 200 cars per year. I buy and inventory the cars, answer phones, accounting etc…”
  2. What types of vehicles (for salvage) are the most sought after? (i.e.…any types of vehicles that you cannot buy enough of?)
    “I purchase many cars from insurance auctions with under 100k miles, model years from 2005 – 2011. Trucks are harder to buy, with good miles.  I like to have nice sheet metal cars.” 
  3. What changes have you noticed in today’s new vehicle manufacturing that will affect the scrap vehicle market in years to come?
    “Alum body items, Electronic safety features and plastic pieces” 
  4. Have you had measurable success marketing your business in any certain ways? Perhaps you have tried some marketing initiatives where the results were lower than expected?
    “I mail flyers & send e-mails w/ discounts. Inventory listed on works the best.”
  5. Are there any key differences or niches that your company specializes in that are unique among the local auto recycling market?
    “I try to sell nice components and make no promises I can’t keep.”

A couple observations from Mike’s feedback caught my attention. He mentions using to market his inventory, which certainly does not surprise me. That site is great because it allows you to search for specific items based on proximity to your location, which is beneficial when seeking larger items. For smaller auto components it is equally as effective, since you can uncover the item you need anywhere in the country and have it shipped UPS. Compared to calling an individual buyer of scrap cars, you get to view availability from a vast group of recyclers. The other thing was how he indicated that he strives to make no promises he can’t keep. This is a business fundamental to often overlooked and should be reinforced among younger professionals. I encourage you to visit Newton’s site at

Are you looking at selling an old car? Wondering where to scrap a car in Euclid, Berea or Middleburg Heights? Our buyer of scrap cars is on-hand 6 days a week to provide you a quote for an old car. If you scrap a car in Euclid, Eastlake or Wickliffe, the requirements are that you have the vehicle title and an ID. Call us at (216) 282-JUNK for a quote for an old car, a damaged car or a junk vehicle. Regardless of whether looking to scrap a car in Euclid, East Cleveland or Northfield, we are a fast cash for cars solution.

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Junk Vehicle Ordinance

Junk Vehicle Ordinance

Cleveland Scrap Cars is back with another update in the US scrap vehicle market. As a buyer of scrap vehicles that handles damaged vehicle removal, we keep abreast on happenings in Northeast Ohio and beyond. This topic takes us to Gadsen, AL, a metro area with a population of around 100,000 and average household income of approximately $38,000. In the June 5th edition of the Gadsen Times, Andy Powell composed a story titled ‘Cleanup to spread citywide’, with the following information on how the region is heightening enforcement of junk and abandoned vehicles and such as follows: “A citywide effort to rid neighborhoods of broken-down cars, appliances, furniture and debris has begun, according to Gadsden Building Official Brian Harbison. He said car components scattered across the yard can be a violation. At Tuesday’s council meeting, Councilman Johnny Cannon said there had been problems with abandoned houses, junk cars & trucks becoming overgrown and residents letting their property go.

There is no city ordinance that limits the number of cars at a residence, but there is a provision that an abandoned vehicle must kept in a completely enclosed area. He said those vehicles that don’t run or don’t appear to run cannot be kept in plain sight. Letters were sent involving about 210 properties, none dealing with condemned houses. Harbison said there are 63 more houses in the district in the nuisance abatement & condemnation process.

A letter is sent to the occupant and another to the property owner. About 80% of the problems come from rental properties. The letters are specific as to what the violation is, and the recipients are given 14 days to make the necessary changes. The minimum fine is $250 plus court costs; there could be a fine of up to $500 & jail time. 75% of those sent a letter will comply. The full article is here:

Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to scrap a car in Parma, Macedonia and Berea. Are you wondering where to junk a car in Geauga County, Lorain County and Pepper Pike? Our buyer of scrap vehicles will provide a fast junk car quote which includes damaged vehicle removal throughout the areas of Shaker Heights, North Randall and Richmond Heights. To scrap a car in Parma you must possess the vehicle title and a valid ID; this is according to Ohio state law, so this is the case regardless of the location of where to junk a car in the state. Those with a scrap car to sell in Streetsboro, Mentor and Willoughby should call our buyer of scrap vehicles at (216) 282-JUNK. Free damaged vehicle removal is included in the regions of Lyndhurst, Highland Heights and Moreland Hills. If your car is damaged and at a repair shop in Maple Heights, University Heights or Warrensville Heights, simply contact our buyer of scrap vehicles. To scrap a car in Parma with same-day pickup you should contact our office before 2PM Monday through Saturday, regardless if the junk car is situated in Euclid, Garfield Heights or Eastlake. If asking where to junk a car for cash in Twinsburg, Lakewood and Linndale Village—look no further. Residents of Newburgh Heights, Middleburg Heights and Beachwood can receive next day scrap vehicle pickup if you contact us after 2PM. Those selling a junk car in Bedford, Bentleyville Village and Tremont are encouraged to call. We are proudly paying cash for cars in Bratenahl, Chagrin Falls and Mayfield Heights with free towing included. If you have an old car in Lake County, South Euclid or Cleveland Heights—sell it for cash today! The cities of Wickliffe, Brecksville and Bainbridge are now within our scrap vehicle removal service area. If you have a wrecked car in East Cleveland, Chesterland or Seven Hills, we will purchase it from you. Our junk car buyer will provide a junk car quote to residents of Solon, Walton Hills and Northfield. If your car is old and non-running in the areas of Cuyahoga Heights, Oakwood Village and Glenwillow, sell it for cash Monday through Saturday.

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Scrap and Recycling Industry

Scrap and Recycling Industry

Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars we are continuously keeping abreast on the scrap and recycling industry news. Although our businesses’ focus is strictly centered on being a buyer of scrap cars, we report on industry happenings that expand beyond our realm. A recent study quantifies the economic scope of the business within the US economy, which may be surprising to many.

On May 26, 2015 had a story titled ‘ISRI study on the economics of recycling’ with the following info:  “The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) released a economic study that shows the recycling industry accounts for nearly 1/2 a million jobs in the US & generates more than $105B annually in economic activity. The firm of Dunham & Associates conducted the study, which explores the scrap industry in terms of employment, tax generation & overall economic benefits.

The survey finds that since 2013 direct employment in the industry increased by 8%, direct economic activity increased by 30% and tax revenue generated has increased by about 8%. According to the report, the recycling industry is responsible for 471,587 direct & indirect jobs in the US, of which 149,010 are direct jobs. Direct jobs include those in facilities that process scrap materials into new, usable commodities. Indirect jobs come from those that supply machinery, equipment & services to processors and the wages and taxes paid by the scrap recyclers to their workers & suppliers.

According to the industry study:

  • Generates about $4.4B in state & local revenue annually and $6.8 billion in federal taxes are paid each year by the industry & its employees.
  • The scrap recycling industry accounts for 0.68% of the US’ total economic activity.
  • Exports account for 26.8% of the industry’s economic activity, creating roughly 125,276 jobs.
  • Export activity generates $28.3B in economic benefits, including $1.3B in federal tax revenue and $1.7B in state & local taxes.”

The complete article is available here:

We are a buyer of scrap cars proudly serving the areas of Macedonia, Berea and Geauga County. Additionally, we offer our scrap a car in Cleveland well beyond just the city limits to include most of Lorain County, Streetsboro and Mentor. For a quote for an old car in Willoughby, Lyndhurst and Highland Heights, simply call us at (216) 282-JUNK. To sell your junk car in Moreland Hills, Maple Heights and University Heights, you first need to get a cash price, which is just to obtain a quote for an old car. Our buyer of scrap cars is available Monday through Saturday in Warrensville Heights, Euclid and Garfield Heights. The quote for an old car is influenced by factors including condition and whether the vehicle is located nearby (such as in Lakewood, Linndale Village or Newburgh Heights) or in the outer suburbs (such as Middleburg Heights, Eastlake or Twinsburg). The requirements to scrap a car in Cleveland, Parma & Beachwood are that you have the title and a valid form of ID. To sell your junk car in Bedford, Bentleyville Village and Tremont, the vehicle can be in either a wrecked, damaged or disabled condition. Our buyer of scrap cars will provide you a fast quote for an old car (regardless of condition) and in most cases be able to coordinate same-day removal of your scrap or junk car. To receive same-day pickup when you sell your junk car in Bratenahl, Chagrin Falls or Mayfield Heights, you just need to call before 2PM. If calling after 2PM from the areas of Lake County, South Euclid and Cleveland Heights we will buy your junk car the next day. Residents of Wickliffe, Brecksville and Bainbridge with a car facing a high-cost repair bill may consider scrapping the car. In the regions of East Cleveland, Chesterland, Seven Hills, even if the vehicle’s transmission or engine is damaged—will pay cash for it. Those seeking cash for cars in Solon, Walton Hills & Northfield are encouraged to call for a junk car quote. Have an old car in Cuyahoga Heights, Oakwood Village or Glenwillow that won’t pass e-check? Is your car sitting at a repair shop in Aurora, Collinwood or Sagamore Hills? It may be time to turn your non-running car into cash!

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Wrecked Junk Cars

Wrecked Junk Cars

Our next story relating to junk cars in Ohio focuses on vehicles used in movies, which are often severely damaged. Those who buy junk cars from those selling a scrap car in the movie industry are probably fortunate. The reason is that these producers are likely to scrap a high volume of vehicles in a short period of time.

In the May 19, 2015 edition of an article titled ‘Life after Death: A Look at What Happens to Totaled Cars’ outlined the following points of interest: “An interesting question: what happens to all the wrecked cars you see in movies? Action flicks have been responsible for the destruction of thousands of automobiles, and the most recent Fast and the Furious racked-up 230 vehicles. What is done to these cars since they are no longer deemed road legal?

Years ago, movie studios would just call up a local scrap yard, the cars would get hauled off for salvaging, and that would be it. Wrecked Mustangs from the classic film Bullitt were listed as collector items wrecked or not, people started flocking to junkyards to see what they could salvage. In recent years, things are not as simple as just calling up the local salvage yard. There are now strict rules regarding the proper disposal of a vehicle, and as an action film’s budget increases so does the # of cars the director will want to destroy. To save money, a lot of these cars that are sourced are either flood-damaged but drivable, are fully functional & not worth much, or serve nothing more than sitting targets on a screen set. What happens to these after the tow truck scoops their shattered shells up?

Most vehicles that are deemed “undrivable” after a violent collision are usually sold to a local salvage yard. This is a fantastic way of recycling a condemned car, and every year countless items are re-purposed by people looking to save money by buying used components.  There is another side of the recycling process that goes widely unnoticed by the rest of the world, and that is Hollywood’s purchasing of junk cars for chase scenes. In the aforementioned article, there was an interesting bit of about the Fast and the Furious and its association with used car lots and salvage yards. Picture car coordinator for the films, Dennis McCarthy, reportedly said we’d wreck 25 cars/day, they’d scoop ‘em up and bring us 25 more.

This final element of the “automotive recycling program” is the scrap yard, where cars are turned into compact cubes. This stage occurs after a car has been sitting at a salvage yard for a while, and the yard manager labels the vehicle as “crushable.” Prior to being crushed, all of the fluids must be drained out of the car, airbags must be either removed or deployed, the battery must be absent, and the fuel tank removed. Most modern cars are not entirely made from metal like they used to be, so scrap yards are not getting as much money out of cars. The link to the full article is here:

At Cleveland Scrap Cars we buy junk cars in Macedonia, Berea and Geauga County. Buying junk cars in Ohio requires that the seller possess the vehicle title regardless of whether it is located in Lorain County, Streetsboro or Mentor. To get a quote for a junk car in Willoughby, Lyndhurst or Highland Heights, simply call 216-282-JUNK. Selling a scrap car in Moreland Hills, Maple Heights, or University Heights? Seeking a place that will buy junk cars in Warrensville Heights, Euclid or Garfield Heights? Give us a call for selling junk cars in Ohio and get a quick quote for a junk car. Selling a scrap car is easy in the areas of Eastlake, Twinsburg and Lakewood. We offer same-day pickup when we buy junk cars in Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights and Middleburg Heights. Junk cars in Ohio have a cash value in Parma, Beachwood and Bedford, which varies according to market prices. Those in Bentleyville Village, Tremont and Bratenahl can call or visit our website for a quote for a junk car. If selling a scrap car in Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights or Lake County, we will pick up on Monday through Saturday. Even if your vehicle is damaged, non-running or wrecked, we will pay cash for the clunker in South Euclid, Cleveland Heights or Wickliffe. To receive quick cash for your car in Brecksville, Bainbridge and East Cleveland, contact CSC now!

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Picking up vehicles illegally

Picking up vehicles illegally

Cleveland Scrap Cars pays cash for wrecked cars in any condition. As a NE Ohio based scrap car buyer who buys scrap cars, we regularly provide updates relating to automobiles, recycling and such. Today’s post covers a contractor is Massachusetts that is facing some serious charges.

In an article published March 19, 2015 on by Jack Flynn which is titled ‘Southwick towing contractor facing 11 vehicle larceny charges gets more time to prepare for trial’ discusses the following: “A judge has given towing contractor John Litwak more time to prepare for a possible trial on motor vehicle larceny charges. During a hearing in Springfield District Court, Judge Maureen E. Walsh granted Litwak & his lawyer 7 more weeks to review new evidence in the case. In a motion requesting the extension, Litwak’s lawyer gave no details about the new information or how it could play into the defense’s strategy.

Litwak, president of JL Towing, is facing 11 counts of motor vehicle larceny and 3 counts of stealing items from a motor vehicle. He pleaded innocent to the charges in July & faces a possible prison sentence and fines up to $15,000 for each larceny count.

The vehicles were reported stolen from parking lots & streets in Greater Springfield in February 2014 and traced to Litwak’s towing & salvage lot in Southwick. A driver for JL Towing told Springfield police he hauled the vehicles away for Litwak without obtaining title, registration or bill of sale for any of them. During an interview with police, Litwak explained the vehicles had been towed for a black or Hispanic man in Springfield that he knew only by the initials KB.

After offering to help detectives find the customer, Litwak stopped cooperating & never provided copies of checks or bank statements supporting KB’s existence. The motor vehicle larceny charges date to Feb. 16, 2014, when 4 vehicles parked outside an auto repair shop vanished overnight. The next morning, while reviewing surveillance video, the staff watched a flatbed truck from JL Towing arrive around 10:30 p.m. and haul the vehicles away.

Two days later, Springfield police detectives found the 4 vehicles and several others that were reported stolen on Litwak’s lot, according to a report filed by Cass. During a hearing in January, defense lawyer John F. Kavanaugh said his client never stole the vehicles and never stopped cooperating with police.

Litwack is an honest, if disorganized, business man who was duped by a dishonest customer, Kavanaugh said. ADA Daniel Daly disagreed, saying that Litwak victimized the vehicle owners & tied up law enforcement on a complicated, time-consuming case. In a motion filed last week, Kavanaugh said the defense had received new information on the case and needs more time to review it. Walsh agreed & scheduled a pretrial hearing for May.” The complete article is available here:

We pay cash for wrecked cars, old vehicles and scrap cars throughout Northeast Ohio. If you are seeking someone who buys scrap cars in Euclid, Garfield Heights, Eastlake, Parma Heights and Lakewood. We are a scrap car buyer proudly serving the areas of Bentleyville Village, Tremont, Bratenahl, Chagrin Falls and Mayfield Heights. Those wanting cash for wrecked cars in Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe, Brecksville, Bainbridge and East Cleveland are in luck! Residents of Hudson, University Heights, Maple Heights, Warrensville Heights and Solon should call our scrap car buyer today. We are an outfit who buys scrap cars in Berea, Middleburg Heights, Geauga County and most of Lorain County. The requirements to sell your car for cash are that you possess the vehicle title and a photo ID.

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Auto Recycling & Insurance News

Auto Recycling & Insurance News

Our first part of this news compilation involves a crafty guy in Pennsylvania who wrecked his car. Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars we regularly encounter vehicle owners with late model cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s who allow their auto insurance to lapse and end up having to sell the “remains” of their cars for cash to a scrap car hauler (like us) after an accident. Often the driver will experience remorse relating to their failure of maintaining collision coverage after they are faced with having to junk cars for cash. Well the gentleman in the following article decided to outsmart the system. An AP story from titled ‘Man accused of buying auto insurance from scene of car wreck’ posted on March 6, 2015 tells a story about a crafty uninsured motorist as follows: “Authorities say a PA man called an insurance company from a crash scene to buy auto coverage & later claimed his wreck happened after he got the policy. The Altoona Mirror reports that the insurance fraud charges filed against Michael Traveny stem from a crash in Duncansville. Prosecutors say Traveny didn’t have insurance when he crashed that night so he called Safe Auto Insurance from the scene & purchased coverage without mentioning the wreck. Prosecutors say he filed a $3,900 claim the next day claiming the crash happened after the policy took effect.  Online court records don’t list an attorney for Traveny. He faces a preliminary hearing March 17.”  The complete article is available at

Scrap Car Spill 

Scrap car haulers and others in the junk cars for cash business will transport large quantities of recently scrapped cars. One such load of cars for cash in Maine was apparently not safely secured for transport and three of these scrap auto bodies ended up littering a highway. A March 6, 2015 article by Liz Markhlevskaya on titled ‘Company cited after 3 crushed vehicles fall off truck’ tells this story: “Police cited a vehicle recycling business from Rochester in connection with a crash in Portland, ME in which 3 crushed vehicles fell onto the highway. Lambert’s Auto Recyclers of Rochester was cited after the crash, which littered the highway with debris from the 3 vehicles that fell. Police reported no injuries. The accident happened on Interstate 295 in Portland, near Tukey’s Bridge, according to Maine State Police.

State troopers said that 15 crushed cars were being delivered to a Topsham, Maine, recycling plant when a cable broke on the trailer, sending 3 of the cars into 2 northbound lanes on the 4-lane highway. Jason Fisher, 30, of Rochester, who was the driver of the trailer, was able to secure the remaining 12 crushed vehicles and continued on his way to deliver the load. The three cars that fell off the trailer were towed. Fisher & Lambert’s Auto Recyclers received police summonses in connection to the incident.” The full story is available here:

Selling cars for cash that are less than a few years is really a shame. To junk cars for cash that are over 10-years old is one thing—but a 2010 model is far too new of a vehicle to give away to a scrap car hauler. The worst case scenario is when the vehicle owner lacks collision coverage when totaling the car and still owes the lender a large balance of the auto loan. Here is typically the chain of events that leads to this difficult outcome: 1) An individual needs a vehicle and narrowly is approved for an auto loan with a high interest rate. 2) Due to a lack of savings or life changes, such as unemployment, the auto insurance policy lapses (the lender is unaware) 3) The vehicle is wrecked or needs costly repair work. You can clearly see how this story ends…


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Auto Scrap Prices Drop

Auto Scrap Prices Drop

Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars, we are in the business of auto recycling junk cars. As a ‘cash for my car’ company, our junk vehicle buyer is very conscious of the volatility of scrap prices of materials derived from junk cars and scrap cars. For a variety of reasons the prices of scrapping automobiles has dipped to a recent low.

Dan Voorhis of the Wichita Eagle recently posted a story titled ‘Falling price of scrap squeezes metal dealers’ that attempts to explain the pricing woes as follows: “Wichita’s scrap dealers are feeling stressed as falling prices for recycled steel, copper and other metals have squashed their margins. The price of scrap iron overall fell about 20 to 25% over 2014 because of slower economic growth overseas & the strengthening dollar. Both tended to cut into exports, even as domestic demand for scrap remained flat, according to industry publication Scrap Price Bulletin. Further declines are expected in 2015.”  The complete posting is available here:

If you are reading this article to identify the exact reason for the pricing regression, you are in the wrong place, as to state a specific reason would be foolish because there are so many factors that could be contributing to the market pricing. In researching the topic, we have read and heard the following list of hypotheses:

  • Reduced demand in China, India and Turkey.
  • The drop in oil prices has had an effect for several reasons.
  • The strengthening of the US Dollar causing increased difficulty in sealing domestic scrap overseas
  • A excess of supply in the market
  • Politically based circumstances overseas
  • The recent massive snow storm on the East Coast hindering port activity

Auto recycling junk cars is a market driven my commodity pricing. Steel, copper and aluminum are core contributors to most market fluctuations. In this market, global economic, financial and political dynamics are most likely the origin of such changes. Here as CSC we invite you to contact our junk vehicle buyer for pricing to receive cash for my car services. Scrapping a car with us is a simple process and the lone requirements are the vehicle title and a photo ID. Our junk vehicle buyer can provide quote pricing 7 days a week and we pick up junk vehicles most days of the week (sparingly on Sunday). Obtaining cash for my car services in Cuyahoga County is simple–call (216) 282-JUNK, or visit our website.

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New Auto Scrap Recycler

partNew Auto Scrap Recycler

A decision is pending in Lorain, Ohio about whether to allow for a new auto scrap recycling business to open in a soon to be vacated property. Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars we promote new business development, not just for a junk vehicle buyer, a ‘scrap my car’ site or other related recycler. We believe that government should get out of the way and let businesses grow. Certain restrictions abound in our industry for a variety of reasons relating to location. Neighbors may not want the noise close by, or perhaps the view of a totaled car, or other images associated with a business who buys junk cars. In an article in the Morning Journal, Richard Payerchin discusses the issue in Lorain in a story titled ‘Lorain officials consider zoning change for car salvage yard’ with highlights that are as follows: “Property owners Thomas & Patricia Harris, 336 Oberlin Ave., have requested the land at 2265 East Ave. be changed from I-1 Light Industrial to I-2 Heavy Industrial to support an auto salvage yard. The property has a building on two parcels and a fenced area of 16 parcels. The current zoning is for a towing yard and the new zoning would allow a salvage yard. The current tenant is Ernie’s Towing, but that towing company will move to another site, the Harris’ said in a Nov. 10, 2014, letter to the city.

On Jan. 20, Lorain City Council referred the request back to the city’s Building, Housing and Planning Department to examine whether the Harrises are complying with city requirements about six-foot or eight-foot fencing around a towing yard, which is the current use of the land. Councilman Eddie Edwards pressed the point in a public hearing Jan. 20. Upon further research, city staff have determined the site complies with the city zoning codes, said Leon Mason, director of Building, Housing and Planning, in a letter Jan. 26 letter to Council. The zoning change request was recommended by the city planning commission. Law Director Pat Riley said he did not have an immediate answer; the city law department is preparing a legal opinion on that issue. The salvage yard will consist of buying and dismantling automobiles, and selling car components & scrap. The sales will take place at the site & online.” The full article is available at:

We are a junk vehicle buyer proudly serving the areas of Northfield, Oakwood Village, Euclid, East Cleveland, Parma and Lakewood. To scrap my car for cash in Garfield Heights or Eastlake the only requirements are the vehicle title and photo ID. If looking for who buys junk cars in Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights, Warrensville Heights or Chagrin Falls, simply call 216-282-JUNK today. We will buy a wrecked car or totaled car in Bratenahl, Mayfield Heights, South Euclid and Cleveland Heights. Same day pickup of junk cars is available by contacting our junk vehicle buyer 7 days for scrap my car pricing from CSC, Cuyahoga County’s premier towing outfit who buys junk cars. We buy junk car, scrap vehicles and wrecked vehicles throughout Wickliffe, Brecksville, Bainbridge, Maple Heights and beyond paying cash for cars. We can pick up from Firestone Service Centers, Conrad’s locations, transmission shops, Goodyear stores, Midas locations, NTB locations, Monro Muffler & Brake shops in Aurora, Collinwood, Sagamore Hills.



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Car Scrapper Renovating

Car Scrapper Renovating

At Cleveland Scrap Cars we continue to give credit where credit is due. A long-established, Michigan-based auto recycler is making some new improvements & renovations.  Mr. Weisner has the right idea! He’s improving the image of his property for those who physically visit his location and is simultaneously boosting his web presence and online access to his inventory. Nobody visits an auto recycler and expects it to be as immaculate as an art museum—but, improving the physical environment of your business makes it more appealing and benefits you when dealing with 3 key groups:

  1. Customers
  2. Employees
  3. Inspectors/EPA etc…

On January 20, 2015 Robert Sanchez of the Daily Herald composed an article titled ‘Bensenville’s Victory Auto Wreckers gets a makeover’, which outlines the improvements of a local scrapper as follows: “Just about everybody knows Victory Auto Wreckers for its iconic TV commercial. You know the one: Filmed in 1985 and looking at least a decade older, it shows a guy getting a fan-shaped bundle of cash for his jalopy, even though one of its doors has fallen off. But owner Kyle Weisner says there’s something else the Bensenville business has long been known for–lots and lots of mud. Weisner, is the 3rd-generation owner of Victory on E. Green St. Even on dry summer days, anyone searching for items on Victory’s 9-acre lot has had to deal with dirt and dust. And when it rained or snowed, well, things tended to get extremely sloppy. Weisner says Victory is launching a contest in which it’s inviting fans to make their own commercial to celebrate the 30th anniversary. Entries can re-create what’s become a classic or take a whole new approach. Recent expansion and renovation work has not only substantially increased the number of cars Victory can house, but given the facility a new, cleaner look. Weisner says all that mud was paved over with asphalt after the business voluntarily enrolled in an EPA program.

Having the lot paved also makes it possible for Victory to expand its inventory from 350 cars to as many as 900. All those vehicles will be elevated on stands for safety and easy access to components. The business has upgraded its storm water management system & improved the interior of its storage building. Remaining work, including installation of the fencing, is expected to be done. One goal of the multimillion dollar project is to improve the overall appearance of the recycling facility. Weisner said he doesn’t want Victory to be what people associate with junkyards & wrecking yards. Victory also is using technology to make it easier for customers to find what they need. People searching for items can visit the website to see what cars are in stock. Today, more than 12,000 cars from the facility are recycled each year, officials said. The business processes more than 2,000 tons of crushed cars each month.” The complete article is available here:

And life goes on in the business of scrapping cars… Asking where to sell my car for cash in Cleveland? Who buys scrap cars and offers same-day vehicle removal? CSC is Cuyahoga County’s home for scrapping cars. Our “sell my car for cash program” is available in Lyndhurst, Cuyahoga Heights, Highland Heights, Richmond Heights and Streetsboro. You may recognize us as the guy who buys scrap cars in Shaker Heights, Chesterland, Moreland Hills, University Heights, North Randall and Macedonia. We can pick up disabled vehicles from your local Firestone Service Center, Conrad’s location, transmission shop, Goodyear store, Midas location, NTB or Monro Muffler & Brake shop. Residents of Twinsburg, Walton Hills, Northfield, Oakwood Village, Glenwillow and Aurora should call (216) 282-JUNK for information on scrapping cars. Those needing to sell my car for cash in Bainbridge, East Cleveland, Maple Heights, Warrensville Heights & Solon can visit to reach someone who buys scrap cars. For fast junk vehicle removal in Bratenahl, Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights, South Euclid, Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe, and Brecksville, we are available 7 days a week.

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OH Vehicle Law Change

OH Vehicle Law Change

The State of Ohio Legislature is finalizing some changes to the laws concerning junk cars, scrap cars and salvage vehicles. How does this impact the cars for cash industry? Does this mean anyone can pay fast cash for cars? Will this affect the price for a junk car? Michael Cooper with the Dayton Daily News reports the following: “Proponents of changing who can buy & sell scrapped cars say removing restrictions could lead to lower auto insurance rates for Ohioans, but salvage yard operators say that could cost thousands of jobs in the industry. House Bill 468, sponsored by Rep. McGregor and Rep. Hackett, would change laws regarding the resale of wrecked vehicles by expanding the types of licenses under which an individual can sell salvage motor vehicles. Currently, Ohio requires an ID card to purchase one of the more than 100,000 cars each year that are deemed a total loss by insurance companies after crashes or other damage. Licensed dealers in Ohio and 21 other states can apply for the ID cards. More than 1,900 valid buyer ID cards have been issued. The state has more than 600 valid salvage dealers, according to the BMV. In other states, insurance companies sell the vehicles to anyone via online auctions with few regulations. The legislation would allow anyone with a salvage motor vehicle auction license or salvage motor vehicle pool license to sell salvage vehicles to authorized purchasers. Also, a person wouldn’t need to obtain a buyer’s ID card from the Registrar of Motor Vehicles before buying a salvage vehicle. The insurance industry doesn’t believe it goes far enough; while salvage dealers don’t want anything to change. The OH Auto & Truck Recyclers Association is opposed to the bill, because there are no restrictions on who can purchase salvage vehicles. People buying cars at auction without ID cards could lead to people buying cars and selling items out of their homes without a license, said Gene Wyen, VP of Walt’s Auto.” The complete article can be seen here: Is this really a big deal to the cars for cash industry? The answer is No. If anything, it loosens unnecessary red tape and will overall likely reduce the price for a junk car. The fast cash for cars industry is obviously not going to support any changes that impact their cars for cash business. Why does someone need to have a buyer ID card to make a junk car quote or bid? My only hope is that the legislature is spending too much time or energy on this “cars for cash” related bill, as there a far more important issues for Ohio’s leadership to address. One aspect of the bill that is interesting is this change, according to “Under continuing law a person is allowed to make a limited number of “casual sales” without violating the license requirement. Current law prohibits a person from making more than five casual sales of salvage motor vehicles in a 12-month period or providing a location or space for the sale at retail of salvage motor vehicles, without obtaining a motor vehicle salvage dealer’s license. A “casual sale” is the transfer of a salvage motor vehicle to a consumer by a person other than a person licensed to sell the vehicle. The bill revises this prohibition to be within a calendar year, rather than a rolling 12-month period.” Reflecting on this, is our state actually enforcing this law anyhow? I doubt that this is being tracked very closely, since it is just not a serious issue to begin with. Cleveland Scrap Cars is a buyer of cars for cash throughout Cuyahoga County. We offer you a quick junk car quote and fast cash for cars 7 days a week. Looking for a price for a junk car in Pepper Pike, Shaker Heights, Chesterland or Moreland Hills? You can receive fast cash for cars in Cuyahoga Heights, Highland Heights, Richmond Heights and Streetsboro by calling CSC at (216) 282-JUNK. For a junk car quote in University Heights, North Randall, Macedonia or Lyndhurst, simply pick up the phone to get a price for a junk car. Those with a scrap vehicle in Euclid, Garfield Heights, Eastlake, and Parma Heights are encouraged to visit for a junk car quote, which includes free towing plus cash for your old car, truck or van. The requirements, in accordance with Ohio law, are that you provide the vehicle title and a photo ID.

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Vehicle Scrap Recycling

Vehicle Scrap Recycling

In the industry of auto recycling junk cars, what ultimately happens to your car when sold to a buy my junk car business or buyer of junk cars? The answer is that auto recycling junk cars produces new materials, which contributes positively to the environment. In an article by Kent Kiser on titled ‘Summarizing the Shredder Market’, we see the following information: “Automobile shredders are the rock stars of scrap-processing equipment. No other recycling machinery garners as much attention as shredders. Maybe they’re so impressive due to their sheer size: An entire shredding system can be larger than a house and longer than a football field. Maybe they draw their mystique from their awesome power, with which they can reduce car hulks to fist-sized chunks of metal in seconds. Then there’s a shredder’s cost, which can surpass $30 million for the largest, most sophisticated systems, not to mention the almost-magical ability of a shredding system to separate a stream of mixed materials into clean, sorted commodities. For scrap companies, installing a shredder is a peak experience, one that allows them to compete at a whole other level. When you shred, in other words, you’ve reached the top of the scrap-processing game. From 2001 to 2010, growth in the installation of large shredders was a sign that processors wanted to shred more scrap that previously was sheared and boost their throughput tonnage to meet higher demand for low-residual frag. In more recent years, the large-shredder trend has slowed, and smaller shredders have gained popularity by allowing operators with modest input tonnage—and more limited financial resources—to enter the shredding fray. Some of those operators have bypassed installing a traditional stationary shredder altogether in favor of a mobile shredder. Scrap’s updated shredder list identifies 312 in the US.” For the complete story, visit this link:

For auto recycling junk cars, many buy my junk car companies have transitioned to mobile shredders. A buyer of junk cars may choose mobile shredders for a variety of reasons. In many cases mobile shredders will be deployed at various sites, such as for a buyer of junk cars, to process their current inventory of end-of-life vehicles, perhaps on a weekly or monthly basis. According to Recycling Today, some of the Northeast Ohio based shredding sites for auto recycling junk cars include City Scrap & Salvage in Akron, OH and Ferrous Processing & Trading here in the Cleveland, OH market.

Cleveland Scrap Cars is involved in auto recycling junk cars. As a “buy my junk car” provider in the Cuyahoga County area, we pay cash for junk cars, scrap cars and wrecked vehicles 7 days a week. Are you looking for a buyer of junk cars in Wickliffe, Maple Heights, Brecksville, or Bainbridge? Those with a damaged vehicle at a repair shop in the cities of Bratenahl, Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights and South Euclid should contact CSC. If your car is unable to pass E-check in East Cleveland, Maple Heights or Warrensville Heights, contact (216) 282-5865 today for a junk car quote. We buy abandoned vehicles with the title in Solon, Twinsburg, Walton Hills, and Northfield. We currently are providing buy junk my car services in Glenwillow, Aurora, Collinwood and Sagamore Hills. Residents looking to scrap a car in Pepper Pike, Shaker Heights, Chesterland and Moreland Hills are encouraged to visit For same-day scrap vehicle removal in Macedonia, Lyndhurst, Cuyahoga Heights, Highland Heights or Richmond Heights, we are available!


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Aluminum in Auto Scrap

Aluminum in Auto Scrap

The auto industry is in a unique position—a crossroads of sorts. Consumers wish to have the best of both worlds, meaning vehicles that are durable, vehicles that perform well in crash tests, as well as car’s that deliver excellent fuel economy. Manufacturers are well aware of this yet face market volatility relating to its raw materials, particularly in the usage of steel and aluminum. The government (particularly the fed) has a seemingly continuous list of requirements relating to fuel economy, safety issues and emission associated requirements. Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars we recognize that auto recycling junk cars is dependent on the prices of commodities such as steel and aluminum. To pay cash for wrecked cars, one needs to know the market. Scrap yards that buy cars are in a constant state of responsive fluctuation. David Koenig o the Denver Post has an AP article posted on December 7th 2014 with the following insight:  “Alcoa Inc. is touting a breakthrough in aluminum manufacturing that will give the lightweight metal a better chance to replace steel in car doors & fenders. The process, still in the testing phase, will create metal sheets that are stronger & more easily shaped into auto body components than current aluminum and are lighter than high-strength steel. Company executives say the aluminum-alloy material could show up in cars by 2018. Alcoa this week said it has conducted successful tests with automakers. It has made inroads in auto-making, where the use of aluminum has been growing to produce cars that are lighter & get better mileage. It got a boost when Ford decided to make the 2015 model of its F-150 pickup with a body that is aluminum; that shaved up to 700 pounds from the 5,000lb truck. Steelmakers are investing in technology to produce lighter steel. Aluminum has been used extensively on some sporty but relatively low-sales cars such as the Tesla Model S. Some analysts believe that Ford’s decision to clad the popular F-150 in aluminum threatens steel because it shows that lighter materials — and not just smaller vehicles, which some consumers don’t like — can be used to meet tougher fuel-economy standards. Alcoa CEO Klaus Kleinfeld said automakers tell him they want lighter materials without sacrificing safety or steel’s ability to be shaped into car designs. Conventionally, aluminum is poured into slabs, reheated then rolled into sheets & coils. The process being used at the test facility in San Antonio skips the first step — aluminum is cast directly into sheets 5 millimeters thick then rolled & coiled. It lets the company produce alloys that had been impossible. Alcoa has 130 patents on the new technology.” The complete story can be viewed here:  Looking for auto recycling junk cars? Need a buyer with cash for wrecked cars? Looking for scrap yards that buy cars in Cleveland, Euclid or Lakewood? Cleveland Scrap Cars pays cash for scrap cars, wrecked cars and junk vehicles 7 days a week in Cuyahoga County. As cash for cars buyers involved in auto recycling junk cars. Those seeking cash for wrecked cars in Parma Heights, Linndale Village and Newburgh Heights should contact our scrap yards that buy cars for same-day service. Residents of Seven Hills, Beachwood, Bedford and Bedford Heights should simply call (216) 282-JUNK for a junk car quote. Those with junk vehicles needing cash for wrecked cars in Bentleyville Village, Bratenahl, Chagrin Falls, Chesterland and Moreland Hills receive free towing. We proudly service the cities of Cleveland Heights, Euclid, Garfield Heights and Eastlake with scrap car hauling and removal services. If auto recycling junk cars Wickliffe, Maple Heights, Brecksville or Bainbridge—contact us today! Those living in East Cleveland, Maple Heights and Warrensville Heights should visit us online at to get cash for wrecked cars or cash for clunkers.

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Ohio Vehicle Licensing

Ohio Vehicle Licensing

The Ohio BMV has long been an organization managing vast amounts of data; therefore, mistakes and oversights will likely surface. The debate on accountability regarding immigration between the federal government and those states along the US’ southern border has been hot. The governors of both TX and AZ both feel that the Fed is not making a good effort to prevent immigrants from crossing the border. On November 19, 2014 a report on entitled ‘Illegal immigrants in Ohio are using loophole to obtain license plates’ composed by James Beattie focused on a BMV shortcoming as it relates to motor vehicle licensing. Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars these types of articles get our attention since we are in the business of scrapping cars, an entity who buys junk cars, thus vehicle titling and transferring is a daily occurrence. In Ohio it is not lawful to sell an old car without the proper title and such.  So how do illegal immigrants register motor vehicles? Check out the story as follows: “Illegal immigrants in Ohio are obtaining license plates using a loophole in the state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). Many have been setting up fake businesses to register their vehicles, a new report finds. To obtain a license plate for a personal vehicle in OH, one requires a valid driver’s license, a state ID number, or social security number, according to ABC 6/FOX 28 in Columbus. But for a commercial vehicle, one only needs to any form of identification in addition to a tax ID number that can be acquired online, then give the name of a phony business (that is not cross-checked with the Ohio Department of State or Department of Taxation), and then you are given the plates. This is not the first time the state has run into problems with vehicle registration. In 2009, The Columbus Dispatch reported the BMV wrote to 47,457 vehicle owners who potentially did not have proper registration to provide proof of legal residency.” To read the complete story–visit this link:

What is required to sell an old car to Cleveland Scrap Cars? The answer is the same for anyone who buys junk cars, the vehicle title and an ID. We have been scrapping cars in a manner that protects the environment for many years in Cleveland. Cleveland is a good environment for a business in scrapping cars due to the relatively excessive use of road salt. The Cleveland area endures harsh winters due to the city’s northerly location and heavy cold wind that blows from the Great Lakes, which also generates “lake effect” snow that in several hours can accumulate 6-7 inches. In fact, Cargill Salt, a privately held salt company has a massive salt mine just west of the city center that stretches from the lakefront beneath the lake for nearly 4 miles. According to a story from April 2013 “Cargill Deicing Technology extracts rock salt from a basin more than 300 million years old so that modern-day drivers can safely maneuver winter roads. Cargill’s location in the heart of the city is ideal for mining salt; it sits on one of the largest salt basins in the entire world. The salt basin itself is ancient. As the Appalachian Mountains formed, they cut off a section of the Atlantic, which evaporated and left behind massive salt deposits which became covered with soil and rock, and those layers, in turn, were eventually covered by the glaciers which melted to form the Great Lakes.” To see the complete article visit this link:

Need to sell an old car in Lakewood? Asking who buys junk cars in Euclid, Eastlake or Warrensville Heights? We are in the business of scrapping cars throughout Cuyahoga County including the cities of Mayfield Heights, Cleveland Heights, Maple Heights, Parma and Seven Hills. To scrap a car in Collinwood, South Euclid, Chesterland or Twinsburg, give us a call at 216-282-JUNK. Residents of Broadview Heights, Brecksville, East Cleveland, Shaker Heights, Valley View and Independence are encouraged to get a junk car quote by visiting Looking for who buys junk cars in Solon, Richmond Heights, Old Brooklyn or Macedonia? Look no further than Cleveland Scrap Cars for scrapping cars in the (216) or the (440).

Recycling and Scrap Update

Recycling and Scrap Update

The auto scrap (aka junk car) recycling industry continues to evolve and play a key role in manufacturing and beyond. The site reports that “vehicle recycling provides more than 33% of the iron & steel scrap in the US scrap processing industry.” If you think junk cars and scrap cars are worthless, you should reconsider, as the site mentions that “automobiles are the most recycled consumer product in the world. Nearly all cars are recovered for recycling.” Aside from the metal recycling, when you sell a junk car it allows for the usage of its components in the used aftermarket.

Here in Ohio, many recycling events are hosted, in fact, on Sept 10, 2014, the city of Troy, Ohio hosted a tire recycling event for the public. Other Ohio communities have other auto-related recycling events on the calendar for this year. Cleveland Scrap Cars is offering free towing of all junk and scrap vehicles during the months of September and October throughout Cuyahoga County. To sell a junk car, you simply call for a junk car quote, which provides you a fair price for your vehicle. Many people wonder where to sell my junk car? Where to sell my car for cash? In order to sell a junk car, or receive a junk car quote, you first need to be sure you have the car’s title on hand. The calculation that a junk car quote is based on includes several variables including the weight of the car, demand for the components and costs involved in removal. Often sellers who call for a junk car quote are surprised by how easy it is to sell a junk car. Many remarks such as “if I had only known it was this easy to sell my junk car…”, or “to sell my car for cash was the best decision I made…” CSC encourages those looking to “sell my car for cash” or those needing to sell a junk car to call 216-282-JUNK. Open 7 days a week, this “sell my car for cash” company based in the Cleveland, OH area serving East Cleveland, Euclid, Eastlake, Aurora, Twinsburg, Chagrin Falls, North Olmsted, Brook Park, Macedonia, Independence and Maple Heights. Other cities and towns that you can sell a junk car to them in include Garfield Heights, Richfield, Lakewood, Brooklyn, Cleveland Heights, Richmond Heights, Lyndhurst and the areas of western Geauga County in cities such as Chesterland, South Russell and Bainbridge. Other areas of coverage are located in the northern portion of Summit County such as Northfield and Sagamore Hills, OH. The Streetsboro area is also a “sell my junk car” area for CSC.
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Scrap Car Titling

Scrap Car Titling

On September 8, 2014, Hunter Stuart, a business contributor on the Huffington Post, released an article titled “1 million used cars are hiding a terrible secret”. Many of these vehicles on the road are essentially scrap cars and junk cars. Rather than these vehicles being sold to a junk car buyer or vehicle scrapper, the problems are cosmetically repaired with the intent on passing the vehicle off as a solid used car. The motivation for this is that a junk car quote from a junk car buyer is probably only a couple hundred dollars. They do not wish to sell a junk car for a low price, when it can be sold for much more.

Stuart states that “criminals have devised ways to artfully conceal structural damage on used cars, allowing vehicles to be sold for a profit even though they may have been shoddily rebuilt after an accident or submerged in water during a hurricane. When insurance companies write off a vehicle as a ‘total loss’ after an accident or other event like a flood or hail storm, the law in most states requires the vehicle’s title to be given a “brand.” That brand marks the car as damaged goods to all potential owners, but there are ways for it to be washed away. In the old days, it was done with chemicals. Now, photo editing software & digital scanners are used to print new titles. Or, cars can simply be re-registered in different states until the brand falls away. Because there is no national titling law, incongruous state laws create opportunities for scammers to “title wash” wrecked cars, (otherwise junk cars) making them appear undamaged. The scam appears to happen on a large scale: According to the vehicle history provider CarFax, 800,000 cars in the U.S. — including at least 500 taxis — have been “title washed” to conceal their troubled histories.” To read the full story visit

Cleveland Scrap Cars is a junk car buyer based in Cleveland, OH.  As a vehicle scrapper, we are where to sell a junk car and offer a quick junk car quote 7 days a week. Our scrap car pricing can vary based on vehicle description, so get a junk car quote today by calling 216-282-JUNK.

US Auto Recycling

US Auto Recycling

The US auto recycling industry is comprised of various types of businesses including auto shredders, component recyclers, junk car buyers, scrap my car companies and cash for cars companies. Typically owners of junk or scrap cars will obtain a junk car quote for the vehicle and sell it to a “cash for cars” buyer, which begins the process.

Auto Recycling Industry Estimates

The total estimated revenue in the junk car industry is $22 billion according to the Automobile Recyclers Association. The Auto Alliance lists the annual industry revenue at $25 billion, which it claims would make it the 16th largest US industry.  The ARA indicates that junk car buyers, auto scrap recyclers and cash for cars outfits spent nearly $50 million on environmental compliance in 1997. Additionally, the ARA believes that automotive recycling businesses employ some over 103,000 people in the US, which a payroll in excess of 3 billion. The Auto Alliance says that at least 84 percent of the material contained in a car is recycled. The ARA facts provided can be found at and The Auto Alliance’s data at What is a typical junk car quote? It can vary based on several factors, but typically you can expect $150-$400 for a scrap car. A junk car buyer that has a specific items related need may be willing to pay more cash for cars that are a particular model. Scrap my car companies ay adjust the amount of cash for cars that they pay out based on current scrap car price changes. For a junk car quote on your scrap car, truck, van or SUV, simply call 216-282-JUNK today. Are you asking yourself if I should scrap my car? Call Cleveland’s premier junk car buyer and get cash for cars today.

Ford Auto Recycling

Ford Auto Recycling

The transition to using aluminum in auto recycling is in full swing, as indicated by a new investment project by Novelis Inc. In an article by David Sedgwick on August 18, 2013 in the Automobile News, it is explained how a new project increases the use of aluminum automobile scrap. “The company has spent $50 million at its aluminum plant in Oswego, N.Y., to process the scrap, said Tom Boney, GM of automotive for Novelis NA. Novelis designed a truck fleet that can deliver aluminum sheet, then return the scrap to the plant, which melts it down and reuses it. Boney expects 70 percent of pickups produced in North America to have aluminum bodies by 2025, as automakers reduce vehicle weight to meet tougher federal fuel economy targets. Other vehicles will get more aluminum, too. By 2025, Novelis expects 85 percent of all vehicle hoods and 45 percent of doors will be aluminum.” The full article is available: Novelis beefs up recycling of aluminum

Auto manufacturers are at a “crossroads” in the core products used in their auto manufacturing. As the government continues to push for greater fuel efficiency in the vehicles being produced, manufacturers recognize that reducing the vehicle’s weight is a logical step in increasing MPG. The advantage to using steel in vehicle production is that it is typically 30-50% less expensive then aluminum, thus a major impact on the cost of vehicle production. Many large steel producers are developing good quality steel that is weighs less to better compete in the market against aluminum.

To sell a junk car for cash in Cleveland, OH simply call (216) 282-JUNK for a junk car quote. If asking how much you can be paid if I scrap my car for cash, give us a call for a quick junk car quote. The prices of scrap cars offered by “cash for cars” companies and “junk car buyers” can vary considerably. As mentioned above in the comparison between aluminum based cars and steel based cars, the buyers of scrap cars are impacted when you sell a junk car. The junk car quote you receive is likely reflective of the vehicle’s weight, but a heavier vehicle, made of predominately steel may not actually heighten your junk car quote, versus a lighter aluminum based junk car, since the aluminum has greater value. Keep this in mind when looking at prices of scrap cars and when preparing to sell a junk car. Where to scrap my car for cash? Cleveland Scrap Cars is the best option!

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Rhodium in vehicles

Rhodium in vehicles

One of the valuable metals retrieved from scrap automobiles is the chemical element known as Rhodium, which is sought after by those scrapping cars and buying junk vehicles.  Those selling a junk car for cash to a “cash for cars” company may not realize the value of Rhodium.  Rhodium is defined by as being:  “Lustrous and silvery white; has a higher melting point & lower density than platinum. It is hard and durable. Upon heating it turns to the oxide when red and at higher temps turns back to the element. It is unaffected by air & water up to 600C. Most (85%) goes into catalytic converters for cars.” To see the article, visit

Think scrap automobiles have little value? What are those scrapping cars encountering in the market for this element? In an article from July 25, 2014 by Nick Jonson with, “Continued strong demand from industrial consumers in Asia and buying by European banks and speculative funds helped propel rhodium prices further this week above $1,200/oz.  The Platts New York Dealer rhodium price spread rose to $1,150-1,240/oz from $1,125-1,175/oz last week. Some sources said sales were made as high as $1,245/oz.”

Cleveland Scrap Cars buys scrap automobiles and pays cash for cars in Cleveland. We offer a quick junk car quote, Need to junk a car for cash? We are Cleveland’s original “cash for cars“ company and we have been scrapping cars in Cuyahoga County 7 days a week for many years. We are an environmentally conscious option to dispose of scrap automobiles and to junk a car for cash.



Junkyard Ablaze

Junkyard Ablaze

An Ohio junk yard was the home of a large scrap yard fire that occurred on their premises, dealing yet another blow to the auto recycling, auto scrap, junk vehicle and “cash buyer of cars” industry. Luckily enough, Cleveland is a long way from Marietta, OH where this noteworthy fire inflicted damage at the recycling yard involved with auto recycling and auto scrap. Fuel from perhaps a tank or junk vehicle was a possible catalyst at the GreenLeaf Recycling Center. We are not certain whether Greenleaf is a junk vehicle buyer, cash buyer of cars or what their primary function is within the auto scrap and/or auto recycling industry.

The July 14th edition of the Marietta Times has a story from Seth Shawver stating that a “huge blaze destroys 3 buildings at facility in Moore’s Junction on Ohio 7.” As a result of this they report that “Route 7 between Belpre and Marietta reopened at 12:30 a.m. Monday. Some firefighters stayed over-night @ Greenleaf Auto Recycling Facility. No word yet on what started the fire.” I am curious what these “three buildings” were.  Were these structures storing junk vehicle or auto scrap components? We are not clear on if GL is where to get cash for an old car or if they are a place that needs to internally audit the safety practices in the State of Ohio. Is this a home for a cash buyer of cars, or simply a place that fails to recognize the importance of, and danger associated with, fuels like gasoline in the auto recycling market?

The good news is that the City of Marietta seems to have a strong fire department, well equipped to handle larger blazes then this one and their records indicate handling over 300 fire calls a year. The Marietta FD states they have 34 Firefighter/EMT/Hazardous Materials Technicians on staff, several of which have served in the Department for over 20 years! They maintain (4) fire stations and been in existence since 1894. This is a more than adequate for department for coverage of to 14,000 taxpayers. To illustrate this, the City of Cleveland has 771 firefighters for a population of 396,000 while Marietta has 24 firefighters for a population of 14,000. To summarize, Marietta has a firefighter for every 411 people, while Cleveland has one for only every 513 people, roughly a 20% difference.

About Cleveland Scrap Cars: We are a local, Cleveland-based, buyer of junk cars, scrap cars, damaged vehicles and wrecked vehicles. As a cash buyer of cars in the (216) and the (440), we’re the best place where to get cash for an old car. Sellers of scrap vehicles are greeted on the phone in a friendly and professional way to sell a car for cash Cleveland . Call to speak with a live person who gives you a good price for your junk or scrap car and believes in supporting the local economy here in Cleveland.


Ohio Scrap and Recycling Problem

Ohio Scrap and Recycling Problem

On May 12, 2014 the Journal News published an article by Lot Tan that Ohio is leading the way in the number of insurance claims that were filed as a result of scrap metal theft.  This is the third year in a row that Ohio has unfortunately been the front runner in this category.  As the scrap prices for metals such as copper and aluminum have remained steady, thieves continue to take advantage of the situation. The article can be found at:

Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to sell a car for cash in Cleveland, get cash for a junk car or get cash for a scrap car. We strive to insure that our auto scrap, cash for cars and vehicle removal operation are conscious in preventing scrap associated theft. If you sell a car for cash in Cleveland to cash for cars outfits, you should be concerned in the person or company performing the auto scrap or vehicle removal does not require that you possess the vehicle title and an ID. If you are looking for to get cash for a junk car or to get cash for a scrap car in Cleveland, call the best—Cleveland Scrap Cars.

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Ohio Scrap and Recycling Problem


Buying Scrap Cars, Industry Understanding 1.2

junk car removal, buying scrap cars, cash for cars

junk car removal

Buying Scrap Cars, Industry Understanding 1.2

In article 1.0 and 1.1 we reviewed how a scrap car buyer or junk auto buyer handles proper disposal of oil and brake fluids within the junk vehicle removal process. When considering where to sell junk cars, or where to sell a car for cash you should insist that the scrap car buyer or junk auto buyer adhere to environmental concerns in the auto recycling industry.

The two types oil filters that are recovered in junk vehicle removal are listed below.

Types of Oil Filters:

  1. Mechanical oil filters are composed of a cotton or filter paper which catches any miscellaneous particles, sediment or sludge that could potentially harm the engine
  2. Magnetic filters use a magnet that attracts and captures particles

Ohio does not consider used oil filters to be an actual hazardous material. A scrap car buyer must removal the used oil from the filter. When a junk auto buyer purchases a scrap car, junk car or wrecked vehicle they have several options for removing the oil from the old filter after junk vehicle removal:

Oil removal options when you sell a car for cash:

  1. Gravity draining is when the “dome end” of the filter is punctured with a screwdriver. The oil needs to be left to drain for a minimum of twelve hours
  2. Crushing the filter is to squeeze out the used oil.
  3. Disassembly of the filter into its different items using a mechanical method is another option
  4. Air pressure is used to extract the oil from the filter

A junk auto buyer or place where you can sell a car for cash should adhere to Ohio the laws associated with junk vehicle removal. Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to sell junk cars. We offer same-day removal of any vehicle and provide exact scrap car pricing over the phone or through our website. Call 216-282-JUNK seven days a week in Cleveland and throughout Cuyahoga County in the following zip codes: 44022, 44026, 44040, 44056, 44067, 44072, 44087, 44092, 44095, 44101, 44102, 44103, 44104, 44105, 44106, 44107, 44108, 44109, 44110, 44111, 44112, 44113, 44114, 44115, 44117, 44118, 44119, 44120, 44121, 44122, 44123, 44124, 44125, 44127, 44128, 44129, 44130, 44133, 44134, 44141, 44135, 44137, 44139, 44142, 44143, 44144, 44146, 44067, 44236, 44264, 44286. Where to sell junk cars? We are just a phone call or email away buying scrap cars!

Scrap Car Buyer, Understanding 1.1

Scrap Car Buyer, Understanding 1.1

As a scrap car buyer in Northeast Ohio, we strive to ensure compliance with the environmental concerns involved in working with scrap cars and junk cars. When dealing with junk car removal and buying junk cars, the proper disposal of hazardous chemicals is taken seriously by the EPA on both the federal and state levels. In the prior post (understanding 1.0) we reviewed how those handling junk car removal handle disposal of antifreeze. In this segment we review how those buying junk cars should dispose of brake fluid. The EPA doesn’t classify used braking system fluid as a hazardous waste. Used brake fluid sometimes has various additives which can be tainted with solvents such as system brake cleaner, which can be considered hazardous. As a junk yard in Cleveland, we recommend it be treated and handled in the same manner as used motor oil. Below we list the following best practices for a scrap car buyer, those involved in junk car removal or anyone buying junk cars:

  1. Recycle used brake fluid along with used oil.
  2. Train your employees on the proper methods for handling used oil.
  3. Do not cross-contaminate the liquids.
  4. Keep containers sealed when not in use.
  5. Storage of fluid filled drums should allow for an aisle space so leaks can be detected
  6. Maintain backup (secondary) containment to prevent the release of fluids.
  7. Inspect containers and secondary containment structures each week and keep a log.
  8. Avoiding spills when disassembling vehicles.

Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to sell a car for scrap. Where to sell junk cars? Looking for a junk yard in Cleveland? We are a junk yard in Cleveland where you can sell junk cars and sell cars for scrap 7-days a week. Give us a call at 216-282-JUNK today.

Auto Recycling College Program Announced

Auto Recycling College Program Announced

The automobile recycling industry has quietly demonstrated consistent strength in a volatile economy. Perhaps your business within the automobile recycling industry involves the sales of components, auto scrapping, auto repair or the many other facets. Waubonsee Community College, located in Illinois, has four regional campuses and is offering a training program that offers practical programs that apply in today’s economy such as their new Automotive Technology degrees and now the Automobile Recycling Certification program.

I would not want to be a parent of a college student paying $40,000 per year to an Ohio liberal arts college like Oberlin or Hiram, while spending in excess of $200,000 over the undergraduate period. My purpose is not to imply this is worthless spending, yet a degree in Philosophy, Art History, Ethics or English lack demand by those hiring in the market. Often these graduates test the job market and after the realization that they have minimal earning potential, simply return to graduate school in efforts to acquire a more practical degree.

Waubonsee CC describes the new program as follows: “Every car eventually stops running, but it’s not worthless. Items can be sold for reuse or simply recycled for other purposes. It is estimated that 85 percent of a car can be repurposed or recycled, making it the #1 most recycled consumer product in the world.” View the full details at this link:

Many would question the viability of the auto scrapping business, when in reality it is both necessary and potentially lucrative. Buyers of junk cars, scrap cars and non-running vehicles typically operate using a “cash for cars” purchasing model. Why are so many cash for cars options available? Buyers of junk cars know that even the most damaged vehicles have value in the auto scrapping and automobile recycling market. Scrap cars contain many metals that hold value and therefore it makes sense in today’s environmentally conscious society.

Cleveland Scrap Cars is a scrap vehicle buyer based in Cleveland. As an auto scrapping outfit, we are buyers of junk cars and scrap cars for the purpose of automobile recycling. We pay cash for cars 7 days a week in Cleveland, Lakewood, Parma, Middleburg Heights, Brook Park, Brooklyn, Independence, Maple Heights, Twinsburg, Richfield, Garfield Heights, Warrensville Heights, Euclid, Eastlake, Solon, Mayfield Heights, Richmond Heights and throughout Cuyahoga County. Looking for a scrap vehicle buyer or buyer of junk cars that will pay you cash? Call 216-282-JUNK today for current scrap car prices.

Scrap Vehicle Buyer, Understanding 1.0

Scrap Vehicle Buyer, Understanding 1.0

What do scrap car buyers and junk car haulers do with the antifreeze remaining in junk cars and scrap cars? It is of particular interest to the Environmental Protection Agency, who is a key component for insuring environmental compliance in this arena.

Why do scrap car buyers need to consider the environmental disposal of antifreeze? When a “cash for cars” buyer or junk car hauler purchases a junk car or scrap car what toxins are contained in antifreeze?

Based on the chemical contained in antifreeze, it should be considered a hazardous waste.  In efforts to encourage recycling, the state of Ohio does not require it be treated as one. Regulators recognize that if cash for car buyers incur minimal financial costs from recycling certain toxins that they much more likely to adhere to the compliance guidelines.

What options does a scrap car buyer or junk car hauler have for disposal of used antifreeze?

  1. Purchasing an antifreeze recycling system to have on-site. The units can range from $1,500 to $6,000 when purchased new.
  2. Contract with a service that picks up the used antifreeze and recycles it.
  3. Contract with a mobile on-site antifreeze recycler to recycle it at your business.

Storage of used antifreeze by scrap car buyers, junk car haulers and cash for cars companies must be done above-ground to limit the potential for contamination.

For the latest news relating to auto scrap and junk car buying, check back frequently. Cleveland Scrap Cars is the largest buyer of scrap cars and junk cars in the Cleveland, OH area. Call us at 216-282-JUNK or visit



Scrap prices for junk cars

Scrap prices for junk cars

You maybe asking yourself questions like: What is my junk car worth? Where can I scrap my car for cash? What are current junk car scrap prices?

Determining the scrap value of a car, truck or van depends on several variables as listed below:

  1. The weight of your junk car or scrap car (usually measured in tons). Generally the heavier vehicles have more cash value to a “cash for cars buyers” or junk auto recyclers. The junk car frames are mostly steel and can vary from $150-$250 per ton.
  2. The condition of the junk or scrap car, truck or van relating to removal. Is it on wheels, with tires inflated? This is important since the car is easier to tow away and be scrapped.
  3. The market for used auto components on a particular car, truck or van. Exterior body components painted in a factory color can sell “as-is” for good money if the right buyer is available.
  4. The age of the vehicle. In Northeast Ohio auto bodies that are not washed regularly are subjected to road salt damage and rust. Since this is the case, most vehicles considered scrap cars, junk cars or scrap vehicles that are over 15 years old will drop considerably in the sales price in the “cash for cars” or “junk car recycling” industry.

Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to sell your old car for cash in Cleveland for cash. We are paying cash 7 days a week for “clunkers”, scrap cars, junk cars and other non-running vehicles. Get cash for a car in Cleveland today by calling 216-359-1010. Cleveland’s buyer of junk cars offering Cleveland junk car prices over the phone or through our website. Need a scrap auto buyer in Cleveland? Give us a call 7-days a week for a price on your old car.

Auto Recyclers Association Chapter of the Year is in Ohio:

Auto Recyclers Association Chapter of the Year is in Ohio:

As a member of the auto recycling and scrap industry, we like to acknowledge the industry leaders. Although we are primarily a “scrap car buyer”, “cash for cars” and “junk car hauler”, we continue to recognize others in the industry that make Ohio proud!

According the January 2014 report which can be found at: “The Ohio Auto & Truck Recyclers Association (, which is located in Columbus, was awarded the “Chapter of the Year Affiliate for 2013” award. This honors a chapter of ARA that has shown steady results and effort”.  Chris Wright, now the immediate Past President of ARA, and owner of Capital Auto  located in Thomasville, Ga., said, “Under the leadership of President Jim McKinney, the Ohio Auto & Truck Recyclers Association (OATRA) works continuously to ensure a fair and competitive business climate in Ohio for all of its members. The strong relationships which ATRA members have with their politicians, has resulted in positive relations with state lawmakers, user advocacy groups, regulatory entities, and other key stakeholders.”

There are approximately 670 licensed salvage dealers in Ohio, which is about 12 percent of automotive recyclers in the United States.

It is good to see an Ohio based organization excel in the auto recycling industry. Cleveland Scrap Cars buys junk cars, scrap car and wrecked vehicles throughout the greater Cleveland, OH area. As an environmentally conscious cash for cars buyer, we insure that scrap and junk vehicles are properly disposed of. Where to scrap your car for cash in Cleveland? Call 216-282-JUNK to sell your old car for scrap, with free towing included. We offer instant car scrap prices and quotes 7 days a week. We are buying scrap and junk cars every day in Cleveland and if needing to scrap a car, give us a cal or visit