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Scrap Car Tire Debate

Scrap Car Tire Debate

Cleveland Scrap Cars provides vehicle sellers with money for a scrap car or salvage vehicle in University Heights, Warrensville Heights and Euclid. People that buy junk cars are recycle junk car scrap are part of the green movement that strive to avoid sending used product to landfills. Are you wondering where to sell a junk car in Berea, Geauga County and eastern Lorain County? Are you asking where to sell my car for cash in Bedford, Pepper Pike, or Aurora? To receive money for a scrap car in Shaker Heights, North Randall and Richmond Heights, contact the people that buy junk cars today! One of the debated topics in the salvage vehicle and junk car scrap arenas is whether recycling scrap auto tires by shredding them into crumb rubber for use in athletic turf is hazardous.

In a recent article by Michael Peterson on titled ‘Best available science indicates no reason for turf health concerns’ tells us the following: “The Edmonds City Council’s decision to impose an 18-month freeze on the installation of turf fields with crumb rubber seems to rest on the assumption that there is substantial uncertainty regarding chemical exposures from this product. There is always at least some uncertainty in all areas of scientific inquiry, but the key is to look to the best available science. In the case of synthetic turf, the best available science indicates that there is no reason for concern about health risks for users of these fields. Dozens of peer-reviewed journal articles and multiple state health agencies support this conclusion, and some have reviewed the evidence as recently as this year.

It is certainly understandable that parents & community members want to be prudent and take every possible precaution in protecting children. But the discussion of health risks needs to be reasonded by the science, and also provided with context. For instance, studies that have examined chemicals in synthetic turf have found concentrations for some are similar to, or lower than, those found in natural soils. In addition, the finding of chemicals in a substance does not necessarily imply a health risk. We interact with products with potentially harmful chemicals and carcinogens every day (e.g., cell phone, computer and carpet). However, because exposures are low there are generally not concerns for health effects.

Children’s safety—both now and in the long-term—is absolutely critical. Fear that isn’t based on evidence shouldn’t undermine the science. In the case of synthetic turf, the best available science indicates no health concerns for people using these fields. Hopefully, over the course of the next 18 months, Edmunds officials and residents will analyze the available data and come to the same conclusion.” The full article is available at this link.

Being people that buy junk cars and process junk car scrap, we are all too familiar with the problems associated with the disposal of junk auto tires. Tires take up a great deal of space and are typically a residual item from a salvage vehicle. Those of us who pay money for a scrap car often will have to pay a 3rd party to dispose of these items. I am not claiming to be qualified to offer an opinion based on science; however, do not feel that crumb rubber would be very dangerous. If these tires where incinerated into a harmful gas that we could breathe perhaps—but this is not the case.

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