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Cleveland Vehicle Recycling

Cleveland Vehicle Recycling

Cleveland Scrap Cars is among dozens of scrap yards that buy cars and serves as a premier place where to scrap my car in NE Ohio. The value of a junk car had receded over 2015, due to increasingly low pricing in the scrap steel market. CSC will buy a wrecked car or a totaled car 6 days a week, allowing you to sell your scrap car quickly. Scrap yards that buy cars across the country are all impacted by the drop in a value of a junk car. Our next story discusses how the Cleveland Transit System is effectively recycling its rail vehicles by using components from older cars that are now retired. On December 5, 2015 Mike McIntyre posted a story on Cleveland.com titled ‘Until RTA can afford new rail fleet, it strips aging trains to keep others rolling’ with the following details: ‘The 74 active train cars in the Cleveland RTA rail fleet are survivors. Placed into service in the late 1970s, they’re long past their 30-year life expectancy. They look good for their age; but beneath, the stress is starting to show and their longevity is due to dedicated mechanics who pamper them inside a repair shop. The trains owe their lives to components from other cars of the generation. The cars ended their productive lives a decade ago and are kept for their components. 30+ of these trains rest in a rail yard on the city’s east side; RTA harvests the cars at the E. 55th St. Maintenance Facility.

Car 830, a light rail car, made the journey from the yard to the Central Rail facility and mechanics hoisted it into the air and then removed gear boxes, electrical controls and wheels. With a little refurbishing, the components can keep the 34 surviving light-rail cars running. The light-rail cars used on the Green & Blue lines are more fragile than the stainless-steel cars on the Red line that connects East Cleveland through downtown to the Airport. The trains are so old their manufacturers no longer make those models; they don’t make most items needed to keep them running anymore.

Eventually, a new fleet will be needed. RTA has spent about $3M in train car maintenance over the past decade. The GM Joe Calabrese, says new trains are needed by 2020, a cost estimated to be $280 million. Congress is hammering out a transportation bill that includes a modest increase in transit spending. There’s no guarantee RTA will get the money it needs from the feds. RTA is researching whether it can save money by replacing both types of trains with a single style that can work on both tracks. It would require fewer trains, thereby cutting costs, but might require extensive rail & station modifications. As long as the maintenance it kept up on, it should keep the aging fleet rolling.” The complete article is available here. It seems that the value of a junk car in the RTA’s rail system is high, considering many of the components would otherwise be unavailable in the market.

Where to scrap my car in Cleveland

Cleveland Scrap Cars will provide those in Lyndhurst, Highland Heights or Maple Heights with a quote for the value of a junk car right over the phone. Residents of Moreland Hills, University Heights and Lakewood are encouraged to call (216) 282-JUNK to sell your scrap car, even if it is a totaled car. Are you asking yourself where to scrap my car for cash in Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights or Macedonia? CSC has a junk vehicle buyer on hand Monday through Saturday and is prepared to tow away vehicles from areas including Shaker Heights, North Randall and Streetsboro. We provide junk vehicle removal and cash for scrap vehicles throughout Richmond Heights, Solon and Walton Hills. If your car is broken down at a repair shop in a city such as Beachwood, Bedford or Bentleyville Village—we will pick it up.