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New Junk Car Provisions

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The town of Winona’s City Council is furthering efforts to reduce urban blight. Apparently there are far too many junk cars cluttering properties and dilapidated houses across the area. These new rules added the rules or “code” adds new restrictions on possession of “junk cars” at homes that are not designated for auto scrap. The code considers a “junk vehicle” as basically any car that is inoperable and not licensed in accordance with local laws. Greg Karow, an official for the town, emphasized the importance of maintaining current vehicle registration.

The “10-day rule” will stay in place which upon contacting the owner of the property, they have a ten-day period to remedy the situation or it may be removed. These provisions are considered to be nuisance laws. Other such laws include overgrown lawns or shrubs, large accumulations of rubbish etc. This also clarifies that the authorities have the right to access private property for removal of these “eyesores”. The new law will allow the city to notify the property owner by both tagging the vehicle and sending correspondence through the mail. The full story is available here.

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