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Scrap Car Spotlight 1.5

Scrap Car Spotlight 1.5

Cleveland Scrap Cars, a local auto buyer, is back with the 5th installment of our Scrap Car Spotlight. In this forum we expand upon our primary role as a purchaser of cars for cash and a buyer of junk cars. We provide insight and analysis throughout the world of auto scrap and recycling. As a junk my car company that offers the fastest junk car quote in northeast Ohio, we report on others who act as a buyer of junk cars to get better perspective. Our next featured auto recycler is based in Maricopa, AZ. Maricopa is a town of approximately 47,000 residents that is located about 30 miles south of Phoenix. Mr. Tom Buessing is a co-owner of Auto Recycling Mall, which was established in 1996 and boast a massive inventory of junk and scrap cars. Here is our interview with Mr. Buessing:

Q: What are your primary roles/functions in managing the Auto Recycling Mall’s cars for cash operation?

A: The emphasis is mainly centered on sales activity.

Q: What are some of the changes in the auto recycling industry recently that you have noticed?

A: It seems that we are being squeezed from several directions. The emergence of aftermarket components in the marketplace and the entrance of corporately owned yards, make it more difficult to make a buck.

Q: It looks like you are open Saturday until noon and closed Sunday. Have you tried or considered being open for longer weekend hours?

A: We haven’t done a great job of marketing the business; thus, we currently, we operate with a small staff on Saturday

Q: Your website says you have 1300+ vehicles. How do you track this large inventory?

A: We have trimmed to approximately 500 vehicles, which are tracked on computer. We have found that bigger isn’t necessarily better.

Q: I had seen that you transitioned away from a “U-Pull-It” business model. Why is that?

A: We found that the clientele was very “challenging”. There was too much theft.

I did not think previously about the “self-serve” or “u-pull it” challenges as it relates to theft. I suppose that it would be difficult for the auto buyer to monitor what is happening if you have 15 people throughout the yard. Another potential drawback I could see from the self-serve model is the possibility of customers removing certain components with no regard for components that may be either connected to the item they want or a component that is obstructing access to the item they want. We certainly encourage those seeking auto related components in Arizona to contact ARM at 888-254-6766 or visit them online at

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