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Scrap Car Spotlight 2.3

Cleveland Scrap Cars is back with our latest installment of the Scrap Car Spotlight 2.3 interview series. As are reminder, we are one of the people that buy junk cars in the greater Cleveland area. As a buyer of junk cars, for pay cash for scrap cars and offer other junk car scrap-related services. Additionally, we maintain a commitment to recycling in an environmentally sound manner.

Our next industry expert is Clyde Cameron, whose company Clyde Auto Recycling is based in South Amboy, NJ. The city itself has approximately 8,000 residents.

What are some of the primary functions you handle in managing Clyde AR?

Owner & Operations Manager.

What are some changes in the auto parts industry recently that you have noticed?

We have noticed that it is far more difficult to purchase salvage vehicles from the local auctions due to the large amount of exporters and domestic shredders that we are bidding against.

Is there any marketing initiative(s) that you have used lately that was very successful?

We feel that the most successful marketing that we have done are in person visits to local repair facilities with promotional material.

The “self-serve”/ “U-Pull It” business model has risen in popularity lately. Do (or have you) offered self-service? What do you think are the main advantages or drawbacks with it?

We are a full service facility. The only advantages that I see are the savings in payroll. The disadvantages that I see are a larger possibility of theft and the major liability of the public becoming injured opening us up for a lawsuit.

How does Clyde AR track its inventory of auto component inventory?

Pinnacle Yard Management System.

Do you recall times when the per-ton scrap price has fallen this much? How and when do you anticipate a rebound?

Fortunately it seems like the market has already started to rebound with shredder feed finally hitting over $200.00/ton and still on the rise.

With low scrap prices, what are you typically paying for older scrap vehicles in NJ currently?

Currently we are paying $200.00 for a complete car with a free pick up.

What are the different ways that you obtain late-model (2006+) vehicles for parts?

Most of our late model vehicles are purchased from the public and repair facilities.

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Who are the people that buy junk cars?

CSC is an established buyer of junk cars in NE Ohio. We are in the junk car scrap business and pay cash for scrap cars 6 days a week. Our procedures and recycling practices have great environmental benefits such as reducing pollution within the air and water supplies.