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Junk Vehicle News

Junk Vehicle News

Cleveland Scrap Cars is a buyer of scrap vehicles that offers you a quote for an old car right over the phone. To scrap a car in Parma, Northfield or Twinsburg simply call (216) 282-JUNK. Where to sell a junk car is a “no-brainer” once you see how easily Cleveland Scrap Cars makes the process. Aside from being the best place where to sell a junk car, CSC strives to update our news blog on a weekly basis with information relating to the auto scrap and recycling industry.

In the September 6, 2015 edition of there was a posting by Ernie Garcia titled ‘Where did my junky car go?’ with the following information: “For decades, Brookfield Resource Management has dismantled vehicles for spare products & recycling, diverted waste from landfills & helped charities by processing donated cars. The company is one of five auto dismantlers in the Hudson Valley that processed 10,212 vehicles last year for components, reuse or recycling. The Journal News obtained annual reports filed with the state by car dismantlers from the NY Department of Environmental Conservation. The reports documented how many vehicles were processed & how many hazardous materials were recovered.

Brookfield is the area’s largest vehicle dismantler, processing 94% of the old vehicles shipped out of the region. The other dismantlers in Westchester & Putnam counties are tiny by comparison, with the next largest, processing just 280 vehicles last year. Vehicle dismantling is a big business, but the recent economic slowdown in China and a related drop in global commodities prices means metals & other recyclables in vehicles don’t fetch as much as they used to. Brookfield pays about $250 for a typical car. If it’s a heavier SUV or a vehicle with valuable accessories like aluminum rims, that could add another $150 to the salvage value. About 18 months ago when commodity prices were higher, Brookfield paid anywhere from $350 to $500.

End-of-life vehicles can end up at dismantlers a few different ways. Wrecks are typically towed from a crash scene to a tow yard or an auto shop. Insurers have wrecks towed to dismantlers. Sometimes, vehicle owners decide they don’t want to repair their crashed cars, so they make arrangements to scrap the vehicle. Charities are a big source of recycled vehicles because many nonprofit organizations actively promote car donations.

Kars4Kids in Lakewood, N.J., for example, runs radio commercials in the New York metro area. In 2013, the charity raised $28.2 million — almost entirely from 48,425 donated vehicles — and it spent $12.4 million in advertising & promotion. On a smaller scale, Habitat for Humanity of Westchester accepts donated vehicles through its national organization’s Cars for Homes program.

Once vehicles arrive at a dismantler, it’s not just metal that gets recycled. Dismantlers recycle antifreeze, gasoline, car batteries, tires and other materials. In 2014, Brookfield’s Elmsford location recovered 6,200 pounds of refrigerants and 30,568 gallons of used motor oil. Enviro Waste of Mahopac sends tanker trucks to Brookfield to cart away hazardous fluids.” The complete article is available here.

As an established buyer of scrap vehicles, we empathize with BRM’s struggle with the sharp decline in commodity and metal pricing. Those receiving a quote for an old car today are recognizing the reality of a 20-25% reduction in junk vehicle purchasing pricing. It is certainly a nationwide problem; therefore, regardless of whether you wish to scrap a car in Parma, Lakewood or Eastlake, the downswing in the market is clearly evident. We try to make the decision of where to sell a junk car in northeast Ohio a simple one by offering same-day cash for junk cars pickup service. Those who contact us for a price for a junk car before 1PM during the week, or before Noon on Saturday and usually able to have their vehicle hauled away the same-day. Our buyer of scrap vehicles in on-hand 6 days a week for your convenience and is ready to provide you a quote for an old car. To scrap a car in Parma, Chesterland or Chardon, you will need to have the title and a matching ID.