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Junk & Recyclables in Ocean

As a buyer of scrap vehicles, we are acutely tuned in to issues including pollution. Car buyers everywhere should fundamentally be taking proactive steps to protect the environment. When you get cash for a car from Cleveland Scrap Cars you can rest assured that our junk my car program results in the reuse and recycling of the majority of the material that composes the scrap vehicle. Currently our scrap car removal and cash for cars service area includes Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga Counties. Our next topic is the senseless dumping of junk and scrap items into the oceans.

An article titled ‘U.S. polluting ocean with trash at alarming rate’ by John Blackstone on CBS News informed us of the following: “Research recently detailed how many coastal countries dispose of their trash — and they indicated that 8M tons of plastic ends up in the ocean annually. Jenna Jambeck, a co-author of the study, showed how much that really is. Jambeck held a bag as she describes how much plastic is in the ocean. The plastics end up not just floating on top of the ocean, and it also goes all the way down to the bottom. Jambeck says some of the material tends to sink & some floats. We aren’t sure what happens to the tiny fragments when they get below specific a certain size. They found that twenty countries are responsible for more than 80% of the plastic dumped into the ocean annually. China is the worst offender – with over two million tons. The US is offender number 20, responsible for about 750,000 pounds. The patches of garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean are just a fraction of what’s really there. Captain Charles Moore has been tracking what’s known as the “Pacific Garbage Patch” aboard his research vessel named The Alguita.  .

Moore’s search had its latest discovery, which is a mass of ropes, floats, & trash that has created a virtual island that you can walk on. Moore was there for a month and it’s beyond my wildest fears how bad it’s gotten out there by now. The report finds that if current trends continue, the amount of plastic entering the oceans could double over the next 10 years.” The full article is available at

According to the EPA “The 1972 passing of the MPRSA marked a major milestone in protecting of the ocean environment. Today, the US is at the forefront of protecting coastal & ocean waters from negative impacts due to ocean dumping. The ocean isn’t considered an appropriate dumping location for most wastes.” Their complete report can be viewed here.

Where can I get cash for a car?

Contact our buyer of scrap vehicles today @ (216) 282-JUNK for a fast quote on scrapping out your old car. We are among the many car buyers in the greater Cleveland, OH area that pay cash for scrap vehicles. Our junk my car services are available 6 days a week with complimentary towing included. Typically we are able to offer same-day scrap car removal plus cash for your old ride. Our organization believes in waste diversion by striving to reuse and recycle the materials we encounter in junk vehicles. Our goal is to have an excellent environmental impact for the preservation of various resources. For other excellent articles on Ohio environmental recycling we encourage you to visit: