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Vehicle Recycling Overview


Our scrap car buyer is standing by to provide a quote for those with an old car in Walton Hills, Brooklyn, and Streetsboro. If you have a vehicle needing repair at Fairview Park and Bentleyville Village you can pick up the phone for cash and vehicle removal. The best method of determining how to sell a junk car in Mentor, Willoughby, or Lyndhurst, is to contact Cleveland Scrap Cars at (216) 282-JUNK. Does the guy who buys crashed cars have the ability to pick it up today? Yes. We can pick up in Ohio City, Highland Heights, or Euclid in a few hours.

The auto industry shows no signs of slowing down in the realm of development and innovation. What happens to old vehicles that are past their serviceable life? The challenge presented by end-of-life vehicles is a global concern. Environmentally-based concerns are among the largest when looking at this sector of the economy. Most manufacturing of vehicles occurs in the U.S., Germany, Japan, Korea, and China.  Older cars are more likely to cause adverse problems for the environmental landscape and humans by emissions of potentially dangerous pollutants. A dismantler or recycler will attempt to operate in a manner that generates revenue, which may be possible by selling scrap products or other vehicle components.  Often their financial outlook is tied closely to reusing as much product as possible and partnering with other waste-oriented entities or those who perhaps process raw materials back to the manufacturing environment.

Auto recycling with Cleveland Scrap Cars helps to reduce energy usage and consumption of raw materials. Many individuals in the regions of Twinsburg, Lakewood, and Linndale Village were not aware a scrap car buyer was available. The vehicle removal process in Newburgh Heights, Collinwood, and Sagamore Hills generally refers to towing away the car with a rollback tow, a trailer, or a flatbed truck. If you are confused about how to sell a junk car in Middleburg Heights or Glenwillow, OH–give us a call for the 411. CSC is among the “junk car places” who buys crashed cars for cash in Parma, Beachwood, and Bedford Heights.

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Ford Automotive Environmental Program

Obtaining cash for my car services in Shaker Heights, North Randall, & Solon may just be much easier than you may think. Why would someone with an old salvage vehicle in Walton Hills, Brooklyn, or Streetsboro not call the best vehicle buying site? If you are in possession of a junky car in Fairview Park, Bentleyville Village, or Mentor, reach us for the value of a scrap car. Who buys junk cars that are no longer running throughout Willoughby, Lyndhurst, or Ohio City?

The Ford Motor Company has implemented the Partnership for A Cleaner Environment (PACE) program. It focuses on ways of being sustainable, particularly as it related to their motor vehicle manufacturing operations. Some of the areas of which the program is focused include reductions in carbon emissions and energy usage, as well as decreased waste, and using less water.  They have expanded the program to include their many suppliers and other partners internationally along their supply chain. They have been named to the list of The World’s Most Ethical Companies for 8 consecutive years now. According to Mary Wroten, a senior manager with the organization, they are striving to do things the “right way”.  She explains that they have showed responsibility by reaching out to their suppliers and asking them to join their efforts to improve their “environmental footprint”.

Liquid waste from automobile must be kept from contaminating the local environment in Cleveland, which we strive to do! If you are among those wondering where to receive cash for my car in Bedford, Berea, or Tremont —you located it. We are pleased to announce our salvage vehicle removal services are now available in Avon, Warrensville Heights, & Reminderville. Those who possess junky cars in Geauga County, Wickliffe, and Macedonia, can call to receive the value of a scrap car. Perhaps you need to know who buys junk cars and damaged cars in Aurora, or Westlake, OH?

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Vehicle Regulation Study 1.0

Those within the areas of Collinwood, Sagamore Hills, and Middleburg Heights know that we buy scrap cars with complimentary removal.  Call now for a price for a damaged car in Glenwillow, Parma, or Beachwood and we will quote you right over the phone.   No need to worry in the regions of Bedford Heights, Bratenahl, or Mantua, as you can sell a car for scrap by simply contacting our office. What is a junk car worth now in the regions of Moreland Hills, Chagrin Falls, and Mayfield Heights?

A March 2017 study completed by the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University tells us the following: “A unique feature of this report is that these aspects are analyzed from two angles. The “2012 perspective” uses values reflective of evidence that was present from 2009 forward, when the 2012 programs were in development. The “2016 perspective; however, uses values reflective of new data that has surfaces since 2012 on the CA ZEV project, tech costs, fuel efficiency, gas pricing, mileage traveled, car resale values, and consumer preferences. Thus, we want to determine if macroeconomic factors looked differently in 2012 than now.

Compared to the 2012 values, the 2016 inputs are reflective of:

  • Due to the CA and federal regulations, pricing premiums for bigger vehicles which will continue to become more stringent
  • The federal projection for the price of gas in 2025 from over $3.80 a gallon to roughly $2.70
  • New data reflecting how consumers react to gas prices through ownership and when selling their cars
  • New data on the number of miles consumers travel
  • The continued fall of electric vehicle battery pricing

Choice of Economic Indicators

Three overall factors are added in: levels of employment, GDP, and true household income allocated as being disposable. These variables are well documented on reported upon by those impacted including OEMs, dealers, and the financial markets and analysts. How regulations impact the new car markets are closely monitored and strongly correlate to the strength of the overall economy.” The full report can be viewed here.

Junk Car Values

Automobile liquid waste should be kept from contaminating the overall environment. We quickly facilitate removal when we buy scrap cars in cash in the regions of South Euclid, Cleveland Heights and Brecksville. The low market price for steel has caused a significant drop in the price for a damaged car or scrap vehicle in Bainbridge, East Cleveland, and Chesterland. If your car isn’t worth fixing and sitting at a repair shop in Seven Hills, Northfield, or Cuyahoga Heights-sell a car for scrap today! What is a junk car worth these days in the cities of Oakwood Village or North Olmsted?

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Automotive Tires Produce Safe Crumb Rubber

Are you wondering who buys auto scrap in Bedford, Berea, & Tremont? Contact Cleveland Scrap Cars today to get cash for your car. Are you seeking a location near Avon, Warrensville Heights or Reminderville to obtain cash for wrecked cars? Late-model vehicles tend to render the most money for a scrap car these days in Geauga County, Wickliffe, & Macedonia. If you decide to sell your junk car in Brecksville, Bainbridge, or East Cleveland, often it is the best option.

Here is a recent report: “The shredding of scrap automobile tires into crumb rubber which is used for artificial turf fields at sporting venues and playgrounds is a great way to recycle these products; however, for several years, advocates have expressed concern that there are environmental and health concerns regarding the product. A recent study conducted by Jenkins Environmental in MD looked at the usage in five different cities: in Washington, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia & Connecticut. According to company executive Steve Salem, says they wanted to be certain that children would not be harmed by crumb rubber on these fields. Their finding indicated that the product usage is safe.

A study by the state Dept. of Health did not find evidence that playing on fields with crumb rubber caused cancer. A national report of the potential health effects of performing atop them is now in progress, conducted by the EPA, CDC, and the Commission for Consumer Product Safety. They started in mid-2015 and explored the soil beneath them, and air. Over 90 chemicals, compounds and metals were present, and they were measured compared to the safety standard levels.  Studies showed concentrations of lead, cadmium, mercury and others were below these established standards. Cancerous possibilities were gauged as roughly one in a million.  These fields rose in popularity in the 1960’s, and there are a minimum of 13,000 such installations currently in the U.S.” For the complete article, visit this link.

Cleveland Auto Scrap

Many auto recyclers dismantle vehicles to recover fluids and components for many uses in Aurora, Westlake, and Shaker Heights. Do you have an unsightly car in your yard that is now auto scrap? Junk car vehicles can vary based on the market in North Randall, Solon & Walton Hills, OH. Are you seeking cash for wrecked cars or other unwanted vehicles in Brooklyn, Streetsboro, & Fairview Park? To get fast cash for scrap cars from Lake County, South Euclid, and Cleveland Heights simply contact our auto buyer to see how much money for a scrap car you can receive. To sell your junk car fast, contact us and you will see why we are the best in the junk car buying business

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Junk Car Tires Shredded for Athletic Ground Surfaces

Scrap Car Tire Crumb Rubber in Cleveland, OH

We are an auto buyer and truck buyer that is ready to assist with scrap vehicles in Richmond Heights, Pepper Pike, and Euclid, OH. Approximately how much money for a junk car is typically offered for a scrap vehicle in Garfield Heights, Eastlake, and Twinsburg, OH?  We work to make your scrap car removal fast and get you a fast junk car quote offer in Lakewood, Linndale Village, or Newburgh Heights.  Call it free advice from someone who scraps cars in Collinwood, Sagamore Hills, and Middleburg Heights—find a reliable junk car hauler.

A recent EPA report tells us the following: “Public concerns regarding the safety of recycled tire crumb rubber used in artificial turf fields and playgrounds in the U.S. Some studies have not indicated a heightened health risk from playing on fields with this material, but the existing studies don’t truly evaluate the concerns about fitness risks from being exposed to tire crumb. We are dedicated to supporting more complete efforts to assess the risks from this material. The U.S. EPA, CDC and CPSC launched this multi-agency Fed Research Action Plan on Recycled Tire Crumb Used on Playing Fields and Playgrounds to evaluate key environmental and health questions.

The goals include:

  • Characterize elements of recycled crumb rubber.
  • To report important data and knowledge gaps.
  • Identify the manner in which people may be negatively impacted.

The group released an updated report outlining the progress of the research to date. The study includes the final peer-reviewed report and describes the development to date on other study activity. Federal, state, & local government entities have completed limited studies on artificial turf fields. New York City and the state of New York, CT and NJ conducted studies on tire crumb material and synthetic turf. Also, in 2008 and 2009 the CPSC and the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease appraised synthetic turf “grass blades” in answer to concerns about potential exposure to lead. Evaluations estimate any possible releases of harmful chemicals from the grass blades, such as lead, would be below the levels of actual concern. Thus far, is seems that no report clearly provides evidence that this material causes any harm.”  The full article is available at this link:

Cleveland Scrap Auto Buyer

With our auto buyer website it is fast and easy to get a quote in South Euclid, Cleveland Heights, and Brecksville. It is quick and easy in Bainbridge, East Cleveland, and Chesterland—you simply need a clean title in your name to get money for a junk car. Did you know that most of the materials that comprise your car can be reclaimed, repurposed and remanufactured in Seven Hills, Northfield, and Cuyahoga Heights?  Typically we are able to offer same-day scrap car removal plus cash for your old ride in Oakwood Village and North Olmsted.  Are you wondering who scraps cars for quick cash in the NE Ohio area?



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Tax Credit for Electric Car

Cleveland Scrap Cars handles auto junk for recycling in the greater County areas including Glenwillow, Parma, and Beachwood, OH. Where are the places that buy junk cars for those in Bedford Heights, Bratenahl, or Mantua? Those who purchase or buy used cars for scrap in the regions of Moreland Hills, Chagrin Falls, or Mayfield Heights can explain the market volatility. We pay cash for scrap cars in Lake County and South Euclid regardless of whether they are wrecked or damaged.

On February 15, 2017 John Vincent reported the following: “You may hear discussion of the federal tax credit that is available when you purchase an alternative fuel vehicle. Often that’s true; therefore, how do you take benefit from the credit? Many ads will say the “vehicle is eligible for a tax credit of up to $7,500.  The feds electric vehicle tax credit is available on specific electric & plug-in hybrid vehicles, and the max total available on any vehicle is based on the capacity of the battery pack. While all battery-electric vehicles currently available are eligible for the full amount, not all plug-in hybrids are. You may receive a full $7,500 back on the 2017 Chevrolet Volt, but only $4,919 back on a 2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug-in Hybrid. You can find the full list at the U.S. Department of Energy’s site.  The credit is solely available for electric vehicles which are charged from sources that are externally recharged regardless of the battery volume. The credit applies to new vehicles from the manufacturer as electric vehicles, and that are widely used in the U.S. Used cars are not eligible; any available credits are assigned to the top name on the title. If you purchase a car, it belongs to you, leasing however, makes the credit available to the leasing company retains ownership. The fed electric car tax credit is only available in the tax year entered into service, and you can’t carry it over. It will only pay for any federal tax you owe, so if you are only required to pay $3,000 of federal income tax for the tax year in which you purchased the car, you can only take a $3,000 credit. When you fed tax returns, you’ll need to complete the proper form. The full article is available here.

Auto Junk Buyer in Northeast Ohio

Depending on the condition, auto junk from Avon, Reminderville and Geauga County will be salvaged quickly and efficiently. Those in possession of a non-running car in Macedonia, Aurora, or Westlake, should be aware that we buy junk cars. Those of us that still buy used cars for scrap in Shaker Heights, North Randall, or Solon can tell you the ease and convenience. On our website you can send us your vehicle’s year, make and model to get a ‘cash for scrap cars’ quote in Walton Hills, Brooklyn and Streetsboro, OH.  Our practices have environmental benefits such as reducing air pollution and water pollution.

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Auto Charging of PE Vehicles at Home

Are you or a family member selling an old car in Collinwood, Sagamore Hills, or Middleburg Heights? Are you among those selling a scrap car in areas of Glenwillow, Parma, or Beachwood, OH? Residents of Bedford Heights, Bratenahl, and Mantua that really are selling a junk car should call 216-282-5865. Among many scrap yards that buy cars in Moreland Hills, Wickliffe, and Brecksville, there are those who lack environmental compliance.

“The cost of elevating a MUD’s electrical capcity varies based on a variety of things, such as the age of the building and its electrical equipment and the utility servicing the MUD. For the South Bay area, the MUD housing supply is somewhat older & often has insufficient panel capacity for significant additional loads. The area is almost exclusively served by SoCal Edison (SCE), whose codes & standards affect the costs of such upgrades. The following observations were made when visiting twenty-seven MUD sites across the South Bay with an electrician and the nineteen cost estimates that resulted. Additional utility info was gathered by reviewing the SCE Electric Requirements & Guide.

Adding Capacity @ Panel Level

For Level One charging, a dedicated 20-amp breaker for continuous usage is required. Often, 110/120-volt outlets are accessible in the parking region and receive electricity from a 15- or 20-amp breaker in the house’s panel. The available capacity often varies based on the other drains tied to that panel, such as electricity necessary for common zones. A convergence of loads on one house panel may trip the main breaker – a response that shuts down service to protect to all loads along the panel. To assess the possibility of Level One charging, the resident, manager or owner and a verified electrician should analyze the annual peak load of that particular house panel to determine if there is enough capacity. This info may be accessed from the electric utility upon request of the account holder.

To support Level two charging, a dedicated 40-amp circuit is necessary. If there is ample capacity & space within the panel, then other breakers can added to that panel creating a dedicated circuit. When capacity or space does not exist, the electrician must add additional capacity in one of the following ways:

  • Renovation to a new panel: Upgrading replaces the current panel (e.g. 50-amp) with one that has extra breaker space or with a new panel of heightened capacity (e.g. 100-amp).
  • Readjust the existing panel to provide added breaker space: Electricians are able to creatively reconfigure these breakers on the current panel to open space for more breakers.
  • Create a sub-panel configuration for the EVSE unit: Electricians can install a sub-panel; simply replacing multiple breakers with a tande-style breaker and applying a wire from it to the new sub-panel. The outcome is a sub-panel with adequate availability for multiple breakers with a dedicated one for Level 2 charging.
  • Establish a separate panel from the current service: Electricians may put in a separate panel with a devoted service for PEV charging. This does require a recently installed panel to connect to the existing service drop or assembly” The complete study is available at this link.

Selling an Old Car in Cleveland

For next-day removal when selling an old car in Bedford, Berea, and Tremont, contact us via phone, text, or online. Often same-day service is available for selling a scrap car in Avon, Reminderville, and Geauga County. Perhaps you are weighing options relating to selling a junk car in Macedonia, Aurora, or Westlake? There are various scrap yards that buy cars in the areas of Shaker Heights, North Randall, and Solon, OH. Used oil can be recycled, cleansed and then re-used again, another example of renewable recycling; many old cars contain dangerous chemicals needing environmentally friendly ways in avoiding contamination.

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Trucks can be Eco-Friendly

Now is a great time to consider auto recycling of junk cars since available in Mayfield Heights, Lake County, and South Euclid. There is no good reason to wait to proceed with auto scrap in Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe, or Brecksville, OH. In case you were not aware that we pick up vehicles in Bainbridge, East Cleveland, and Chesterland when we buy used cars for scrap. My eco-friendly ideas come and go; however, in Seven Hills, Northfield, and Cuyahoga Heights, our buy my junk car program continues.

In the November 28, 2016 edition of Fleet Owner, Michael Roeth posted a story titled ‘Trucking can learn from the auto industry’ with the following details: “Two recent studies found that passenger autos improved fuel economy to 24.8 mpg while also surpassing greenhouse gas emissions standards. If they can get it done, so can the trucking industry. There is no secret involved in what auto manufacturers did to get this outcome. They make changes such as smaller engines, reduced overall vehicle weight, use of turbochargers, focused more on aerodynamics, and improve transmission efficiency. And these are possible within the trucking industry.

The fleets in our Fleet Fuel Study had already begun investments in several of these technologies. They averaged 7.06 mpg, in 2015 a 3% improvement over 2014. The average for U.S. fleets is approximately 5.83 mpg. Consumers understand the critical nature of reducing the carbon footprint & appreciate the assistance of more MPG even with today’s lower fuel prices. In fact 2015 set a record for vehicle sales in the U.S. Car owners are not retaining onto their cars to dodge the cost of these new more environmentally sound vehicles since they understand the advantage of the fuel economy gains.

Truck owners can make the same transition but not all of them are. Often, they don’t trust the data they see and they are not sure about the return for investment in fuel saving technologies. Many of the advancements in the market today to boost fuel efficiency & reduce greenhouse gases afford viable payback periods. There is real interest in seeing trucks getting to the 12-miles-per-gallon range but we also know that this needs to be done at a low cost.” The complete story is available here.

The Auto Recycling of Junk Cars

As we approach the holidays in Oakwood Village, North Olmsted, and Chagrin Falls, the auto recycling of junk cars in moving fast.  Are still undecided about your old car going to auto scrap in Sagamore Hills, Middleburg Heights, or Glenwillow, OH? Why keep those old junky vehicles sitting around in Parma, Beachwood, and Bedford Heights, when we buy used cars for scrap? No need for further procrastination in Bratenahl, Mantua, or Moreland Hills—we are the buy my junk car solution. Did you know that in the US, 12 million to 14 million cars are scrapped, providing vast amounts of recycled components and material?

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America Recycles Day

Cleveland Scrap Cars is the one to turn to when seeking to junk a car in Cleveland, Avon, or Geauga County. How and where does someone go about to sell a car for cash in Bedford, Berea, or Tremont? The inherent objective in working with vehicle scrap is to recycle in the areas of Aurora, Westlake, and Shaker Heights. Are you poking around attempting to find a straight answer regarding what is a junk car worth in North Randall, Solon, or Walton Hills?

For this year’s America Recycles Day, Keep America Beautiful (KAB) took to the streets to ask people if they believe recycling is an important issue. However, despite years of recycling, the industry promotes hard to get consumers to truly act when it comes to properly reusing or disposing of recyclables. America Recycles Day offers a great chance to remind people that it still matters! For the occasion, thousands of events are underway across the US, consumers are being asked to give support for recycling & groups of all kinds are displaying the work they’re doing all-year to make recycling an important priority.

Before recycling was accepted with a US-wide holiday, Texas Recycles Day started in 1994. Two founding employees of the agency now known as the TX Commission for Environmental Quality — began the idea as a way to encourage recycling before Earth Day. The pair left government to form an ad agency called EnviroMedia, and teamed up with what is now called the Texas Alliance for Recycling (STAR) to take the idea national in 1997. Supported by about 135 companies and organizations, and VP Al Gore as the honorary chair, America Recycles Day propelled with efforts in forty-one states and one territory. Within several years the National Recycling Coalition started running the plan and it eventually drew support from all fifty states. In 2010, KAB took it over & the day has grown to the point that an estimated 1.5M participants last year. Much of the day’s recycling-related events are held by local governments, not for profit or civic groups & schools. Participants are asked to pledge and say which products they’ll focus on recycling. The complete article is available at this link.

Where to junk a car in Cleveland

Car owners in Mentor, Willoughby, Lyndhurst who believe that their vehicles are no longer roadworthy should sell a car for cash. If the car is in a really bad condition should consider vehicle scrap options in Streetsboro, Fairview Park, or Bentleyville Village. We strive to have a positive environmental impact for the preservation of the resources throughout Ohio City, Highland Heights, and Maple Heights. We are now proudly towing away junky cars in Middlefield, University Heights, and Warrensville Heights. Where on earth do you determine what is a junk car worth in Lake County?

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Environmental Business Outlook

Our Cleveland junk my car initiative has been expanded to encompass further areas including Bedford, Berea, and Avon. The function of old car removal is necessary in municipalities to prevent contamination in Geauga County, Macedonia, and Aurora, OH. The latest price for scrap cars is approaching unprecedented depths in Westlake, Shaker Heights, and North Randall. Those in search of a facility that has a solution to sell your scrap car should be advised of our presence in Solon and Walton Hills. The litany of facilities of who buys junk cars is typically the widest in areas of high road salt usage in the winter.

The following except is from Joel Makower in The State of Green Business, 2016: “Most large organizations are on the way slowly and steadily, of improving their environmental footprint and outlook. It’s not likely to heighten much in many cases, especially since the Paris Agreement does not begin until 2020. The market place after the Paris meeting seems clear—strategies are developing. The promises and goals already being established by businesses seem bolder than before spanning a range of issues: reducing carbon, limiting water use, reducing or eliminating waste streams, averting biodiversity loss and other environmental concerns. Some social measures have already begun such as: reducing poverty and hunger, generating jobs and economic openings, promoting cleanliness and good health, ensuring financial equity and agility. Are organizations really stepping up their determinations to address the full range of sustainability effects? There is yet no such standard, for measuring your corporate sustainability—at least one that compares the real quality and volume of openly stated organizational goals. Answers too many questions are still a bit subjective.

In many ways, the business world did not need a U.N. climate conference to jump-start progress. A union of trends and technologies has aided the private sector to reconsider how products and services are accessed, produced, transported and consumed — and then The idea of a “circular economy,” is not really new; however, it is gaining grip in some large leadership organizations. The idea is closed-loop structures of creation and commerce, where there is minimal waste and slight degradation of resources from one group of goods to the next. The concept that a business’ supply chain can be powered solely by renewable energy isn’t so far-fetched. The idea that farming could be restorative, both to the earth and our climate, is taking hold. The idea of using nature’s wisdom to restore infrastructure to heighten the resilience of cities and business systems has transformed from evangelism to engineering. As a result, opportunities abound. Carbon is no longer realized as just a pollutant, but a structure for a new progression of molecules to make many items. Greenhouse gases aren’t simply byproducts of industrialized agriculture; they are now a useful input. Finding worth in waste is no longer just an smart idea; it is expected and almost necessity.” The full article is available at:

Cleveland old car removal

Our junk my car program in Streetsboro, Bentleyville Village, and Mentor is quite simple, call for a price and we are on the way. Various factors influence the price for scrap cars including: location, market pricing, age and condition—and more. When you sell your scrap car in Highland Heights, Maple Heights, or Middlefield, remember to retrieve all personal items and license plates if needed. We are the best option to contact for who buys junk cars in University Heights, Warrensville Heights, and Richmond Heights since we will actually show up to buy it. As a proud proponent of the “green” movement in Willoughby, Lyndhurst, and Ohio City, we make sure that your car becomes a positive resource.

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Auto Scrap New Process

Cleveland Scrap Cars has been a functional junk car hauler in the regions of Bedford, Berea, and Avon, and beyond. Those wondering what to do with their old car in Geauga County, Macedonia, or Aurora, should call our junk vehicle buyer. Obtaining a quote for an old car can be done over the phone, via email or through our website: We want to get the word out that there are scrap yards that buy junk cars in Westlake, Shaker Heights, and North Randall, OH. If you have a broken down car at a repair shop in Solon, Walton Hills, or Streetsboro, and are wondering where to junk a car—your solution is to call (216) 282-JUNK. With our auto recycling program, fewer raw materials are used, which conserves energy and natural resources.

The Metal Processing Institute and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s report provides us the following excerpt: “The true benefits of light-weighting with aluminum can’t be completely achieved without the product being recycled and reused at the end of its usefull life because the metal is an energy sensitive material to yield. Like most other artificial materials, recycling is a noteworthy requirement for aluminum to be properly and sustainably used to provide human needs. The product is recyclable and can be done so repeatedly. Recycling aluminum merely uses about 8% of the energy compared to virgin aluminum production.

It has been a stern belief that aluminum along with other such auto metals is recycled as long as the car itself is properly recycled after its service life. The depth of understanding has been traditionally misunderstood by both the industry and its stakeholders; the complexity of recycling itself, as well as the lack of statistical data and great scale quality reports. There have been several published studies on auto aluminum recycling. These reports have been either too focused on areas beyond the US, or in individual cases, they aren’t representative of the true situation and day-to-day functions. How effective can reclaiming aluminum be amid the recycling processes and which goals can be achieved? We seek a quantitative explanation of how automotive aluminum recycling is performed. The Aluminum Association seeks to gain actual data on how aluminum is sorted during the end-of-life vehicle (ELV) recycling processing. The Association aims to generate a consistent aluminum recycling percentage-rate for automobiles. The results of the inquiry are best utilized by both the overall industry and its stakeholders for environmental-conscious improvement, design for the environment (DfE) and other such outcomes.

This project team implemented a process material flow analysis (PMFA) method to discern a data model to examine the shortcomings of metal aluminum and other such alloys during the process. Empirical information is designed to be gathered from each of the necessary aspects throughout the auto recycling arena.” The complete report can be found here.

Contact a junk car hauler

As an experienced junk vehicle buyer, we can give you a price for your car right over the phone in Eastlake, Twinsburg, or Lakewood, OH. If you vehicle needs repairs in Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights, or Collinwood, you can obtain a quote for an old car and we’ll pick it up there. Cleveland Scrap Cars is an established site in the field of scrap yards that buy cars in Sagamore Hills, Middleburg Heights, and Glenwillow. We are among the sites where to junk a car for fast cash in the areas of Beachwood or Parma. Our goals do include recovery of materials in order to reduce waste and maintain sustainable supplies for the future.

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Junk Auto Tire Usage 1.1

As you know, we are a resource for obtaining cash for a damaged car in Bedford, Berea, and Avon, OH. You may have seen and heard places that allow you to sell my car for cash; our program is now available is the areas of Macedonia, Aurora, and Westlake. The value of a scrap car in Shaker Heights, North Randall, and Solon is evaluated on a culmination of different financial considerations. Those with a junk vehicle in Walton Hills, Streetsboro, and Bentleyville Village, may be glad to know that we buy any car that is not running. Our focus includes striving to preserve natural resources by making better use of recyclable material. We work with other organizations to achieve eco-conscious goals and create solutions that optimize recyclables. The bottom line when considering where to sell a junk car is that you should choose a provider that offers fast pick up and adheres to sound environmental practices.

In a TDA Guide composed by The CA Dept. of Resources Recycling & Recovery we were made aware of the following: “The United States generates about 300M scrap tires annually; CA alone generates about 40M such tires per year. Before the 1990s, many of these units ended up being stockpiled. Stockpiling junk tires poses possible health and environmental issues. The shape of a tire can hold standing water, creating an ideal breeding ground for disease-spreading insects and rodents. It is estimated that (1) passenger tire equivalent can emit up to 2 gallons of pyrolytic oil during combustion. Although the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) doesn’t consider junk tires to formally be a hazardous waste, if a fire breaks out, they can release hazardous compounds that pollute the air, soil, and water.

TDA has beneficial engineering properties that are suitable for a number of applications:

  • Embankment Fill: Usage as an embankment fill material is common due to its lighter weight. TDA is 1/2 to 1/3 of the weight of a conventional fill material and puts less pressure on the underlying material, thus reducing the amount of settlement that will occur in places of weak foundation soils and also lessens the chance that an embankment may fail due to the effects of excess pressure. Since TDA is also considered free-draining, using it as fill will limit the potential of saturated subgrade situations.
  • Retaining Wall Backfill Material: Retaining structures are commonly used in engineering projects, including areas next to roads & bridges. These structures usually retain soil backfill and are intended on the material composition of the backfill. Due to its light weight, using TDA in this manner can result in cost savings through usage of less concrete or steel.
  • Landslide Repair Material: Road landslides can be caused when the backfill becomes completely saturated, resulting in undue pressures & weak soils that cannot handle the weight of the backfill. TDA weighs less than soil, so it limits the loads applied by the backfill, and because it is more permeable than soil, it limits the risk of the backfill becoming fully saturated. These benefits make it a solid option for landslide repair.
  • Vibration Damping Material: TDA has been applied in light-rail applications to effectively minimize the transmission of ground-borne vibrations to other areas. In this role, TDA is placed in a layer underneath a light-rail track and is encased in geotextile. This has shown to be a low cost alternative to traditional technologies to alleviate ground vibrations produced by the operation of light-rail trains.” The complete report is available here.

Get cash for a damaged car

When we buy any car, we take measures to properly recycle the majority of the components in Middlefield, University Heights and Warrensville Heights. Most people seem to have an overestimated idea of what the value of a scrap car should be in Ohio City, Highland Heights, Maple Heights. What do I need to sell my car for cash? In the regions of Mentor, Willoughby, and Lyndhurst, you need the title and a photo ID to scrap a car. Our eco-friendly recycling processes are a benefit since it generates less pollution. If your “junker” has been sitting around for too long in Richmond Heights, Pepper Pike, or Euclid, you can ask your neighbors where to sell a junk car—they’ll find one!

Scrap vehicle buyer, sell a car for scrap, totaled car, vehicle removal, where to junk a car

Auto Scrap Recycling Business

Cleveland Scrap Cars is quite often referred to as simply a scrap vehicle buyer within the auto recycling business. To sell a car for scrap we recommend calling for a price quote and having the title and an ID on-hand. A totaled car may still have some value, particularly if it is less than ten-years-old. The vehicle removal process generally refers to towing away the car with a rollback tow, a trailer, or a flatbed truck. If your car, truck or van is beyond ten years of age with a bad motor or transmission you may want to determine where to junk a car. Our next story outlines a legal battle between a salvager of automobiles and a neighbor to the business.

On July 24, 2016 an article was posted by Kent Jackson on the Standard Speaker with the following details: “Joseph Kress wants to install a Wendt shredder at Harry’s U-Pull-It, his automobile recycling yard in Hazle Twp. Frank Skokoski wants to stop Kress from installing the shredder to prevent noise and other intrusions. Legal challenges that Skokoski filed have halted construction since winter. Kress, meanwhile, sued Skokoski for defamation of character on July 12. Skokoski said he will defend himself against the suit while continuing to fight to stop construction of the shredder. As cars have evolved during the past century, so has the technology for dismantling and recycling them. Now cars have less steel but more aluminum and polymer parts. A growing variety of computerized sensors, systems and other such as back-up cameras and video screens in newer cars requires more copper wiring. Currently Kress’ employees remove motors, radiators and wiring with huge tools hooked to the arm of a front-end loader. Then another loader with a forklift moves the cars and puts in the crusher. Kress ships crushed cars to a shredder in NY State.

If Kress does install a shredder, his workers no longer will have to rip apart and crush cars. Kress can sell the 4 to 5-inch bits of steel that emerge from the shredder to steel mills and deal directly with end-users of nonferrous bits such as aluminum, brass and copper that typically bring in a few cents a pound more than steel. In shredders, magnets separate steel from nonferrous metals, which move farther along a conveyor where they are sorted by reverse magnetic fields. The remaining automobile shredder residue or “fluff” goes to a landfill and contains about 2% metal, an improvement from (5) years ago when the fluff’s metallic content approached 8% metal, said Kress’ nephew, Harry, who has been heading up the shredder development for the family business. When cars arrive, they are drained of fluids. Each car goes on a rack that tilts so the oil and antifreeze and other fluids spill into a grate and float to different levels and are separated for re-use or resale. The reclaimed motor oil heats the office and their other buildings. Gasoline, removed at the next step on the scrap and recycling process punches holes into gas tanks to fuel the vehicles that employees drive around Kress’ lot. After the fluids are drained, the cars are arranged in rows. Cars stay on Harry’s lot 3-4 months before being stripped, crushed and trucked away.

The opposition Frank Skokoski bought close to 100 acres on the NE edge of Harry’s U-Pull-It in 1988. He built his house, 400 feet from where he grew up. Skokoski asks if dust, vibrations, noise and fumes from the shredding unit will impact his property and that of other neighbors. He said Hazle Township hasn’t restricted the hours when a shredder could run and pointed out that explosions, fires, water run-off and release of pollutants can stem from these units. The shredder will emit 6 tons of volatile organic compounds, according to an estimate. The agency approved the plan; Skokoski is asking it to reconsider.

About 30% of the shredded material goes to a landfill. The remaining 70% of the material is recyclable, which Upstate ships to steel mills to reduce truck traffic. The shredder shouldn’t substantially heighten truck traffic, as Harry’s U-Pull-It said during meetings with the Twp. Department. The weight of material entering & leaving the site should be about the same with a shredder. Kress said he selected one of the smaller shredder models to handle vehicles from his lots. Kress didn’t say he planned to shred metal other than vehicles, but didn’t rule out taking other sources of metal either. He still is discussing hours of operation with officials, but said he expected the shredder hours to be similar to those of the lot. Kress would like to shred at night, when rates for electricity that power the shredder are cheaper. The complete article is available here.

Where to junk a car

Our scrap vehicle buyer will provide you money for a junk car and even pick it up for you. If you are considering how to sell a car for scrap, simply contact our junk car buyer. The price to repair a totaled car is often quite outrageous and that is why the decision to scrap it is sometimes made. Complimentary old vehicle removal is available in our junk auto quoted price.

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Auto Industry Recycling

The process of paying cash for scrap cars is one of our core functions. As a long-standing junk car hauler, we are experienced in the auto recycling market. When attempting to receive money for a scrap car, the vehicle title is required throughout Ohio. You can simply call our office Monday through Saturday for a quick quote for a junk car. Those looking for a place for scrapping cars in Cuyahoga, Lake or Geauga County are encouraged to contact us. Did you know that in the United States each year between 12 million and 15 million cars are scrapped, providing sizeable amounts of salvageable components and recyclable materials.

In the June 23, 2016 edition of Environmental Leader a story titled ‘Sustainability Attracts Customers, Generates Revenue, Reduces Risk’ was published by Jessica Lyons Hardcastle with the following details: “According to GM’s Mari Kay Scott, they has leveraged their environmental initiatives to attract new customers, generate $1B in new revenue streams from recycling & reuse, and reducing company risk. In the opening keynote address at Environmental Leader’s conference she acknowledged that sustainability is great for the environment — and also good for business. In her keynote speech she said it’s important to set company-wide goals — such as their landfill-free sites. Setting aggressive targets to get the leaders on board with the vision and once the goals have been set and communicated to employees, the process is in place. If facilities aren’t reaching their targets, we’ll help with practices such as daylighting, turning off lights at lunch and breaks to improve energy efficiency. Upgrading equipment in sites can take them to the next level.

Reporting to allow employees to see if they are meeting targets — and compare their progress to other departments is good. To reduce waste and increase recycling and reuse, they suggest a dumpster dive. Remove everything from the dumpster to determine its source as well as it if can be reused or recycled. One example, the company turns employees’ recycled water bottles into noise-reducing fabric insulation that supports the Chevrolet Equinox engine — thus saving money on purchasing new materials — and turns polystyrene foam material into footwear.

Their Canadian Auto Manufacturing Inc. assembly turns scrap wood into mulch and the Grand Rapids site recycles grinding wheels as sandpaper. Additionally, they use best practices with suppliers; they do this through conference calls between plants & regular communication with resource managers and sustainability leads. The full story is available at

 The process of scrapping cars

If your vehicle is facing some costly repair bills it may be time to consider calling to obtain cash for scrap cars. We are a locally established junk car hauler that can usually pick up your damaged or wrecked vehicle the same day. Contact our junk car buyer six-days a week for a quote for a junk car. Those of us who pay money for a scrap car can provide you an accurate value of your junk vehicle. Did you know that automobile liquids in our operation are kept from contaminating the local environment? We seek to maintain a positive environmental impact for the preservation of the important resources.

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Cleveland EV Charging Locations

Cleveland Scrap Cars will purchase your salvage vehicle for junk car scrap. Are you asking yourself where to receive cash for my car? We will provide you with a price quote for taking in old car scrap and include junk vehicle removal services. We recognize the auto makers are producing an increasing amount of electric powered and gas/electric, hybrid style vehicles. With the recent dip in prices for gasoline, coupled with less governmental subsidies to encourage consumer purchasing, EV sales have been less than expected.

We have gathered the majority of the Cleveland area electric vehicle charging locations as follows:

The Ritz-Carlton – Tesla 1515 W Third St. Cleveland
Shooters on the Water 1148 Main Ave. Cleveland
Contemporary Art Space 1460 W 29th St. Cleveland
Baker Electric Building 7100 Euclid Ave. Cleveland
Airport Nissan 13930 Brookpark Rd. Cleveland
Whole Foods Market 19607 Detroit Rd. Rocky River
McDonald’s – 12690 Rockside Rd. Garfield Heights
Cuyahoga Community College – AutoTech Center 411000 Pleasant Valley Rd. Parma
Ganley BMW 6976 Pearl Rd. Middleburg Heights
Bedford Nissan 18115 Rockside Rd. Bedford
Ganley BMW 24690 Sperry Dr. Westlake, OH
Richmond Town Square 691 Richmond Rd. Richmond Heights
Ganley Nissan 6060 Mayfield Rd. Mayfield Heights
Riverside Gables Bed & Breakfast – Tesla 50 N Rocky River Dr. Berea
Nick Mayers Marshall Ford 6200 Mayfield Rd. Mayfield Heights, OH
Walmart S2266 8585 Pearl Rd. Strongsville
Nissan of North Olmsted 28500 Lorain Rd. North Olmsted
Macedonia Commons – Tesla 8210 Macedonia Commons Blvd. Macedonia, OH
Walmart #S5066 35901 Chester Rd. Avon, OH
Walmart #S5066 35901 Chester Rd. Avon, OH
Walmart S3250 7235 Market Place Dr. Aurora
Mike Bass Ford 5050 Detroit Rd. Sheffield Village
Mentor Nissan 6960 Center St. Mentor
Walmart 905 Singletary Dr. Streetsboro

Who processes old car scrap in Cuyahoga County?

Our “cash for my car” program has been in place for several years. Do you need to get fast cash for junk car scrap in either Lake or Geauga County? Contact our scrap vehicle buyer at (216) 282-JUNK today. Our junk car quote will include complimentary junk vehicle removal services when you have an unwanted salvage vehicle. Did you know that in the US each year approximately 12 million old cars are scrapped, providing tremendous amounts of reusable components and materials? Whenever possible, we attempt to boost positive public opinion of the auto scrap & recycling industry and community.

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Junk & Recyclables in Ocean

As a buyer of scrap vehicles, we are acutely tuned in to issues including pollution. Car buyers everywhere should fundamentally be taking proactive steps to protect the environment. When you get cash for a car from Cleveland Scrap Cars you can rest assured that our junk my car program results in the reuse and recycling of the majority of the material that composes the scrap vehicle. Currently our scrap car removal and cash for cars service area includes Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga Counties. Our next topic is the senseless dumping of junk and scrap items into the oceans.

An article titled ‘U.S. polluting ocean with trash at alarming rate’ by John Blackstone on CBS News informed us of the following: “Research recently detailed how many coastal countries dispose of their trash — and they indicated that 8M tons of plastic ends up in the ocean annually. Jenna Jambeck, a co-author of the study, showed how much that really is. Jambeck held a bag as she describes how much plastic is in the ocean. The plastics end up not just floating on top of the ocean, and it also goes all the way down to the bottom. Jambeck says some of the material tends to sink & some floats. We aren’t sure what happens to the tiny fragments when they get below specific a certain size. They found that twenty countries are responsible for more than 80% of the plastic dumped into the ocean annually. China is the worst offender – with over two million tons. The US is offender number 20, responsible for about 750,000 pounds. The patches of garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean are just a fraction of what’s really there. Captain Charles Moore has been tracking what’s known as the “Pacific Garbage Patch” aboard his research vessel named The Alguita.  .

Moore’s search had its latest discovery, which is a mass of ropes, floats, & trash that has created a virtual island that you can walk on. Moore was there for a month and it’s beyond my wildest fears how bad it’s gotten out there by now. The report finds that if current trends continue, the amount of plastic entering the oceans could double over the next 10 years.” The full article is available at

According to the EPA “The 1972 passing of the MPRSA marked a major milestone in protecting of the ocean environment. Today, the US is at the forefront of protecting coastal & ocean waters from negative impacts due to ocean dumping. The ocean isn’t considered an appropriate dumping location for most wastes.” Their complete report can be viewed here.

Where can I get cash for a car?

Contact our buyer of scrap vehicles today @ (216) 282-JUNK for a fast quote on scrapping out your old car. We are among the many car buyers in the greater Cleveland, OH area that pay cash for scrap vehicles. Our junk my car services are available 6 days a week with complimentary towing included. Typically we are able to offer same-day scrap car removal plus cash for your old ride. Our organization believes in waste diversion by striving to reuse and recycle the materials we encounter in junk vehicles. Our goal is to have an excellent environmental impact for the preservation of various resources. For other excellent articles on Ohio environmental recycling we encourage you to visit:


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Earth Friendly Vehicle Study

Are you seeking out a buyer of scrap cars that will quickly junk your car for cash? Our junk car buyer can be reached at (216) 282-JUNK for a quote on what we could pay you in cash for junk cars. If you need fast cash for cars with complimentary salvage vehicle hauling services, make contact with us! The environment is protected when we handle the recycling and it helps in conserving key raw materials and protects susceptible habitats.

In the June 2016 volume of American Recycler an article titled ‘Hybrid and electric technologies compete with lower fuel prices’ was posted with the following data: “The Auto Science Group released their Auto Performance Index  findings, which outlined the differences in performance levels differentiating conventional & alternate-powered cars and SUVs. Per the study, hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) & electric vehicles (EVs) outperformed the conventional combustion vehicles from an environmental view. While standard gasoline powered vehicles outperform alternatively powered vehicles from a financial standpoint.

In comparing all models for the year of 2016 cars in the US in an assessment, ASG’s study did not find a single car with a combustion engine that ranked in the top 20 spots of the Environmental Performance List. The electric Nissan LEAF was 1st place on the list with the smallest carbon footprint. On the Best 20 Price Performance list was the 2016 Nissan Versa, with the lowest costs of ownership. Only one car with an advanced-hybrid desing made the ECP–the Toyota Prius.

When analyzing for the best mix of financial & environmental performance they ranked the top five as:

  • Nissan LEAF
  • Ford Focus Electric
  • Toyota Prius
  • Toyota Prius 2 Eco
  • GM Chevy Volt

The best ranking conventional vehicle was the Chevrolet Spark, with a solid total performance score just 5% behind the LEAF, which was named ASG Best All-Around car of 2016. Only 5 of the 9 SUVs with hybrid & PHEV designs made the environmental performance honors. Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, with the lowest carbon footprint of all models. The 2016 Jeep Patriot held the spot for least cost of ownership of all SUVs; the list was completed with the conventionally powered Mazda CX-3.” The full article is available here.

Where to junk your car for cash

As an established buyer of scrap cars, we know how to get the job done quickly. Obtaining cash for junk cars can actually be a much easier process then you may realize. We now pay fast cash for cars throughout Lake, Geauga and Cuyahoga Counties. You can bet that your neighbors are tired of seeing your old car—call our junk car buyer! Our eco-friendly recycling methods are beneficially designed to generate less pollution.

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Vehicle Conservation Requirements

Cleveland Scrap Cars is involved in the auto recycling of junk cars and facilitating damaged car removal 6 days a week in the (216) and (440). Our buyer of junk cars is on-hand to provide a junk car quote for the scrap price of your car, truck, SUV or van. The price for a damaged car or value of a junk car can fluctuate quite a bit based on globally supply and demand issues which ultimately impact commodity pricing.

According to the Plastics Market Watch Automotive Series, “Standards from the Federal Corporate Avg. Fuel Economy (CAFE) have guided designing & engineering of motor vehicles for over 40 years. These standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) & National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) promotes lighter vehicles & fuel conserving engine & drivetrain production. The Obama Administration in 2012 updated the standards to 54.5 mile per gallon for cars & light-duty trucks by 2025. When combined with previous standards, this almost doubles the fuel efficiency of the vehicles in the next (9) years.  Today, auto manufacturers are working on the CAFE standards for cars & light trucks for the 2011–2016 model years requiring the equivalent of 35.5 miles per gallon.

These newer CAFE goals have support among both auto manufacturers & environmentalists. There are thirteen big automakers that make up for more than 90% of all vehicles sold in the US. These new mileage standards from the EPA & NHTSA force automakers to increase efficiency and develop technologies to transform their auto fleets, including advancements in gasoline engines, transmissions, car weight reduction, lower resistance, improvements  relating to aerodynamics, and improvements in auto A/C systems. The next-gen automobiles are employing plastics technology, such as carbon fiber usage for both interior & exterior components. BMW which has spent millions in the development of carbon fiber-related options is using them in a wide variety of vehicles. For the newer entrants to the vehicle arena, such as Tesla, finding the ideal material for the undercarriage & body panels was certainly a priority. Tesla confirmed its lighter-weight carbon fiber/epoxy blend of composite (2) years prior to finalizing it. Tesla twists long, slim carbon fiber strands within a fabric, which is molded with both plastic and resin.” For the report viewable in its entirety, visit

How to determine the price for a damaged car

In the business of auto recycling junk cars, the buyer of junk cars is going to require that you possess the vehicle title and ID to match the name of the listed owner. Our same-day damaged car removal service is available daily from 8AM-5:30PM and 8AM to 3:30PM on Saturdays. Those seeking to scrap a car for cash should call us @ 216-282-5865. Did you know that our scrapping practices have environmental benefits such as reducing air pollution & the potential for water pollution? As a recycler in the greater Cleveland, OH area with a firm environmental focus, we help to limit global warming and other environmental problems.

Auto junk, buy my junk car, cash for cars, damaged vehicle removal

Lakewood Environmental Event

Our buy my junk car program, which features complimentary damaged vehicle removal and hauling, is in itself an environmentally positive process. When we pay cash for cars and auto junk, the many materials and components bring sustainable recycling-based benefits. Were you aware that in the US, 12 to 15 million automobiles are scrapped annually, providing significant amounts of salvageable items and recyclable and reusable materials. Our organization believes in diverting waste by aiming to reuse & recycle as much as we can.

On April 26, 2016 Marianne Q. Usiak posted a story in The Lakewood Observer titled ‘Celebrate Spring with Earth Day and Keep Lakewood Beautiful’ with the following update: “Sunshine and spring have finally arrived in Lakewood and the Keep It Beautiful team is honoring it with the Annual Earth Day & American Cleanup on Saturday Apr. 30th at the City Center Park off Detroit Ave. Come to help spruce up the downtown areas commercial district and learn from arborists. A tree will be planted in observance of Arbor Day as well as flowers, and planters.

Keep Lakewood Beautiful purchases all needed supplies for a hands-on classroom experience learning how to plant root tree seeds. There are several varieties to choose from that will fit most yards. Trees provide beauty and many other benefits such as: air purification by absorbing pollutants and producing oxygen, increasing the values of property, shading and cooling buildings and surfaces, reducing the burden on sewer systems, providing a habitat for wildlife, and fostering safer, and attractive neighborhoods.

The Keep Lakewood Beautiful (KLB) group was born in 1982 to promote public improvement. The volunteer board plans and coordinates projects for litter prevention, waste reduction, recycling & beautification such as on Earth Day, The Great American Cleanup, and much more. For further information, please visit or call 529-6601.” The article can be seen in its entirety here.

We are in support of the project happening in Lakewood, OH and certainly feel that other communities should consider adopting similar initiatives. Like with our damaged vehicle removal service, efforts are continuously important to the beautification of the local environment. When paying cash for cars, sellers can be certain that all the auto junk is properly disposed of in accordance with “green” best practices. Are you seeking a buy my junk car service provider to haul your scrap vehicle? Feel free to call us 6 days a week at (216) 282-JUNK.

Fire at Scrap Car Site

The question of how to sell a junk car is frequently asked, since many auto owners haven’t done it before. Calling into our wrecked vehicle buyer for a quick junk car quote is as easy as picking up the phone. Call today to possibly get cash for a damaged car in fair or poor condition. Are you seeking out how to scrap my car quickly? Our next topic analyzes a fast moving blaze in CA at a junk vehicle recycler.

In the Sunday April 16th edition of an AP article titled ‘Fire at LA junkyard sends huge black plume over city’ explained the following: “A fire at an auto wrecking site in the San Fernando Valley has sent a huge cloud of thick, black smoke over Los Angeles, CA. The city Fire Department says the blaze at SS Auto Recycler in Sun Valley had engulfed at least 15 automobiles. The Fire Department is calling the fire a significant emergency but no injuries have been reported and no buildings are threatened.

The fire began shortly before 4 p.m. Sunday and was still out of control and generating smoke about an hour later with approximately 100+ firefighters dealing with it. The origin is not yet clear; officials say the fire quickly burned various structures and threatened a small group of nearby homes. The Montclair FD says the fire began at the Coast Metals scrap business shortly before 2 p.m. Monday.” The full story is available here.

This is yet another example of the serious potential risks for fires in auto recycling related sites. The environment is fertile for a blaze to begin and equally as likely to spread to neighboring areas as it gains intensity. Why are auto scrap related facilities prone to fires?

  • Fuel: The presence of flammable liquids such as gasoline is always a recipe for a blaze
  • Carelessness: Clutter builds up as more and more junk are accumulated in area from ground to ceiling
  • Insufficient Equipment: The few fire extinguishers on hand are not sufficient to control the fire
  • Tires: Large stacks of scrap tires begin smoldering and add to the intensity of the heat

How to scrap my car for cash

Those trying to determine how to sell a junk car should contact our wrecked vehicle buyer. We can offer cash for a damaged car in Cuyahoga, Geauga and Lake Counties. If you are seeking the solution to how to scrap my car today—you have found the right place! Our company specializes in waste diversion through efforts to reuse and recycle as much as possible. We strive to have a positive environmental impact, and also to prevent fires that are all too common in the industry. With our junk auto recycling program, raw materials are recycled to reduce cost and limit unnecessary depletion of materials.

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Scrap Vehicle Tire Recycling 101

If trying to determine how to scrap my car for cash with someone who buys crashed cars then give a call to (216) 282-JUNK today. We are often among the highest paying for junk cars and scrap vehicles. Receiving a junk car quote is the 1st step in determining exactly what is a junk car worth—and a step to fast cash and complimentary scrap vehicle removal. The next topic outlines how adopting a green initiative is often a good business practice.

On April 7, 2016 Paul Arellano authored an article ‘4 Ways Partnerships with Tire Recyclers Benefit Dealerships’ in Dealer Marketing Magazine that tells us the following regarding scrap motor vehicle tire recycling: “With the focus on environmentally friendly practices continuing to grow, many auto dealers are forming partnerships with local tire recyclers. Not only are these partnerships environmentally sound, but they also lead to job opportunities, new product creation, dealerships’ differentiation from their competition, and helping customers feel like they are making a difference in our world. Here’s how:

Many used tires end up in scrap piles on both public and private land. These sites are prone to catching fire, releasing toxins into the atmosphere and soil. When recycling them they are shredded and used to form products that are valuable to the community. Playground injuries, for example, can be greatly reduced by using playground flooring made of these recycled materials. Approximately 70% of such injuries occur as a result of falls. Surfaces made of recycled tires are more shock absorbent, allowing for a softer and safer landing when children fall off playground equipment. Also, many running tracks are now composed of recycled tire material. The benefits include a reduction in injuries because these tracks are shock absorbent. These tracks may require less maintenance than traditional surfaces, leaving track upkeep costs to be reallocated to other areas.

These recycled materials are now used worldwide in existing products and industries, as well as new and innovative ones. Approximately 300M tires are disposed of annually in the U.S., and nearly 80% of those are properly recycled. Other uses include garden mulch, drainage systems, rubberized asphalt, sidewalks, handicap access ramps, floors, ceilings and automotive components.

Any positive way you can differentiate your dealership from a competitor is an advantage. Many car dealers advertise the fact that they work to benefit the community. A growing number of dealers are realizing the benefits of making consumers aware of their environmentally sound business practices. Beyond making your organization look good, you also want to make your customers feel good about doing business with you. When they realize that you are helping to promote a cleaner environment and create new products then word gets around.” The complete article is available at this link.

Who is the highest paying for junk cars?

Are you trying to figure out who is the highest paying for junk cars and scrap vehicles? Are you attempting to determine how to scrap my car quickly? What is a junk car worth in the areas of Lake and Geauga Counties? Are you seeking out somebody who buys crashed cars or damaged vehicles? The answer to these quandaries is simple when you call Cleveland Scrap Cars. The best part is that the eco-friendly way we handle auto recycling helps in conserving vital raw materials and protects various natural habitats. As a recycler with best practices in place, we divert tons of components materials from being tossed annually into landfills.

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New Junk Auto Tire Solution

Are you wondering how to sell a junk car for cash? Perhaps you are seeking out a wrecked car buyer who buys crashed cars? We pay cash for a damaged car of any age or state of disrepair. By contacting our junk and wrecked vehicle buyer at (216) 282-JUNK, you can learn how to sell a junk car quickly. Our next topic from the world of junk car scrap and recycling discusses scrap vehicle tires.

The April 1, 2016 edition of Tire Business featured a story titled ‘Titan’s tire recycling venture opens’ with the following news: “Titan Tire Reclamation Corp. (TTRC) has begun operating at its location in the Canadian oil sands and disclosed plans to open similar other sites in Australia & Chile. TTRC uses reactors to transform scrapped mining tires into oil, steel and carbon black, providing a solution to one of the major environmental problems these areas face. Until now, recycling scrap industrial mining tires wasn’t possible due to their overall size and density. Their process was originally developed by a group called Green Carbon L.L.C.   Titan has been working at this site since 2014.

The Green Carbon system uses 75% of gas from tires in a special reactor. Each tire produces approximately 500 gallons of oil, 4,000lbs of carbon black and 2,000lbs of steel. At full production, TTRC should be capable of converting 240,000 pounds of scrap tires a day. These recycled items can be placed back into new products. The system uses 85% of the gas it generates to heat up the vessel housing the scrap tires. TTRC signed a 10-year lease in 2014 on 10 acres of land north of Fort McMurray for the operation. Titan did not disclose its investment in setting up TTRC, but has said on a number of occasions it expects its recycling activities to generate $250M or more a year in revenue from the sale of reclaimed oil, carbon black & steel.

Chief Allen Adam of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN) was also in attendance, showing the First Nation’s support of the new technology and its partnership with TTRC, which opened with 15 employees and could grow to 40. According to Titan International Chairman and CEO Maurice Taylor Jr., Titan plans to expand the TTRC operations, although he did not elaborate on the time or scale of those plans.” The complete article is available at this link.

Who buys crashed cars around here?

We are on hand throughout Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga counties to pay cash for a damaged car. A scrap or wrecked vehicle buyer is generally referred to be operating in the auto scrap and recycling industry. One call to our office is all it takes to receive cash for a damaged car and scrap vehicle removal services are included! Find out how to sell a junk car for cash by visiting us online at today. We are proudly among those who buys crashed cars and other unwanted vehicles in the greater Cleveland area. CSC believes in the promotion of waste diversion by maintain goals to reuse and recycle as much material as possible. Actually, our various environmentally sound practices have benefits that include reducing air pollution and water pollution.

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Vehicle Scrap Recycling Facts

Vehicle Scrap Recycling Facts

At Cleveland Scrap Cars we buy any car that is mostly complete, the condition of the car is expected to be a bit rough. We are a great option to contact for who buys junk cars since we will actually show up to buy it. Those residing in Oakwood Village, North Olmsted, and Fairview Park can sell a car for scrap quickly. When we buy used cars for scrap, the vehicles are classified as end-of-life vehicles. Are you seeking to junk your car for cash in Seven Hills, Northfield, or Cuyahoga Heights, contact us for vehicle removal. Yes, we buy any car, regardless of condition, and we provide you a junk car quote right over the phone. Are you wondering who buys junk cars with fast vehicle removal in Bainbridge, East Cleveland, and Chesterland? To sell a car for scrap or junk your car for cash in Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe, or Brecksville–call our scrap car buyer for a junk car quote today.

A recent article composed by Rick Leblanc on titled ‘Auto Recycling Facts and Figures’ tells us the following: “The car you are driving will be a good source of many recyclable materials tomorrow; in fact, around 80% of a car is recyclable. A good deal of recycling takes place while your car is still in service, through auto aftermarket recycling.

Basic relating to auto scrap and recycling:

  • Each year, over 25M tons of materials are recycled from old cars.
  • Autos are the most recycled consumer product in the world.
  • Auto Recycling (AR)  is among the largest US industries, adding $25B/year to the US GDP.
  • The US auto recycling (AR) industry employs around 100K people.
  • Yearly, AR in US & Canada provides sufficient steel to produce roughly 13M new vehicles.
  • In the US, nearly 12M cars are recycled–the most recycled item in US. (8M in Europe)
  • Yearly, the North American AR industry saves around 85M barrels of oil from getting usage in making components.
  • The current int’l AR industry is about 75 years old.
  • Yearly, the amount of hazardous fluids reclaimed safely by AR’s is equal to 8 Exxon Valdez disasters!
  • Most AR’s are small businesses. Over 75% of all automotive recycling companies employ about 10 people.
  • Automotive recyclers supply retail & wholesale buyers with  components that save 20-80%
  • 14M tons of recycled steel is derived from junk vehicles.
  • Each year, around 27M cars reach the end of their useful life and are recovered for recycling.
  • About 90% of aluminum of a vehicle is recovered & recycled.
  • Approximately 99% of car batteries can be recycled.
  • Scrap car tire recycling is viable & materials can be used to produce many products.
  • AR reduces accident rates by keeping roads clear of disabled & abandoned automobiles.
  • Car windshield recycling is becoming more common.

The AR industry a vibrant and entrepreneurial industry! The full article is available here.

We buy used cars for scrap

When we buy any car, we take great pride in our ongoing efforts to recycle the vast majority of the components. We are a “green” organization who buys junk cars in Bedford, Aurora, and Shaker Heights. To sell a car for scrap you must possess the title and an ID, this is the case regardless of whether in Bentleyville Village, Mentor, or Willoughby, since this is a state-wide requirement. We buy used cars for scrap in cash 6 days a week throughout Ohio City, Highland Heights, and Maple Heights. Those in Middlefield, University Heights, or Warrensville Heights, seeking to junk your car for cash are encouraged to call our junk car buyer at (216) 282-JUNK today. Are you located in Pepper Pike, Euclid, or Garfield Heights and wondering where to sell a junk car? Pick up the phone today for a junk car price quote. Are you wondering who buys auto scrap in the areas of Eastlake, Twinsburg, or Lakewood? Contact CSC today to get cash for your old car.

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Ohio Vehicle Emission Update

Ohio Vehicle Emission Update

We appreciate your checking in with us at for the latest news and information from the scrap my car and junk car scrap industry. We are among the local organizations paying money for a scrap car and processes junk car scrap in Seven Hills, Northfield, and Cuyahoga Heights. As you may know, we buy any car that is complete and initiating the process is as simple as calling our salvage car buyer who buys scrap cars, truck and vans. Are you wondering who buys scrap cars in Oakwood Village, North Olmsted, or Fairview Park? Our scrap my car program gets you the money for a scrap car that you need and one of the best features is that our salvage car buyer provides you a price quote right over the phone! Yes, we buy any car, regardless of its present condition, and process our junk car scrap in accordance with sound environmental practices and procedures. Our topic from the auto-related arena in the state of Ohio reviews the E-Check program, which was instituted in many areas of the state back in 1996.

My purpose here is to broadly define the program and explore what happens when a car does not “pass” the test. The primary source of data on the program is from as follows: “In 1996, the State of OH began an emissions testing program for vehicles, E-Check, to find motor vehicles that emit high levels of pollution into the air. Among the options considered by legislature, E-Check was the most cost-effective at reducing the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) responsible for ground-level ozone, aka smog. The program tests autos within (7) Ohio counties. Newer vehicles are exempt from the program for the first (4) model years.

What if the vehicle fails the test? A motorist may receive up to (3) free tests within a year. Further tests all charge $18 to the motorist. Ohio EPA licenses repair shops & certifies technicians in (7) counties. Techs are trained & certified in areas of diagnosis and repair. The technicians must complete a high-quality training program developed by the Training Repair Industry Advisory Group (TRIAG). Licensed E-Check repair facilities must employ at least (1) certified E-Check tech & maintain some specific equipment. If you vehicle is repeatedly unable to pass the test, motorists are eligible to receive (2) types of waivers. When a vehicle has failed at least one emissions test and the owner has made efforts to have that vehicle repaired, a waiver may be issued. The motorist must bring all original emissions-related repair receipts and the vehicle to a station for a waiver. Repairs may be performed at any legitimate repair facility or by the vehicle owner. For DIY repair, only receipts for components will count toward a waiver.

Option 1: Applies to Both OBD II and Tailpipe Tests. Repair Cap Waivers: When $300 in emissions-related repairs on a vehicle has been spent.

Option 2: Applies to the Tailpipe Test Only. Conditional Pass Waivers are issued after the initial tailpipe test. To qualify, the vehicle must be a 1995-or-older model and must demonstrate a minimum of 30% improvement from the initial readings and $200 in receipts for emissions-related repairs.

There is another temporary solution to avoid spending $200-$300 on repairs for those with lower income. A 6-month hardship extension for vehicles which fail the test is available within these income guidelines: 1 person up to $17,655; 2 persons up to $23,895; 3 persons up to $30,135; 4 persons up to $36,375; 5 persons up to $42,615 and further. To qualify, a written estimate for emission related vehicle repairs and diagnostic fees of $75 or more.” The full program details are available at this link. For those with low income who do not anticipate keeping the car for more than 6 months, this option essentially keeps you from spending any money relating to the problem.

Are you tired of dealing with a vehicle and want to receive money for a scrap car in Berea, Avon and Geauga County? The good news is that we buy any car for recycling to junk car scrap throughout Bedford, Aurora, and Shaker Heights. Our salvage car buyer is standing by 6 days a week for those wanting cash for cars in North Randall, Richmond Heights, or Solon. Residents in the regions of Walton Hills, Streetsboro and Bentleyville Village can usually receive same-day scrap car removal service. To junk a car for cash in Mentor, Willoughby, or Lyndhurst, pick up the phone to receive a junk car quote.

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Junk Car Battery Recycling

Junk Car Battery Recycling

Cleveland Scrap Cars is back with the latest news from within the auto scrap and salvage car market. CSC is among the many car buyers that offers money for a scrap car or salvage car. As a damaged and wrecked car buyer, we are a proud proponent of eco-conscious salvage car recycling. When you sell an old car to a wrecked car buyer or other car buyers who pay money for a scrap car, it is important that they are a local, environmentally sound company. Our next topic involves some improvements if the recycling of salvage car batteries in the State of WA.

In the January 6, 2016 edition of waste360, an article titled ‘State of Washington Works to Clear Obstacles to Car Battery Recycling’ that was written by Chrissy Kadleck and posted by Anne Piacentino tells us the following: “Vehicle battery recyclers in WA may soon face fewer fees & regulations if those making rules in the WA State Department of Ecology have their way. An assessment of the agency rules about (3) years ago was the impetus for reconsidering the old statute governing state-mandated vehicle battery recycling. Kyle Dorsey, the rules & policy coordinator for the Waste 2 Resources Program with the WA State Dept. of Ecology says the agency is obligated to be a good steward of our rules, and this one hasn’t updated since 1991.

The current registration system for battery recyclers is managed by the state’s Dept. of Revenue, which then sends the info to the Dept. of Ecology. This creates an unnecessary “middle man” and complicates the process. Dorsey says there is a $19 annual fee when a business registers as a battery collector. We can create a one-time registration on Dept. of Ecology webpage, free of charge. It is a good thing to clarify the rules which are difficult to understand and get rid of the fee registration program.

The WA vehicle battery recycling program has been successful with nearly a 100% collection rate. An estimated 1.2M batteries were collected for recycling in 2013. Dorsey says a core charge was installed to encourage people to return the battery back to the place of purchase. This retail charge is refunded to the purchaser when a used battery is exchanged. The Dept. of Ecology issued rule changes and is working on a simple revision process and doesn’t expect much push back against its effort. People seem happy so far; it is less regulation, and it’s free.” The full article from is available here.

Who scraps cars?

Cleveland Scrap Cars will pay money for a scrap car in North Olmsted, Fairview Park and Avon. We are on hand 6 days a week as car buyers specializing in non-running vehicles. Did you know there was a wrecked car buyer available in Bedford, Pepper Pike and Aurora? To sell an old car for cash in Richmond Heights, Walton Hills, or Solon, simply contact our scrap vehicle purchasing department. Are you wondering who scraps cars and pays cash in the areas of Streetsboro, Mentor, or Willoughby? We make it easy to sell an old car in the regions of Lyndhurst, Ohio City, and Highland Heights. Residents of Maple Heights, Middlefield, and University Heights are encouraged to call us for a junk car quote. We are among the many who scraps cars, paying money for a scrap car in Warrensville Heights, Euclid, and Garfield Heights. Many car buyers today in the cash for a salvage car market are large national companies that have no affiliation with Northeast Ohio. The local damaged car and wrecked car buyer in Eastlake, Twinsburg, and Lakewood is right here to service those in the (216) and the (440). We now have expanded our cash for junk cars operation to include scrap vehicle removal from the areas of Middleburg Heights, Parma and Berea also.

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Scrap Car Tire Debate

Scrap Car Tire Debate

Cleveland Scrap Cars provides vehicle sellers with money for a scrap car or salvage vehicle in University Heights, Warrensville Heights and Euclid. People that buy junk cars are recycle junk car scrap are part of the green movement that strive to avoid sending used product to landfills. Are you wondering where to sell a junk car in Berea, Geauga County and eastern Lorain County? Are you asking where to sell my car for cash in Bedford, Pepper Pike, or Aurora? To receive money for a scrap car in Shaker Heights, North Randall and Richmond Heights, contact the people that buy junk cars today! One of the debated topics in the salvage vehicle and junk car scrap arenas is whether recycling scrap auto tires by shredding them into crumb rubber for use in athletic turf is hazardous.

In a recent article by Michael Peterson on titled ‘Best available science indicates no reason for turf health concerns’ tells us the following: “The Edmonds City Council’s decision to impose an 18-month freeze on the installation of turf fields with crumb rubber seems to rest on the assumption that there is substantial uncertainty regarding chemical exposures from this product. There is always at least some uncertainty in all areas of scientific inquiry, but the key is to look to the best available science. In the case of synthetic turf, the best available science indicates that there is no reason for concern about health risks for users of these fields. Dozens of peer-reviewed journal articles and multiple state health agencies support this conclusion, and some have reviewed the evidence as recently as this year.

It is certainly understandable that parents & community members want to be prudent and take every possible precaution in protecting children. But the discussion of health risks needs to be reasonded by the science, and also provided with context. For instance, studies that have examined chemicals in synthetic turf have found concentrations for some are similar to, or lower than, those found in natural soils. In addition, the finding of chemicals in a substance does not necessarily imply a health risk. We interact with products with potentially harmful chemicals and carcinogens every day (e.g., cell phone, computer and carpet). However, because exposures are low there are generally not concerns for health effects.

Children’s safety—both now and in the long-term—is absolutely critical. Fear that isn’t based on evidence shouldn’t undermine the science. In the case of synthetic turf, the best available science indicates no health concerns for people using these fields. Hopefully, over the course of the next 18 months, Edmunds officials and residents will analyze the available data and come to the same conclusion.” The full article is available at this link.

Being people that buy junk cars and process junk car scrap, we are all too familiar with the problems associated with the disposal of junk auto tires. Tires take up a great deal of space and are typically a residual item from a salvage vehicle. Those of us who pay money for a scrap car often will have to pay a 3rd party to dispose of these items. I am not claiming to be qualified to offer an opinion based on science; however, do not feel that crumb rubber would be very dangerous. If these tires where incinerated into a harmful gas that we could breathe perhaps—but this is not the case.

Residents of Twinsburg, Lakewood and Linndale Village seeking where to sell a junk car are encouraged to contact us. Our “sell my car for cash” program includes complimentary scrap car removal service throughout Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights and Lake County. Those needing salvage vehicle removal in Tremont, Macedonia, or Bratenahl should call our junk vehicle buyer today for quote.

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Vehicle A/C News

Vehicle A/C News

Cleveland Scrap Cars continues our forum of the latest in auto scrap and recycling news. We seek to be much more than simply a provider of money for a junk car, or a wrecked car buyer. As a salvage car buyer we are constantly keeping abreast on the auto related happenings. The value of a junk car has diminished significantly this year, hence, the reduction in the amount of money for a junk car that sellers are receiving. The junk car scrap market is heavily influenced by the scrap steel price, which is the primary source of the problem. Those seeking a wrecked car buyer or salvage car buyer in NE Ohio should contact us today.

A report titled ‘How does the air conditioning in my car work?’ on explained the following: “A vehicle’s air conditioning (A/C) system doesn’t create cold air; it takes heat & moisture out of the air that is in your car, leaving behind cooler air. Freon/refrigerant is in the (A/C) system and the a/c compressor compresses it into a high-pressure state causing it to liquefy. Next, the freon/refrigerant is sent to the condenser, which is similar to a small radiator that puts the liquid in contact with fresh air outside, which absorbs the heat from it. It then flows into the expansion valve or orifice tube where it becomes gaseous. Then it flows into the receiver dryer/accumulator that contains a desiccant bag to remove & collect moisture and impurities. The clean gaseous freon/refrigerant then travels through the evaporator. The freon/refrigerant in its gaseous state is now able to absorb heat from the air passing through, leaving behind the cooler air. Fans blow this cooler dry air into the car’s cabin and the refrigerant travels back to the compressor to begin the process again.

The freon/refrigerant also carries dispersed oil that helps to keep the (A/C) compressor lubricated while operating. Freon/refrigerant staying charged or in a full state is crucial to the proper operation. R-12 used to be the commonly used freon/refrigerant before 1994, when the EPA required R-134 freon/refrigerant to be used, which is better for the environment.” The complete report is available here.

 “The EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program that was part of the Clean Air Act ensures the smooth transition to alternatives that pose lower overall risk to human health and the environment. The SNAP program evaluates and finds acceptable substitutes for ozone-depleting substances. Under the SNAP program, EPA has found acceptable, three low global warming potential MVAC refrigerants: HFC-152a, hydrofluoroolefin (HFO)-1234yf, and carbon dioxide (CO2). CFC-12, the refrigerant used in MVACs until the 1990s, is a Class I ozone depleting substance, which means that its release into the atmosphere results in the destruction of the ozone layer. The ozone layer is present 10 to 30 miles above the earth’s surface and it protects us from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation.” The full EPA report is available at this link.

The junk car scrap business

The current junk car scrap market is experiencing some extremely low prices, stemming from the commodities markets that influence how much money for a junk car one receives from a salvage car buyer. This pricing regression is a global problem, thus any wrecked car buyer is impacted by the effects. Cleveland Scrap Cars provides money for a junk car and provides you a fast quote for the value of a junk car right over the phone. If you accept our quote, we dispatch our scrap car removal team to retrieve your vehicle.

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New Recycling Site

New Recycling Site

Cleveland Scrap Cars is able to quickly get you money for a junk car or salvage vehicle in Warrensville Heights, Euclid and Garfield Heights. Among the people that buy junk cars, we are a scrap vehicle buyer that maintains excellence in customer service and prompt vehicle removal. Our scrap car buyer is standing by to receive your call so you can receive money for a junk car in Bentleyville Village, Macedonia, or Bratenahl. Our next topic is not directly related the topics such as the people that buy junk cars or handle a salvage vehicle, but is focused on typical consumer recycling. In the December 14, 2015 edition on an article titled ‘Chester Township Recycle Park is Now Open’ informed us of the following: “The new Recycle Park at 12535 Chillicothe Road is now open. Mixed bins are on the left, bins for carefully separated items, which generate income for the township, are on the right. Everyone is welcome to bring recyclables to the park 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you already recycle, try separating your materials for a month. If not currently recycling yet, see how much you can decrease the trash you have to pay for.

But none of this would have happened without Ken Mantey’s endless effort and enthusiasm. Ken started the project, recruited the donors, organized the work, moved it along through every issue, and created something beautiful & usable for the community. Holiday tip: Seek out recyclable wrapping paper. Most gift-wrapping paper is dyed or laminated and isn’t recyclable. It can also contain non-paper additives, such as gold & silver coloring, glitter and plastics. Volunteer Monitors are still needed, to check occasionally to insure the site is clean, and to let the committee know if bins need to be emptied earlier than scheduled. To volunteer as an individual or group, contact Ken Mantey at or 440-729-2869.  The full article is available here.

Paying money for a junk car

Regardless of the people that buy junk cars, the requirements for the vehicle title and matching ID are firm. Those seeking fast vehicle removal from South Euclid, Cleveland Heights and Bainbridge are encouraged to contact our scrap vehicle buyer. We are a scrap car buyer that is committed to insuring that each salvage vehicle is disposed of in a way that minimizes any negative environmental impact. Residents of Moreland Hills, Maple Heights and Berea that are seeking to sell an old car for scrap should contact us at (216) 282-5865. If you have an unwanted or damaged car in the areas of Lakewood, North Olmsted or Fairview Park, you will be glad to know that complimentary car towing is included in our junk car quote. Many vehicle sellers have an old car in need of costly repairs sitting at a Midas location, NTB, or Monro Muffler & Brake shop that they end up scrapping. Those in Middleburg Heights, Euclid or Mentor that have a neighbor that has a junk vehicle sitting around in their driveway or yard, should encourage the owner to contact us @ Cleveland Scrap Cars.


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Electric Vehicle Update

Electric Vehicle Update

Cleveland Scrap Cars is a local outfit who scraps cars, executes junk car towing, and processes you old car scrap. We are one “sell us your car” option amid those who scraps cars. We are a junk vehicle buyer that is paying cash for wrecked cars or non-running cars 6 days a week. Next we take a look at the future of the global economy as it is relates to the “green” movement.

NY Old Car Scrap

On December 2, 2015 Michael Gartland of posted a story titled ‘City to add 2,000 electric cars to municipal-fleet’ with the following: “NYC plans to roll out 2,000 new electric cars over the next decade, giving NY the largest fleet of EVs in the US and expected to help cut city car emissions by at least 9% by 2025. The capital costs, which include creating charging stations for the vehicles — are expected to range from $50-$80M, per spokeswoman Amy Spitalnick. The plan also expands anti-idling devices in sanitation trucks & other vehicles to reduce emissions, and increase the use of biodiesel & natural gas.” The article is available in its entirety at this link.

New York City is the largest regional economy in the US.[1]  Keeping this in mind, it is not overly surprising that they lead the way into the adoption of electric vehicles into their municipal fleet. Even if the costs of the program were to swell to 90M, it seems that cutting city vehicle emissions by 9% is good, yet seems lackluster. I’d like to see the program reinvented with an even 100M in investment and a more aggressive 15% reduction in emissions.

In the December 1, 2015 edition of, Jeff Spross wrote an article titled “Will the world innovate its way out of climate disaster?’, which illustrated interesting factors concerning the environment as follows: “The possibility of coordinated global action to cut down greenhouse gas emissions continues with the same conflict. Economic powers like the US and EU reached their current stage by burning fossil fuels, with no plans to significantly slow. The effects of greenhouse gas emissions are cumulative, thus poorer countries have no room to emit anything without driving the total amount of carbon in the beyond safe limits. Developing countries seek to gain economic development by burning fossil fuels. This situation basically brings us back to the topic of batteries.

GM’s lithium-ion batteries it uses in electric cars can now be produced for roughly $145 per kilowatt hour (kWh), an enormous drop from where they were. Tesla is having similar results and that’s a big deal for the electric car industry, as batteries are one of the biggest contributors to high prices for EVs.  At some point, we won’t have to encourage people to buy EVs with subsidies or eco-friendly press campaigns–the market will. Any home solar array needs to store energy for use at night, or in low-sunlight winter months. With the dropping costs of solar panel technology and batteries, we’re approaching a point where the cost of a home solar array will actually be lower cost vs the traditional grid during that solar array’s lifecycle.

Green energy is catching up; overall, wind is cheaper than coal or natural gas in the US. With govt. subsidies, large solar arrays have outpaced some forms of coal & natural gas. Imagine when some American households drop off the grid entirely? Households could rely on battery storage to span the intermittency of solar & wind, and electric cars could draw on that same energy mix and this system could cost less than our current one.  We have a whole economic infrastructure set up for fossil fuels. Switching to green alternatives requires enormous up-front costs, needing big public spending for the initial investment hump. More US and EU deficit spending is what’s needed to get the global economy back on its feet. This spending would boost employment & raise inflation back to a healthy level, which would re-balance global trade flows and start closing the US trade deficit. It would move us back to proper global trade: where poor countries run trade deficits with rich ones to bring in the resources to develop their economies.  The developed world has a fossil-fuel-based infrastructure to replace — the developing world is still building theirs. Building green energy infrastructure from scratch is economically viable, just needing rich countries to build all the green energy capital to buy. We wouldn’t even need a grand international plan, just need the US & EU to undertake the economic policies they should be adopting anyway.” The complete article is available here.

Who scraps cars in Cleveland?

When it is time for old car scrap and junk car towing, CSC is awaiting your call. Give our junk vehicle buyer a call today for quick junk car quote. Included in our services is complimentary junk car towing and scrap vehicle removal. We encourage residents of Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga Counties to also visit us online at


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Old & Scrap Car Batteries

Old & Scrap Car Batteries

When you decide to get cash for a car by selling it to a place who buys old cars, the majority of it will be recycled. The value of a scrap car within the auto recycling junk cars industry is based on the components available for reuse and the materials which then can be recycled to produce new products. Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars we pay cash for junk cars, and are a responsible buyer of scrap cars that is committed to the environment. The value of a scrap car is one aspect of auto recycling junk cars; another important goal to consider is that the majority of the materials which compose the vehicle are diverted from landfills. An article on composed by Allan Gerlat that was posted on November 13, 2015 titled ‘Acqua Metals Secures Financing for New Nevada Lead Battery Recycling Facility’ informed us of the following good news: “Acqua Metals has secured a $10 million loan to build a facility to recycle lead batteries near Reno, Nev. The Alameda, CA-based Acqua Metals (AM) received a loan from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development and Green Bank to build its first AcquaRefinery at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center (TRIC).

Rather than traditional smelting as a lead battery recycling method, they will employ its continuous electrochemical system, called AcquaRefining, which it claims is safe and environmentally friendly. The process packages the lead into a brick that can be reused. The company will produce lead at 80 metric tons a day and then 160 metric tons per day by 2018. The cost of the new facility is estimated at $29.6M; (AM) plans to apply the proceeds to expand its lead recycling capacity.

According to Stephen Clarke, (AM) CEO, the demand for their recycling capacity has been strong; the loan provides (AM) financing to expand their initial AquaRefinery. The company called the traditional smelting process one of the most polluting industrial processes in the world. Lead-acid batteries have the highest recycling rate of any product sold in the US; the most recent data from the U.S. EPA puts the rate at 95.9%. The high rate is because of the value of the lead & plastic components of the battery, the ease of returning a used battery when purchasing a new one, and laws in 39 states requiring the retailer take back the used battery when a new battery is purchased, according to a recent Waste360’s Profiles in Garbage report”. The article can be read in its entirety here.

Auto Recycling Junk Cars

It is very encouraging to read about this company’s new programs for recycling these scrap and junk vehicle batteries. The process that they are using to recycle the units is a significantly cleaner solution for the environment. It sounds as though the government agencies that are assisting with the funding for the new facility are moving in the right direction.

Those seeking to get cash for a car in Lakewood, Linndale Village and Newburgh Heights are in luck. Cleveland Scrap Cars, a locally based provider who buys old cars, is on-hand 6 days a week in the area. As mentioned in previous posts the value of a scrap car in the US has declined during 2015. This is attributed to a significant decrease in demand within the global commodities market place in which we operate. Due to the global nature of the markets that involve the materials that comprise a car, this effect is present among all those in the US who buys old cars. If you are looking to junk a car for cash in Eastlake, Twinsburg and Collinwood, our scrap car buyer will provide you a junk car quote right over the phone. We purchase totaled cars and damaged vehicles in the regions of North Randall, South Euclid and Cleveland Heights. Our cash for cars service area extends from North Olmsted to Northfield and from Parma to Chagrin Falls. If your car is broken down in a city such as Garfield Heights, the Tremont area, or Macedonia, we suggest you call us at (216) 282-JUNK. We routinely handle removal of cars that are not worth fixing from shops like Conrad’s, Midas, Firestone and auto dealers of all kinds. Residents of Mayfield Heights, Lake County and Bedford can always receive a price for the value of a scrap or junk car by submitting the vehicle information though our website at The requirements for scrapping a car in Sagamore Hills, Middleburg Heights or Beachwood are simply that you possess the title for the car and an ID that matched the name of the owner listed on that document.

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Junk Car Seat Recycling

Junk Car Seat Recycling

Cleveland Scrap Cars is back with yet another update relating to auto scrap, junk vehicle removal and the many aspects of the value of a junk car. CSC is an outfit who scraps cars throughout the counties of Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga in Northeast Ohio. Aside from being an excellent location among those who scraps cars, we strive to provide the latest relevant news relating to the vast auto scrap industry. Our next topic involves the recycling of old, junk car seats and is based in the area of Cedar Falls and Waterloo, Iowa. A November 2, 2015 posting on titled ‘Project to collect and recycle child car seats’ composed by Andrew Wind reported the following: “Child car seats have become common in vehicles of parents with young children. The limited period of use means the seats are either discarded or pile up in homes when no longer needed.  Volunteers led by Boy Scout Sam Wright, offered a solution outside of the Cedar Falls Visitors’ Bureau. Outdated seats could be dropped off with the crew to be dismantled & recycled; vehicles pulled up to the group next to the bureau’s parking lot. The volunteers immediately got to disassembling them with screwdrivers, wrenches, etc… Materials were sorted into bins for plastic, metal & fabric.

A recycling center in Tipton will handle the plastic & metal and the fabric is going to be re-purposed. The intent was to reduce the number of seats that ending up in landfills. Based on the number of children who live in the county, 28,000+ car seats could be destined for a landfill, amounting to 114 tons. Some people pass off their car seats to other parents when done with them. Getting those that have been used out of circulation is a safety issue. (most expire in five years) Seats are sometimes damaged in car crashes.

About 20 people helped throughout the collections. They printed 6,000 fliers, created a Facebook page & posted the information on several websites. Dan, Wright’s father and Janell Wright, Sam’s mom, said the volunteers have been determined. The complete article is available here.

Recent value of a junk car

The auto scrap market has taken a dip recently, as the per-ton value of a junk car price has plummeted within the global commodities market. Cleveland Scrap Cars is on-hand 6 days a week to handle junk vehicle removal in Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights and Collinwood. Are you wondering who scraps car in the regions of Aurora, Shaker Heights and North Randall? Turn your car into cash in the cities of Bedford, Bentleyville Village and Macedonia by calling (216) 282-JUNK. Free towing, which is also referred to as junk vehicle removal is included when we provide you a junk car quote. We buy cars regardless of condition throughout Moreland Hills, Maple Heights and University Heights Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM and Saturday from 8AM to 4PM. Residents of Solon, Walton Hills and Streetsboro can get cash for their cars plus same-day pickup in most cases. Disabled vehicles, wrecked cars and damaged vehicles are good to go with us in Lake County, South Euclid and Cleveland Heights.


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Scrap Tire Recycling 1.1

Scrap Tire Recycling 1.1

Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to scrap a car in Lakewood, Berea and Euclid. We offer you a fast price for a damaged car so that the process of selling a scrap car is easy. Our next topic of discussion centers on the recycling of vehicle tires. Many times when you sell a junk car to a “scrap my car” provider, the tires from the scrap vehicle are in above average condition and a reseller may turn around and remarket them in their existing condition. Another similar process known as retreading has been common for many years.

According to the process is defined as follows: “Retreading is the process whereby selected and inspected worn tires (casings) receive new tread; only carefully inspected casings are used. The worn tread is buffed away & new tread bonded to the tire body. There are different techniques, but the objective is affixing new tread through the application of heat and pressure. This is an established industry that began in the early 1900s; there are approximately 850 retread (RT) plants throughout North America, from small to large plants processing 1,000 or more retreads a day. This represents over $3 billion in RT tires sold annually.

Scrap Car Tires, Environmental

Retreading conserves oil; the synthetic rubber components in a new passenger tire contain 7 – 8 gallons of oil. Retreading the same tires uses only 2 to 3 gallons. A new medium truck tire requires about 22 gallons; but it takes only seven gallons to RT– saving millions of gallons of oil. Millions of tires that would end up in landfills continue their useful lives for more miles.

Truckers, airlines, construction companies, farmers & passenger car owners all purchase retreaded tires for one basic reason – to save money. A RT tire costs less to produce than a new tire and sells for less – usually between 30-50% of new. The commercial & military aircraft industries save more than $100M a year; it saves the trucking industry over $3B each year. Nearly 80% of all aircraft tires in service in the US are retreaded.” For the complete article visit this link.

The RT vehicle tire market may seem like a small niche, and within the US’ passenger tire market this may be true; however, the other market sectors utilize RT tires much more widely. Here is some information from Goodyear, which is a household name in the tire industry to most: “Tires are one of the top (3) expenditures for truck owners. You can help save money & achieve the lowest cost-per-mile by using Goodyear’s cradle-to-grave program that includes retreads. Long haul, regional and mixed service trucks can get the performance you need by choosing from our application specific tread designs. In addition to the traditional pre-cure RT, Goodyear offers UniCircle® RT’s. These products feature splice-less construction; they adhere snugly to the casing to enhance traction and reduce tearing and chunking. Plus, they incorporate an exclusive UniCircle compound that helps enhance traction & tread-wear.” TO view the entire summary, simply click here.

In our first of a two-part look at RT tires, we have primarily reviewed RT’s from a view of those that manufacture these products (Goodyear) and an organization that supports the industry ( It seems that RT tires are cost effective, beneficial to the environmental and widely used and accepted. In the second part we will more closely examine the opinions of those more critical of the RT market.

Do you need a price for a damaged or wrecked vehicle? Are you selling a scrap car? To scrap a car in Lakewood, East Cleveland or Seven Hills–call us at (216) 282-JUNK today. Our scrap vehicle buyer is on hand 6 days a week to provide you a quote for a non-running car or price for a damaged car. Our process is essentially “selling a scrap car made easy”! We currently are paying cash for cars throughout Cuyahoga, Geauga and Lake Counties. So regardless of whether you seek to scrap a car in Lakewood, Eastlake or Chagrin Falls, we will have you covered.

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Junk Auto Recycling Events

Junk Auto Recycling Events

Regardless of where you junk a car in Cleveland, the buyer of scrap cars is required to put their best foot forward to handle any of the potential environmental pollutants associated with a vehicle. Selling a scrap car is simple once you decide where to junk a car, but the buyer’s environmental compliance is not as stress-free. Our next topic involves one of the aspects of auto recycling that a buyer of scrap cars encounters—scrap auto tires. It is not always easy to figure out where to junk a car’s tires. This week we discovered two such recycling “events” that are very worthwhile. A news team article posted on posted a story on August 29, 2015 titled ‘Woman Carries On Her Mother’s Legacy Through Scrap Tire Event’ with the following information: “People from local areas and across the state participated in the Lancaster County scrap tire recycling day event in Lincoln on Saturday. The event was made possible by a grant from the Department of Environmental Quality. Angella Hertzel with the Sanitary Improvement District #6 in Emerald has applied for a grant every year for the past 5 years. Hertzel and her family have hosted the event for the community for several years.

Hertzel’s mother, Becky Vandenberg, first applied for a grant 15 years ago, it has become a tradition ever since. Vandenberg passed away in 2010. Last year, they collected 550 tons of tires. Hertzel estimates about 500 cars came through Saturday’s event. Darrin Ekstein of Bennet brought 100 tires to the event and made more than one trip. The tires will be recycled and made into benches.” To view the article in its entirety, visit here.

Our second related event is based on a staff report posted on August 28, 2015 on the site The headline reads ‘DNREC scrap tire recycling drop-off set for Sept. 19 in Middletown’. The highlights are as follows: “The Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control is once again rolling out an opportunity for Delaware residents to recycle old tires at the next DNREC Scrap Tire Drop-Off Day. The event will be on Saturday, Sept. 19 at the Middletown DelDOT Yard. The drop-off event provides residents the opportunity to bring up to 10 passenger car or light-duty truck tires for recycling. Scrap tires from businesses, commercial dealers, large truck or equipment tires, tires on rims or bicycle tires will not be accepted. The scrap tire collection event is for Delaware residents only and requires proof of residency in the form of a driver’s license or utility bill. DNREC’s Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Section implements the state’s scrap tire program. The program, currently responsible for removing large, unsightly scrap tire piles throughout the state, will soon include a scrap tire pile compliance program. Scrap tire piles can create environmental hazards, blight the landscape and contribute to the increasing population of mosquitoes. Careful management of scrap tire piles can assist in minimizing risk.

The Delaware Scrap Tire Management Program is funded by a state fee of $2 for each new tire sold. For more information about the event, for assistance with removing a scrap tires from your property call the Scrap Tire Management Program at (302) 739-9403.” The full story can be found at this link.

Cleveland Scrap Cars is a buyer of scrap cars and known as “the place” where to junk a car in Cleveland. When selling a scrap car you must have the vehicle title and a matching ID. During your search of where to junk a car in Cleveland you should consider whether the company will provide you with same-day junk car removal or not. Our “buy my junk car” program insures that those who contact us before 1PM will receive same-day cash for wrecked cars service. Those contacting us regarding selling a scrap car after 1PM, are always scheduled for next-day pickup.

CSC has recently expanded our service area and now extends throughout Cuyahoga County, Lake County and Geauga County. We can also buy junk cars in Western Lorain County, which includes Avon, the areas of both the Emerald Woods and Sweetbriar golf courses and the Lear Industrial Pkwy region. Those in the Hinckley area are also encouraged to call our junk car buyer at (216) 282-JUNK.

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Vehicle in Recycling Scheme

Vehicle in Recycling Scheme

Cleveland Scrap Cars is an auto buyer in the Cleveland, OH area. We provide services allowing you to sell your junk car, which includes damaged vehicle removal. If you are wondering where to scrap a car in Cuyahoga County–then look no further than CSC. In addition, we provide weekly news updates relative to the auto scrap and vehicle recycling market in US. Our next story takes us to California, which implemented a program that pays an average of five cents for recyclable beverage containers, a considerably higher amount then what is offered in most states. As a result of this “recyclable buy-back” program, an “underground network” of many opportunistic recyclers has devised illegal ways of transporting large quantities of these containers from neighboring states into CA to cash in.

An article posted on August 6, 2015 titled ‘Man arrested smuggling 8,000 pounds of used bottles’ composed by Ali Tadayon on had the following details: “The CDRRR seized about 8,000 pounds of used beverage containers being smuggled in from Nevada to be recycled. The estimated redemption value of the containers is $11,596, according to a CDRRR. Rogelio Perez was arrested in connection with the seizure; he was driving a big-rig containing the bottles. Agents from the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CDRRR) and the CA Dept. of Justice’s Recycling Fraud Team conducted a surveillance operation on a truck storage yard in North Las Vegas.

The agents saw a group of individuals load a 53-foot trailer with used beverage containers. A short time later, a white truck labeled “Isaac Transportation” pulled into the lot, coupled to the trailer, and left the yard. Agents followed the vehicle until it arrived at the Yermo agricultural checkpoint. Perez told inspectors that the trailer was empty; upon inspection, inspectors found the beverage containers. The rig was impounded and Perez was booked into jail.” The complete article can be viewed at this link.

In a 2014 LA Times article titled ‘New redemption law puts squeeze on bottle and can recyclers’ this process of fraud was explained as follows: “The state also cracked down on out-of-state recyclers. They were trucking loads of discarded materials into California from Nevada or Arizona, where cans and bottles are not subject to a cash deposit. Officials in 2012 estimated the fraud at $40 million a year. The state imposed load limits and is requiring recycling trucks to submit to inspection when they cross the state border.” The article can be viewed in its entirety at this link.

To sell your junk car to our auto buyer the first step is to get a junk vehicle quote, so you can see what the scrap price of your vehicle is. Once you have decided where to scrap a car, you will coordinate the transaction, which includes towing (damaged vehicle removal) etc… Please note that in Ohio it is a requirement to have the title and a photo ID to sell your junk car. All Ohio-based places where to scrap a car are going to insist on those two documents. Our auto buyer is on-hand (6) days a week to facilitate you junk car hauling or damaged vehicle removal process.

The clear advantages to using Cleveland Scrap Cars are as follows:

  • We have a large service area. CSC will pay cash for cars throughout Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga and eastern Lorain County.
  • Fast and friendly service. In most cases we can buy your junk car or scrap vehicle on the same-day you call us. If you contact us later in the day and we are booked up, we will schedule your scrap vehicle removal for the next day. In addition, our staff is extremely professional, polite and honest.
  • Our quoted purchase price for your old car includes free towing.
  • We buy scrap cars 6 days a week. For those working during the week, we are ready and waiting for your call on Saturday as well.


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Scrap Car Tire Recycling

Scrap Car Tire Recycling

Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars we continue to report on happenings within the auto scrap and recycling business. As a junk auto buyer, we provide an easy way to sell your scrap car regardless of condition. This next article takes us to Nebraska where they are granting funds in an effort to better handle the recycling of old car tires that are typically found on junk vehicles and scrap cars.

In a June 16, 2015 article on titled ‘DEQ awards scrap tire grants’, the state of NE has made some progress in scrap vehicle tire recycling as follows: “The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality has awarded $2.01 million in grants to fund 126 scrap tire collection & recycling projects in the state. Nearly $646,000 of the grant money will go toward funding 30 scrap tire collections across the state, said Nebraska DEQ Director Jim Macy. The agency estimates that these collections will round up 7,075 tons of scrap tires from homes, farms & businesses.

Other grants will partially reimburse individuals & organizations for rubber mulch and other recycled rubber products across NE. These include funds for schools and organizations to install playground mulch, synthetic turf fields & running tracks. Nebraskans generate more than 1.5M scrap tires annually, about 1 scrap tire for everyone in the state. The state funds scrap tire abatement projects through a $1 fee on every new tire sold in the state. That money goes into the Nebraska DEQ’s Waste Reduction & Recycling Grants program.”
The complete article is available here:

Handling disposal of scrap car tires is something, unfortunately as an auto buyer, that we’re all too familiar with. Most in the business of auto recycling and those who provide ‘sell your scrap car services’, end up incurring costs in dealing with an overstock of these rubber doughnuts.

To scrap a car in Mentor, give us a call.  To sell your scrap car within the (216) and (440) area codes, we are the place to call. As a scrap auto buyer operating 6 days a week throughout Northeast Ohio, we allow you to sell your scrap car for cash. Are you wondering where to junk a car, or scrap a car in Mentor? Look no further than CSC for environmental disposal of old vehicles, scrap cars and junk trucks, vans and SUVs.  To decide where to junk a car, you should consider if the auto buyer is established and reputable. Does the auto buyer have a website and strong internet presence? When you scrap a car in Mentor, Lakewood, Berea or Brecksville with us, we include free towing or your junk vehicle. Make the right decision when selecting where to junk a car in Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga County! Our junk vehicle buyer will give you a quick quote over the phone and if you accept our offer we will schedule. We will pick up and pay you cash on the spot for a damaged car, wrecked car or non-running vehicle.  If you work during the week and want us to pick up your junk car on Saturday, simply give us a call to schedule a Saturday scrap vehicle removal.  In the State of Ohio, you must prove ownership of the vehicle in order to sell it and this requires two key documents: the vehicle title and a photo ID.

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Scrap Auto Battery Reuse

Scrap Auto Battery Reuse

Cleveland Scrap Cars has yet to scrap an electric vehicle and are eager to do so! The heavier weight metals, namely steel, are beginning to have their use limited in newer vehicle production. The old car removal industry will hopefully begin to realize some new recyclables as more of these vehicles reach their end-of-life phase.

On June 10th 2015, had a story titled ‘GM to announce secondary use for EV batteries’ with the following somewhat lackluster story: “GM plans to announce a development in the secondary use for electric vehicle batteries, bringing more attention to the growing stationary energy storage market. Unlike Tesla Motors, which last month unveiled a separate product for the stationary energy market, GM’s use will focus on extending the economic life of a battery after its use in an EV. A GM spokesman declined to reveal further details about the announcement. In 2012, GM & engineering group ABB showed how they could repackage 5 batteries from GM’s Chevrolet Volt hybrid plug-in car into a unit capable of providing 2 hours of electricity needed by 3 to 5 average US homes.

In many cases, when an EV battery has reached the end of its life in an automotive application, only 30% or less of its life has been used. A tremendous amount of life can be applied to other applications like powering a structure. Tesla unveiled stationary energy storage systems for homes, companies & utilities that would expand the company’s reach beyond electric vehicles and into the growing area of the energy industry.” The full article is available at this link:

It seems that these old batteries can be “packed” together to serve as a backup power sources for homes or other structures. This middle stage could be referred to as the redeployment stage, as the battery is no longer strong enough to power an electric vehicle, yet may serve a new purpose to further use the remaining life of the unit prior to recycling. I thought it was humorous that Tesla, a company that recently became profitable and is certainly still developing in their own auto market seems to want to branch out into being a battery provider for other industries. Sounds like a company that needs to focus on their core competencies before branching out.

Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to sell a junk car in Macedonia, Berea & Geauga County. To scrap a car In Lakewood, Lorain County or Pepper Pike, call us at 216-282-JUNK. Our junk car buyer will provide you a price for a damaged car and handle the old car removal. Are you wondering where to sell a junk car in Shaker Heights, North Randall or Richmond Heights? Are you pondering where to scrap a car in Lakewood, Solon or Walton Hills? Our old car removal service is quick and easy, regardless of whether the junk car is located in Streetsboro, Mentor, or Willoughby. The price for a damaged car is based on market conditions, essentially supply and demand, but our friendly staff is consistently on hand to scrap a car in Lakewood, Lyndhurst & Highland Heights. Those residing in Moreland Hills, Maple Heights and University Heights are encouraged to contact us regarding a price for a damaged car. We are on-hand Monday through Saturday as a resource for where to sell a junk car in Warrensville Heights, Euclid and Garfield Heights.  Free towing is available throughout Eastlake, Twinsburg & Linndale Village. Those seeking cash for cars in Newburgh Heights, Aurora & Collinwood should pick up the phone for a junk car quote. The necessities for scrapping a car in Sagamore Hills, Middleburg Heights and Parma are that you have the vehicle title and a valid ID. Is your old car in need of expensive repairs and located in Beachwood, Bedford or Bentleyville Village? If your transmission needs replaced on a car, you should consider selling it for cash in the towns of Tremont, Bratenahl and Chagrin Falls. Our expanded scrap car removal service area includes the regions of Mayfield Heights, Lake County and South Euclid. If your landlord wants your old car moved in Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe or Brecksville, contact CSC today. We offer same-day junk car hauling in Bainbridge, East Cleveland and Chesterland. Next day pick up of scrap vehicles in usually the norm if you contact us after 2PM in Seven Hills, Northfield and Cuyahoga Heights.

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Auto Tire Scrap Recycling

Auto Tire Scrap Recycling

Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars, a scrap auto buyer that handles damaged vehicle removal, we continue to monitor and report the latest in the auto scrap and recycling news. Our next story looks at the State of Louisiana’s tire recycling program from a business perspective. In the May 12th edition of the, Amy Wold composed an article titled ‘DEQ tire recycling program again blasted in audit; undersecretary removed from position’ with the following information: “The past few years for the state Department of Environmental Quality’s Waste Tire Management Program have been difficult, with the most recent being another critical LA Legislative Audit. Problems with the program may have also contributed to the departure of a DEQ undersecretary, Vincent Sagnibene, who had his appointment from the governor withdrawn in April after serving in the role for seven years. This most recent audit concludes that a problem previously outlined by the auditor’s office still hasn’t been addressed, namely inadequate monitoring to make sure tire processors aren’t overpaid.

Under the program, a tire or mechanic shop that removes old tires from a vehicle collects a fee based on the size. Customers buying new tires pay fees of $2-$10 that go into a DEQ Waste Tire Management Fund. The used tires are then collected by another business that tears up the tires & sells them for pre-approved recycling projects, such as for fuel or playgrounds. Once that end-use sale goes through, DEQ pays the processor 7.5 cents/lb. from the DEQ tire fund. The program has paid $71.1M to (6) tire processors between July 1, 2007, and June 30, 2014.

There still aren’t adequate controls in place to make sure the number of tires collected matches with the amount processed and paid for, according to the audit. It’s not a new problem.  The program still doesn’t have a way to make sure they’re not overpaying tire processors. DEQ responded that they started doing comparisons of tires received to pounds paid, but Davis said the auditors didn’t find that the resulting information was acted upon. DEQ will have a meeting this month with the LLA to discuss plans to address concerns brought up by the report. The full article is available for review at this link:

It appears that this is yet another example of a government program that is improperly managed, similar to Medicare, Medicaid, the ethanol project and Social Security. This worthwhile project is on the state level, so hopefully they can make the needed adjustments. Keeping tires out of landfills is extremely important to protecting the environment, due to the sheer volume alone.

As an auto buyer and place to junk a car in Cleveland, CSC strives to insure that damaged vehicle removal is handled in an environmentally conscious manner. If looking for a price for a wrecked car in Moreland Hills, Maple Heights or University Heights, give us a call. Our damaged vehicle removal process is simple; you need to call for a quote price for a wrecked car from our auto buyer and we will on our way to junk a car in Cleveland. We pay cash for cars in Warrensville Heights, Euclid, and Garfield Heights. We offer free-towing of junk cars and scrap vehicles in Eastlake, Twinsburg and Lakewood. Same-day service is available if you choose to junk a car in Cleveland. The price for a wrecked car may vary based on the scrap vehicle market fluctuations. Those in Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights and Middleburg Heights should contact our auto buyer to turn your old car into cash.  Selling your car for cash in Parma, Beachwood and Bedford can begin by visiting We will buy damaged cars and non-running cars in Bentleyville Village, Tremont and Bratenahl. Residents of Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights and Lake County can scrap a car that is taking up space on your property. The requirements for damaged vehicle removal in South Euclid, Cleveland Heights and Wickliffe are that you have the car’s title and valid ID. Is your car facing expensive repairs in the areas of Brecksville, Bainbridge, East Cleveland or Chesterland? We will pick up your old car from any repair shop throughout Seven Hills, Solon, Walton Hills and Northfield. Those with a car to sell in Cuyahoga Heights, Oakwood Village and Glenwillow can have the car towed away the same day if you notify us before 2PM. Next day junk car removal is available in Aurora, Collinwood, Sagamore Hills and Pepper Pike if you contact us before 6PM daily.

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Scrap & Recycling Costs

Scrap & Recycling Costs

Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars we certainly recognize the cost associated with recycling, which in our case, is specifically dealing with auto recycling. We buy junk cars for cash and are basically a scrap car buyer. Often recyclers will are in a position where they must “take the good with the bad”. For example, when we buy junk cars for cash we know that materials such as aluminum and steel have monetary value in the market; conversely, an old set of junk vehicle tires may cost us fees to properly dispose of.

An article by Sharon Kneiss on posted on May 1, 2015 titled ‘Navigating the Crossroads of Recycling’ discusses some financial concerns in the scrap and recycling industry as follows: “It is evident that we’ve reached a crossroads in recycling, where the costs to our industry of providing this service must be balanced with our goal of building on the progress made to better our environment through effective recycling programs. Too many Americans think that recycling is free and are under-informed about their role in making recycling both ecologically & economically sound, and our outreach and messages on the true cost of recycling are helping us advance this important dialogue.

We know that recycling is a commodity business where recyclables are sold to be reprocessed into new products. As we have experienced, commodity prices for recyclables have fallen so far, that it is tough to cover the cost of the capital & operating expense to pay for the process. Greater public understanding of the true cost of recycling in their communities and how they can play a role in helping address the risks to recycling programs, that industry, local governments and our customers will all benefit.

With curbside recycling now available to 60%+ of the population, consumers need to know their role in preserving & growing recycling programs by learning how to recycle correctly. We are helping to raise awareness about putting the right things in their curbside bins. During my interviews, I helped inform viewers & listeners that placing wrong items in the recycling bin makes it more difficult & costly to recycle and could cause contamination of the process. Many consumers mistakenly contaminate the recycling stream by throwing things like light bulbs, batteries, garden-hoses and plastic grocery bags in their bins. We encourage our members & partners to visit and follow @BeginWithTheBin to learn.” The full article is available at this link:

To junk cars for cash in University Heights, Warrensville Heights and Euclid, simply contact our scrap car buyer. We buy junk cars in Garfield Heights, Eastlake, Twinsburg and Lakewood. Those residing in Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights and Middleburg Heights are encouraged to contact us. Residents with a junk car in Parma, Beachwood and Bedford can junk cars for cash and typically receive same-day pickup. Free towing is included throughout Bentleyville Village, Tremont, Bratenahl and Chagrin Falls. We are proud to service the regions of Mayfield Heights, Lake County and South Euclid as a scrap car buyer. The requirements for selling an old car, junk vehicle or disabled car in the areas of Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe and Brecksville are that you have the vehicle title and an ID. We are only a phone call away for those in Bainbridge, East Cleveland and Chesterland. If your car is in need of expensive repairs in Moreland Hills, Maple Heights or Seven Hills—give us a call.

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Scrap & Recycling Goals

Scrap & Recycling Goals

Setting goals is an excellent means of truly making progress, and here at Cleveland Scrap Cars we seek to highlight such initiatives which are related to scrap and recycling. Although we are essentially among the scrap yards that buy cars, we strive to be more than simply a “buy my junk car” provider; we seek to be a source of encouragement and a voice for recycling efforts.

On April 23, 2015 Mr. Allen Gerlat posted a story on titled ‘New York City Aims for Zero Waste by 2030’, which outlines a bold new plan that NYC is unveiling to become a city where 100% of the waste is recycled. The story is as follows: “NYC aims to reduce the amount of waste disposed of by 90% by 2030 and send zero waste to landfills. Mayor Bill de Blasio presented his plan with the release of One New York, which calls for a sustainable city. Solid waste & environmental goals are a cornerstone of the plan. It cites the recent decision to ban expanded polystyrene foam as one step toward that end. The sustainability plan includes the expansion of NYC’s organics curbside collection & local drop-off site programs to serve all by the end of 2018. The city hopes to implement single-stream recycling collection for metal, glass, plastic & paper by 2020.

New York City’s other waste initiatives include reducing the use of plastic bags and other non-compostable waste; making all schools zero waste schools; expanding opportunities to reuse and recycle textiles & electronic waste. Other sustainability goals in the plan include an 80-percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 compared with 2005; cleaning up contaminated sites and convert them to beneficial use; and achieving the best air quality among all large U.S. cities. The city has been aggressive on waste reduction issues; in January, the city banned single-use expanded polystyrene foam items & packaging. In October 2014 it launched a campaign to help residents unsubscribe from unwanted mail waste to their homes.” The link to the complete story is here:

Scrap yards that buy cars are often, unlike cities, already focused on recycling expansion. People that sell us a totaled car can have peace of mind knowing that we recycle as much of the vehicle as possible with each buy my junk car pickup we handle. Many scrap yards that buy cars do not offer free vehicle towing in University Heights, Warrensville Heights and Euclid. Those with a totaled car that they want to sell for cash in Garfield Heights, Eastlake or Twinsburg, should call (216) 282-JUNK today. As a ‘buy my junk car’ scrap company serving the areas of Lakewood, Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights and Middleburg Heights, we know the importance of offering quick, same-day pickup of junk cars and scrap vehicles. On Saturdays we will remove damaged cars and even a totaled car from the regions of Parma, Beachwood and Bedford. Typical hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5:30PM and Saturday 8AM to 3PM serving the cities of Bentleyville Village, Tremont and Bratenahl. Buy my junk car services are available within the areas of Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights, Lake County and South Euclid. If your junk vehicle or scrap auto needs expensive repairs in the regions of Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe or Brecksville—call us today. Our junk car buyer is available for junk car quotes from residents of Bainbridge, East Cleveland, Chesterland, and Moreland Hills. Those in Maple Heights, Seven Hills and Solon can sell us their car for cash quickly!

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Auto Recycling and Earth Day

Auto Recycling and Earth Day

Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars we are a proud proponent of auto-related recycling and scrap throughout Northeast Ohio, including Cuyahoga County, Lorain County, Lake County and Geauga County. Each year in April, we celebrate Earth Day. According to the purpose and mission of the day is “EDC organizes EarthFest every April to celebrate Earth Day in Ohio. Over 200 affiliate organizations and 500+ active volunteers participate in making EarthFest one of the longest standing celebrations in the country. With as many as 50,000 attending this one-day event, EarthFest has earned distinction as Ohio’s largest environmental education event. Annual exhibit areas include: clean fuels, green home improvement, environmental science and more.”

Cleveland Scrap Cars: Earth Day

How does CSC reflect the goals of Earth Day and the Earth Day Coalition’s mission? We do this is many ways including when you scrap a car for cash with CSC you can rest assured that our scrap car removal service is environmentally conscious. When you sell an old car to CSC the recycling process begins with properly draining & disposing of the vehicle fluids. These fluids in a car for scrap car removal may contain various harmful toxins. When you sell an old car, it is beginning a “new life” for the vehicle and its components. In fact, more than 80% of the vehicle when you scrap a car for cash are recycled & reused in one way or another. Scrap cars (aka junk vehicles) contain many commodities such as aluminum, steel and copper which are in demand globally for manufacturers. We seek to avoid sending any vehicle components to landfills and take special interest in finding renewable sources for everything from batteries, tires, wheels, glass, just to name a few.

On Sunday April 19, 2015 the EarthFest event in Cleveland will be at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds. The event will run from 10AM to 5PM and feature hundreds of exhibitors and live music throughout on 5 stages. Admission for those 12 and up is $8 and here is the link to details: We encourage residents of Warrensville Heights, Euclid, Garfield Heights and Eastlake to attend and support. Cleveland Scrap Cars has recently expanded our “sell and old car” program into the areas of Lorain, Warren, Strongsville and Mentor and anticipate that those residing in these areas mark their calendars to attend.

The bottom line here is that Northeast Ohio is an area with traditionally poor water quality and excessive air pollution and we hope to contribute to reversing that trend. To scrap a car for cash in Twinsburg, Parma Heights, Lakewood and Linndale Village, the process is simple. The seller simply must possess the vehicle title and an ID to schedule the scrap car removal. To sell an old car in Newburgh Heights, Parma, Beachwood or Bedford you can simply call our junk car buyer at (216) 282-JUNK. Those looking to scrap a car for cash in Bentleyville Village, Tremont, Bratenahl and Chagrin Falls are able to receive same-day scrap car removal if you contact us before 2PM daily. Our next-day cash for cars service is available in Mayfield Heights, Lake County, South Euclid and Cleveland Heights for all those who confirm a junk car pickup after 2PM daily. To sell an old car and insure that it will be environmentally disposed of within the areas of Wickliffe, Brecksville, Bainbridge and East Cleveland is so easy!  We have been paying cash for cars in Chesterland, Moreland Hills, University Heights and Maple Heights for many years now. Even if your car is not running and you are facing an expensive repair bill at a local transmission shop or other repair facility in Seven Hills, Solon, Walton Hills or Northfield, we will pick it up today and pay you cash for the vehicle. Those with a broken down car at Conrad’s, Firestone, Midas or other shop in the areas of Cuyahoga Heights, Oakwood Village, Glenwillow and Aurora should give us a call. We are also buying junk cars throughout Collinwood, Sagamore Hills, Pepper Pike and Shaker Heights. Get cash for a car in North Randall, Macedonia, Lyndhurst and Highland Heights by visiting

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Car Seat Recycling

Car Seat Recycling

Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars we report on the limitless aspects of auto related recycling every week. We are a company involved in vehicle scrap, where you sell a car for cash and obtain a price for a junk car; however, we wish to be much more by highlighting and posting about environmentally friendly actions within the recycling industry. Our next story takes us to Wisconsin, where a program to recycling scrap or junk car “baby seats” is underway.

According to the March 30, 2015 edition of the Wausau Daily Herald, in an article titled ‘child car seat recycling is necessary to ensure safety’ the report is as follows: “Our car seat recycle event will be April 25 at Schofield Fire Department. You can drop off your unwanted car seats & booster seats and they will be dismantled for recycling. The reason why we are holding this event is to ensure that damaged or expired car seats are no longer in use. It is important for every child that needs to be riding in a car seat or booster seat is in the safest seat possible for them. Car seats that are expired or have been in a car crash are unsafe to use and need to be dismantled and disposed of.

The local Advanced Disposal office has generously donated a large dumpster for us to dispose of the plastic car seat shells in and we work with a team of volunteers who remove all fabric and metal from each seat so it can be properly recycled. There is no charge to drop off unwanted car seats for recycling. Michelle Armstrong is coordinator of Safe Kids Wausau Area through Aspirus Wausau Hospital.” The link to the full story is available here:

We obviously support this program and hope that here in northeast Ohio more communities will adopt and execute similar recycling events. Do you need a price for a junk car in Warrensville Heights, Euclid, Garfield Heights or Eastlake? Are you considering whether to sell a car for cash in Twinsburg, Parma Heights, Lakewood, Linndale Village. We will pick up your junk car for vehicle scrap and pay you cash throughout Newburgh Heights, Parma, Beachwood and Bedford. Our junk car buyer is available to provide a price for a junk car 7 days a week in Bedford Heights, Bentleyville Village, Tremont and Bratenahl. We are currently buying scrap vehicles with free towing Monday through Saturday in Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights, South Euclid and Cleveland Heights. To sell a car for cash in Wickliffe, Brecksville, Bainbridge or East Cleveland the only requirements are that you have the vehicle title and an ID. Our vehicle scrap program is proud to serve the areas of Chesterland, Moreland Hills and University Heights, as well as same-day junk car removal in Maple Heights, Seven Hills and Solon. If your car is damaged or wrecked and perhaps you’re facing a costly repair at a local Conrads, Midas, Firestone or Goodyear repair shop in Walton Hills, Northfield, Cuyahoga Heights or Oakwood Village? Give us a call for same-day or next day retrieval of your old car and get paid cash in the cities of Glenwillow, Aurora, Collinwood and Sagamore Hills.

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US loan program is revived

US loan program is revived

Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars we continue to report on issues relating to automobiles and recycling such as scrapping cars and vehicle removal. We hope that next time you are seeking fast cash for cars you will consider CSC for a junk car quote on your scrap vehicle or junk car. The US government seems to be consistently intermingled with the auto industry, especially in encouraging greater efficiency, sustainability and environmentally focused initiatives.

On March 25, 2015 Mike Ramsey posted a story titled ‘Energy Department Revives Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Loan Program’ on with the following report: “The U.S. Energy Dept. is dusting off a loan program meant to help auto makers & their supply chain finance investments in fuel-efficient vehicles, announcing a $259 million loan to Alcoa for a continuing expansion project at a TN factory that makes sheet for automobile bodies. It is the first ATVM (Advanced Technologies Vehicle Manufacturing) loan to be granted by the government in 4 years.”

Klaus Kleinfeld, Alcoa’s CEO, stated “Alcoa is pleased to be part of the government’s program to encourage a greater shift to aluminum intensive vehicles that are safer, lighter & more fuel-efficient. Alcoa’s aluminum helps auto makers reduce weight compared with steel & improve fuel efficiency. Alcoa is providing aluminum to Ford to build the F-150, which weighs 700 pounds less than its predecessor. Alcoa hasn’t announced other customers, but industry forecasters see a broad adoption of aluminum.” The complete article is available here:

Cleveland Scrap Cars is who to call when you want fast cash for cars in Euclid, Garfield Heights, Eastlake, Parma Heights and Lakewood. On hand 7 days a week to provide you a junk car quote for your car, truck, van or SUV. We are now scrapping cars in an expanded service area that includes Wickliffe, Bainbridge, Chesterland, Willoughby, Willowick, Mentor, Lorain, Avon, Bay Village, Strongsville and Brunswick. Our same-day vehicle removal service is available if you contact us by 2PM throughout Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights, Parma, Seven Hills, Beachwood and Bedford. We are a “fast cash for cars” solution provider in Bentleyville Village, Tremont, Bratenahl, Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights and South Euclid. Call CSC at (216) 282-JUNK for a junk car quote and fast vehicle removal, as we are standing awaiting your call to efficiently handle the scrapping of cars in the areas of Cleveland Heights, , Brecksville, East Cleveland, Moreland Hills, University Heights, Maple Heights and Warrensville Heights. If you have a damaged car, wrecked car or non-running automobile in Solon, Twinsburg, Walton Hills, Northfield, Oakwood Village, Glenwillow, Aurora or Collinwood—give us a call.

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Recycling Automobile Fluids

Recycling Automobile Fluids

Cleveland Scrap Cars recognizes the importance of properly disposing of used auto fluids. Oil, antifreeze and other liquids from junk cars and scrap cars can be recycled and even reused; however, the difficulty involved in disposing of these semi-toxic liquids in a safe manner can be difficult. As a junk car buyer, who pays cash for scrap cars, the drainage and recycling of these substances in a regular part of the daily business. When choosing a “sell my car for cash” service provider, we recommend that you inquire about their practices for disposal of toxic liquids. When I sell my car for cash, why would I care about this? The reason is that ultimately it affects ALL of us. The water we drink and air that we breathe can be poisoned by a junk car buyer who does not adhere to proper environmental protocol.

In a letter to the editor posted on The Daily Republic on Monday February 16, 2015 provided the following insight regarding recycling automobile fluids as follows: “I am writing about recycling your used oil & antifreeze and how hard it is to recycle it. A few years ago we had an auto repair shop and sometimes we had to drain oil & antifreeze to make repairs to the car. At that time the city said to get three barrels, one for used oil, one for used oil filters and one for antifreeze with a large plastic box to hold all three barrels in case of spillage. We would call a professional recycle company to come & pump the barrels out. Now we can’t have more than five gallons of used oil or used antifreeze. So we put it in our cars and trucks and drove around our streets to get it to the recycling place. How many cars and trucks are taking a chance with being in a wreck and spilling it on the street? This almost happened to me.

I was driving to the recycling place when some guy was doing something with his cellphone & came into my lane and I had to go in the ditch to keep from hitting him. The two 5-gallon barrels of used oil & five gallons of antifreeze turned over in my car. Then when I got to the recycling place, he said he couldn’t take it because the used oil in the plastic bottles that was brought for this couldn’t be seen through and the antifreeze had some oil in it. Sometimes a car comes in with a blown head-gasket and the oil will get into the antifreeze and the antifreeze will get a trace of oil in it. Now no one will take it. Maybe the reason we see cans of oil sitting on the back roads and alleys is because no one will take it. Wouldn’t it be better to have the professional recycling to haul our hazardous waste than to drive it around town to take it in?” Here is the link to the complete article:

Cleveland Scrap Cars pays cash for scrap cars throughout Cuyahoga County. We are a junk car buyer aka sell my car for cash company that upholds high standards in efforts to protect the environment. Individuals and/or businesses that do not take auto fluid disposal seriously are quite simply negligent and certainly need to be held accountable for their irresponsible behavior.

Are you seeking out to find a “cash for scrap cars” provider in Euclid, Garfield Heights, Chesterland or Moreland Hills? Are you attempting to locate a junk car buyer in University Heights, Eastlake, Parma Heights or Lakewood? To sell my car for cash in Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights, Parma or Seven Hills give us a call at (216) 282-JUNK. We pay cash for cars covering the areas of Beachwood, Bedford, Bentleyville Village and Tremont. We can pick up damaged cars and non-running vehicles from Firestone Service Centers, Conrad’s locations, transmission shops, Goodyear stores, Midas locations, NTB locations and Monro Muffler & Brake shops. Regardless of whether your junk car is located in Brecksville, Bainbridge, East Cleveland or Maple Heights, we can likely buy it from you today! Residents of Solon, Twinsburg, Walton Hills, Northfield and Oakwood Village should contact our junk car buyer 7 days a week for a price on junk cars. Selling a wrecked vehicle in Aurora, Collinwood, Sagamore Hills, Pepper Pike and Shaker Heights is simple if you contact CSC.

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Scrap Auto Tire News

Scrap Auto Tire News

One often challenging aspect of the vehicle scrap market for buy my junk car companies is what to do with old tires. When paying cash for cars, the price for scrap cars fluctuates among the demand for various valuable components. In most cases scrap auto tires have little value and are burdensome to store and dispose of. On February 2, 2015, Dave Detore posted a story on titled ‘Scrap tire management rules vary across world’, which addressed the topic as follows: “Each country, as well as in each state in the U.S. and province and territory in Canada, has its own set of regulations that address discarded tires or, in some cases, what to do with stockpiles. During a session at the Rubber Recycling Symposium recently in Montreal;  The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) & the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC), along with Recyc-Quebec, sponsored the biennial symposium. The difference in programs is particularly striking in the U.S., where each state, rather than the federal government, regulates scrap tires. That includes market development, cleaning up stockpiles, developing regulations & initiating and implementing incentive& grant programs. The U.S. generates about 6 million scrap tires annually.

Tracey Norberg is senior VP and general counsel for the RMA. Ms. Norberg said some states offer subsidies & grants and enforce the ground rules, while others don’t. She highlighted two states that are in different stages of dealing with scrap tires: Colorado and California. Colorado recently passed legislation to clean up 60 million stockpiled scrap tires, adopting an approach to dealing with the problem. For every tire sent to a monofill, 2 have to be recycled. By 2018, tires no longer can be sent to a monofill. In addition, she said the law set the scrap tire ceiling fee at $1.50 per tire until 2018, when the fee will be reduced to 55 cents per tire. The law applies to automobile, trailer, truck, motor home & motorcycle tires. California, meanwhile, is patterning its stringent scrap tire program after Ontario, but the California Department of Resources Recycling & Recovery does not have the authority to legislate the industry.

According to the RMA, almost 54 percent of all scrap tires were used for tire derived fuel (TDF) in 2013, while 24 percent were converted to ground rubber. Ms. Norberg noted the ground rubber market is also viable for scrap tires, with playground mulch & molded/extruded goods being the2 largest markets for ground rubber, while the sports surface market ranks 3rd. Europe experiences the same issues, according to Jean-Pierre Taverne, tech coordinator, end of life tires, for the European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (ETRMA). He noted that a European Union directive enacted in 1999 prohibits whole & shredded tires from entering landfills, as of 2006.”To see the complete article on this aspect of vehicle scrap, visit this link:

The vehicle scrap market is certainly open to new ideas in the realm of junk tires brought in via cash for cars. The price for scrap cars is steady; however, the disposal of these is a challenge throughout the buy my junk car market. Cleveland Scrap Cars is a buy my junk car provider serving Macedonia, Lyndhurst, Cuyahoga Heights and Highland Heights. We pay cash for cars and process vehicle scrap in Richmond Heights, Streetsboro, University Heights and North Randall. Looking for a price for scrap cars in Pepper Pike, Shaker Heights, Chesterland or Moreland Hills? Our cash for cars buyer can provide you a junk car quote in Bainbridge, East Cleveland, Maple Heights and Warrensville Heights. Do you have a car sitting at either a Conrad’s, Monro, Midas or Firestone repair shop in Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights, South Euclid or Cleveland Heights in need of costly repairs? Those in the areas of Euclid, Garfield Heights, Eastlake or Parma with a junk car or scrap car are encouraged to call (216) 282-JUNK today.

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KIA Leading Way in Scrap

KIA Leading Way in Scrap

Junk car removal is not a problem for KIA. KIA is saving cash for junk cars by eliminating the price for scrap cars. How? By recycling nearly the entire vehicle, KIA is definitely leading the way. Why sell an old car to a scrap car buyer or junk car removal provider, when you can sell an old car back to yourself to lower the manufacturing and production costs on future products.

According to a recent article on AW Automotive World titled ‘Kia way ahead of new 2015 vehicle recycling regulations’ the following points were expressed:

  • 95 per cent of scrapped cars must be re-used
  • Kia already meets the target & is aiming for 100%
  • 9 years of Kia Automobile Resource Regeneration
  • 8-stage process to dismantle end-of-life cars
  • Recycled bio-material already in use in Soul EV

“New regulations require 95% of a vehicle to be recyclable when it reaches the end of its useful life. Kia takes a holistic approach to the environmental impact of its products, encompassing manufacturing, use & disposal. The recently launched all-electric Soul EV demonstrates how cars can be green before they even leave the factory through the use of significant quantities of recycled bio-based materials in its interior construction; Kia is in the development of hybrid, electric & hydrogen fuel cell vehicles while continuing to lower the fuel consumption & emissions. Kia is already meeting the latest EU directive, which requires 85 % of a scrapped vehicle to be recycled or re-used and 10% to be used for energy recovery from the combustion of non-recyclable residues. Modern cars contain explosive materials to trigger their airbags in an accident and large quantities of environmentally hostile solids & liquids which must all be recycled or disposed of safely. Metal components such as the car body, engine and gearbox are relatively easy to recycle, as is the battery and exhaust catalyst, but plastics and rubbers present a greater challenge. Now only 5% of a scrapped car is sent to landfill or incinerated without energy recovery.

Kia has developed an 8-stage dismantling process to recoup as many materials as possible for re-use while ensuring the few components which cannot be recycled are disposed of with the minimum environmental impact. Once the car to be scrapped has been registered it is taken into an explosives chamber where its airbags are triggered in a spectacular display of pyrotechnics. The car is then pre-treated for scrappage before all fluids are removed. The exterior, interior & powertrain are removed and the remnants of the car are crushed in a press. With the Soul EV, Kia demonstrated how recycled materials can re-appear in new cars. 23 items – including the sun visors, luggage area side trim, crash-pad skin and the interior paints – are made from bio-based materials. As a result, the car has been awarded UL Environment Validation. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a global independent safety science company.” To view the complete article, view this link:

Cleveland Scrap Cars pays cash for junk cars 7 days a week in Cuyahoga County. Need junk car removal in Macedonia, Lyndhurst, Cuyahoga Heights or Highland Heights? Are you looking for a price for scrap cars in University Heights, North Randall, Richmond Heights or Streetsboro? To sell an old car in Euclid, Garfield Heights, Eastlake or Parma simply give us a call at (216) 282-JUNK today. Free towing is included in the price for scrap cars in Lakewood, Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights and Seven Hills. The requirements to sell an old car in Beachwood, Bedford, Bentleyville Village and Bratenahl are that you possess the vehicle title and an ID. Our junk car removal services and cash for junk cars operation proudly serve Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights, South Euclid, and Cleveland Heights. Residents of Wickliffe, Maple Heights, Brecksville and Bainbridge are encouraged to visit for a junk car quote.

Scrap Vehicle Recycled

Scrap Vehicle Recycled

Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars we seek to give credit to those making a difference in the local communities through projects such as this scrap vehicle recycled in Kansas. We buy cars for cash in Cleveland, OH and offer you an instant price for a junk car and junk car quotes with a price for scrap cars. On November 25, 2014 posted a story titled ‘Recycled Ride hands the keys over to one Topeka dad’, which was composed by Lindsay Sax. The article focuses on a college in Topeka, KS called Washburn Tech. The Washburn Institute of Technology offers training in a variety of fields including Welding, Culinary Arts and Auto Collision. The have a project known as “recycled rides” which receives damaged vehicles from State Farm Insurance which are then recycled and given to those in need. Here is the article from “A single dad is revved up about the surprise he received. Students from Washburn Tech pulled the cover off a refurbished 2006 Chevy HHR & handed the keys over to Cody Alegria. His gift is part of the recycled rides program. The program allows Washburn Tech students, instructors and community mentors to make over a car for a deserving person in need. Alegria says that now he’ll be able to get to work and take his son places, which he says will make him a better parent. State Farm insurance donated the vehicle. This is the tenth recycled ride the program has gifted.” The complete story can be seen here: It is obvious that “recycled rides” is an all-around excellent program. Rather than the insurance company selling these cars for cash, they allow them to be recycled and brought back to the road. The price for a junk car is miniscule, but once refurbished; the value of this once junk car will far exceed the price for scrap cars. The students working on the scrap cars and junk vehicles are learning a trade that has truly sustainable value in the following ways:

  1. Automobiles are in demand in the US and will be for many years to come.
  2. Vehicles will always be subject to mechanical problems and collision damage.
  3. Having the means to repair and restore vehicles for resale is profitable.
  4. Auto recycling is great for the environment and unlikely to be discouraged by regulations.

Cuyahoga County Junk Cars

Cleveland Scrap Cars buys cars for cash in Warrensville Heights, Maple Heights, Lakewood, Solon and Parma. We give you a reasonable price for a junk car in Chesterland, Old Brooklyn, Euclid and Collinwood. Those seeking a price for scrap cars in East Cleveland, Independence, Garfield Heights and Brook Park are encourage to call us at (216) 282-JUNK. Looking for a price for scrap cars in Pepper Pike, Shaker Heights, University Heights or North Randall? Those with damaged cars or wrecked cars in Bratenahl, Chagrin Falls, Chesterland or Moreland Hills should visit our site We offer vehicle removal services throughout Cuyahoga County including the areas of Wickliffe, Maple Heights, Brecksville, and Bainbridge.

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US Auto Recycling

US Auto Recycling

Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars we are a scrap car hauler that pays fast cash for cars throughout Cuyahoga County. Asking where to get cash for my car? Grab the title for you scrap car, non-running car or junk vehicle and give us a call. We support auto recycling efforts and focus on environmental concerns in the scrap and recycled vehicle industry. Our next topic focuses on whether younger vehicle owners are supportive of recycling. On November 13, 2014, Mark Carpenter with posted a story with the highlights as follows: “conventional wisdom dictates millennials are more environmentally-conscious than older generations, their attitudes toward recycling begs to differ and suggest they may not be as “green” as we thought. A recent survey conducted among over 2,000 U.S. adults by Harris Poll showed younger American adults ages 18-34 are less likely to say they always recycle (33% vs. 48% of those ages 35+).  In addition, younger Americans ages 18-34 are less likely to say that recycling is the socially responsible thing to do (61% vs. 53% of those ages 65+), and that it is critical to reducing energy consumption (36% vs. 46% of those ages 55-64) and will help reduce landfill space (45% vs. 60% of those ages 45+). Younger adults ages 18-34 are also more likely to say they wish they recycled more than any other age group (37% vs. 22% of those 35+). Over the last several decades communities have strived to make recycling easier through curbside pickup, drop off locations & convenient recycling drives, and more. Other key findings include:

  • 94% of American say they recycle, but those ages 35+ (48%) are significantly more likely than those ages 18-34 (33%) to say they always recycle.
  • A majority (68%) of Americans believe recycling is the right thing to do,
  • More than half say recycling is the socially responsible thing to do (55%)
  • 40% believe recycling is critical to reduce energy consumption
  • Some have doubts about recycling; 26% are not certain if an item is recyclable

To view the complete story visit this link: Junk car recycling and recycling as a whole are certainly important. I feel that the finding of the poll could be slightly inaccurate since younger people are loaded with distractions and may be less likely to focus on completion of surveys and polls. One thing that we know is that the process of recycling needs to be simple and clear to encourage participation. Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to get “cash for my car” in Cleveland, Lakewood, Bedford, Euclid and Eastlake. We are a scrap car hauler that pays fast cash for cars in Warrensville Heights, Garfield Heights and Maple Heights. Those seeking fast cash for cars in Twinsburg, Solon, Aurora or Chesterland are encouraged to visit for a free junk car quote. The cash for my car business is based on selling your junk or scrap car to our scrap car hauler buying service which also services Parma, Collinwood, East Cleveland, Independence, Northfield and the majority of Cuyahoga County

Scrap Tire Recycling

Scrap Tire Recycling

The week of November 10th 2014 is apparently National Recycling Week in the US.  Since Cleveland Scrap Cars is an auto recycler specialized in buying junk cars for cash, we pay homage to this week. Our customers are generally looking to sell my car for cash, since we buy junk cars throughout Cuyahoga County. On November 10, 2014 there is an article titled ‘Tire recycling has come a long way’ posted on from which I have the following excerpts: “The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) issued a report that more than 90% of scrap tire piles in the U.S. have been cleaned up while 96 percent of the more than 230 million tires discarded in 2013 were reused in several markets. The number of stockpiled tires has dropped to 75 million in 2013 from 1 billion in 1990. Three scrap tire markets consumed 86% of annually generated tires in 2013 — tire-derived fuel (TDF) used 56%, ground rubber 25%, and civil engineering 5%.  TDF is used by the pulp & paper industry and the cement industry as a supplemental fuel due to the high BTU content. Ground rubber is used to create a variety of products including athletic fields, playground cover and binding agents used to create asphalt road surface. Finely-ground scrap tire rubber also is used by some manufacturers in new tire construction.  Civil engineering applications use shredded tires as a substitute for other materials such as sand or gravel. Common uses include road & landfill construction and septic tank leachate fields. Tire manufacturers have worked to establish effective scrap tire management, often funded by fees on tire sales, to enforce regulations, clean up tire piles & promote environmentally sound, cost-effective markets for scrap tires. The numbers tell the story: the effort is paying off in a cleaner environment.” This is a very positive trend to see these old junk car tires being reused. The full article is available for reading at this link:

To Junk Cars for Cash

Those in the greater Cleveland, OH area should know the best place to sell my car for cash is at CSC. We buy junk cars seven days a week and are the home of “junk cars for cash”. When we buy junk cars, we insure that the vehicle disposal is conducted in a safe, eco-conscious manner. The first step in selling junk cars for cash is to obtain a junk car quote, which informs you what the scrap value of the vehicle will be. To the west of Cleveland we buy junk cars in Fairview Park, Lakewood, Parma and Brooklyn. In the southern portion of Cuyahoga County you can sell my car for cash in Independence, Broadview Heights, Brecksville or Richfield. In central Cuyahoga County we can tow away scrap vehicles located in Tremont, Newburgh Heights, Garfield Heights and Cuyahoga Heights. In the areas located southwest of Cleveland, such as Bedford, Walton Hills, Northfield, Solon and Twinsburg we can pay for junk cars for cash. On the eastern sector we service the areas of Eastlake, Euclid, Richmond Heights, Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights and Warrensville Heights. To sell my car for cash, simply call (216) 282-JUNK or visit our website at




Recycling Problem

Recycling Problem

It seems that CA is always finding creative ways to lose money. On November 6, 2014 ABC News 7 in the Bay Area reported “So many people are recycling today that the nickel-per-container redemption fund is losing $100 million a year. Consumers are recycling 85 percent of their containers, while the fund is set up to break even at 75 percent. The state auditor is recommending the legislature find a way to generate more revenue.” $100 million is a lot of money to allocate to scrap and recycling. The full story is available here: On November 8, 2014 KUSI News San Diego posted a story entitled ‘California’s recycling problem’ which was originally designed with good intentions, but recently has become an expensive problem to deal with. Highlights of this story are as follows: “California recycling program is leaking money, hundreds of millions of dollars. The program pays Californians to turn in their used bottles & cans. The state does not want cans & bottles to end up in a landfill, so it will pay 5-cents to sell it to a recycling center. Multiply that by hundreds of millions of cans and bottles from outside the state, and you begin to understand why lawmakers are saying California needs to recycle its recycling program. The 1986 ballot initiative that created big incentives for California consumers to recycle those plastic bottles & aluminum cans now has a problem. Five cents for every small container and 10 cents for every large one; no one foresaw that those big incentives would end up creating opportunities to steal hundreds of millions from the state. Poachers from Nevada, Arizona and other neighbor states are hauling truck & trailer loads into CA and selling them to recycling facilities. And in-state, too many recycling centers are charging the state multiple times for the same empty containers–emptying California’s $1.1 trillion recycling fund. The state auditor’s report recommends three fixes: Don’t pay me a nickel for a can. Improve fraud prevention and let the department of equalization, the office that collects taxes and child support, collect money for cans.” The complete article is viewable here:

A Cleveland Scrap My Car Company

Although Cleveland Scrap Cars is involved in a much different aspect of the scrap and recycling business, we are sensitive to this quandary. As a junk my car service provider based in Cleveland for several years now, we pay cash for cars 7 days a week. Where is a Cleveland scrap my car center? You have found it! Residents of Beachwood, Bedford and Chagrin Falls seeking “junk my car” services should call (216) 282-JUNK for a junk car quote. In the Cleveland scrap my car industry; we are a simple solution for cash for cars in cities such as Brecksville, Broadview Heights, Brook Park and Cleveland Heights. The requirements are proof of vehicle ownership (with title) and a photo ID. Those looking to junk my car in Fairview Park, Garfield Heights, Highland Heights and Independence call visit us online at Get cash for cars plus free towing of your old vehicle in the cities of Maple Heights, Lakewood, Collinwood and East Cleveland. We pick-up cars throughout Cuyahoga County, including the cities of Seven Hills, Shaker Heights, Solon and Twinsburg.

Recycled Cars in Cleveland

Recycled Cars in Cleveland

In our business we encounter wrecked cars and damaged vehicles on a daily basis. When you sell a car for cash to us, you realize the reality that non-running cars are similar to a library without books or a restaurant without any food to cook. Our typical junk car quote is around $230 in cash for junk cars. On November 4, 2014 posted a piece titled ‘Progressive Gives Away Refurbished Vehicles’ that illustrates the excellent Cleveland-based Progressive Insurance Company. The greater Cleveland area is proud to have a great innovative market leader like Progressive in town with an estimated 9,000 local employees within the estimated 26,000 employees worldwide. Their website states they match their employee’s 401K contributions at 6% and it ranks on Crain’s best places to work list.

Here are the highlights from the story: “This Veterans Day, 100 veterans will be getting the keys to newly refurbished vehicles as part of annual Keys to Progress program. In partnership with the National Auto Body Council (NABC) and other organizations, the vehicle giveaways will take place at Progressive’s Service Centers, one-stop facilities where Progressive handles claims and repairs for customers. Progressive is working with local NABC member body shops to recycle & donate vehicles that have been involved or recovered in a claim. They’ve been fully restored for the veterans as an extension of the NABC Recycled Rides project. At 117 vehicles, it’s the single largest vehicle donation in the 7 years of the Recycled Rides project. This is the 2nd year alongside National Auto Body Council, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, 1-800-Charity Cars and Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW). NABC shops volunteer staff & resources to repair the vehicles. Enterprise Rent-A-Car provides insurance for each vehicle for the first 6 months; the policies are written by local Progressive agents. The VFW serves as the primary source for identifying the most worthy recipients. 1-800-Charity Cars facilitates the donation of the vehicles. New partners for Keys to Progress this year include VRC Investigations, a veteran-owned and operated organization that helped support the recipient selection process, and two national salvage vendors– Copart and Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. (IAA) – which together donated 15 of the vehicles.” For the complete story on Business Wire click this link:

This is a great example of how the recycling of vehicles can be executed for the betterment of those in the greater Cuyahoga County area. Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to sell a car for cash. We pay cash for junk cars 7 days a week and provide you a junk car quote that with insure your scrap car is picked up within 24 hours. We invite those looking to sell a car for cash in Eastlake, Solon and Twinsburg to call (216) 282-JUNK for a junk car quote. To get cash for junk cars in East Cleveland, Collinwood, Maple Heights or Garfield Heights you should visit today. We are a junk car buyer serving the cities of Richmond Heights, Bedford, Parma, Northfield, Richfield and throughout Cuyahoga County.

Abandoned Motor Vehicle

Abandoned Motor Vehicle

An abandoned motor vehicle is a nuisance for several reasons. The top four reasons why abandoned vehicles are a problem are as follows:

  1. They are unsightly and reduce the appeal of your neighborhood. Often these junk cars have body damage, flat tires and broken windows, thus the scrap vehicles make your area look blighted.
  2. If they are parked on the street these junk vehicles may block the city’s service trucks that are assigned for leaf removal and snow removal.
  3. Scrap cars pose environmental concerns. The vehicle’s components continue to erode over time and toxic fluids such as antifreeze, transmission fluid, contaminated oil and gasoline can leak and ultimately contaminate the area. Rain water washes these pollutants into storm drains which eventually flow into out rivers, lakes etc…
  4. The vehicle may contain trash and debris that may attract rodents and other pests.

Why would the owner not scrap the car for cash? A scrap car buyer could be called to sell a junk car and probably pay cash for it and handle the junk car removal. A city in Ohio where abandoned junk vehicles are present is in Portsmouth. On October 13, 2014, Frank Lewis of the Portsmouth Daily Times posted an article explaining the situation: “With the consideration of the implementation of an impound lot program, city officials have taken steps to define categories of cars that could be towed. Among those categories is ‘Abandoned Motor Vehicle’. Any motor vehicle left on private property for more than 48 hours without permission of the person having the right to the possession of the property and any motor vehicle left on public property for 48 hours or longer with permission of the chief of police. An inoperative motor vehicle is any vehicle not moved for 30 consecutive days; a junk motor vehicle must meet any of three criteria: three years or older; a car with damage including missing a wheel, a missing or deflated tire; a missing motor; a missing transmission; a fair market value of less than $400; inoperative; unlicensed or improperly licensed. No person shall store, park, or have any motor vehicle which is in a junked, abandoned, inoperative or dismantled within the city upon any public or private property for a period of time of 48 hours or longer.” The full article is available on

Where to sell a junk car? Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to scrap the car for cash. We are a scrap car buyer that handles junk car removal throughout Cuyahoga County. To scrap the cash for cash, simply call us @ 216-282-JUNK 7 days a week and free towing is included with junk car removal. Our scrap car buyer will pay you cash to scrap the cash for cash in Cleveland, Lakewood, Cuyahoga Heights, Newburgh Heights, Independence, Brecksville. CSC is the place to sell a junk car.

Ohio Vehicle E-Check

Ohio Vehicle E-Check

Those in Northeast Ohio must comply with having their vehicle’s emissions checked (Ohio vehicle E-Check) if residing in Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Medina, Portage & Summit counties. The other Ohio counties are not subjected to the program. Recently they have implemented self-service kiosks to perform the testing. Here are some facts about the program (per the site):

  • All gasoline and diesel-fueled vehicles, including flexible fuel and hybrid vehicles, equal to or less than 10,000 pounds (GVWR), 25 years old or newer from the current testing year, and registered within an E-Check county must comply with the E-Check requirement. All even model year vehicles must test in even-numbered years. All odd model year vehicles must test in odd-numbered years.
  • New vehicles are exempt for the first four model years.
  • Hybrid vehicles are required to test

Ohio Salvage Title

What happens when my car is considered a “salvage vehicle”? According to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles “1st apply for a salvage title in your name changing the status of your title from regular to salvage. (NOTE: The vehicle cannot be operated on the road while evidenced on a salvage title.) Upon completion of the repairs, contact the closest Highway Patrol Inspection Station and make an appointment to have a salvage inspection done (There is a $50 fee.). Take any receipts for repairs and new components with you to the inspection. After the vehicle has successfully completed the inspection, take Form HP106 and your salvage title and proceed to any Title Office and apply for a “rebuilt salvage” title. After all of these steps have been completed, the vehicle is now operable for use on any road.” So a scrap vehicle or junk car must complete repairs needed to make the vehicle road worthy again. You can sell a junk car with a salvage title but the new owner would then need to pass the requirements

Scrapping a junk car (title requirements)

Will Cleveland Scrap Cars buy a junk car or scrap car with a salvage title? Yes. Does Cleveland Scrap Cars pay cash for vehicles without a title? No. In order to scrap a car for cash (aka sell a junk car) the seller must have the title and proper ID. To scrap a car for cash, you will first get a junk car quote to determine value. To sell a junk car, we schedule a time to pick-up the car and you get cash for a junk car at that time. In order to scrap a car for cash call us at 216-282-JUNK today for a junk car quote and get cash for a junk car today




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In the August 22, 2014 edition of, Grant Segall, author of their “My Cleveland” column, discusses how Mr. Sam Bell has sustained in the auto business. Prior to creating the Lusty Wrench Auto Repair Shop, Mr. Bell apparently repaired several of his own junk cars, scrap cars and broken down vehicles. In 1979 he began servicing cars at the garage that he leased. According to the report, “It had been a garage since 1922, and it had the original dirt to prove it. We weren’t as quick as we should have been from the get-go, but we were very competent. I have since taken thousands of hours of technical education.” Here is the link:

What I particularly appreciate is Mr. Bell’s commitment to auto recycling, since we are in the business of working with scrap cars and junk cars. He stated “We like to promote a sustainable approach; it’s eco-conscious auto repair. We recycle a huge amount of packaging and use a lot of recycled fluids, particularly antifreeze and all our oil. Where appropriate, we use used components.”

To sell a junk car in Cleveland, simply call the auto recycling experts, who deal exclusively in buying junk cars and scrap cars at 216-282-5865. Cleveland Scrap Cars, a local auto recycling industry outfit, prides itself on making it easy to sell a junk car. The process begins with receiving a quote for the scrap value of these junk cars and disabled scrap cars. Cleveland auto recyclers are familiar with the area and include free towing for all cars to be converted to cash, which requires only the vehicle title and valid ID.

What are the reasons to sell a junk car for cash? The 3 most common reasons to sell a junk car or scrap a vehicle for cash are:

  1. The vehicle is not running and needs repairs that exceed the value if sold and running.
  2. You no longer need the junk vehicle and wish to have it removed ASAP
  3. The vehicle has very little trade-in value and I unlikely to sell to a private party



Lakewood Recycling

Lakewood Recycling

On June 25, 2014 the Lakewood Observer had a story by Matt Smith exposing the city’s flaws in its scrap and recycling program. Mr. Smith acknowledges that Lakewood’s residential recycling plan is effective, but states that businesses are not held responsible to recycle and that public locations lack the needed containers to allow for recycling. According to Smith: “the main culprit that is filling our landfills—the commercial businesses and public spaces in the city”. (the article link:


According to the city of Lakewood’s website, a Mandatory Recycling Ordinance went into effect in 2009. Why are Lakewood’s businesses not participating in the Lakewood recycling efforts? Is the city fearful of agitating its local commercial base? Recycling, scrap and salvage related issues in the city are managed by the Department of Public Works, more specifically, the Division of Refuse & Recycling in Lakewood. We encourage Mr. Smith to follow up with management of Lakewood’s Division of Refuse and recycling to address the problem.

Cleveland Scrap Cars is an auto recycler serving Cuyahoga County. We purchase scrap cars, junk cars, non-running vehicles 7 days a week. What does an auto recycler do? An auto recycler ensures that end-of life vehicles are properly disposed of. Junk cars are an environmental hazard and a tremendous eyesore to any community. To scrap a car in Cleveland call 216-282-JUNK today to have your junk car removed by Cleveland’s premier auto recycler. It is very easy to handle a scrap car in Cleveland, since only the vehicle title and photo ID are required and we even pay you cash for junk cars!

Cash for Cars, 1.4 Tire Scrap

Cash for Cars, 1.4 Tire Scrap

Removal of scrap tires is a solid waste concern facing auto recyclers, cash for cars companies and junk vehicle processors. Scrap tires from damaged cars and wrecked cars are a potential risk for having a negative health and environmental impact; therefore “scrap my car” companies need to be aware. Scrap tire piles provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes at scrap my car sites. Cash for cars buyers, junk vehicle removal companies and those handling damaged cars and wrecked cars are encouraged to store as few scrap tires as possible.

Best practices for junk vehicle buyers:

  • Schedule regular pickup of scrap tires by a properly permitted scrap hauler.
  • Store them indoors or keep covered in order to prevent water entrapment
  • If scrap tires cannot be processed quickly, leave the rims on to limit mosquitoes
  • Do not burn or bury scrap tires from a junk vehicle, as they present a fire hazard.

Modern uses for scrap tires:

1. Dock bumpers
2. Crash barriers in auto racing locations
3. Rifle range backstops
4. Conversion of scrap tires into other raw materials or products is always preferable, possibly for making new materials or energy

Cash for cars outfits, buyers of damaged cars, wrecked cars and “scrap my car” companies are encouraged to process tires according to Ohio law. The environmental concerns are high and old tires consume a great deal of space. If an auto recycler stores tires in large stacks, the potential for a fire to spread throughout the scrap car area and begin to release dangerous smoke and gas. At Cleveland Scrap cars, we strive to insure that the junk and scrap cars we buy are properly processed. We scrapping a car for cash in Cleveland, give us a call at 216-282-JUNK. Asking where to scrap my car in Cleveland? Call Cleveland Scrap Cars 7 days a week for removal and receive cash and free towing throughout Cuyahoga County.

Auto Scrap Recycling, Car Airbags

Auto Scrap Recycling, Car Airbags

One controversial topic within the auto recycling, junk car, auto scrap and vehicle scrap recycling industry is the redeployment of used airbags and the safety of aftermarket airbag usage.

The average price for a used airbag unit is $250-$350 and can be obtained from a used item dealer, auto wrecker, scrap car buyer and other sources.  The installation of a used airbag from another vehicle should be done by an expert installer. A critical component of your airbag system is the airbag’s “computer”.  Often airbag systems need recalibrated to an aftermarket bumper assembly.

Airbag installation can be highly specialized. If your airbag has deployed, or if you want a new airbag in your car, there are a couple options:

Dealers: The dealer is most likely to have expertise on working with airbags for your car. It takes skill that’s beyond that of most garages. Much depends if the steering column needs to be replaced. If it’s a collapsible steering column, replacement will be needed. The “clock spring” might also need to be replaced. Expect to pay well over $700 for items and labor.

Garages: Most garages won’t deal with airbag installation. It can be too tricky, and it’s all too easy to trip the new airbag. Although it’s profitable work, the headaches involved may not be worth it.

DIY: Trying to repair or re-install airbags on your own is not recommended. This is specific and potentially dangerous work. An airbag deploys with great force, and an accidental detonation can injure you.  

In the State of Ohio auto airbags can be sold “used” and reinstalled. The US Postal Service (USPS) and other providers established regulations for the transportation of such unsafe materials; these guidelines also regulate the shipment of airbags. Airbags are considered to be miscellaneous hazardous objects for their explosive potential. Accidental airbag deployment is dangerous to those handling or transporting them. To diminish these hazards, airbags are classified as consumer product with ORM-D labeling. Newer vehicles typically have multiple airbag units which in addition to driver and passenger units will have side impact airbags and units to protect rear seat passengers.   

Theft of auto airbags is more common than you may realize. In an article on Auto Body Review dated February 28, 2014 ( the facts are illustrated: “The National Insurance Crime Bureau reported that thieves steal nearly 50,000 airbags in the US alone.” Airbags are targets for theft since they have a high value and are simple to remove.   

Cleveland Scrap Cars buys junk cars and scrap cars throughout Northeast Ohio. We pay cash for cars and serve as a scrap car buyer and junk car buyer in Cleveland. When scrapping a car in Cuyahoga County call the car scrap specialists. To sell your junk car or scrap car in the Cleveland area, look no further. We offer free towing and operate as a scrap car buyer and junk car buyer 7 days a week. Scrapping a car is simple, just give us a call for current scrap car prices or junk vehicle removal in Cleveland, Parma, Lakewood, Brookpark, Garfield Heights, Maple Heights, East Cleveland, Euclid, Eastlake, Solon, Bedford, Bedford Heights, Independence, Macedonia, Northfield, Beachwood, Mayfield Heights and the surrounding Cuyahoga County area.


Car Seat Recycling Program in Cleveland

Car Seat Recycling Program in Cleveland

According to a 19 Action News Cleveland in a 2013 article, a program of recycling used automobile infant carriers and car seats is underway.  It is another example of how recycling items is beneficial in the Cleveland area.  

“Many parents don’t know what to do with the infant carriers and car seats once their children have out-grown them. A new car seat recycling program at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital gives parents an opportunity to help the environment, and assist some needy parents.

Used car seats turned into the recycling program are inspected and evaluated for potential future use. Those that are safe to be reused are cleaned and offered to those without the funds to buy a new car seat. Seats that are unfit and can’t be reused are dismantled & recycled—keeping them out of landfills”.  For more information, call 216-844-2277 (option 5) and leave a message.

Here is the link to article:

Cleveland Scrap Cars is a specialist in the recycling of old cars, scrap cars and junk vehicles.  We support new recycling efforts in the greater Cuyahoga County Area.  If  looking to turn your old car, truck or van into cash simply contact us at 216-282-5865 (JUNK) or visit

Lakewood Observer Article: New Recycling Program

Lakewood, OH: New Recycling Program Article
Lakewood Observer Article: New Recycling Program

Check out the above story regarding Lakewood’s new recycling program.  At Cleveland Scrap Cars we support recycling efforts throughout the greater Cleveland area. As a “cash for cars” recycling company, we continue to handle the processing of junk cars, scrap cars and wrecked vehicles in a manner that is friendly to the environment. To sell your junk car in Cleveland call 216-282-JUNK or visit us at


Charlotte Petrie from the Lakewood Observer (12/11/2013)