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Scrap Car Spotlight 1.9

Scrap Car Spotlight 1.9

At Cleveland Scrap Cars we buy scrap cars 6 days a week and you can get cash for a car in any condition. In addition to our efforts to buy scrap cars, we provide auto scrap and recycling related news and information. Next we had the opportunity to interview Mr. Mike Garvin or Vander Haag’s, Inc. which began in Iowa many years ago and now maintains several locations.

Q:  What are some of the primary functions you handle in managing Vander Haag’s?

A: Work with the 4 department leads in components, truck sales, service and inventory. I oversee what they do and help them make decisions such as reviewing sales orders, service orders and to ensure accuracy. Reviewing item records, new inventory and looking over the buildings and grounds.

Q: Your website mentioned you offer remanufactured products. Does your company remanufacture these items in-house? Please elaborate on how this aspect of your business works.

A:  We rebuild differentials and manual transmissions, as well as rebuild class 8 engines. Our remanufactured facility cores are brought in and we rebuild them. We set stock levels and stock certain ones we can customize.  The engines we rebuild 5 numbers right now and they are dyno-tested to ensure quality

Q:  What are some of the changes in your industry recently that you have noticed? 

A: More difficulty in purchasing junk units.  Scrap prices are low; quality employees are harder to find

Q:  Is there any marketing initiative(s) that you have used lately that was very successful?

A:  We have a strong web presence and  run ads in truck paper. We also have our inventory uploaded to 5 different sites.

Q:  How do you track inventory, with so much product and multiple locations?

A:  Our computer system is the I-soft system. It can handle all of our new, used and rebuilt inventory. It also has a multiple-store function. We can see what all of your stores have at the same time and have set, common pricing.

Q:  Does Vander Haag’s end up scrapping a lot of metal? If so, do you recall times when the per-ton scrap price has fallen this much? How and when do you anticipate a rebound?

A:  We have not seen it fall to these extreme levels and I have been here 30 years.  I’d like to think it will go back up in the spring, but my gut tells it won’t increase that much. I keep hearing about Chinese steel, but not sure what is going on — not good for the scrap business.  We don’t figure scrap in our business plan — it is an added benefit

A couple interesting things that Mr. Garvin discussed were:

  • He feels that quality employees are in shorter supply
  • The scrap prices (to his recollection) have not declined to this extent before
  • They synchronize their inventory with about (5) external websites to insure coverage in most forums
  • Mike mentioned a lengthy list of areas of the business that he oversees. He has obviously had experience in all facets of their business.

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