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Low Scrap Prices

Low Scrap Prices

Anyone that has attempted to scrap a car in Mentor, Lakewood or Old Brooklyn (or anywhere) has noticed that selling an old car isn’t fetching as much cash as it used to. In general, scrap vehicle prices do vary slightly when shopping around to see where to junk a car. Overall the pricing when scrapping cars is down quite a bit regardless of where you sell an old car. What influences the price you receive when selling an old car? The answer is that these prices are swayed by a variety of factors including global demand for commodities and the current volume of supply within the market. Joe Culbertson posted an article titled ‘Commodities reduce local recycling profits’ in the October 4, 2015 edition of with the following highlights: “The plummeting prices of commodities like steel, aluminum & copper are taking a significant bite out of the local recycling industry. Many in the Tri-State area expect the situation to get worse before it gets better. Joe Culbertson, co-owner of T & T Iron & Metals, in East Dubuque, Ill., Dubuque, and Savanna, Ill., said the market started to decline in 2015 and prices have continued to slide. The company has been forced to lay off six of its 21 full-time employees. T & T Iron & Metals collects and purchases scrap from area industrial & manufacturing companies, then sells materials to mills or larger scrap companies.

For manufacturing companies that produce scrap as a byproduct of their operations and sell materials to companies like T & T, the slide in prices has meant less revenue. Klauer Manufacturing in Dubuque, said the company creates an average of 4 million pounds of scrap per year. Prices are about half of what they were at the start of the year.

Culbertson’s son, Tyler, who serves as vice president of T & T Iron & Metals, said activity at the company has slowed–you have companies that don’t want to sell. You have mills that are not looking to buy any of the products. Municipalities in the Tri-State area also have been impacted by falling prices. But city officials say curbside programs are not in jeopardy. Galena City has a contract for its curbside program that will be extended through 2018. The prices were locked in before prices began to tumble.

The City of Dubuque, meanwhile, partners with Dittmer Recycling and the Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency to provide curbside recycling service to Dubuque residents. Dubuque Public Works Director Don Vogt said prices for many of the products collected through the program — including plastics, tin cans, newspapers and cardboard — recently have declined, but not as dramatically as commodities like steel or copper. As a result, the city is no longer bringing in revenue from its curbside program. To support the program, the city is drawing from past revenues produced by curbside recycling services.” The complete article is available at this link.

Commodities Overview:

01/14: 1222.48; 07/14: 1315.80; 01/2015: 1198.31; 07/15: 1170.41; 10/15: 1137.58 (-7%)

01/14: 3.40; 07/14: 3.20; 01/15: 2.81; 07/15: 2.62; 10/15: 2.33 (-31%)

01/14: 1367.30; 07/14: 1506.40; 01/2015: 1204.20; 07/15: 1080.80; 10/15: 908.90 (-34%)

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