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Junk Cars Ordinances in Chardon, OH

The process of obtaining cash for scrap vehicles is probably much simpler than you may think in Northfield, Cuyahoga Heights, & Oakwood Village, OH. As a junk car buyer proudly serving the areas of North Olmsted or Old Brooklyn, we specialize in fast and friendly service. When you scrap a car for cash in Detroit-Shoreway area and Cudell area, you are making a wise environmental decision. Who buys scrap cars that are wrecked or damaged? We will buy the vehicle regardless of the condition in West Park, Brook Park, and Seven Hills.

The City of Chardon is located in Geauga County with a population based on the 2010 census of 5,100 and is roughly 4.5 square miles in size. They have updated their provisions on the management of junk vehicles. Officers may impound vehicles in the following situations:

  • Vehicle left unattended on a street or illegally parked or obstructing traffic
  • Any vehicle left for 72 hours on public property or on someone else’s private property
  • Cars that are damaged or wrecked and appears hazardous to operate
  • Vehicles deemed as stolen, with two or more Traffic Code citations, or otherwise unattended

The registered owner will be notified in the event of an impounding and must show proof of ownership, towing and storage fees for release.

Another set of provisions applies to those cars which are inoperative or not properly licensed as follows:

  • Unless kept in a fully enclosed area of their property, vehicles that are disassembled, not operable, or not registered may not be stored for more than three days
  • In the above case, property owners are provided a written notice and may be charged with a minor misdemeanor
  • In districts where auto repair work is permitted, inoperable vehicles may only be visible for a 30-day period

Our practices produce environmental benefits such as reducing air pollution and water pollution. When deciding where to go to get cash for scrap vehicles, Cleveland Scrap Cars is a great spot in Aurora, Westlake, or Shaker Heights. Our responsiveness and customer service are differentiating factors in our efforts to function as a junk car buyer in North Randall or Solon. When deciding to scrap a car for cash, often your decision is made for you when you see the repair cost from a Walton Hills, Brooklyn, or Streetsboro location. If you are wondering who buys scrap cars around here? Contact (216) 282-JUNK today–you won’t be disappointed.

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New Junk Car Provisions

Our cash for junk cars buyer will explain that the tow is included in Warrensville Heights, Reminderville, and Geauga County. Improve the image of your neighborhood in Westlake or Shaker Heights by calling us about damaged vehicle removal. There are several scrap yards that buy cars to be recycled in Wickliffe, Macedonia, or Aurora. Vehicle owners with junky cars in Bedford, Berea, & Tremont should know where to sell a junk car.

The town of Winona’s City Council is furthering efforts to reduce urban blight. Apparently there are far too many junk cars cluttering properties and dilapidated houses across the area. These new rules added the rules or “code” adds new restrictions on possession of “junk cars” at homes that are not designated for auto scrap. The code considers a “junk vehicle” as basically any car that is inoperable and not licensed in accordance with local laws. Greg Karow, an official for the town, emphasized the importance of maintaining current vehicle registration.

The “10-day rule” will stay in place which upon contacting the owner of the property, they have a ten-day period to remedy the situation or it may be removed. These provisions are considered to be nuisance laws. Other such laws include overgrown lawns or shrubs, large accumulations of rubbish etc. This also clarifies that the authorities have the right to access private property for removal of these “eyesores”. The new law will allow the city to notify the property owner by both tagging the vehicle and sending correspondence through the mail. The full story is available here.

Did you know scrap automobiles can contain other hazardous items, such as lead, mercury and asbestos? Did you know that you can receive fast cash for junk cars by contacting us for a quote for a junk car in North Randall, Solon, or Walton Hills? Those with an unwanted vehicle in Brooklyn, Streetsboro, or Fairview Park should take advantage of our damaged vehicle removal offerings. Among the scrap yards that buy cars, we strive to insure that up to 90% of the vehicle is recycled in Bentleyville Village, Mentor, or Willoughby. Those not so proud junky vehicle owners in Lyndhurst or Ohio City no longer have to ask where to sell a junk car

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Abandoned Cars Simply Left at Airport Parking Sites

Our “cars for cash” program in Bedford, Berea, or Tremont is fast and simple, allowing you to get cash today! We have been a leading junk vehicle buyer in the Avon, Warrensville Heights, & Reminderville areas for several years now. Are you wondering the price quote for a junk car would be in Geauga County, Wickliffe, or Macedonia? Where can I scrap my car today in Aurora, Westlake, or Shaker Heights without much hassle? Make the call to Cleveland Scrap Cars today at (216) 282-JUNK (5865).

The Pittsburgh International Airport amasses quite of few lost and found items that are never retrieved, which makes sense if you were simply in the terminal awaiting a flight and live somewhere far away. Generally these items including phones and watches and sold annually at their auction which raises money for local charities, such as the Circles of Greater Pittsburgh, Lions Club etc. This year approximately 1,000 people attended the event as roughly a dozen abandoned automobiles were included in the auction. Nobody knows for sure why vehicles are left at the airport and never picked back up. Both the airport and/or local authorities make an effort to notify owners, yet many still remain. In addition, this year there was a good deal of clothing and mobility equipment that was ultimately donated.

Our company believes in encouraging waste diversion by aiming to reuse and recycle as many products and materials as possible. Those seeking cars for cash services in the regions of Solon, Walton Hills, or Brooklyn are encouraged to contact us today. Our junk vehicle buyer in Streetsboro, Fairview Park, or Bentleyville Village will give you a price for the scrap value of your car   You can simply call our office in Mentor, Willoughby, or Lyndhurst Monday through Saturday for a quick quote for a junk car. We have offered scrap my car solutions in Ohio City, Highland Heights, & Maple Heights for years and include complimentary junk car retrieval.

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Cleaning Up Scrap & Junk in City

Many folks are not aware that you can sell your scrap car for cash in Bedford, Berea, and Tremont. Often individuals forget that we are where to junk a car for fast cash in Avon, Geauga County, or Macedonia. Junky vehicle owners should be aware that we are the premier outfit who buys junk cars in Aurora, Westlake, and Shaker Heights. Those that are hoarding junk vehicles should wake up and realize that we are where to scrap my car in North Randall, Solon, and Walton Hills.

On Jan 6, 2017, James Chilton, of the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, posted an article regarding limiting blight within the city, such as junk and scrap cars sitting around: “Mayor Marian Orr proclaimed the new “Fight the Blight” program aimed at solutions for junky properties. Orr says the idea for program came from her systematic door-to-door meetings with residents, many showed concerns about abandoned properties their areas. Many homes were broken into & brought a criminal element, hindering safety.

The 7-member task force came from various backgrounds, with skills in real estate, property management, enforcement & code enforcement. Orr says the idea is to locate strategies & policy that has worked in many communities & figure out how to apply in the city. Julie Gliem is the leader for task force and also leads the Cheyenne Landlords Association, and had worked with former City Councilor Annette Williams to fix a blighted trailer park in Cheyenne. Trailer homes, for example, can fall within some motor vehicle laws. There are many complaints regarding the presence of junk vehicles, often 6-7 cars are dumped in someone’s yard.

Residents do not want the houses in their neighborhoods to be run down. Some homes which appear abandoned, actually are not, as someone lives there, and may need assistance. Another big issue is addressing the issue of vacant business properties in the downtown. The task force will soon decide what the overall approach will be.” The full article is available at this link:

Sell Your Scrap Car in East Cleveland

Our auto buyer is on-hand for you to sell your scrap car in Streetsboro, Fairview Park, and Bentleyville Village. We are where to junk a car in Mentor, Willoughby, Lyndhurst, reach out to the home of auto recycling of junk cars! Perhaps you need to know who buys junk cars and damaged cars in Ohio City, Highland Heights, and Maple Heights, OH? Within the regions of Middlefield, University Heights, Warrensville Heights, we are where to scrap my car. Contaminating the environment can occur within the scope of some (less focused) scrap car operations.

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Summit County Scrap Recycling Finances

The guy who buys scrap cars throughout Oakwood Village, North Olmsted, and Collinwood will offer fast pickup services. Vehicles that are rusting away in Sagamore Hills, Middleburg Heights, and Glenwillow know where to scrap my car now. Scrap car owners in areas such as Parma, Beachwood, and Bedford Heights should be aware that we buy any car. Selling an old car in Bratenahl, Mantua, or Moreland Hills maybe much easier than you think.  Many scrap auto recyclers use systems and processes that are friendly to the atmosphere.

In December 29, 2016 edition of Summit Daily and article was posted by Kevin Fixler as follows: “Community recycling quickly has been a critical issue this year when the county began pondering considerable reductions due to low cash. In November the county govt. began to wrap up a budget for 2017, and had to take a solemn look at income shortfalls caused by a change to their business model to keep current operations at the landfill in Keystone. The Summit County Resource Allocation Park (SCRAP) is less a big dump than it is a waste location. It requires more funds to function be more than just a garbage collection site, and the decision recently by an area trash hauler to take junk elsewhere directly impacted the bottom line.

In efforts to consolidate operations and pay less in dues — or tipping fees— to enter the local landfill & dump off materials, Timberline Disposal, LLC, rather started sending trash to a site in Silver Plume. These tariffs required by SCRAP are typically higher than those of the Front Range, but also make up about 30% of SCRAP’s income. The state requires all counties finalize a budget by Dec. 15; therefore recycling was cut. The Daily obtained many letters voicing opinions on the subject, and hundreds packed the County Community & Senior Facility a monthly meeting.” The full article is available here.

Who Buys Scrap Cars in Lakewood?

Who buys scrap cars in Mayfield Heights, Lake County, and South Euclid with quick removal options? Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to scrap my car in Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe, and Brecksville without the hassles. It is truly hassle free in Bainbridge, East Cleveland, and Chesterland—since we buy any car in any condition Residents of Seven Hills, Northfield, and Cuyahoga Heights should know we are the best option for selling an old car. Old cars contain harmful chemicals that we process in an environmentally sound way to avoid contamination.


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Car Refurbished for Event

Our auto buyer in Bedford, Berea, and Tremont is the fast solution for disposal of an old car. Those with a vehicle that is essentially now auto scrap in Avon, Geauga County, or Macedonia, should try our convenient service. Are you the not so proud owner of a damaged car in Aurora, Westlake, or Shaker Heights seeking a spot that will buy used cars for scrap? Those in possession of an old car in North Randall, Solon, and Walton Hills should be aware that we buy junk cars.

A November 22, 2016 article in the Daily Local News informed us as follows: “The 4th annual Car Show & Community Day became a way of giving back and a opportunity to say thanks to a soldier. The show was y held at the Technical College High School (TCHS) Brandywine Campus, in assistance with the Recycling Rides program, and gave Sgt. Tiffany Rowan with a refurbished 2012 Nissan Sentra by 3D Auto Body & Collision Centers. Rowan, of Bethlehem, is a twelve year member of the US Army Reserves. She has been stationed in Iraq, Kuwait and Qatar .Her fiancé, Vernon McLucas, is a veteran of the NY Army National Guard, after serving his 6-year contract. The transition from active-duty to civilian lifestyles has been difficult. Because of that, she expressed gratitude for the vehicle.

According to TCHS Brandywine reps, roughly 1,000 people attended the Recycled Rides ceremony. Activities such as building and classroom tours, and services provided by local businesses & TCHS program instructors, and face painting. The car show is sponsored and supported by 3D Auto Collision Center, ABRA Auto Body, Black Horse Auto Body, Valspar, Coatesville Youth Initiative, Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union, the Chester County Intermediate Unit Practical Nursing Program & Universal Technical Institute. According to event coordinators, participating organizations included Geico & the time and materials for Rowan’s car were donated by Fred Beans of Doylestown, Wensel’s Repair of Spring City, Lehigh Valley Bumper, LKQ Corp., Keystone Automotive of Philadelphia and Chuck’s Auto of Douglassville. These groups worked in conjunction with 3D’s facility to restore the Nissan to like new condition. The Recycled Rides idea was developed by the National Auto Council in 2007. The program brings together insurers, experts, suppliers, vendors and other collaborators to repair & donate vehicles to needing individuals and service organizations.” The full article is available here.

Scrap Auto Buyer

Even if your car, truck, or van is now auto scrap, we are likely to pay you for it in Streetsboro, Fairview Park, or Bentleyville Village.  Those of us that still buy used cars for scrap in Mentor, Willoughby, and Lyndhurst can attest to the ease and convenience. Wrecked and damaged vehicle holders in Ohio City, Highland Heights, and Maple Heights should be aware that we buy junk cars. We are proudly offering junk removal of automobiles quickly in Middlefield and University Heights, OH.

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Scrap Prices Still Down

The overall price for a junk car is forecasted to remain low in the short-run in Bedford, Berea, and Avon. To scrap a car in Cleveland, you should call us at (216) 282-JUNK today. We are experienced at scrapping cars 6 days a week throughout Geauga County, Macedonia, and Aurora, OH. Those in Westlake, Shaker Heights, or North Randall, seeking vehicle scrap services are in luck! Are you one of the many people in Solon, Walton Hills, and Streetsboro wondering how to sell a junk car?

An October 11, 2016 article in Recycling Today says as follows: “The World Steel Association released its Short Range Outlook for 2016 and 2017, forecasting a 0.2% increase in steel demand in 2016, following a dip of 3% in 2015. In 2017, the organization thinks that global steel demand will grow by 0.5%. T.V. Narendran, chairman of the Worldsteel Economics Committee thinks the steel industry remains tough, with uncertainties fueled by geopolitical items in many countries. The weakness in overall investment continues to stifle growth. A better-than-expected outlook for China, along with some growth in emerging economies, will aid global steel to move back to a growing pattern. This slow growth will remain weak for now from to the continued readjusting in China and slow recovery in the developed economies. He says downside risks to this forecast are from high corporate debt & real estate markets in China, Brexit uncertainties and possible continued escalation of instability in many regions. Demand in the emerging economies (excluding China) will accelerate to show some growth in 2017 due to the resilient Asian countries and stabilization of commodities. In the developed world, low interest rates, and private investment is weak with a pessimistic outlook on demand. To aid confidence, governments have only limited monetary & fiscal policy tools to boost investments. In many developing countries, weak commodity pricing, political tension & highly leveraged sectors all add up to slow things down. Chinese GDP evolution in 2016 will be at its lowest point since 1990, but with a higher contribution from services & consumption. Their government issued stimulus measures for infrastructure spending, real estate and auto sales. Steel demand decline in 2016 will be less severe predicted. The rebound in real estate is unsustainable, as inventory levels are high and apartments are increasingly too expensive for most. Construction continues to hurt steel demand, and manufacturing has only slight room for recovery. Steel demand in China is projected to dip by 1% in 2016 and by 2% in 2017.

After 2 years of contraction, steel demand in Brazil will begin a recovery in 2017. Oil prices helped to sustain the decline in Russia and prevent further decline of the Mexican, South American and GCC economies. Low & unstable oil prices and political friction are continuing to undermine the outlook for the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region. India’s steel demand is likely to grow in 2016-2017 backed by reforms and infrastructure investments, but its long term performance is under question the government. The overall U.S. economy continues to exhibit strength, steel demand in the U.S. is not growing due to a strong dollar, which hinders manufacturing sector, and the difficult shale related investments. Japan’s steel demand growth is light in structural issues & negatively affected by the appreciation of the yen after the U.K. referendum.” The article is available in its entirety here.

What is the price for a junk car?

Did you know that you can scrap a car in Clevelad with only the title and an ID? Our process of scrapping cars in Bentleyville Village, Mentor, and Willoughby, is focused on environmental practices designed toward recycling. The current disaster in the vehicle scrap market in Lyndhurst, Ohio City, Highland Heights, has been quite widespread. Residents in the areas of Maple Heights, Middlefield, and University Heights, wondering how to sell a junk car should call our cash for cars buyer.

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Junk Cars Accumulating

Cleveland Scrap Cars is back with some more news and information regarding the auto scrap and recycling market. We take in cars for cash and include complimentary damaged car removal services. Our junk auto buyer will provide you a junk car quote right over the phone which includes free junk vehicle removal. The best aspect of our business is our commitment to being eco-conscious. We recycle the maximum amount of material associated with each scrap vehicle and insure environmental compliance. Our next topic centers on an area in Western NY that is slowly being “overtaken” by a high volume of junk vehicles that are unlicensed, unwanted or abandoned.

An article by Amanda Dedie on April 17, 2016 in the Dunkirk Observer titled ‘Junk cars break down Arkwright councilman’ told us the following: “At a recent town board meeting, one councilman expressed frustration with the number of junk vehicles plaguing the town. Clint Nagle says the town is going on its 2nd year with having a number of junk cars filling the front yards of residents, leaving certain areas to be non-compliant with building codes, and also an eyesore. Nagle says these people are taking cars & tearing them down & everything else. He called a couple of other townships, and they only allow (1) car and they send out a notice, and then they pursue them through court after that. He is adamant that the town not turn into a virtual junk dump.

Town Councilman Chris Cannon chimed suggesting that they place a large newspaper ad and let people know that if they have more than 1-2 vehicles in their yards, and they’re piling up a lot of junk, that they’ll be notified, warned and have to pay a large fine. Cannon says that if I had a bunch of junk cars in my yard right now, unlicensed, you’re darn right that action should be taken.” The full article is available here.

Why do these people simply abandon an old car in the neighborhood? This just makes the area look much worse and poses environmental concerns as they can potentially leak hazardous fluids and serve as traffic hazards as well. It would take these irresponsible vehicle owners about five minutes to call a “cars for cash” place that offers damaged car removal to have them removed.

Damaged car removal service in Berea, Parma, Euclid and Solon.

Those seeking junk vehicle removal plus some cash for an unwanted vehicle are encouraged to call (216) 282-JUNK today. We are an environmentally conscious auto buyer that serves the counties of Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga. As an auto scrap organization with best practices already in place, we divert many tons of materials from being tossed into landfills. Protecting our natural environment with our auto junk program is an effective way to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and other costly energy resources.

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Auto Towing & Hauling Price

Cleveland Scrap Cars is back with our topic relating to the world of being a buyer of scrap vehicles. We buy junk cars 6 days a throughout Macedonia, Bedford, and Aurora. To use our cash for my car service, we are simply a phone call away. We even pay cash for wrecked cars and will buy junk cars in virtually any (complete) condition. Our buyer of scrap vehicles is standing by to pay cash for junk vehicles or cash for wrecked cars in the areas of North Randall, Richmond Heights, and Solon. Are you wondering where to get cash for my car in Streetsboro, Bentleyville Village, or Mentor? Our “green” principles preserve valuable resources for future generations, without any compromises. In fact, our cash for my car program helps to alleviate global warming and its adverse environmental impact.

In a story on by Evan Sernoffsky titled ‘ Nearly $500 SF towing fees to drop by about 20 bucks’ we learned the following: “Drivers whose cars get towed from public areas in SF will save $22.50 from the nearly $500 in fees a tow company that contracts with the city has been charging. A new 5-year contract with the city and AutoReturn has been signed.

The new contract also gives a break to out-of-towners whose cars get stolen and then ditched. Tourists now get the same stolen-vehicle waiver against towing fees that San Francisco residents have been enjoying. But AutoReturn can still ding drivers for not picking up their cars in 4 hours, at which point the company charges $58.50 for the 1st day of storage. The company can then add $68.25 for each day after; the new lower fees go into effect April 1.” The full article is available here.

An article composed by Farida Jhabvala on KQED News with the headline ‘Why is Towing So Expensive in San Francisco?’ tells us as follows: “I headed to a lot on 7th Street under Interstate 80, where most vehicles towed by the police or SF Municipal Transportation wind up. I met Cherish Demins, whose car was towed less than an hour earlier, while he was making a visit to his office. The price to get his car back was $483.75. Among people who have had their car towed in San Francisco, Demins is actually lucky. Because he recovered his car so quickly, he paid the minimum charge to get it back. But that minimum amount is twice as much as drivers in Chicago and LA pay. On Demins’ bill it is broken into two segments: a $220.75 towing fee & an $263 administrative fee.

The main cost of this business is paying the tow companies for the work they do on commission, according to John Pendleton, co-founder at AutoReturn. On average, a tow company earns $80.39 for each vehicle it brings to the lot. The 2nd-biggest expense for AutoReturn is salaries and rent. AutoReturn pays nearly $3M each year in rent for the lot on 7th Street.” The complete story is at this link.

We are a buyer of scrap vehicles

When we buy junk cars in Willoughby, Lyndhurst, and Ohio City, our recycling process begins. Do you need cash for wrecked cars in the counties of Cuyahoga, Lake or Geauga? Residents of Tremont, Bratenahl, and Mantua can contact our buyer of scrap cars @ (216) 282-JUNK today. Good news for those in Moreland Hills, Chagrin Falls, and Mayfield Heights, as we have expanded our scrap car hauling operation to service these areas. Most of the products and materials that comprise your car can be reclaimed, reused and refurbished for future use? Did you know that our “green” recycling practices save vital resources, lower various costs and decrease environmental pollution? Even if your car is not worth fixing and not moving from its position in South Euclid, Cleveland Heights, or Wickliffe, we can gladly pick it up!

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Auto Scrap Closure

Auto Scrap Closure

Cleveland Scrap Cars will pay money for a junk car and junk car scrap in Bedford, Pepper Pike, and Aurora. As a salvage car buyer, we are focused on auto recycling in an eco-friendly manner. Those seeking a scrap vehicle buyer in North Randall, Richmond Heights or Solon, are encouraged to contact us for junk car scrap related services. The value of a junk car, which is the amount of money for a junk car that you receive when you sell your junk car to us, had dipped significantly in recent months. Any US salvage car buyer can attest to this market fluctuation, which stems from reduced demand within the global metal commodity markets. Our next topic takes us to DC to learn about a scrap vehicle buyer and recycler that is closing up shop.

On December 22, 2015 Amanda Abrams on compiled an article titled ‘The last scrap yard in the District closes to make room for stadium’ with the following details: “Activity at Super Salvage (SS) has slowed, and the piles of metal have shrunk to almost nothing. After more than 60 years in SW Washington’s Buzzard Point neighborhood, the scrap yard is clearing out to make way for a soccer stadium. Steven Middlethon, president of Super Salvage, who owns two other scrap yards Maryland, isn’t happy about leaving. He says it’s benefited him because there’s a lot of demolition and construction going on in the D.C. area. Contractors, demo companies, and local residents bring in those items and earn cash for them. Then Super Salvage employees would sort & clean and cut the goods into small pieces, which are sent to foundries & melted down.

Metal prices have been significantly down all year. Those who seek out abandoned metal in dumpsters & alleys, bringing it to SS via carts or bicycles that are most affected. There are many throughout the city — guys such as Bill Whitmore, a 71-year-old native who has been scrapping for years, spending whole days searching out old ­air-conditioning units or car components that he redeems at SS for money.

Urban scrap yards continually have to fight disapproval proceedings or other efforts to get them out. Sometimes they’re deemed unattractive in a city that’s improving its image; sometimes there’s simply a shortage of land. Joaquin McPeek, spokesman for the District’s office of the deputy mayor says that D.C. has never been a big industrial city; the amount of land zoned as industrial has shrunk to only about 4% of the city.” The full article is available at this link.

Super Salvage had been operating in the region for many years and employed approximately 15-25 people. Traditionally, those in the junk car scrap and salvage car buyer & recycling markets tends to goes through periods of sustainable profitability. As a result, the scrap vehicle buyer can typically offer above-average wages to employees. Hopefully in this case the individuals will land on their feet in new employment opportunities.

Cleveland Scrap Cars has witnessed the reduced value of a junk car. When you used to be able to sell your junk car for a minimum of $250, times were certainly better. Currently, the most money for a junk car offered is around $150 and we hope to see improvement in 2016.

CSC is proud to now offer junk car hauling services in Middlefield, Chesterland and Chardon, as we cover more of Geauga County. Residents of University Heights, Warrensville Heights and Euclid that want to receive cash for clunkers can reach our junk car buyer at (216) 282-JUNK. Same-day scrap car removal services are available in Garfield Heights, Eastlake, and Twinsburg.  We will pay cash for cars in any condition and will pick them up throughout Lakewood, Linndale Village, and Newburgh Heights. Even if your car is broken down and needs costly repairs from a Midas, Conrads or Firestone Service Center in Middleburg Heights, Glenwillow, or Parma—we can do it! We now buy scrap vehicles increasingly in the Lake County regions of Mentor, Willowick and Willoughby. Fast cash for cars can be yours in Tremont, Bratenahl and Ohio City as well.  

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New Auto Dealer Law

New Auto Dealer Law

Cleveland Scrap Cars is back with our latest update. Are you asking yourself where to cash for my car in Garfield Heights, Eastlake or Twinsburg,? We offer you a price for scrap cars right over the phone and the old car removal is included in that quote. To get fast cash for cars in Ohio City, Highland Heights or Moreland Hills, simply contact our junk vehicle buyer today. On December 10, 2015 an article was composed on titled ‘S.C. GAP Law Takes Effect’ with the following details: “As of Dec. 1, F&I offices operating in SC have a new set of rules to follow when selling guaranteed asset protection (GAP). While the new law mainly clarifies what GAP is and does, it also defines when the protection can be sold. The state’s GAP Act requires that GAP waivers include a 30-day right to cancel. It also prohibits dealerships and others from requiring that consumers purchase the protection to obtain credit or to recieve better terms. Consumers must receive a clear-written contract disclosing terms, such as the pricing, conditions and any exclusions in simple language.

Matthew Nowels, an attorney for Florida, says the law reflects the model act developed by the GAP Alliance, which he manages. The trade group, which was formed in 2006 of GAP providers, initiated discussions with the SC Department of Consumer Affairs about amending the law to provide a framework of how GAP is presented and sold. He said they felt there wasn’t a lot of clarity in existing law. One restriction says dealers can only sell GAP in conjunction with a loan unrelated to the purchase of a vehicle if the loan has an repayment term of more than 12 months and a principal amount over $4,000. Also added was that a dealer must believe the consumer will be eligible for a benefit under the product. Dealers also must have the consumer, credit terms, and the vehicle qualify under at least 80% of the MSRP for a new vehicle or the NADA average retail value for a used vehicle. The full article is available at this link.

Edmunds defines GAP coverage as follows: “GAP stands for Guaranteed Auto Protection, which in insurance. If you have an accident, your insurance will pay you the current market value of the car, but not the total amount of what you owe the finance company. This leaves a gap in your coverage, and an amount that you still have to pay. GAP insurance is a must for leasing. Car dealers traditionally sell GAP insurance in the finance and insurance office as the sales contract is being prepared.”[1]  One thing that Mr. Nowels did not elaborate on is that GAP coverage is often a controversial add-on product. From what I have gathered, selling GAP products benefits the F&I dealer staff through commission-style compensation. Often the staff may try to “slip in” this contract at the end of a car deal, briefly mentioning it as a necessary item, or other questionable sales tactics.

Get cash for my car

We are the greater Cleveland area’s premier spot to obtain cash for a car. Those in Bedford, Bentleyville Village, and Tremont can receive fast cash for cars today. Our scrap vehicle buyer is available to provide you a price for scrap cars 6 days a week throughout Walton Hills, Streetsboro and Mentor. We handle old car removal from the regions of South Euclid, Cleveland Heights and Wickliffe. Even if your car is sitting at a Conrad’s location, transmission shop, or Goodyear store in Aurora, Shaker Heights or North Randall—we will pick it up.  


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Cleveland Vehicle Recycling

Cleveland Vehicle Recycling

Cleveland Scrap Cars is among dozens of scrap yards that buy cars and serves as a premier place where to scrap my car in NE Ohio. The value of a junk car had receded over 2015, due to increasingly low pricing in the scrap steel market. CSC will buy a wrecked car or a totaled car 6 days a week, allowing you to sell your scrap car quickly. Scrap yards that buy cars across the country are all impacted by the drop in a value of a junk car. Our next story discusses how the Cleveland Transit System is effectively recycling its rail vehicles by using components from older cars that are now retired. On December 5, 2015 Mike McIntyre posted a story on titled ‘Until RTA can afford new rail fleet, it strips aging trains to keep others rolling’ with the following details: ‘The 74 active train cars in the Cleveland RTA rail fleet are survivors. Placed into service in the late 1970s, they’re long past their 30-year life expectancy. They look good for their age; but beneath, the stress is starting to show and their longevity is due to dedicated mechanics who pamper them inside a repair shop. The trains owe their lives to components from other cars of the generation. The cars ended their productive lives a decade ago and are kept for their components. 30+ of these trains rest in a rail yard on the city’s east side; RTA harvests the cars at the E. 55th St. Maintenance Facility.

Car 830, a light rail car, made the journey from the yard to the Central Rail facility and mechanics hoisted it into the air and then removed gear boxes, electrical controls and wheels. With a little refurbishing, the components can keep the 34 surviving light-rail cars running. The light-rail cars used on the Green & Blue lines are more fragile than the stainless-steel cars on the Red line that connects East Cleveland through downtown to the Airport. The trains are so old their manufacturers no longer make those models; they don’t make most items needed to keep them running anymore.

Eventually, a new fleet will be needed. RTA has spent about $3M in train car maintenance over the past decade. The GM Joe Calabrese, says new trains are needed by 2020, a cost estimated to be $280 million. Congress is hammering out a transportation bill that includes a modest increase in transit spending. There’s no guarantee RTA will get the money it needs from the feds. RTA is researching whether it can save money by replacing both types of trains with a single style that can work on both tracks. It would require fewer trains, thereby cutting costs, but might require extensive rail & station modifications. As long as the maintenance it kept up on, it should keep the aging fleet rolling.” The complete article is available here. It seems that the value of a junk car in the RTA’s rail system is high, considering many of the components would otherwise be unavailable in the market.

Where to scrap my car in Cleveland

Cleveland Scrap Cars will provide those in Lyndhurst, Highland Heights or Maple Heights with a quote for the value of a junk car right over the phone. Residents of Moreland Hills, University Heights and Lakewood are encouraged to call (216) 282-JUNK to sell your scrap car, even if it is a totaled car. Are you asking yourself where to scrap my car for cash in Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights or Macedonia? CSC has a junk vehicle buyer on hand Monday through Saturday and is prepared to tow away vehicles from areas including Shaker Heights, North Randall and Streetsboro. We provide junk vehicle removal and cash for scrap vehicles throughout Richmond Heights, Solon and Walton Hills. If your car is broken down at a repair shop in a city such as Beachwood, Bedford or Bentleyville Village—we will pick it up.


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Vehicle Loan News

Vehicle Loan News

Cleveland Scrap Cars is an auto scrap outfit who buys old cars 6 days a week, paying you cash for the value of a scrap car. When you sell a junk car to CSC, from the point of vehicle removal you can rest-assured that the car will be recycled in a manner that is friendly to the environment. The majority of auto scrap is able to contribute to the ongoing usage of existing cars on the road or toward the betterment of new vehicles or other products. A November 28, 2015 article posted on composed by Jim Flynn titled ‘Avoid going upside down on car loan’ informed us of the following:New car sales have been hot the past couple of years, in large part due to increased competition in the auto finance market. Lenders have found auto finance to be one of the few ways available to earn a decent return. Heightened auto finance competition has had a couple of notable concerns. First, subprime auto loans have increased greatly. (This may not be as risky as it sounds since, in hard times, people are less likely to default on an auto loan than a home loan)  Second, auto finance competition has resulted in extended loan terms.

Not long ago, a three-year term was the norm. Now, it’s common to see auto loans with terms of 5 to 7 years, which reduces monthly payments. Usually the value of a financed auto will go down much faster than the loan against it will be repaid. To illustrate, assume you buy a 2015 Mustang for $45,000. You put $5,000 down and finance $40,000 on a 6% loan. If the loan term is 3 years, your monthly payment will be $1,217 and the loan will be fully paid at the end of 3 years. If the loan term is 7 years, your monthly payment will be $584. However, at the end of 3 years, you’ll still owe $24,881 – and your car will likely be worth around $17,000. Now, if your car is stolen at 36 months, never to be seen again, your insurance company will, under your comprehensive coverage, pay you $17,000 (less your deductible) – meaning you’ll have to scrape up roughly $8,000 more to pay off your loan.

This problem also referred to as being “upside down on your loan” (aka: under water).  Gap insurance comes to your rescue when your auto is a total loss due to theft, an accident etc., and its value is less than what you owe against it. Some auto lenders will also require gap coverage, especially for a long-term loan with a small down payment. Although the concept of gap insurance is simple enough, it can get complicated when you look at the details and your options for coverage. Gap coverage might just be a simple contract, in which event the solvency of the company providing the coverage becomes a more important issue. If your own insurance company doesn’t offer gap insurance, your lender or auto dealership most likely will.  In all events, you need to compare terms of coverage and cost before you buy. You’re likely to find major differences from one product to the next.” The full article is available here.

This scenario is so inherently flawed it is ridiculous. I will explain why in the following points:

  • Why is someone who only has $5,000 cash down buying a $45,000 car in the first place?
  • If you are illogical enough to think this makes sense, consider that 4 years from now, likely you will have an “itch” for a nicer car anyway and be strapped with 3 more years of nearly $600/month payments.
  • Why would you knowingly do a loan where you know the value of the car will have you “under-water” soon?
  • The dealer & lender know the whole situation is flawed and that is why they are selling you “gap” coverage! 

Back to Auto Scrap

Hopefully those who took the time to read the above analysis take it to heart. Anyhow, the value of a scrap car is influenced by several factors including the current per ton auto scrap price, the age and condition of the vehicle and the costs incurred by the guy who buys old cars in retrieving the car. Are you wondering who buys old cars in the greater Cleveland area? To determine the value of a scrap car simply call us at (216) 282-JUNK today.


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Junk Vehicle Rebuilt

Junk Vehicle Rebuilt

Cleveland Scrap Cars is back again with further dialogue regarding auto recycling, auto junk and junk vehicle removal. We buy scrap cars for the purpose of recycling and are among the best of who junks cars in Garfield Heights, Eastlake and Twinsburg. When we buy scrap cars, the junk vehicle removal is included as a complimentary, value-added service to our auto junk car services. If you are wondering who junks cars for cash in Lakewood, Linndale Village or Newburgh Heights, then look no further than CSC! Our next topic is centered on the refurbishing of a unique vehicle located right in Cleveland. In the October 30, 2015 edition of an article composed by James Ewinger titled ‘Homey Old Bus is full of New Life’ told the following story: “One 67-year-old bus is more active than ever, logging miles every year as a rolling home. The vehicle began as a 21-passenger bus in 1948, built in MI by the Spartan Coach & Mfg. The firm built about 54 buses following World War II.

Not long after, the bus passed into the hands of an unknown coach builder who took out the seats & turned it into a motor home with walnut paneling. Don Moyer of Eastlake saw it about 12 years ago at the Frog Follies Show in Indiana and it had never been driven. In its original form, a 1,400-lb Int’l Blue Diamond engine sat behind the rear axle. Its seats had been a mass counterweight, and without them the front wheels rose up off the ground. The bus sat for decades until Moyer had it hauled to NE Ohio on a flatbed. Moyer had spent his life working as a machine builder for Nat’l Acme; he was a master at both building and using tools and milling equipment. Moyer spent 18 months, 7 days a week, rebuilding the bus. One of the first improvements was installing a Chevrolet engine that weighs 600 pounds, less than half of the original. A tank in the front filled with 500 lbs. of water keeps all 4 wheels where they belong. Moyer kept in place a combination sink, refrigerator & stove that operates on propane — for heating & cooling. There is a bathroom and shower; the bus has bunks for seven sleepy travelers. Many buses of the era tried to emulate the form of aircraft; it is 28’ long and weighs only 9K lbs. It has uni-body construction, which means there is no heavy frame, and any needed reinforcement comes from welded steel tubing, like on some planes.

The skin is aluminum 1/16” thick, with panels riveted together, just like the overlapping sheet-metal panels on WW II aircraft. Those who worked there learned their craft at a plant in Willow Run, Michigan, building B-24 Liberator bombers for the Ford Motor Co. At the rounded back of the bus, a small square panel through which water can be added to the radiator just like on the planes. Moyer and his wife often attend auto shows & swap meets. He built a trailer out of the deck from a hydraulic lift, so show cars could be hauled. Moyer also installed a lift in his 3-bay garage and an addition on the back of the garage to house the bus. The doorway to the bus allows about an inch of clearance on each side.” The complete article is available here.

We buy scrap cars

Are you looking for someone who junks cars in Shaker Heights, North Randall or Richmond Heights? CSC is an auto junk specialist and we buy scrap cars throughout Solon, Walton Hills and Streetsboro. We offer fast junk vehicle removal services in Mentor, Willoughby and Lyndhurst. As a buyer of scrap cars servicing Highland Heights, Moreland Hills and Maple Heights, we understand that often you need your old car removed ASAP. I you want to junk a car in Cleveland, Warrensville Heights or Euclid — call our scrap vehicle buyer at (216) 282-JUNK. We will buy your scrap car regardless of the condition, even if it is wrecked, totaled or water damaged. Residents of Collinwood, Sagamore Hills and Middleburg Heights are encouraged to contact us for complete “cash for cars” services.

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Scrap Car Seats

Scrap Car Seats

Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars, a buyer of scrap cars that provides you the ability to scrap a car for cash, which includes complimentary junk car removal. Our news forum here centers of topics surrounding cash for cars and auto scrap and recycling. The discussions of car seats, which are an extra safety restraint required for transporting children, are the next topic. Sometimes when we pay cash for cars and proceed with the junk car removal, we will encounter these car seats left behind in the vehicle. In this report we will review the laws regarding these seats, assess the cost of these products and see (if and how) they are recycled.

The laws surrounding usage of these products in Ohio are as follows[1]:

  • Children under 4 years old or 40 pounds must use a child safety seat meeting federal safety standards.
  • Children under 8 years old, unless they are at least 4 feet, 9 inches tall must use a booster seat.
  • Children ages 8-15 must use a child safety seat or safety belt

The reasoning behind the booster seat is to elevate the passenger so the shoulder belt fits correctly. Those in violation of these requirements are subject to tickets and fines from law enforcement. We encourage you to visit to review any details.

The costs of infant car seats can range from $55 and up to $175+ with additional features and conveniences. The costs for a booster style of seat range on average from $15 to $70+ based on varying styles. It seems fairly obvious to me that the prices for the low-end models of these units are within the reach of the majority of Americans. I did a quick search on craigslist and noticed a few second hand models of the infant seats available for between $10 and $50. Based on this research, it seems that it would be inexcusable for parents to cite affordability as a reason for not having them on hand. Now we are in the US, where a small segment of the population feels they are entitled to have the majority of their living expenses either provided by or subsidized by the government.

UH Hospital has a program to help out for low income families: “Reduced Cost Car Seats Available for Qualifying Low Income Families: UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital Injury Prevention Center is dedicated to protecting child passengers throughout NE Ohio by aiding parents & caregivers in making important decisions about how best to restrain their child passengers, providing assistance with properly using & installing car seats, and working to ensure that families—regardless of financial situations—have access to the means needed to assist their children’s travel safely. The RIPC is able to assist low income families by providing car seats at a cost discounted from retail prices, together with education in installing & using the seats. Proof of government assistance (WIC, HEAP, CHIP, Food Stamps, etc.) is required. To access this program at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital’s main campus in University Circle, call 216-844-2277.

It seems like these seats are easily recycled, primarily between friends and relatives who may no longer have use for them. The items have a posted expiration date that the manufacturer deems to be the latest time the seat should be used. Beyond the expiration date, there does not appear to be much of any refurbishing of these products, likely because of the now lower pricing of new models.

CSC is a buyer of scrap cars that services Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga Counties where you can scrap a car for cash. Our junk car quote includes the junk car removal service. To get cash for cars in Ohio the vehicle title and proper matching ID are required. Because this requirement is a state-based law, it applies regardless of which buyer of scrap cars that you contact. You can seamlessly scrap a car for cash in NE Ohio, simply call our scrap car buyer at (216) 282-JUNK. We are available 6 days a week and closed on Sundays. If your car, truck or van is wrecked or broken down, we will likely still make you an offer for it. Many car owners will call us from a Firestone Service Center, transmission shop, or Conrad’s location after determining the no longer wish to pay to repair their car.


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Lengthy Vehicle Loans

Lengthy Vehicle Loans

Cleveland Scrap Cars, an Ohio-based buyer of scrap cars, is back with a somewhat unrelated topic to the damaged vehicle removal or ‘selling a junk car’ news we typically report on. Another possible bubble is arising in the US as lenders continue to generate loans with a longer duration. In efforts to keep the buyer’s monthly payments low, they are extending the length (or term) of the loan further than what anyone with much common sense would think is logical.

On June 28, 2015 the site posted a story titled ‘Longer loans for subprime car buyers in U.S. stoke debt concern’ with the following details: “Demand for automobile debt in the U.S. is enabling lenders to make longer loans to people with spotty credit. Of the subprime loans, 73 % now exceed 5 years, up from 64% during the 1st three months of 2014, according to data from Citigroup Inc. Loans as long as 7 years are being put into more bonds as auto-finance companies & Wall Street banks sell the securities.

The longer loans make it easier for consumers to afford rising car prices by spreading out and lowering payments. The securities are attracting buyers with high loss buffers & AAA ratings, some investors are beginning to question the wisdom of lending at terms beyond 5 years.

A debt offering recently marketed by ACA demonstrates the risks: About 1/3 of the loans in the are tied to borrowers with credit under 500 according to the Fair Issac Corp. grading system known as FICO – according to a prospectus. The interest rates are 27-28% 28 percent for almost 1/3 of the borrowers, and more than 1/2 of its loans exceed 5 years.

While cars are lasting longer than in the past, the value of the vehicles may fall faster than borrowers can pay off the debt. Last month, the average price for a new car reached $33,363, up from $32,000 a year earlier, according to figures from KBB. Used car prices hit a record of $16,800 in 2014, according to a report from” The complete story is available here: 

This is typical American economic manipulation at work again, similar to the housing crisis a few years ago. Let’s consider an example: Today, a buyer purchases a 2014 (late-model) used vehicle with 12,000 miles on it for $18,000 with a loan of 5.5 years (66 months). Four years from now (2019) the vehicle is 5 years old and has averaged 15K miles, so it has 72K mileage and the transmission falters. So the vehicle owner is facing a $2,000 repair bill and still owes over $5,000 on the remaining loan balance. The owner had poor to fair credit to begin with and is living paycheck to paycheck like most Americans. (Sources: CNN: 76%; Time: 56%; CNBC: 62%) How do you think this story will end?

Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to scrap a car in Parma, Lakewood or Macedonia. CSC is a buyer of scrap cars; therefore, if selling a junk car and want fast damaged vehicle removal, call 216-282-5865 today. To scrap a car in Parma, Brook Park or Tremont, you simple need to call for a quote on your old car, which includes a car that is wrecked or needs damaged vehicle removal. Are you thinking of selling a junk car? Call the buyer of scrap cars that offers same-day wrecked, non-running and damaged vehicle removal. Are you seeking to scrap a car in Parma, Seven Hills or Brecksville? We simply need your title and an ID to scrap your car for cash. We are able to pick up your junk vehicle 6 days per week. Same-day cash for cars service is usually available if you call before 2PM. Next-day pickup of scrap cars in always available throughout the (216) and the (440) area codes.

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6 Steps to Scrap a Car

6 Steps to Scrap a Car

Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars, a northeast Ohio based place where to scrap a car, we wanted to review the 6 steps in scrapping a car. We buy junk cars and scrap vehicles and encourage you to contact us to sell us your car. We service Cuyahoga County, western Lorain County, Lake County and Geauga County; therefore, if you wish to scrap a car in Euclid, Lakewood or south to Brecksville, you can sell us your car. The 6 steps for selling a junk car are as follows:

  1. Locate the vehicle title. In the state of Ohio you are unable to sell us your car without the title. This is the law across Ohio, so if you are looking for where to scrap a car without it, you will have to go out of state. If you need to obtain a copy, click here for locations. (you simply need to select your county)
  2. Verify the specifics about your vehicle. You will simply need to know the year, make and model of vehicle; for example, a 1998 Honda Accord Sedan. Additionally, you will want to mention any major issues with the vehicle such as if the wheels or other major items are missing, to insure an accurate assessment of your vehicle’s condition. (little things like broken mirror, missing headlight or dents are not important)
  3. Contact a company who will buy junk cars for a price quote. We refer to this as receiving a junk car quote, so you know how much cash to expect when you sell us your car. This is done by simply calling our scrap vehicle buyer at (216) 282-JUNK or sending the car’s year, make & model through our website at for a price. This junk car quote when we buy junk cars does include towing within our service area.
  4. Schedule the time for vehicle pick up. If you accept our price then we simply need to determine when and where to be for you to sell us your car. At Cleveland Scrap Cars we are available to pick up scrap cars and junk vehicles on Monday through Friday between 9AM and 5:30PM and on Saturday from 9AM and 4PM. Usually if you contact us before 2PM we will be able to remove your vehicle the same-day regardless of whether you are going to scrap a car in Euclid, Parma or Solon. After 2PM requests to sell us your car will usually be scheduled for the next day.
  5. Prepare your vehicle for towing. Here you will remove any personal items from the car and be sure that you have the vehicle title and an ID on-hand. Typically, the place you chose where to scrap a car with will give you a one to two hour window of when the driver will arrive such as between Noon and 1PM or between 2 and 4PM.
  6. When the driver arrives you will simply exchange the title for the cash and we will tow the car away. Yes, it really is that simple!

Do you need to scrap a car in Euclid, Wickliffe or Mentor? As you can see from the 6 steps involved in selling a junk car, it is easy and simple. Those seeking cash for cars are encouraged to call us at (216) 282-5865 for a price for your old car. We are paying cash for cars 6 days a week. As a junk vehicle buyer and buyer of junk vehicles, we promote environmentally sound recycling processes.

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February 2015 Auto Sales Down

February 2015 Auto Sales Down

Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars we are constantly reviewing the news associated with the auto scrap and recycling industry, as well as the sales in the new vehicle market. As a buyer of junk cars and a junk car hauler that provides “scrap my car” services throughout NE Ohio, we want to take things a step further by analyzing and reviewing industry trends and market changes. Vehicle manufacturers had a subpar month in sales during February. This surprises me since February is when many receive income tax refunds which can be applied to obtaining a car, truck or van.

A March 2, 2015 article by Chelsey Dulaney on WSJ.COM titled ‘Auto Sales Lose Steam in February’ summed up the current industry sales as follows: “Auto makers reported that U.S. sales lost steam in February, after a string of strong months, hurt by the bitter cold that crippled much of the country. Ford said sales fell 2% in February, while Toyota, Honda, Fiat, Chrysler and Nissan all posted sales growth that missed expectations.  General Motors was a stand-out, posting a better-than-expected 4.2% increase as truck sales surged 36%. The U.S. auto industry has posted a streak of sales improvements, fueled by low gasoline prices & easier credit. Much of the continued strength comes from higher sales of sport-utility vehicles & trucks, which benefit from declining fuel prices. Kelley Blue Book said transaction prices of new light vehicles rose 4% to $33,299 compared with a year ago.” The link to the full story is available here:

An article titled ‘Good news for the auto industry, cars aren’t getting old quite so fast’ posted on February 28, 2015 by Jim Henry on discusses how the age of the current vehicles in use (on the road) will impact the auto industry as follows: “The age of the average car on the road has finally hit a plateau–good news for the auto industry, because it implies people are finally starting to replace their cars & trucks instead of hanging onto them. For the last few years the age of the U.S. “fleet” kept hitting new records, with the average car passing 10 years old, then 11 years old at an extraordinary pace even though new-vehicle sales had begun to recover. That’s partly because new-car production dropped so low before, during & immediately after the Great Recession. With millions fewer new cars on the road, naturally that drove the average age up. Consumer confidence was low & employment shaky that even consumers who could afford it and who had access to credit didn’t want to invest in a new car unless they absolutely had to replace one that broke beyond repair. Many bought a used car instead of a new one.” The complete article can be viewed here:

CSC is a buyer of junk cars serving the Mayfield Heights, South Euclid, Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe and Brecksville areas. We offer scrap my car services in Bainbridge, East Cleveland, Maple Heights and Warrensville Heights. If looking for a junk car hauler in the regions of Euclid, Garfield Heights, Chesterland or Moreland Hills, simply call our junk car buyer for a quote today. Free towing is included in our scrap my car price in University Heights, Eastlake, Parma Heights, Lakewood, and Linndale Village. Our junk car hauler operation will pick up damaged cars and wrecked vehicles in Newburgh Heights, Parma, Seven Hills and Beachwood. If your vehicle is facing expensive repairs and you would prefer to sell it for cash to a buyer of junk cars, simply give us a call.

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10 things to know–scrapping a car

10 things to know–scrapping a car

  1. To scrap a car in Ohio you must have the vehicle title and an ID.
  2. See #1 (It is the law—don’t bother calling for a price without it)
  3.  As of February 2015, the scrap metals prices are 20-25% lower than February 2014.
  4.  We classify cars in two categories: running and non-running.
  5.  Typically, local towing (removal) of the vehicle is included in the price.
  6.  Due to fuel and labor costs, those in remote areas usually see reduced price offers.
  7.  The title must not have liens against it. (ie… cash for title loans) in order to sell.
  8.  The time needed to pick up your car is typically 2-3 hours. (or can schedule next day)
  9.  Your vehicle should have wheels on it, making it “towable” for us to pick up.
  10.  If quoted a “cash for cars” offer sounding too good to be true—it probably is.
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Truck reaches 700,000 miles

Truck reaches 700,000 miles

We have certainly seen many high mileage vehicles when paying cash for wrecked cars. In the junk my car business, encountering a car with 250,000 miles during scrap car removal is not very unusual. Many of those decide to sell a junk car based partially on the mileage the car, truck, van or SUV has endured. The article below involves an auto dealer in Missouri that received a trade-in with over 700,000 miles on the odometer. Thompson Sales, a long-established dealership that currently represents Buick, GMC and Cadillac, is where a truck with a long life span ended up. A story posted January 12, 2015 on titled ‘Pickup with a mere 790,000 miles on it still runs fine’ featured this information:  “Lynn Thompson was shocked when he saw the odometer on a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 SS pickup he took in on a trade. It read 794,845 miles and Thompson, co-owner of Thompson Sales Co. (Buick-GMC-Cadillac) in Springfield, Missouri revealed the truck has been driven the equivalent of 32 times around the world.” Apparently the vehicle is still running fine. “Jeffrey & Pam Lofgren had traded the pickup for a 2011 Cadillac STS. The couple had retired from a business that required them to drive ahead of vehicles carrying oversized loads across the U.S. The original engine had more than 500,000 miles on it when the Lofgren’s sold the still-working engine. We looked through auction data and there wasn’t even anything with 200,000 miles, let alone 794,000, said Miles Thompson, VP of Thompson Sales Co. We gave him $1,000 and the customer was fine with that. Thompson will sell the pickup at auction because, retailing it would be embarrassing. It’s hard to look someone in the eye, with a straight face, and say, it has only 794,000 miles on it. It’s good for another 150,000 miles!” To read the complete article, visit:

It’s truly amazing that this Silverado had accumulated such high mileage. Unfortunately, we were not made aware of the other details of what had been replaced on this vehicle (beyond the motor). Cleveland Scrap Cars is a Cuyahoga County based junk my car provider. We pay cash for wrecked cars 7 days a week with free scrap car removal included.  To sell a junk car in Euclid, Garfield Heights, Eastlake or Parma Heights the requirements are an ID and the car’s title. Junk my car services are delivered throughout Pepper Pike, Shaker Heights, Chesterland, and Moreland Hills—even paying cash for wrecked cars! Our scrap car removal services are usually available the same day in University Heights, North Randall, Macedonia, Lyndhurst, Cuyahoga Heights and Highland Heights. To sell a junk car for cash in Richmond Heights, Streetsboro, Lakewood, Linndale Village or Newburgh Heights, call us at (216) 282-JUNK. Residents of Parma, Seven Hills, Beachwood, Bedford, and Bentleyville Village should get a quote through If you need cash for a wrecked vehicle that is sitting at a Cleveland area body shop, or want to sell a junk car rather than have it fixed at a local Monro, Midas, Conrad’s or Firestone auto repair shop, simply contact our junk vehicle buyer.

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Scrap Car Hauling

Scrap Car Hauling

In this post we attempt to clarify how a scrap car buyer, also known as someone who pays cash for scrap cars, safely transports vehicles when removing junk cars for cash. When you sell a car for cash, we must then handle the disposal of the vehicle in an efficient and safe manner. This first information source ( explains the types of trailers used for vehicles and some tips as follows: “There are 2 types of trailers commonly used to tow a vehicle: a tow dolly or car carrier. A tow dolly lifts your car’s front wheels off the road (a low-cost option for front-wheel drive vehicles), while a car carrier lifts your car completely off the ground so that none of the tires make contact with the pavement (good for long-distance moves). The weight, size of the hitch & other specs of both the tow vehicle and the car to be towed are important in determining which trailer you will need. Some companies, like U-Haul, provide a hookup validation process that will qualify your vehicle quickly. Rental towing equipment is designed to carry most regular- vehicles, so if you have after-market alterations (e.g. over-sized tires) or custom effects (e.g. lowered ground clearance), then you may need to take some extra steps before the towing equipment can accommodate your vehicle. To load your vehicle: Position the moving van, the trailer, and the vehicle to be towed in a straight line on level ground. Make sure the towing equipment is securely connected to your moving van before driving the to-be-towed car up the ramps. (Don’t load your vehicle until the trailer is hooked up). Double-check your connection to the moving van before loading the trailer.  Load forward. The heaviest part of the car (where the engine is) should always be loaded closest to the towing vehicle, whether you are using a car carrier or tow dolly. Use adequate tie-downs, safety chains and tire straps to secure your vehicle. When towing a RWD, AWD or 4WD vehicle on a tow dolly, drop the drive shaft before towing. Putting the vehicle into neutral is not enough in many cases. Consult a trusted mechanic for questions or assistance. An easier solution for these vehicles may be a car carrier. Never load cargo into the vehicle being towed. The weight capacities of trailers are based on empty vehicle weights; yours may not be equipped for the extra weight of your cargo. Cargo in a towed vehicle will also shift the normal weight distribution.” For the complete story visit this link:

Next, we review the various classes assigned to tow vehicles according to

Class I – Light-Duty Up to 2,000 lb. Gross Trailer Weight 200 lb. Used for light-duty towing of bicycles, camping racks, small boats & motorcycles Used on smaller cars, trucks, and SUVs Conventional weight-carrying hitch

Class II – Medium-Duty 2,001-3,500 lb. Gross Trailer Weight 350 lb. Used for single-axle, small- to medium-length trailers up to 18 feet Used on midsize cars, trucks, and SUVs Conventional weight-distributing hitch not required unless specified for a particular vehicle.

Class III – Heavy-Duty 3,501-5,000 lb. Gross Trailer Weight 500 lb. Used for dual-axle or large single-axle travel trailers Used on properly equipped trucks and SUVs Conventional weight-distributing hitch not required unless specified for a particular vehicle.

Class IV – Extra-Heavy-Duty 5,001-12,000 lb. Gross Trailer Weight 1,200 lb. Used for the largest travel and fifth-wheel trailers made for recreation Used on trucks and SUVs; most can be equipped to handle trailers in this class. Most applications require a conventional weight-distributing or fifth-wheel hitch.” For additional information—visit this link:

Cleveland Scrap Cars pays cash for scrap cars in Euclid, Garfield Heights, Eastlake, Parma and Lakewood. To junk cars for cash in Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights, Seven Hills or Beachwood, contact our scrap car buyer directly at (216) 282-JUNK. To sell a car for cash in Bedford, Bentleyville Village, Bratenahl or Chagrin Falls, the requirements are a valid ID and the car’s title. We pay cash for scrap cars 7 days a week. Same-day pickup of junk cars for cash is usually available in Mayfield Heights, South Euclid, Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe and Brecksville. Is your car awaiting costly repairs at a Conrad’s, Midas, Monro or Firestone repair center in Bainbridge, East Cleveland, Maple Heights, Warrensville Heights or Solon? If so, contact our scrap car buyer to sell a car for cash throughout the areas of Twinsburg, Walton Hills, Northfield, Oakwood Village and Glenwillow. If your old car located in Aurora, Collinwood, Sagamore Hills, Pepper Pike or Shaker Heights has a blown motor or need a new transmission, you may want to consider scrapping the car for cash. Those residing in Chesterland, Moreland Hills, University Heights, North Randall or Macedonia can visit today for a junk car quote.

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Abandoned Junk Vehicles

Abandoned Junk Vehicles

Nothing can negatively impact the appearance of a neighborhood faster than having abandoned junk vehicles littering the streets (and often) yards. Over time, these junk cars rust and are targets of vandalism. There should be an easier way to have scrap yards that buy cars or a junk car hauler remove these unsightly vehicles. We are a “cash for my car” buyer in the greater Cleveland, OH area offering scrap a car for cash services.

The January 7, 2015 edition of the Missoulian featured a letter to the editor titled ‘Abandoned vehicles: City should tow at owners’ expense’, which brought up the following points:  “While the matter of abandoned bikes in Missoula is a legitimate concern of downtown merchants and worthy of the City Council’s consideration, I find it ironic that there appears to be no concern for the numerous abandoned vehicles in many neighborhoods throughout the city. In a 5-block radius of my residence, there 10+ vehicles that have not moved in 18 months. Many have flat tires & appear to be used for storage by their owners, or as a place to discard lawn & garden debris. They are unsightly and give the immediate neighborhood all the charm of a salvage yard. I have never lived in any other municipality that has tolerated such behavior by the owners of these vehicles. Abandoned cars & trucks should be towed to the city’s impound lot at the registered owners’ expense and sold as salvage by the city unless the owners pay a recovery fee.” The full story is available at this link:

It sounds like the problem in Missoula is the actual enforcement and removal of junk vehicles and scrap cars. Here in Cleveland we frequently receive calls from residents requesting that abandoned cars, trucks and SUV’s be removed from their property or neighborhood. The problem here is that the resident does not own the vehicle and in order to scrap a car for cash with a junk car hauler the owner must be present. Scrap yards that buy cars would like to remove these junk cars as a matter of principle; however, this is not a legal reality.

Cleveland Scrap Cars where to receive cash for my car. We offer free towing when you scrap a car for cash throughout Cuyahoga County. Regardless of whether the vehicle is located in Glenwillow, Aurora, Collinwood or Sagamore Hills, you can scrap a car for cash. We will pick up your non-running vehicle from Firestone Service Centers, Conrad’s locations and transmission shops in the areas of Euclid, Garfield Heights, Eastlake, Parma Heights and Lakewood. If your car is not worth repairing and is located at one of the local Goodyear stores, Midas locations, NTB locations or Monro Muffler & Brake shops—give us call. We provide junk car hauler service in Bedford Heights, Bentleyville Village, Bratenahl, Chagrin Falls and Mayfield Heights. To scrap a car for cash in South Euclid, Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe, Maple Heights or Brecksville, simply call (216) 282-JUNK. In the local areas of Bainbridge, East Cleveland and Warrensville Heights, same-day removal is a possibility. Residents of Solon, Twinsburg, Walton Hills, Northfield, and Oakwood Village should visit for a junk car quote today.

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Vehicle Fuel Price Drop

Vehicle Fuel Price Drop

Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars, we buy junk cars and pay cash for cars throughout Cuyahoga County. As a junk car buyer and scrap car hauler, the drop in fuel prices is an obvious boost to our bottom line. Since a scrap car hauler relies heavily on gasoline to retrieve junk cars and scrap cars, we are extremely curious if this will be a sustainable decrease or merely a short term event. The question is what is causing this surprisingly steep reduction in the price of oil? I will review the opinion of two trusted sources: The Economist and Fortune Magazine.

A December 2014 article on the titled ‘Why the oil price is falling’ cites the following explanations: “The oil price has fallen by more than 40% since June, when it was $115 a barrel. It is now below $70. This comes after nearly 5 years of stability. At a meeting in Vienna the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), which controls nearly 40% of the market, failed to reach agreement on production, sending the price tumbling. Four things are now affecting the picture. Demand is low because of weak economic activity, increased efficiency, and a growing switch away from oil to other fuels. Second, turmoil in Iraq and Libya—two big oil producers with nearly 4m barrels a day combined—has not affected their output. The market is more sanguine about geopolitical risk. Thirdly, America has become the world’s largest oil producer. Though it does not export crude oil, it now imports much less, creating a lot of spare supply. Finally, the Saudis and their Gulf allies have decided not to sacrifice their market share to restore the price. They could curb production sharply, but the main benefits would go to countries they detest such as Iran and Russia. Saudi Arabia can tolerate lower oil prices quite easily. It has $900 billion in reserves. Its own oil costs very little (around $5-6 per barrel) to get out of the ground. The main effect of this is on the riskiest and most vulnerable bits of the oil industry. These include American “frackers” who have borrowed heavily on the expectation of continuing high prices. They also include Western oil companies with high-cost projects involving drilling in deep water or in the Arctic, or dealing with increasingly expensive fields such as the North Sea. But the greatest pain is in countries where the regimes are dependent on a high oil price to pay for costly foreign ventures & social programs. These include Russia & Iran (which is paying to keep the Assad regime afloat in Syria). Optimists think economic pain may make these countries more amenable to international pressure.” For the complete article check this link:

Tom Huddleston of Fortune in December 2014 that offers the following thoughts: “Put simply, global oil supplies are exceeding demand & driving down prices in the process. A major factor has been the explosion in U.S. oil production, up to almost 9 million barrels per day & expected to hit the highest levels next year. Another factor is the struggling economies in Asia & Europe leading to a decrease in oil consumption. China, one of the world’s largest oil consumers, has economic struggles resulting in its demand for oil being outpaced in India. that has also struggled financially of late. Saudi Arabia cut the price of its crude to the U.S. earlier this month, which has propelled the sell-off. OPEC, the cartel responsible for 1/3 of global oil production, said it would keep its self-imposed output at 30 million barrels per day. The announcement sent oil prices down further as OPEC’s quotas will do nothing to lower overall oil output that is consistent with demand. The Russian economy has been hit hard by plummeting oil prices and is acknowledging the likelihood that it will enter a recession. Russia’s ruble suffered its largest one-day dip in value — nearly 9% — since 1998. Lower oil prices don’t necessarily doom the U.S. shale boom, as the industry’s efforts to improve efficiency in the production should help companies continue to grow even with weaker demand.” The complete article is available here:

Overall it appears that the decline of oil prices is attributed to basic supply and demand. Either way, our cash for cars business is a beneficiary. A junk car buyer and scrap car hauler would be happy to see this pattern continue. We buy junk cars in the areas of Bratenahl, Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights, South Euclid and Cleveland Heights. Additionally, we pay cash for cars in Solon, Twinsburg, Walton Hills, Northfield and Oakwood Village. Is your car sitting at a repair shop in Euclid, Garfield Heights, Eastlake or Parma Heights? Do you have a non-running vehicle in need of a scrap car hauler in Lakewood, Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights, Parma or Seven Hills? Residents of Beachwood, Bedford, Bedford Heights and Bentleyville Village are encouraged to contact our junk car buyer 7 days a week at Get cash for cars and free towing of your junk car or scrap car in the areas of Glenwillow, Aurora, Collinwood, Sagamore Hills and Pepper Pike today by calling us at (216) 282-JUNK. We buy junk cars with the vehicle title and a photo ID throughout North Randall, Macedonia, Lyndhurst, Cuyahoga Heights and Highland Heights as well.

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Import Vehicle Scrapped

Import Vehicle Scrapped

Apparently, the US government is putting effort into vehicle removal and we are not referring to totaled cars or junk cars here. This UK import was sent to someone who buys scrap cars to be destroyed. So they are essentially taking a valuable car that lacks some standards and converting it to vehicle scrap. On December 11, 2014 the Lehigh Valley Live posted an AP article regarding the vehicle scrap with the following highlights: “An imported car that sells for more than $20,000 has been turned into scrap at a NJ junkyard because it did not meet U.S. highway safety standards. The Austin Mini Cooper that was scrapped at Price’s Auto Recyclers in Plumsted Township was seized as part of a partnership between the U.S. and the UK to prevent such imports. U.S. Customs & Border Protection officials are trying to prevent Minis & Land Rover Defenders that don’t meet U.S. safety & emissions standards from entering the country. The vehicles are seized from owners who thought they had followed proper procedures. In the case of the Mini, Leon Hayward, assistant director of trade & cargo security at the U. S. Customs and Border Protection’s New York Field Office, said the Mini left England destined for Newark and was likely manufactured in 2000 but the VIN# had been changed to disguise the car as a 1988 model in an effort to skirt federal safety & emission standards. Vehicles that are 25 years old are exempt from those standards.” The complete article link is here:

Isn’t it funny how the US government seems to have time to investigate the importation of a vehicle that doesn’t meet their standards; however, seem to lack the resources for securing our border from waves of illegal immigrants every day. The priorities of this administration are certainly questionable and illustrate their lack of focus on the real priorities.  

Cleveland Scrap Cars is who buys scrap cars in Cuyahoga County. We will buy a totaled car in cash and handle the vehicle removal and vehicle scrap. If wondering who buys scrap cars in Euclid, Garfield Heights, Eastlake, Parma Heights—you have found us! If you have a totaled car at an auto body shop in Lakewood, Linndale Village or Newburgh Heights, call us for vehicle removal in the (216) and (440) areas. Vehicle scrap services include free towing within the towns of Parma, Seven Hills, Beachwood and Bedford. We pay cash for cars, even a totaled car, within the limits of Bedford Heights, Bentleyville Village and Bratenahl. Residents of Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights and South Euclid are encouraged to call (216) 282-JUNK for a junk car quote. Those living in Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe, Maple Heights and Brecksville should visit our website for fast vehicle removal and vehicle scrap services.


Ohio Car Title

Ohio Car Title

In order to establish or transfer ownership of a motor vehicle in Ohio, the key document is the vehicle title. This applies when buying a new or used vehicle and even in cases when going to sell a car for cash to obtain cash for junk cars or receive cash for scrap cars.

How to transfer a title in Cleveland:

  • Completion of the ‘Odometer Disclosure Statement Form’
  • Completing the owner and seller portion on the vehicle’s title
  • If the title is lost, a duplicate must be obtained from the issuing county
  • There is a small monetary penalty for failure to complete process in 30 days

Where to get a vehicle title in Cuyahoga County:

Cuyahoga County has (4) offices which handle motor vehicle titling and one central phone line to field vehicle title questions and directions which is (216) 443-7010. Here are locations:

  • 2079 East 9th Street Cleveland, OH 44115
  • 21100 Southgate Park Blvd. Maple Hts., OH 44137
  • 27029 Brookpark Rd. North Olmsted, OH 44070
  • 12100 Snow Rd. Parma, OH 44130

As with most government entities, these locations may experience high visitor traffic weekdays near the closing times, which is 4:30PM most days and their Saturday hours are limited.

The explanation given by relating to title for ‘junk cars’ is as follows: “When you dismantle, destroy or change the character of your automobile so that it no longer is a complete car, you must surrender your Certificate of Title to the title office for cancellation. When you sell your vehicle to a junk dealer (such as sell a car for cash, obtain cash for junk cars or obtain cash for scrap cars) you must assign the title to the dealer and have your signature notarized. We suggest that you make copy of the title.

What happens when the insurance company salvages your car? You can get a salvage vehicle title; however this damaged vehicle, wrecked vehicle or scrap car must be repaired and inspected at Highway Patrol Inspection Station before being permitted to be driven on the road.

Where to sell a car for cash in Cleveland? Looking to get cash for junk cars? Cleveland Scrap Cars pays cash for scrap cars throughout Cuyahoga County. The bottom line is that if you have the car and the title—we have the cash! We offer cash for junk cars buyer services in Parma, Independence, Garfield Heights and Solon. To sell a car for cash in Lakewood, Northfield, Euclid or Eastlake contact us on our cash for scrap cars line at (216) 282-JUNK. We will pay you cash for junk cars in Mayfield Heights, Old Brooklyn, Twinsburg or Broadview Heights simply send your car’s information through


Junk Vehicles Seized

Junk Vehicles Seized

The City of San Antonio, TX is proactively seizing junk cars throughout the city. On October 20, NBC News 4 ( reported in an article ‘City Seizes 80 Year Old’s Cars’ by Jaie Avila. “part of an aggressive change by Code Enforcement to clean up neighborhoods. 80-year-old Julie Iris Oldham woke up to the sound of a tow truck from Pic-N-Pull removing her two cars. Pic-N-Pull has a contract with the city to remove junk cars.  Oldham admits her Lincoln and a Kia in her driveway weren’t running & the registrations had expired; she planned to get them fixed. Oldham told us the city gave her 48-hours’ notice to repair them before the cars were towed away. Services Director Rod Sanchez says the city can seize any car that’s inoperable and in public view.  They are only required to give the owner a 10-day notice. Sanchez provided a certified letter signed by Oldham, showing she was warned about the cars, three months before they were towed. If Code Enforcement suspects your car is inoperable you will have to show them it runs, by starting it, and moving it forward & backward.  If you can’t, you’ll either have to get it fixed or move it into the garage or somewhere else out of sight.” To read the full story, visit

Junk Car Removal

It appears that Ms. Oldham’s memory is fading. She signed the certified letter which explained to her that the city wanted these non-running vehicles moved out of sight. She should have contacted a “buy my junk car” facility for a junk car quote and gotten some cash for junk cars, which were abandoned in her driveway. Why is this city going to such drastic lengths to initiate junk car removal? We look at San Antonio’s ordinance in further detail. The city of SA has a department called Code Enforcement that outlines the ordinance. According to here are six key points regarding junk cars and scrap cars:

  • DO: Maintain all privately owned vehicles in good working order on your private property.
  • DO: Keep inoperable vehicles out of public view; the vehicle should be placed in an enclosed garage, behind a privacy fence or relocated to a licensed auto repair shop.
  • If an investigation is conducted for a possible inoperable vehicle, you must meet the Code investigator within ten days to verify the vehicle in question is operable.
  • DO NOT: Store a vehicle that is wrecked or dismantled at a residence in public view.
  • DO NOT: Cover it with a tarp; if stored on a private property it must be out of public view.
  • DO NOT: Conduct major auto repair at your residence on an inoperable vehicle; major auto repair in a residentially zoned neighborhood is not permitted

Scrap vehicles are a nuisance

Sec. 19-357 of the SA code lists it reasons for its goals for handling junk cars:

  1. Is detrimental to the safety and welfare of the public
  2. Tends to reduce the value of private property
  3. Invites vandalism
  4. Creates a fire hazard
  5. Is an attractive nuisance creating a hazard to the health and safety of minors
  6. Produces urban blight adverse to the maintenance & development of municipalities

Cleveland Scrap Cars pays cash for junk cars seven days a week. Asking who will buy my junk car? Call (216) 282-5865 for a junk car quote today. Get cash for junk cars and we include free towing of your junk car or scrap vehicle throughout Cuyahoga County. (Please note that the junk car quote does include the free vehicle removal) We are a buy my junk car provider in Lakewood, Parma and Old Brooklyn. We will pay you cash for junk cars throughout Independence, Twinsburg, Northfield and Richfield, OH. A junk car quote can be obtained from our website for vehicle sellers in Euclid, Eastlake, Maple Heights and Warrensville Heights.

Junk Cars Ohio

Junk Cars Ohio

Ohio cities continue to deal with a bunch of abandoned junk cars. What to do with a scrap car? How should junk vehicles be handled in Ohio? Megan Kennedy wrote an article on on October 6. 2014 about city council’s need to address the junk car issue. Her report is as follows: “Junk cars have proved to be a nuisance within the city, Lima Property Investigator Rober Hammel said. Hammel said the majority of his cases involve residents who are unaware of the ordinance. The ordinance requires property owners to maintain their property, including vehicles that are in a state of disrepair. Of the roughly 700 cases Hammel has investigated, only 20 cars were towed to local junkyards, of which the junkyard-owners are thankful for. Various council members thanked Hammel for his good communication with the city, saying he has been very vocal in his investigations. Councilman Derry Glenn thanked Hammel for preparing detailed reports of his cases for the council.”

The city of Lima, Ohio has an estimated population of 38,000 people, ranking it approximately as the 25th largest city in Ohio. If a town this size is overwhelmed with wrecked cars, scrap cars and junk automobiles, cities like Cleveland with ten times the population must have quite a bit of resources dedicated to scrap car removal. Where to sell a wrecked car for cash in Cleveland? What is the best way to sell a car for cash in Parma? Is there a scrap my car location in Euclid? The answer to these questions is yes! Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to sell a wrecked car and receive free scrap car removal. We are an environmentally friendly scrap my car service provider serving all of Cuyahoga County. You can sell a car for cash in western Cuyahoga County 7 days a week in the cities of Lakewood, Parma and Broadview Heights. We are where to sell a wrecked car in northern Cuyahoga County, which includes the areas of Newburgh Heights, Cuyahoga Heights and Hough. We are a “scrap my car” company the offers free towing to the eastern portions of Cleveland including East Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, Mayfield Heights, Euclid, Eastlake, Shaker Heights, Beachwood and South Euclid. In the southeastern sections of Cuyahoga County and allow you to sell a car for cash in the areas of Garfield Heights, Warrensville Heights, Twinsburg, Chagrin Falls and Solon.



Wrecked Car Recycling

Wrecked Car Recycling

“Vehicle title laundering” continues to be a problem in the auto scrap and auto recycling sector in the US. This occurs when a car is wrecked or severely damaged and is classified as a salvage vehicle; after which, someone applies for a new title for the vehicle in another state. In an article this week by Tim Novak of the Chicago Sun Times entitled ‘Ex-top cab official arrested in vehicle title laundering case’ the case is explained. “Former top official of Chicago’s largest cab company has been charged with illegally obtaining clean vehicle titles for at least 180 wrecked cars that had been put into service as taxis on the city streets in violation of city laws. Alexsandr Igolnikov, 67, was charged with conspiracy & two counts each of interstate transportation of false automobile titles & possession of false auto titles in an indictment. Igolnikov bought wrecked or salvaged vehicles through online auto auctions or directly from auto brokers. Those brokers would apply for clean titles from Indiana by submitting bogus affidavits from the two Indiana law enforcement officers. Once a clean title was obtained from Indiana, disguising a vehicle’s history as a wrecked or salvaged vehicle, Igolnikov and his alleged cohorts would then submit that clean title to Illinois, who issued new titles for the cars that were repainted maroon and turned into cabs without City Hall’s knowledge. Seven Amigos would then sell the repaired cars to other companies, including companies Igolnikov co-owned.” The full article is available at

Cleveland Scrap Cars is a local “scrap my car” company and scrap car buyer. We offer junk car removal, free towing and are available to scrap a car for cash 7 days a week. To sell a junk car, just give us a call at 216-282-JUNK for a junk car quote. Asking where to scrap my car or where to scrap a car for cash? We are the Cleveland area’s premier scrap car buyer. The requirements for selling your car to a scrap car buyer are that you have the vehicle’s title and valid form of ID. We offer scrap my car services on Cleveland’s west side including Lakewood, Ohio City, Detroit-Shoreway, Parma and Brookpark. In the southern portion of Cuyahoga County, we offer junk car removal in Newburgh Heights, Cuyahoga Heights, Independence, Brecksville, Old Brooklyn and Sagamore Hills. In southeastern Cuyahoga County we will scrap a car for cash in Garfield Heights, Maple Heights, Bedford, Valley View, Twinsburg, Northfield, Solon and Hudson. In the northeastern section of Cuyahoga County you can sell a junk car to us in Euclid, Cleveland Heights, Richmond Heights, Mayfield Heights, Chagrin Falls, Beachwood and Eastlake. Scrap my car service providers have varying levels of service. Cleveland Scrap Cars offers same day junk car removal and will scrap a car for cash seven days a week.

Auto Title Loans

Auto Title Loans

Have you noticed “auto title loan” retailers in your area? In Ohio, one of the larger “cash for car” title loan outfits know as Loan Max boasts nearly (40) locations currently in Ohio. Loan Max has about ten locations right here in the Cleveland area. Why do we find this to be mildly disturbing? Many view these providers as dangerous, predatory lenders, who prey on desperate people much like the payday lenders.

What are the options in quickly disposing of a vehicle, or essentially using your car to obtain cash? On older vehicles, there are scrap my car companies which allow you to sell a car for cash that basically scrap cars for cash. These scrap car buyers allow you to sell junk cars and handle the junk car removal. This end of the business is only for those that actually own their vehicles. The auto title loans companies are simply using the car as collateral against a short term loan. Fox Business sums up the industry by saying “despite the potential long-term risks, it’s a less-known form of subprime lending. For some borrowers who put up their car as collateral, they’re gambling their only remaining asset. One of the fundamental problems with car title loans is they don’t factor in the borrower’s ability to repay the loan.” To see the complete article visit

About Cleveland Scrap Cars

Where to scrap my car or sell car for cash in Cleveland? Looking to scrap a car for cash from a reputable scrap car buyer? Sell a junk today and get free junk car removal throughout Cuyahoga County. We are not providing loans here, we are actually a scrap car buyer and will offer junk car removal and scrap my car services regardless of the car’s condition. To scrap a car for cash or sell a car for cash, simply give us a call 7 days a week at 216-282-JUNK or to sell a junk car after hours, simply send your vehicle information through for a no obligation junk car quote.

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Vehicle Auction in Canton

Vehicle Auction in Canton

The city of Canton, OH is going to auction off abandoned cars, trucks and such that were impounded. A report by Lori Monsewicz of the Canton Repository on September 19, 2014 outlines the city’s plan to sell a group of impounded and abandoned vehicles, including trucks on Saturday. “The city is putting a garbage truck and more than 100 vehicles from the impound lot on the auction block Saturday morning. Some vehicles that are sold work just fine. Most of the vehicles are impounded; people who own them felt the bill was higher than what the car was worth. They don’t bother to pay the bill to take the car back. The city has the title put in under a salvage title and then sells it off. For other vehicles, private citizens, contractor and representatives from other cities are often buyers; junk yards will buy them too. Other cities may be in the market for dump trucks, garbage trucks etc…” See the full story at

What constitutes having a vehicle impounded in the city of Canton? Are most of these cars junk cars, scrap cars or wrecked? How were these vehicles slated for scrap vehicle removal? The city’s current laws at help answer this “When any vehicle or “abandoned junk motor vehicle” as defined in Ohio R.C. 4513.63 is left on private property for more than 72 hours without the permission of the person having the right to the possession of the property except as provided in Chapter 355, or on a public street or other property open to the public for purposes of vehicular travel or parking, or upon or within the right of way of any road or highway, for forty-eight consecutive hours or longer, without notification to the PD of the reasons for leaving such vehicle in such place.  Prior to disposal of an “abandoned junk motor vehicle” as defined in Ohio R.C. 4513.63, be photographed by a law enforcement officer”

Buyer of junk cars

Understanding the automotive recycling landscape is fairly easy. The junk motor vehicle market is strong because the frame and structure of most cars is comprised of either steel, aluminum or both. Both of these metals have value and require a great deal of energy to produce. The metals in a junk motor vehicle, even after a long life and subsequent scrap vehicle removal, require less energy and resources to reuse compared to creating new. A buyer of junk cars understands this as it relates to the metals and in a similar fashion in remarketing its items in either a used condition or in remanufactured capacity. If a buyer of junk cars monitors the value of the metals, he or she will have a good approximate estimate of the value when paying cash for a scrap car. Some vehicle owners become frustrated with the perception of “sinking money” into an older junk vehicle and will take cash for a scrap car that may only need a minor fix to have running (the exterior fair to poor in these instances). The scrap vehicle removal is an obvious cost to the buyer of junk cars, since they pay cash for a scrap car and incur fixed and variable costs in handling scrap vehicle removal including fuel, wages, scrap vehicle removal equipment and insurance. When receiving cash for a scrap car it is required (in many states) that the seller have the title and a valid ID.

Cash 4 Car Loans

Cash 4 Car Loans

Driving through Broadway Ave. in Cleveland, I noticed a “cash for cars” retail site advertising cash for your car title in the form of a short term loan.  Apparently these lenders are buyers of running cars, trucks and vans which are creating havoc.

How does it work? A loan outfit such as City Loan, offers loans to many of whom have a poor credit history – or no history at all. The collateral used to secure the loan is their automobile, which must be fully paid-off or close to being paid-off (with the remaining due amount in consideration) The published value and quality of the vehicle is the primary basis for this style of loan. These are typically paid via Money Gram, wire deposit, or check, at a predetermined rate of interest and an agreed upon term or length of loan period.

Those obtaining cash 4 car loans (with title) essentially are subjected to a lien on the automobile and generally are required to produce the physical title for the vehicle. The understanding is that the lender may take possession of the vehicle and sell it if the owner is unable to repay the loan amount in the established term.

These loans, since backed by the vehicle’s value, are able to be approved quickly. These lenders began in the mid-nineties and developed yet another platform for those unable to obtain credit from standard sources. According to the Center for Responsible Lending and the Consumer Federation of America: “Given the overall situation of the U.S. economy in recent years, they have become increasingly popular”. These types of lenders (including payday loan companies) recently scored a decision from the Ohio Supreme Court which allows them to sustain their business’.

According to, “The very structure of car-title loans leads to problems for consumers, including excessive repayment fees and repossessions.”

Loan Characteristics from CFA/CRL Car-Title Data:
The Median Loan Size: $845
Median Car Value (Blue Book Value): $3,150
Median Loan-to-Value Ratio: 26%
Median APR: 300%

“Lenders often utilize GPS-style tracking units to locate the car for repossession (Martin & Adams, 2012). Some even place a tracking device in the car that allows them to turn off the engine remotely. Repossession is not an infrequent occurrence; for example, fully 60% of 2008 New Mexico car-title borrowers lost their car that year to repossession.”

scrap my car, junk my car

Ad for cash for cars titles





The bottom line appears to be that these loans, like all “loans” are a last resort option for those enduring difficult financial times.  A better solution may be to simply sell the car if unable to afford it and consider alternative transportation options. Cleveland Scrap Cars neither encourages or discourages such “cash for car” title loans, but chose to report some facts relating to this market.

Junk Vehicle Refrigerant Handling, 1.3

Junk Vehicle Refrigerant Handling, 1.3

Those involved in the buying of junk cars, such as scrap car buyers and those involved in junk car hauling must remain compliant in the handling and storage of the automobile’s air conditioning units. According to “In the 1970’s, atmospheric chemists discovered something unexpected about the refrigerants used in air conditioners. In the stratosphere, ultraviolet (UV) radiation breaks the refrigerant chemicals (including chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), down into products that can react with ozone. It turns out that they have a devastating effect on the ozone layer. A small amount of ozone-depleting refrigerant has the potential to destroy a large amount of ozone through a chain reaction. Stratospheric ozone depletion allows harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun to reach the earth’s surface, which increases the risk of skin cancer and cataracts from increased UV exposure.”

An auto scrap yard must insure they are taking necessary precautions. When the selling of scrap cars occurs in Ohio, those responsible for junk car hauling assume the responsibility for management of these refrigerants. Scrap car buyers must determine if Freon, R-12 and R-134a are used within their auto scrap yard inventory. Often junk car hauling can accidentally cause the release of these refrigerants. When dealing in the buying of junk cars and selling of scrap cars, an Ohio auto scrap yard must be aware and avoid release of these chemicals in the junk car hauling process.

The two key points to address when buying of junk cars occurs are:

  1. Recovery: The scrap cars buyers can remove the refrigerant from AC units and store in approved containers.
  2. Reclaiming: handling refrigerant, typically by distillation, until all impurities are removed and meets virgin specifications.

We recommend that those involved with selling of scrap cars visit the EPA information page of the topic: Clean Air Act – Title VI – Ozone Protection

Scrapping a Car: Title REQUIRED

Scrapping a Car: Title REQUIRED

We receive calls from people seeking the option of scrapping a car without having the vehicle’s title. We are not able to buy a car without having the title. A junk car buyer, scrap car buyer or cash for cars buyer is unable to scrap a car for cash without the title due to the law. When looking to sell a car for cash you must have the title. What is a vehicle title? In the US and Canada the certificate of title is the primary document for establishing ownership of a vehicle. How can you sell a car for cash without a title? The answer is that it is legally impossible to do so because without a title, it is impossible to validate ownership and also impossible to transfer ownership. (Even when scrapping a car)

A scrap car buyer that doesn’t require the title is operating illegally according to Ohio law. If a junk car buyer indicates that the title isn’t required, they are breaking the law. Next we take a look at how the laws in Ohio relate to different providers when looking to sell a car for cash:

1. Federal regulations:  requires auto recyclers and junk yards to report all scrapped cars on a monthly basis. Those not in compliance are subject to criminal penalties, regardless of whether they are a junk car buyer or cash for cars company.
2. Towing companies: According to, the Ohio BMV, “towing companies may purchase motor vehicles. Tow companies may not transfer vehicles to scrap processors or salvage facilities with assigned titles or an Unclaimed Affidavit.”
3. Scrap metal processors: Those working in “acquisition, processing and shipment of ferrous and nonferrous scrap. A scrap metal processor who receives a motor vehicle from the owner on the certificate of title shall mark the certificate “TO BE CANCELED” and forward the certificate to the clerk who issued it within 10 days. Scrap metal processors are prohibited from accepting a motor vehicle with any document other than a certificate of title. The scrap metal processor shall keep the record, including a copy of the canceled title, for three years. If the seller of the motor vehicle is not the titled owner, the record also shall include: the seller’s name and address; an ID number from the seller’s DL number, military I.D. or state-issued license; and a physical description of the seller (O.R.C. 4738.16).”
4. Salvage dealers: “in the business of selling used motor vehicle components (O.R.C. 4738.02).  If an Ohio certificate of title or salvage certificate of title is assigned to a salvage dealer, the dealer is not required to obtain an Ohio certificate of title or a salvage certificate of title to the motor vehicle in the dealer’s own name if the dealer dismantles or destroys the motor vehicle; indicates the number of the dealer’s motor vehicle salvage dealer’s license on it; marks “FOR DESTRUCTION” across the face of the title; and surrenders the certificate of title or salvage certificate of title to a clerk (O.R.C. 4505.11).”

To summarize, when scrapping a car with a junk car buyer or scrap car buyer in Ohio you must have either the certificate of title or salvage certificate of title. In order to receive cash for cars, sell a car for cash or scrap a car for cash, you must have one of the two types of titles listed above. We are unable to pay cash for cars with a memorandum title. A memorandum title is essentially used for the purpose of obtaining license plates for the vehicle and does not validate ownership because the lender still owns the vehicle until the loan is paid in full.

Scrapping a car, junk car buyer, scrap car buyer, cash for cars

Scrapping a Car



Is Your Old Car Worth Fixing?

Is Your Old Car Worth Fixing?

There are several things to consider when faced with a costly automobile repair on an older model car, truck or van.  Is the old car worth fixing? Here are a few sample scenarios that examine whether scrapping your car, selling the vehicle for scrap or repairing it are the best options. The primary consideration is the cost of the repair versus the value of the car (if repaired). For example, a 2000 Cadillac Seville SLS in ‘clean’ condition with 140,000 miles needs the transmission replaced. The value of the vehicle as described can be sold for $1,700 according to Edmunds appraisal value. Assume you had the car towed to a repair shop and they quoted you $1950 to replace it.  Another repair shop across town quoted $1,800; however, you would have to invest another $70 to have it towed there, thus $1,870. If the body (exterior) of the car is still in very good condition, we would recommend proceeding with the repair. Now consider that the problem with the vehicle is the engine (with replacement cost of $2,200). In this instance you would be better off scrapping the car for cash, which probably will pay you between $250 and $450 for the scrap value of the car. If you can get $300 from a junk car buyer and can come up with another thousand, you would have $1,300, thus a 13% down payment on a $10,000 car. You could finance the remaining $9,000 of the vehicle on a 36 month loan and have a payment of approximately $265 a month.

Scrapping your car, truck or van for cash is often the best option. Junk car buyers and “cash for cars” companies will pay you cash for your scrap car, junk car or non-running vehicle and tow it away. Getting cash for your clunker may be the best option. Selling your old car and receiving car for the car is essentially a way to cut your losses.


Terms in auto scrap industry defined

Terms in auto scrap industry defined

The auto recycling industry, including “junk car haulers”, “scrap car buyers” and “cash for cars vehicle companies” have their own industry terms, many of which are coined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the U.S.

End-of-life Vehicle or (EOV) is a junk car, truck or van that is sold, given, or otherwise taken to a vehicle recycling site or scrap facility to have its components recycled and disposed of.

Mercury Switch is a mercury-containing capsule or mercury-containing assembly part which manufacturers use to enable convenience lighting in a vehicle or as in a vehicle’s anti-lock braking system.  In 2006 the EPA began a program to have car scrappers and recyclers remove these prior to vehicle disposal in an effort to protect the environment.

The capture rate is a measurement (as a percentage) of the number of mercury switches recovered in the auto scrapping and recycling market.

National Vehicle Mercury Switch Recovery Program is formal name of the initiative explained above.

End-of-life vehicle handlers include vehicle dismantlers, vehicle crushers, auto shredders, auto scrappers, junk vehicle haulers etc….

Scrap processing facilities are specified locations where machinery, equipment and manpower are used for transitioning scrap materials into specification grade wares including sites where a shredder or fragmentizer is used to process junk cars, scrap cars and such vehicles. Essentially, these sites scrap automobiles and other material into shredded scrap.

A vehicle crusher participates in the trade of flattening or crushing cars, trucks and vans.

A vehicle dismantler is involved in the business of obtaining, dismantling or destroying junk vehicles.

Cleveland Scrap Cars buys junk cars and scrap cars through the greater Cleveland area and surrounding Cuyahoga County. We are a leader in the cash for cars industry in Northeast Ohio.

Vehicle Title Requirements for selling scrap or junk cars

Vehicle Title Requirements for selling scrap or junk cars

If you are looking to sell your junk car, scrap car or non-running vehicle in Cleveland, you must possess the vehicle’s title.  The Ohio BMV doesn’t handle title work, rather your individual county’s title clerk does. When selling your car for scrap in Cleveland, your Certificate of Title will be transferred to the auto scrapper, junk car buyer, or “cash for cars” company. They will ultimately send the cancellation to the Title Office after the junk car is scrapped.

Can you scrap a junk car for cash using a Memorandum Title?  No, a memorandum title indicates that there is a lien on the vehicle from a lender. You are unable to scrap or junk your automobile for cash using this because you are not the legal owner and are unable to transfer ownership.

What are salvage titles? How do they differ when selling a vehicle for junk or scrap purposes. If an Ohio certificate of title or salvage certificate is assigned to a salvage dealer, the “cash for cars”, junk car buyer or scrap car processor will list the number of their motor vehicle salvage dealer’s license on it, and mark “FOR DESTRUCTION” across the face of the certificate of title or salvage certificate of title, and send to the proper office.

To transfer your title when selling your car for scrap or junking your car for cash, the buyer will list their contact information on the back of the title. Most junkyards, auto scrappers and junk car buyers have a notary on hand to finalize the transaction.

What if I want to sell my junk or scrap car for cash but have lost the title? You simply need to apply for a duplicate title at any county Title Office. There is a fee, typically $15-$22 which applies.  A picture ID, registration or any other documents that verify the vehicle identification number will be required.

If your old car is broken down, wrecked or unwanted, the advantage to using Cleveland Scrap Cars is that you easily receive cash for your car, typically on the same day. We buy junk cars regardless of condition 7 days a week a give you a price for your scrap or junk car.

7 best ways to handle your old or scrap car in Cleveland


7 best ways to handle your old or scrap car in Cleveland

1. Sell it to a private party. Your car has the most value to a private seller. Selling via private party will generate the highest return in the Cleveland, OH market, by getting you closest to the current Kelly Blue Book (KBB) price. The disadvantages are: the length of time before you find a buyer and the problems and time required to advertise and coordinate meetings with interested buyers and negotiating a final price with potential buyers. If your car is running, it is not a truly “junk” or “scrap” car and is valuable to someone for basic transportation.

2. Give the car away as a gift. Maybe an  acquaintance is in dire need of basic transportation? This will allow you to get your scrap or junk car moved with minimal problems.

3. Donate the car to charity: Cars can be donated to charitable organizations in most US states. The market value (price) is deductible as a donation for income tax purposes. With the current US tax laws getting increasing complicated, it is best to gather information to insure eligibility for the full deductible benefit amount. You should consult your tax professional before moving forward.

4. Automobile dealership trade-in: If you plan to purchase a vehicle from a dealer, they will have an incentive to buy your old car, junk car or scrap car as part of the deal. The reality in these cases is that the dealer offer to buy it is likely to be 15-20% under what can be gained via a sale to a private party. Another common negative is for the dealership to make a fair market value based price for your car, but in reality the sale price of the new vehicle that you are buying there is inflated to insure a large profit. (often they will “bury” the cost in the financing in many cases)

5. Sell your old, non-running vehicle for scrap:  US cities all have salvage sites with car shredders. This option is best if the car is a not running or needs costly repairs. Most major metro areas have several “cash for car buyers”. The scrap or junk car buying industry usually will include towing of the vehicle as an extra benefit to sell your car for scrap.

6. Are the components on your car valuable? You may be fortunate enough to find a private vehicle owner or auto items house that is actively searching for expensive items for that specific vehicle.

7. Fixing your old, junk or non-running car, truck or van and using it yourself. If the above options are not feasible, it may be best to keep it. Some vehicle repair sites will apply new paint and fix minor body wear for as low as $450. If you shop around and find a service technician, you may find an affordable enough solution to fixing the remaining mechanical problems and simply retain it.



What to do with your old car in Cleveland

What to do with your old car in Cleveland

One option for disposal of an old car or junk car is to sell the used components yourself. There are several things to consider when selling the vehicle’s used auto components:

1. The majority of auto collisions impact the front part of the car. As a result, front-end items like bumper units, bumper covers, headlight assemblies and hoods are often sought after. Perhaps the driver involved in the accident was operating the vehicle without insurance? Locating items in the used market is an option for them to save significantly. There are new aftermarket part options available that are affordable and may function fine; however, most exterior vehicle components must be painted in order to match the existing finish. If your car has an original factory paint (ie..GM XYZ Silver) and the front end is in good condition, you may be able to sell those items “as-is” for decent money. The damaged car owner is better off paying $300 for a used hood and bumper assembly that is already in the matching color versus buying “primed” new aftermarket components which likely still need to be painted to match. Selling used “as-is” auto part items is geared toward buyers that simply want the replacement part to be in “average to good” condition.  If they wanted their vehicle’s exterior to appear perfect, they would have had full collision or comprehensive auto insurance coverage to protect their investment.

2. Post the items systematically based on where they would most likely sell. Perhaps separate the items into (2) categories: small enough to be shipped using UPS or FedEx (or not). For example, a headlight unit assembly will fit in a 14×20″ box and ship UPS anywhere in the country for a reasonable price ($16-$23). Theseitems are best posted on E-Bay or other NATIONAL platform. Big, heavy items such as a transmission or car door are expensive to ship in most cases and should be marketed to an audience within a 1 to 2 hour drive from your location.

3. Be patient, rather than scrapping good used items. As an example, any local scrap yard will pay you $5 for a car battery. Perhaps your battery is only 1 year old and will sell for $35 versus the $90 cost of purchasing new. Avoid temptation to scrap items that can sell within a week or so for considerably more.

4. Sell it as a “components car”. “DIY type” car owners often will keep a “components car” to save  money over time, particularly in less common vehicles. Assume a car was wrecked but overall is still mechanically sound. In light weight cars where you may only receive $200 in scrap value, try selling it as a “components car” for at least $375-$450. If most of the car’s body is in good condition and particularly if it is in the original paint color as the owner’s, it may be worth $500 to that buyer.

5. Use the internet. The web is the best and only practical means for an individual to promote their car items. (newspapers are nearly obsolete). If you are not a “computer savvy” person, ask someone (your son or daughter, neighbor etc…) to sell the items online for you. Here is a simple example:

  • Vehicle: 2004 Ford Explorer
  • Part: Alternator
  • New replacement cost for the buyer of this part: $100.
  • Price you would get from a scrap yard for the core: $5-$15
  • Price you would get to sell part on-line: $50
  • Amount to pay person who sells it online for you: $15
  • You would get an average of about $10 to scrap the item. Instead, take a few photos of the item and post it on websites with your phone # for a few days and pay the person helping you with the online postings $15 if it sells.
  • In the end, you have a net profit of $35 instead of $10. (keep in mind that there are probably 5 to 10 other items that would sell in a similar way)