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Premium Vehicle Fuel

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In the March 21, 2016 edition of Automotive News an article titled ‘Cheap-fuel savings slip with premium’ was posted by Nick Bunkley with the following info:Gasoline is cheap again, but the extra charge for premium instead of regular has never been higher. At a Shell station in Tucson, AZ, regular cost $1.17 a gallon, while premium was $1.75. That is nearly 50% more. In Chicago, a Pilot station had regular for $1.95 and premium for $3.09, 58% more. And an Exxon station in Newport News, Va., offered regular for $1.59 and premium for $2.89 – 82% more.

Five years ago the average of 7% was the norm for premium. At current prices, buying premium would cost an average driver several hundred dollars more a year and potentially thousands over the life of a car. The shift has effectively wiped out the fuel-economy advantage claimed by some models with turbocharged engines that demand premium, and it’s making some drivers think whether the added cost is worth it. The price difference may not matter to those who can afford luxury & high-performance cars, which typically require premium. But it can be painful for owners of cheaper cars that demand higher octane, including the Mini Cooper and Smart ForTwo, and confusing for drivers of vehicles that recommend premium who fear damaging the engine or voiding the warranty by using regular instead. Nissan NA recommends drivers put premium in its Maxima & Juke. Company officials say it’s fine to ignore

Now, premium costs an average of 48 cents more a gallon than regular. Percentagewise, the gap between the two grades has tripled since 2013 and more than doubled just since August. Even before premium became so much more costly, GM heard complaints from many owners of the first-generation Volt, which required premium for its 1.4-liter range-extending engine. For the redesigned Volt, which went on sale last fall with a new 1.5-liter engine, GM says drivers can use regular. Ford Motor Co. recommends premium for the 2016 Escape with a twin-scroll EcoBoost engine, the Flex with EcoBoost and most Mustang variants.

Daimler AG’s Smart brand, in a guide to maximizing fuel economy it published, says the ForTwo gets 3 mpg better using premium vs regular. The 2016 ForTwo’s owner manual cautions that using less than 91 octane fuel can lead to engine failure. Ahmad Bachan, the Smart brand manager at Loeber Motors in Lincolnwood, Ill., said customers can use regular–but it doesn’t give you the same quality.

2010 9%
2014 10%
2015 17%
2016 27%

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration”

The full article is available here.

What is a junk car worth?

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