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Scrap Tire Recycling 1.1

Scrap Tire Recycling 1.1

Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to scrap a car in Lakewood, Berea and Euclid. We offer you a fast price for a damaged car so that the process of selling a scrap car is easy. Our next topic of discussion centers on the recycling of vehicle tires. Many times when you sell a junk car to a “scrap my car” provider, the tires from the scrap vehicle are in above average condition and a reseller may turn around and remarket them in their existing condition. Another similar process known as retreading has been common for many years.

According to the process is defined as follows: “Retreading is the process whereby selected and inspected worn tires (casings) receive new tread; only carefully inspected casings are used. The worn tread is buffed away & new tread bonded to the tire body. There are different techniques, but the objective is affixing new tread through the application of heat and pressure. This is an established industry that began in the early 1900s; there are approximately 850 retread (RT) plants throughout North America, from small to large plants processing 1,000 or more retreads a day. This represents over $3 billion in RT tires sold annually.

Scrap Car Tires, Environmental

Retreading conserves oil; the synthetic rubber components in a new passenger tire contain 7 – 8 gallons of oil. Retreading the same tires uses only 2 to 3 gallons. A new medium truck tire requires about 22 gallons; but it takes only seven gallons to RT– saving millions of gallons of oil. Millions of tires that would end up in landfills continue their useful lives for more miles.

Truckers, airlines, construction companies, farmers & passenger car owners all purchase retreaded tires for one basic reason – to save money. A RT tire costs less to produce than a new tire and sells for less – usually between 30-50% of new. The commercial & military aircraft industries save more than $100M a year; it saves the trucking industry over $3B each year. Nearly 80% of all aircraft tires in service in the US are retreaded.” For the complete article visit this link.

The RT vehicle tire market may seem like a small niche, and within the US’ passenger tire market this may be true; however, the other market sectors utilize RT tires much more widely. Here is some information from Goodyear, which is a household name in the tire industry to most: “Tires are one of the top (3) expenditures for truck owners. You can help save money & achieve the lowest cost-per-mile by using Goodyear’s cradle-to-grave program that includes retreads. Long haul, regional and mixed service trucks can get the performance you need by choosing from our application specific tread designs. In addition to the traditional pre-cure RT, Goodyear offers UniCircle® RT’s. These products feature splice-less construction; they adhere snugly to the casing to enhance traction and reduce tearing and chunking. Plus, they incorporate an exclusive UniCircle compound that helps enhance traction & tread-wear.” TO view the entire summary, simply click here.

In our first of a two-part look at RT tires, we have primarily reviewed RT’s from a view of those that manufacture these products (Goodyear) and an organization that supports the industry ( It seems that RT tires are cost effective, beneficial to the environmental and widely used and accepted. In the second part we will more closely examine the opinions of those more critical of the RT market.

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