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Spare Change in Auto Scrap

Cleveland Scrap Cars is an established auto buyer and is among those who buy used cars for scrap. To obtain money for a junk car quickly, you should locate the title and call us for a junk car quote. Our junk car handling processes are centered on waste diversion by aiming to reuse & recycle as much material as possible. Doing what is in the best interest of our environment is a goal within our auto scrap and junk recycling procedures.

An April 29, 2016 article in the Wall Street Journal by Joe Palazzolo titled ‘Lost in the Seat Cushions, There’s $100 Million in Spare Change’ with the following recycling-related story: “The quarter stuck to bubble gum in the ashtray, the dime between the seat cushions. The U.S. ships countless tons of scrap to China annually, much of it comprising the aluminum remains of broken-down vehicles that have passed through shredders. The scrap is laden with coins, many battered beyond recognition. A new industry has emerged to reclaim and repatriate these coins. Mr. Shahar, 46, an entrepreneur, was among those who realized the potential in change (coins) years ago. Shahar buys US coins from Chinese scrap sites and ultimately the U.S. Mint pays for them. The Mint takes these coins that are bent, chipped or otherwise unable to be uncounted by a machine at close to face value.

Shahar’s business was thriving until the U.S. cancelled the coin program, and detained over $664K worth of his coins. Shahar has not been accused of a crime, but US prosecutors allege that others redeemed counterfeits. Mr. Shahar says that nobody is likely to create fake coins with such low value. Shahar Mr. Shahar developed coin sources in 25 countries–much of his business is in China, since they are a global metal recycler. A junk car donated or scrapped in the U.S. generally passes through a shredder and then is sorted using technologies including electric currents, magnets and X-ray. The result contains tiny metals, including coins, which are too small for the system to filter.” To view the story in its entirety, visit this link.

Who will buy used cars for scrap?

Call our auto buyer at (216) 282-JUNK and we will give you a junk car quote for the scrap value of your ride. How much money for a junk car do you actually get? The answer is often variable–anywhere from $100-$300 is the norm. We are a junk auto buyer serving Cuyahoga County in Ohio. We pay cash for cars in Geauga County with free junk quickly and easily. You can get junk car hauling plus cash for your old car today!