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Ohio Vehicle Emission Update

Ohio Vehicle Emission Update

We appreciate your checking in with us at for the latest news and information from the scrap my car and junk car scrap industry. We are among the local organizations paying money for a scrap car and processes junk car scrap in Seven Hills, Northfield, and Cuyahoga Heights. As you may know, we buy any car that is complete and initiating the process is as simple as calling our salvage car buyer who buys scrap cars, truck and vans. Are you wondering who buys scrap cars in Oakwood Village, North Olmsted, or Fairview Park? Our scrap my car program gets you the money for a scrap car that you need and one of the best features is that our salvage car buyer provides you a price quote right over the phone! Yes, we buy any car, regardless of its present condition, and process our junk car scrap in accordance with sound environmental practices and procedures. Our topic from the auto-related arena in the state of Ohio reviews the E-Check program, which was instituted in many areas of the state back in 1996.

My purpose here is to broadly define the program and explore what happens when a car does not “pass” the test. The primary source of data on the program is from as follows: “In 1996, the State of OH began an emissions testing program for vehicles, E-Check, to find motor vehicles that emit high levels of pollution into the air. Among the options considered by legislature, E-Check was the most cost-effective at reducing the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) responsible for ground-level ozone, aka smog. The program tests autos within (7) Ohio counties. Newer vehicles are exempt from the program for the first (4) model years.

What if the vehicle fails the test? A motorist may receive up to (3) free tests within a year. Further tests all charge $18 to the motorist. Ohio EPA licenses repair shops & certifies technicians in (7) counties. Techs are trained & certified in areas of diagnosis and repair. The technicians must complete a high-quality training program developed by the Training Repair Industry Advisory Group (TRIAG). Licensed E-Check repair facilities must employ at least (1) certified E-Check tech & maintain some specific equipment. If you vehicle is repeatedly unable to pass the test, motorists are eligible to receive (2) types of waivers. When a vehicle has failed at least one emissions test and the owner has made efforts to have that vehicle repaired, a waiver may be issued. The motorist must bring all original emissions-related repair receipts and the vehicle to a station for a waiver. Repairs may be performed at any legitimate repair facility or by the vehicle owner. For DIY repair, only receipts for components will count toward a waiver.

Option 1: Applies to Both OBD II and Tailpipe Tests. Repair Cap Waivers: When $300 in emissions-related repairs on a vehicle has been spent.

Option 2: Applies to the Tailpipe Test Only. Conditional Pass Waivers are issued after the initial tailpipe test. To qualify, the vehicle must be a 1995-or-older model and must demonstrate a minimum of 30% improvement from the initial readings and $200 in receipts for emissions-related repairs.

There is another temporary solution to avoid spending $200-$300 on repairs for those with lower income. A 6-month hardship extension for vehicles which fail the test is available within these income guidelines: 1 person up to $17,655; 2 persons up to $23,895; 3 persons up to $30,135; 4 persons up to $36,375; 5 persons up to $42,615 and further. To qualify, a written estimate for emission related vehicle repairs and diagnostic fees of $75 or more.” The full program details are available at this link. For those with low income who do not anticipate keeping the car for more than 6 months, this option essentially keeps you from spending any money relating to the problem.

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