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As you know, we are a resource for obtaining cash for a damaged car in Bedford, Berea, and Avon, OH. You may have seen and heard places that allow you to sell my car for cash; our program is now available is the areas of Macedonia, Aurora, and Westlake. The value of a scrap car in Shaker Heights, North Randall, and Solon is evaluated on a culmination of different financial considerations. Those with a junk vehicle in Walton Hills, Streetsboro, and Bentleyville Village, may be glad to know that we buy any car that is not running. Our focus includes striving to preserve natural resources by making better use of recyclable material. We work with other organizations to achieve eco-conscious goals and create solutions that optimize recyclables. The bottom line when considering where to sell a junk car is that you should choose a provider that offers fast pick up and adheres to sound environmental practices.

In a TDA Guide composed by The CA Dept. of Resources Recycling & Recovery we were made aware of the following: “The United States generates about 300M scrap tires annually; CA alone generates about 40M such tires per year. Before the 1990s, many of these units ended up being stockpiled. Stockpiling junk tires poses possible health and environmental issues. The shape of a tire can hold standing water, creating an ideal breeding ground for disease-spreading insects and rodents. It is estimated that (1) passenger tire equivalent can emit up to 2 gallons of pyrolytic oil during combustion. Although the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) doesn’t consider junk tires to formally be a hazardous waste, if a fire breaks out, they can release hazardous compounds that pollute the air, soil, and water.

TDA has beneficial engineering properties that are suitable for a number of applications:

  • Embankment Fill: Usage as an embankment fill material is common due to its lighter weight. TDA is 1/2 to 1/3 of the weight of a conventional fill material and puts less pressure on the underlying material, thus reducing the amount of settlement that will occur in places of weak foundation soils and also lessens the chance that an embankment may fail due to the effects of excess pressure. Since TDA is also considered free-draining, using it as fill will limit the potential of saturated subgrade situations.
  • Retaining Wall Backfill Material: Retaining structures are commonly used in engineering projects, including areas next to roads & bridges. These structures usually retain soil backfill and are intended on the material composition of the backfill. Due to its light weight, using TDA in this manner can result in cost savings through usage of less concrete or steel.
  • Landslide Repair Material: Road landslides can be caused when the backfill becomes completely saturated, resulting in undue pressures & weak soils that cannot handle the weight of the backfill. TDA weighs less than soil, so it limits the loads applied by the backfill, and because it is more permeable than soil, it limits the risk of the backfill becoming fully saturated. These benefits make it a solid option for landslide repair.
  • Vibration Damping Material: TDA has been applied in light-rail applications to effectively minimize the transmission of ground-borne vibrations to other areas. In this role, TDA is placed in a layer underneath a light-rail track and is encased in geotextile. This has shown to be a low cost alternative to traditional technologies to alleviate ground vibrations produced by the operation of light-rail trains.” The complete report is available here.

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When we buy any car, we take measures to properly recycle the majority of the components in Middlefield, University Heights and Warrensville Heights. Most people seem to have an overestimated idea of what the value of a scrap car should be in Ohio City, Highland Heights, Maple Heights. What do I need to sell my car for cash? In the regions of Mentor, Willoughby, and Lyndhurst, you need the title and a photo ID to scrap a car. Our eco-friendly recycling processes are a benefit since it generates less pollution. If your “junker” has been sitting around for too long in Richmond Heights, Pepper Pike, or Euclid, you can ask your neighbors where to sell a junk car—they’ll find one!