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New Vehicle Recycling Technology & Market Update

Older car owners in Bedford, Berea, and Tremont should be aware that our buyer of scrap cars will pick them up. Same-day or next-day damaged car removal is included in the scrap car quoted price for those in Avon, Warrensville Heights & Reminderville. The latest price for scrap cars in Geauga County, Wickliffe and Macedonia is approaching unprecedented depths, yet showing recovery. When selling a junk car in Aurora, Westlake, or Shaker Heights, it is important to consider whether the service provider is environmentally conscious

A recent article on Verge explained as follows: “The release of Tesla’s Model 3 for the first thirty buyers (actually Tesla employees, per reports), shows how far this young auto manufacturer has really come — and their impact on the rest of the market. When Tesla first debuted with Autopilot in 2015, their CEO (Musk) cautioned drivers to be very careful. This was the original semi-autonomous vehicle technology available in a commercial market. Musk stated that people should not take their hands off the wheel. The videos were an indication that many people will always react poorly when handed an innovative & powerful technology. Since Autopilot’s release, all the major auto manufacturers have developed their own plans for semi-autonomous, automated systems. Examples include:

  • General Motors has it with the Cadillac CT6
  • Mercedes implemented their S-Class with Drive Pilot
  • Nissan is working on the ProPilot
  • Audi’s A8 will be somewhat autonomous.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are still very much in development. The EV segment still has truly flourish and they only represent 1% of the record 17.55M vehicles sold last year across the country. And a recent study of 2,000+ Americans found that 60% were still unfamiliar with electric cars, which has nothing to do with battery range or charging station locations. When viewing a Tesla, many claim it to be the “Apple” of vehicles. The traditional auto manufacturers are also adhering to the franchise dealerships model as both middlemen & service centers. The Tesla model of direct-to-consumer is certainly much different. It will be interesting to see how the brand continues to operate amid the competition”. The complete article is available at this link.

Junk Vehicle Removal in Chardon

Many scrap auto recyclers (such as us) use systems and processes that are friendly to the atmosphere. Best practices are in place throughout Solon, Walton Hills, and Brooklyn by our buyer of scrap cars. Get fast damaged car removal and scrap vehicle hauling service by calling us today in Streetsboro, Fairview Park, & Bentleyville Village. The current price for scrap cars in Mentor, Willoughby, & Lyndhurst is at a significant low currently. While selling a junk car is the last phase of one vehicle, it extends the life of many vehicles that are still on the road throughout Ohio City, Highland Heights, and Maple Heights.