Fire at Scrap Car Site

The question of how to sell a junk car is frequently asked, since many auto owners haven’t done it before. Calling into our wrecked vehicle buyer for a quick junk car quote is as easy as picking up the phone. Call today to possibly get cash for a damaged car in fair or poor condition. Are you seeking out how to scrap my car quickly? Our next topic analyzes a fast moving blaze in CA at a junk vehicle recycler.

In the Sunday April 16th edition of an AP article titled ‘Fire at LA junkyard sends huge black plume over city’ explained the following: “A fire at an auto wrecking site in the San Fernando Valley has sent a huge cloud of thick, black smoke over Los Angeles, CA. The city Fire Department says the blaze at SS Auto Recycler in Sun Valley had engulfed at least 15 automobiles. The Fire Department is calling the fire a significant emergency but no injuries have been reported and no buildings are threatened.

The fire began shortly before 4 p.m. Sunday and was still out of control and generating smoke about an hour later with approximately 100+ firefighters dealing with it. The origin is not yet clear; officials say the fire quickly burned various structures and threatened a small group of nearby homes. The Montclair FD says the fire began at the Coast Metals scrap business shortly before 2 p.m. Monday.” The full story is available here.

This is yet another example of the serious potential risks for fires in auto recycling related sites. The environment is fertile for a blaze to begin and equally as likely to spread to neighboring areas as it gains intensity. Why are auto scrap related facilities prone to fires?

  • Fuel: The presence of flammable liquids such as gasoline is always a recipe for a blaze
  • Carelessness: Clutter builds up as more and more junk are accumulated in area from ground to ceiling
  • Insufficient Equipment: The few fire extinguishers on hand are not sufficient to control the fire
  • Tires: Large stacks of scrap tires begin smoldering and add to the intensity of the heat

How to scrap my car for cash

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