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Scrap Car Spotlight 1.3

Scrap Car Spotlight 1.3

Cleveland Scrap Cars, the area’s premier outlet for selling a junk car, is about more than buying junk cars in Ohio. We strive to keep informed on changes in the industry of those that buy junk cars. We are back with another industry expert. Dan Snyder is the General Manager of Snyder’s Certified Auto & Truck Parts in Holland, TX. Holland itself is a smaller town that is positioned about 60 miles northeast of Austin and approximately 50 miles south of Waco. His company was founded in 1988, thus is well-established within the auto scrap and recycling market. We asked Dan a few questions about his business as follows:

Q: I noticed you had a Grand Opening of a new self-serve lot this month. How is that coming along?

The grand opening is fine. We have a long way to go to achieve the traffic we would like to see but we are keeping the overhead low and it will come along just fine.

Q: I saw that your company offers the Charity Car donation options to vehicle sellers. How has this been working out?

We get very few cars through this program. Most of those that we do get are really self-service vehicles

Q: What are some of the changes in the auto recycling industry recently that you have noticed?

There are more and more facilities that continue to struggle and / or close. There is no substitute for education, information, and dedication. If you don’t have one of these you will struggle for sure. If you are missing more than one the end will come quickly.

Q: Do you see the “do-it yourself wrench” business model as the future of auto recycling? Will the traditional used parts model be phased out?

There will always be a place for “full service” auto parts recycling as long as it is profitable. There are many consumers of these parts that work hard to increase their margins while that decreases the margins of the recyclers. This just makes it more difficult to run these businesses. I see less and less facilities with more and more of the market share in the future.

Q: How does your company track its inventory of vehicles and components?

Pinnacle Professional Yard Management System

There are several things that I noticed about Mr. Snyder’s operation:

  • He recognizes a trend where there may be fewer competitors in the market to buy junk cars
  • The company is fairly diverse in that it offers full-service, DIY and vehicle donation options
  • The emphasis they place on keeping overhead low to allow time for the business to progress

Dan mentioned that they utilize the Pinnacle Yard Management System. After reviewing the system, it seems to offer the following benefits: “some of the more significant features include remote order creation, fully integrated production manager, email integration, Pinnacle Chat instant messaging, complete accountability, PinnacleNet real-time trading network, advanced multi-location capabilities, extensive management reporting suite, warranty module, automatic and manual pricing, all-in-one bidding, inventory and tracking tools, fully customizable control centers, screen recommendations, commission calculation reports, new and aftermarket parts module and soon to be released integrated e-commerce facilities.”[i]

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