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New cars without spare

New cars without spare

Cleveland Scrap Cars is made up of people that buy junk cars that functions as a wrecked car buyer serving Solon, Walton Hills, and Streetsboro. As a scrap vehicle buyer, we recognize our responsibility as a salvage car buyer to maintain environmentally focused practices and procedures. Many people that buy junk cars in the areas of Aurora, Shaker Heights, and North Randall may not be as environmentally conscious. In fact, a salvage car buyer or wrecked car buyer must take their responsibility to protect the environment very seriously. When you are a scrap vehicle buyer you encounter cars that contain various toxins such as used antifreeze, oil, brake fluid and more. Our next topics centers on how many US auto manufacturers aren’t including a spare tire and related installation tools as standard featured items.

The January 17, 2016 edition of had a segment authored by Brad Bergholdt with the headline ‘When the new car doesn’t have a spare’ with the following details: “About one-third of new cars longer have spare tires. It’s an unpopular compromise to save weight for improved fuel economy & free up trunk space. Spare-less cars may be equipped with either run-flat tires or inflation kits with sealer and small compressors. The stiff sidewalls of run-flat tires allow you to drive at low speed until service can be done. An inflation kit will work only on punctures in the tread section and are useless if the tire comes loose from the rim or has a sidewall issue.” The complete article is available here.

A July 2015 article titled ‘Not Having a Spare Tire Is Stupid and Dangerous’ was posted on composed by Benjamin Preston with the following details on this topic: “Automakers’ excuses for why spare tires aren’t among the standard features include weight savings to improve fuel economy & creating more space. It’s not fair for an automaker to claim a certain fuel economy based upon a weight that doesn’t include the spare & tools. Some cars come with a spare-shaped hole & no spare. That’s like selling a new house without a furnace and giving it a great energy efficiency rating because it doesn’t burn fuel. A spare tire and changing tools weigh about 50 lbs. and cost between $150–$300. They’re likely less expensive for automakers to purchase in large volumes, the amount of money they save definitely adds up. Hyundai isn’t the only automaker skimping on spare tires. Consumer Reports says that others include Acura, Audi, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, Kia, Land Rover, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Scion, Smart, Toyota and Volvo.” The full story is available here.

Those of us among the people that buy junk cars aren’t in a position to be concerned with whether or not new vehicles include or lack certain options. When you sell us your car it has typically reached the end of its useable life and therefore I cannot attest to the performance of run-flat tires in the market today. In order to justify not having a spare tire, it seems that (3) factors must be satisfied relating to your driving regimen:

  1. Your vehicle has “run-flat” tires installed
  2. You rarely drive outside of business hours, between 7PM and 7AM, when service stations are closed
  3. You maintain a AAA membership, which provides you 24-hour roadside assistance

The smartest move in my opinion is to contact a local scrap vehicle buyer and you can likely find a compatible “donut” spare tire for approximately $10-$25. As always, these undersized universal style spare units are not recommended for lengthy use. Tire Rack recommends also not exceeding 50 miles per hour on these units.[1]

Where to sell a junk car

We are a wrecked car buyer that allows you to sell us your car for cash in Willoughby, Lyndhurst, and Ohio City. If you are seeking to scrap your car for cash in Maple Heights, Middlefield, or University Heights, the salvage car buyer will require you to have the title and an ID matching that of the listed owner. We are where to sell a junk car when you need a scrap vehicle buyer in Euclid, Garfield Heights, or Eastlake. For a quote for a junk car in Lakewood, Linndale Village, or Newburgh Heights, you simply need to contact our office at (216) 282-JUNK. Our junk car quote includes complimentary junk vehicle removal throughout Sagamore Hills, Middleburg Heights, and Glenwillow. Residents that would like to get cash for a car in Beachwood, Bedford Heights, and Bentleyville Village are encouraged to contact us or visit our cash for cars website at