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Scrapping a Car Prematurely?

Are you wondering who is the highest paying for junk cars in Bedford, Berea, or Avon? Are you seeking who buys crashed cars or where to get cash for a damaged car? At Cleveland Scrap Cars we pay cash for a damaged car and are among the many who buys crashed cars in Westlake, Shaker Heights, and North Randall. We are repeated asked how to sell a junk car in Solon, Walton Hills, and Streetsboro. The good news is that we now offer cash for a damaged car 6 days a week in the regions of Bentleyville Village, Mentor, and Willoughby.

Our next topic discusses how Tesla electric vehicles may be a source of problems for owners who have surpassed their factory warranty period. The manufacturer has a “virtual monopoly” on the ability to repair these cars, which will likely result in very costly repair bills. On March 8, 2016 Steve Hanley of gas2.org authored a story titled ‘Blogger Says Tesla Is Building Throwaway Cars’ with the following details: “Russell Graves is a mechanic whose philosophy is if the engine in your car dies, you go to the junk yard, buy another one, and install it over the weekend. Russell has recently wrote a blog post in which he claims Tesla is building what he calls throwaway cars. He doesn’t mean to suggest that Tesla vehicles are not built with quality components or that they don’t hold up; Graves thinks when things start to go wrong with them, the cost of repair (beyond the warranty) will be too high.

Much of Graves complaint with Tesla is that is makes it difficult for repairs to be made by anyone other than a Tesla service center. There aren’t independent garages willing to work for less than what the factory store charges. Imagine if we all had to take our cars to a factory dealer every time something went wrong. Graves says don’t even think about the hardware. What about all those sensors, display screens, and computers lurking within the dashboard? Tesla will not even allow a customer or a repair site to read the service manuals unless the owner can prove they live in Massachusetts, the only state requiring manufacturers to make their service manuals accessible to the public. The rate starts at $30 an hour with a year’s access being $3K.

The other issue is who owns the car’s software–Tesla takes says the software belongs to them. The owner, merely have a license to use it and it may not be altered. If Tesla decides a car is not safe to operate, it can deactivate it wirelessly over the air. If you repair your car yourself, they can require you to bring it to one of its service centers to inspect the repair. Cars are becoming more like computers. The company lives and dies on customer satisfaction and good word of mouth. What happens if a significant number of disgruntled owners find out they own expensive cars that can’t be repaired for a reasonable amount of money?” The complete article is available here.

Who is the highest paying for junk cars?

We may not be the highest paying for junk cars in Geauga County, Macedonia, Aurora—but we are the best! Our junk vehicle buyer will explain how to sell a junk car quickly in Maple Heights, Middlefield, or University Heights. Those of us who buys crashed cars in the regions of Glenwillow, Parma, and Beachwood should know that we are an eco-conscious organization. Our auto scrap program reduces both water and land pollution, and you get fast cash for a damaged car. Landfills are a major source in hurting the natural environment; therefore, we are the best option for how to sell a junk car in the areas of Pepper Pike, Euclid, and Garfield Heights. Green companies like Cleveland Scrap Cars are good for the environment and also create green jobs. Pick up the phone today in Eastlake, Twinsburg, and Lakewood and dial (216) 282-JUNK to receive a junk car quote for your junk vehicle or scrap car.