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Scrap Tire Recycling 1.2

Scrap Tire Recycling 1.2

Cleveland Scrap Cars is back with the 2nd part of our report on retread (RT) tires. Many wonder what occurs to the various components when you sell your scrap car. Selling a junk car is only the beginning of a process that ultimately recycles over 80% of the vehicles composition. Many Americans cringe at the thought of putting RT tires on their vehicles. On they have an article titled ‘Retread Industry tired of bad rap’ with the following information: “It is true that as late as the 1970s, rubber from retreaded tires was known to rip away and leave chunks of tire or ‘road alligators’ laying on the highway—but times change and so has the retreaded tire. Not only are RTs safe and reliable, TRIB believes that its industry is extremely environmentally friendly. Retreading of passenger vehicle tires hasn’t been as popular as in large commercial tires used in the trucking industry. That is mostly due to the competition from tire manufacturers in India, China and Brazil. It was cheaper to buy a new passenger tire than purchase a retread. Those cheaper poorer quality tires are also not suitable for retreading.

According to industry representative Harvey Brodsky, passenger retreads are about to become more popular. A set of four new tires for an SUV or a high performance vehicle can cost around $1000. Four RTs will cost about half that. Safety is not an issue. They are as safe as new tires, the handling & performance is the same. You wouldn’t know the difference when you are behind the wheel of the vehicle.” The complete story is available here.

An article by Matt Berner from April 2015 in titled ‘Retread industry under constant pressure’ sheds additional insight into the RT market as follows: “The cost benefit of retreading is obvious. Tire Review’s 2014 Study showed the average price for a new 11R22.5 was $448.10, while a retread of that size came at an average price of $249.70 – a $198.40 difference, serious money when you’re dealing with thousands of tires. Ben Rosenblum, product manager at Bridgestone says that a big driver of the decline since 2000 is the trend to purchase low price import tires. Fewer quality casings will put a lot of price pressure on RTs at a time new decent quality Chinese brands are being sold at lower-than-RT pricing.” The read the article in its entirety, visit this link.

One maker of RT tires is TreadWright (TW) located in Houston, TX, which has been in the industry for 40 years and refers to their products as “remolds”. Here are some highlights that we found interesting from “We are unique in two ways: (1) Less Material = Lower Cost. A retreaded tire requires less materials & production than traditional tires, so you get premium quality tires for a lower price. (2) We sell direct, avoiding the markups from distributors & tire shops. You buy tires on our website directly from our warehouse; we don’t have a fancy store.

Creation of the best tires means using the best ingredients. TW uses the highest quality rubber available. Every TW tire uses the premium rubber trusted by professional drivers every day in the commercial trucking industry. If you want the best rubber, you want TW. Any retreaded tire starts with the casing, or we like to call the foundation. TW uses only casings from premium tires, so you know your tire has the best foundation. We discard more than 25% of the casings that come into our shop because they do not pass our inspection credentials.” For additional information about TW please visit

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