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Are Vehicle Mechanics Soon Going to be Scrapped?

The market pricing for junk cars in Ohio has declined recently with dips in the scrap steel market. The old car scrap process in North Randall, Solon, and Walton Hills is much simpler than you may realize. To all those residing in Brooklyn, Streetsboro, or Fairview Park, our scrap car hauler is readily available! The good news is that we can pick up non-running cars, trucks, and vans from Bentleyville Village, Mentor, and Willoughby, OH.

In the February 27, 2017 edition of Auto News, Keith Crain explained the following: “There was a time when a driver would stop at the shop because their car didn’t run right. You had to determine out why and then fix what was wrong. Today, you simply use an OBD-II scanner and it indicates the problem. There are still some of systems on cars that have to be repaired, like brakes or suspensions; however, largely it’s now plug-and-play. And that trend is likely to continue as fewer systems will allow you to do much other than pull out a suspected defective component and replace it.

That means we’re going to need a different type of mechanic in the future. As auto systems get more complex, it will lead to additional importance to have service technicians who are comfortable using diagnostic equipment and to determine what really needs replaced. Recently, I heard that 90% of all computer modules that were returned were still OK.

It will take a different type of person to analyze the problems. Not your typical mechanic anymore; but rather technicians. It also takes a different kind of service manager to work with customers today than many years ago. It just is not possible to tell a customer that the car acts this way, it is a problem from the factory. As vehicles become complex, the financial components of the service department will change.  It is a distinct world in today’s dealership. Hiring will be different moving forward, as long-term employees will have to be re-trained.”  The full article is available here.

Where to Junk Cars in Ohio

We buy junk cars in Ohio quickly and the towing is included, even in Highland Heights, Maple Heights, or Middlefield, OH. From an environmental standpoint, our old car scrap processes do not harm the ecosystems in University Heights, Warrensville Heights, or Richmond Heights. Most of those working as a scrap car hauler in Pepper Pike, Euclid, or Garfield Heights, can provide you a junk car quote right over the phone. Are you or a family member selling an old car in Eastlake, Twinsburg, or Lakewood? Our goals do include recovery of materials in order to reduce pollution and maintain stable supplies–long into the future.

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Scrap Car Spotlight 1.3

Scrap Car Spotlight 1.3

Cleveland Scrap Cars, the area’s premier outlet for selling a junk car, is about more than buying junk cars in Ohio. We strive to keep informed on changes in the industry of those that buy junk cars. We are back with another industry expert. Dan Snyder is the General Manager of Snyder’s Certified Auto & Truck Parts in Holland, TX. Holland itself is a smaller town that is positioned about 60 miles northeast of Austin and approximately 50 miles south of Waco. His company was founded in 1988, thus is well-established within the auto scrap and recycling market. We asked Dan a few questions about his business as follows:

Q: I noticed you had a Grand Opening of a new self-serve lot this month. How is that coming along?

The grand opening is fine. We have a long way to go to achieve the traffic we would like to see but we are keeping the overhead low and it will come along just fine.

Q: I saw that your company offers the Charity Car donation options to vehicle sellers. How has this been working out?

We get very few cars through this program. Most of those that we do get are really self-service vehicles

Q: What are some of the changes in the auto recycling industry recently that you have noticed?

There are more and more facilities that continue to struggle and / or close. There is no substitute for education, information, and dedication. If you don’t have one of these you will struggle for sure. If you are missing more than one the end will come quickly.

Q: Do you see the “do-it yourself wrench” business model as the future of auto recycling? Will the traditional used parts model be phased out?

There will always be a place for “full service” auto parts recycling as long as it is profitable. There are many consumers of these parts that work hard to increase their margins while that decreases the margins of the recyclers. This just makes it more difficult to run these businesses. I see less and less facilities with more and more of the market share in the future.

Q: How does your company track its inventory of vehicles and components?

Pinnacle Professional Yard Management System

There are several things that I noticed about Mr. Snyder’s operation:

  • He recognizes a trend where there may be fewer competitors in the market to buy junk cars
  • The company is fairly diverse in that it offers full-service, DIY and vehicle donation options
  • The emphasis they place on keeping overhead low to allow time for the business to progress

Dan mentioned that they utilize the Pinnacle Yard Management System. After reviewing the system, it seems to offer the following benefits: “some of the more significant features include remote order creation, fully integrated production manager, email integration, Pinnacle Chat instant messaging, complete accountability, PinnacleNet real-time trading network, advanced multi-location capabilities, extensive management reporting suite, warranty module, automatic and manual pricing, all-in-one bidding, inventory and tracking tools, fully customizable control centers, screen recommendations, commission calculation reports, new and aftermarket parts module and soon to be released integrated e-commerce facilities.”[i]

Are you looking to scrap a car in Lakewood, Tremont or Brecksville? Selling a junk car is made easy by CSC. We buy junk cars in Ohio 6 days a week. Regardless of where in Ohio that you are selling a junk car the company that will buy junk cars is going to require the vehicle title and an ID. To junk cars in Ohio, call our junk car buyer today at (216) 282-5865. If you need to scrap a car in Lakewood, Twinsburg or Northfield—we are a fast option!

[i] http://www.actual-america.com/company

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Scrap Car Spotlight 1.2

Scrap Car Spotlight 1.2

Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to sell a junk car, more specifically; we are a site where you can junk cars in Ohio. To sell us your car and receive free old car removal simply contact our junk car buyer today. As previously mentioned, we strive to provide news and information within the industry, particularly from industry professionals.

Our 3rd installment of the Scrap Car Spotlight takes us to Cocoa, FL. Cocoa is located on Florida’s eastern coast in Brevard County with a population of approximately 17,000. Cocoa Auto Salvage’s President is Ms. Shan Lathem, who also serves as Vice-President of the Florida Auto Dismantlers & Recyclers Association. We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions relating to her business and the auto scrap and recycling industry.

  1. Could you describe your background and primary function/role in managing Cocoa Auto Salvage?

“My mother and father founded Cocoa Auto Salvage in 1979, with a partner. After several years, my family purchased the partner’s interest in the early 80’s. I worked the family business during summers and after school growing up. Once I graduated college in 1997, I began really learning the business and the nuts and bolts of how the industry works. Initially my function within the organization was focused mostly on the financial side, implementing accounting and control systems. This eventually paved the way for me to move on to procedural implementations and processes including day to day activities enabling us to be more efficient and productive. Today, I work closely with our General Manager who is responsible for making sure objectives are met. We talk daily but have a more formal, sit down meeting weekly to go through the prior week’s productivity, review metrics and discuss any concerns either one of us may have.”

  1. Are there challenges in the auto recycling business that are unique your eastern location in Florida, or to the industry in Florida as a whole? (ie..Climate, Location, Regulations etc…)

“We are located about seven miles inland from the coast in East Central Florida. Our land here is very flat, and during the rainy season it can get very wet in the yard which can certainly present some challenges.”

  1. What changes have you noticed in today’s new vehicle manufacturing that will have an effect on the scrap vehicle market in years to come?

“The auto manufacturers are using aluminum in production today more than ever before in an effort to be compliant with impending legislation regarding gas mileage requirements. This will certainly effect how we process the vehicles for end of life sale and our scrapping processes will need to be modified. Only time will tell if this move toward aluminum will be one that works for the industry or not. It may just be the push needed for steel companies to work at creating better, more lightweight alloys.”

  1. Have you had measurable success marketing your business in any certain ways? Perhaps you have tried some marketing initiatives where the results were lower than expected?

“We have been the largest automotive recycling facility in East Central Florida for many years and so when the retail customer is looking for a quality, used item our name typically comes to mind. Word of mouth is so important to us, just like for any business. We do have a large wholesale business, accounting for about 70% of our overall sales. We have built relationships with our local dealerships, body shops and garages through the years on trust and it’s mutually beneficial for both parties involved. We tried a social media campaign over a two year period including Facebook and Twitter along with some interactive web site programs.   We monitored the response but there was not any real significant change based on these campaigns so we have suspended them for now. We do use CraigsList locally which does generate a significant amount of calls with limited investment. We also participate in multiple on line component  locating systems making our inventory available to all consumers both locally and nationwide.”

  1. Are there any key differences or niches that your company specializes in that are unique among the local auto recycling market?

“One of our biggest advantages is being able to supply a customer their item next day more than 90% of the time. If we have the item, we get it pulled and put on one of our trucks that make deliveries daily to the Central Florida area. If we don’t have it, we can get it from one of our 10 trading partners that we have formed an association with where we trade items every night at a “Cross Dock.” Each one of us sends our delivery truck up with a load after closing hours and our truck returns later that evening loaded with the items my salespeople have purchased that day which means our customer can have their part upon opening or it will be on my delivery truck’s route that day.   This significantly reduces my freight costs making me much more competitive on price. I can get the components to my customer faster than the competition which is a huge advantage in our industry.”

Cocoa Auto Salvage is a sustainable industry leader in this business. Several of Ms. Lathem’s comments are excellent including:

  • They have a weekly management meeting to insure goals are accomplished, evaluate processes and review results.
  • The company is deeply rooted locally and operates well in both the wholesale and retail segments of the industry.
  • Has formed “win-win” partnerships that creates 2 competitive advantages:
    1. Speed of product deliver
    2. Lower freight (shipping) costs

Due in part to the heavy usage of road salt, the volume of junk cars in Ohio is plentiful. Our old car removal system is structured so you can sell us your car as quickly as possible. There is no question of where to sell a junk car for cash in Cuyahoga County, since we give you our best price quote right over the phone and in most cases will have your car picked up the same day. You may find a guy that buys junk cars in Ohio that may offer you a few dollars more; however, all too often when these guys show up for the old car removal there price changes. Don’t play those games… Sell us your car and avoid headaches and “no-show” tow drivers that are all too common in this business. This is why I explain that we are where to sell a junk car—plain and simple!

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Wrecked Junk Cars

Wrecked Junk Cars

Our next story relating to junk cars in Ohio focuses on vehicles used in movies, which are often severely damaged. Those who buy junk cars from those selling a scrap car in the movie industry are probably fortunate. The reason is that these producers are likely to scrap a high volume of vehicles in a short period of time.

In the May 19, 2015 edition of cheatsheet.com an article titled ‘Life after Death: A Look at What Happens to Totaled Cars’ outlined the following points of interest: “An interesting question: what happens to all the wrecked cars you see in movies? Action flicks have been responsible for the destruction of thousands of automobiles, and the most recent Fast and the Furious racked-up 230 vehicles. What is done to these cars since they are no longer deemed road legal?

Years ago, movie studios would just call up a local scrap yard, the cars would get hauled off for salvaging, and that would be it. Wrecked Mustangs from the classic film Bullitt were listed as collector items wrecked or not, people started flocking to junkyards to see what they could salvage. In recent years, things are not as simple as just calling up the local salvage yard. There are now strict rules regarding the proper disposal of a vehicle, and as an action film’s budget increases so does the # of cars the director will want to destroy. To save money, a lot of these cars that are sourced are either flood-damaged but drivable, are fully functional & not worth much, or serve nothing more than sitting targets on a screen set. What happens to these after the tow truck scoops their shattered shells up?

Most vehicles that are deemed “undrivable” after a violent collision are usually sold to a local salvage yard. This is a fantastic way of recycling a condemned car, and every year countless items are re-purposed by people looking to save money by buying used components.  There is another side of the recycling process that goes widely unnoticed by the rest of the world, and that is Hollywood’s purchasing of junk cars for chase scenes. In the aforementioned article, there was an interesting bit of about the Fast and the Furious and its association with used car lots and salvage yards. Picture car coordinator for the films, Dennis McCarthy, reportedly said we’d wreck 25 cars/day, they’d scoop ‘em up and bring us 25 more.

This final element of the “automotive recycling program” is the scrap yard, where cars are turned into compact cubes. This stage occurs after a car has been sitting at a salvage yard for a while, and the yard manager labels the vehicle as “crushable.” Prior to being crushed, all of the fluids must be drained out of the car, airbags must be either removed or deployed, the battery must be absent, and the fuel tank removed. Most modern cars are not entirely made from metal like they used to be, so scrap yards are not getting as much money out of cars. The link to the full article is here: http://www.cheatsheet.com/automobiles/life-after-death-a-look-at-what-happens-to-totaled-cars.html/?a=viewall

At Cleveland Scrap Cars we buy junk cars in Macedonia, Berea and Geauga County. Buying junk cars in Ohio requires that the seller possess the vehicle title regardless of whether it is located in Lorain County, Streetsboro or Mentor. To get a quote for a junk car in Willoughby, Lyndhurst or Highland Heights, simply call 216-282-JUNK. Selling a scrap car in Moreland Hills, Maple Heights, or University Heights? Seeking a place that will buy junk cars in Warrensville Heights, Euclid or Garfield Heights? Give us a call for selling junk cars in Ohio and get a quick quote for a junk car. Selling a scrap car is easy in the areas of Eastlake, Twinsburg and Lakewood. We offer same-day pickup when we buy junk cars in Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights and Middleburg Heights. Junk cars in Ohio have a cash value in Parma, Beachwood and Bedford, which varies according to market prices. Those in Bentleyville Village, Tremont and Bratenahl can call or visit our website for a quote for a junk car. If selling a scrap car in Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights or Lake County, we will pick up on Monday through Saturday. Even if your vehicle is damaged, non-running or wrecked, we will pay cash for the clunker in South Euclid, Cleveland Heights or Wickliffe. To receive quick cash for your car in Brecksville, Bainbridge and East Cleveland, contact CSC now!