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Scrap Outlook for 2018

Where can I determine how to scrap my car in the regions of Lakewood, Linndale Village, or Newburgh Heights? We are a scrapper who junks cars that can provide a simply price over the phone for those in Collinwood, Sagamore Hills, and Middleburg Heights, OH. There is no excuse for the residents of Glenwillow, Parma, or Beachwood not to sell an old car to us. When you decide to junk your car for cash in Eastlake or Twinsburg, the recycling process begins.

China is proposing a ban on import waste which could have some negative consequences according to David Biderman, the CEO at SWANA. They are seeking to reform the ways that they will accept imported materials from both the U.S. and Canada, which will impact recyclers. Proper management of these materials will be challenging. In the meanwhile, recyclers are taking measures to make their loads of material more “pure” and to consider other possible markets internationally. China will likely soon require that recyclers process their ferrous scrap more prior to shipping it there. Recycling Today recently posted that the Chinese are establishing thresholds for the quality of the scrap. This is likely to require that contaminants and foreign material be limited to 1 to 2% of the volume of the material. These details were expected to have been released by now.

Our “green” practices preserve precious resources for the next generation, without compromising the environment. If your car is broken down in Bentleyville Village, Mentor, or Willoughby, you may want to look into how to scrap my car.The guys who by scrap vehicles and who junks cars in Lyndhurst, Ohio City, Highland Heights are now available 6 days a week. Attention, junky vehicle owners in Maple Heights, Middlefield, & University Heights—you can sell an old car for cash today! Anyone possessing junk cars in proximity to Richmond Heights, Pepper Pike, and Euclid, should act now to junk your car for cash.

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Auto Recycling of Aluminum

Cleveland Scrap Cars is one of the local scrap yards that buy cars in the surrounding areas. When you sell an old car you are creating an opportunity for its components to be repurposed. Yes, we buy junk cars with same-day or next-day scrap vehicle removal service. Who scraps cars that can pick up my old vehicle with a flatbed? What is a junk car worth if it is mangled from a horrific accident? We are an eco-friendly auto scrapper who knows that environmental contamination from junk cars can occur within the scope of scrap car operations.

On August 8, 2016 an article titled ‘Study Finds Recycling Rate of Auto Aluminum is 91%’ was posted on Aluminum Insider with the following details: “A study recently by the Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s (WPI) Center for Resource Recovery & Recycling shows that the recycling rate for aluminum in the US auto industry is at 91 percent overall. The study, entitled “Auto Aluminum Recycling at End of Life: A Grave-to-Gate Analysis,” is a peer-analyzed study and was funded from the Aluminum (AL) Association. It backs up research done previously by both public and private sector researchers regarding the high sustainability of AL in auto manufacturing.

The founding director of WPI’s Metal Processing Institute Diran Apelian says they set out to determine exactly how AL is sorted and recovered at the end of a car’s service life and findings indicate it is highly recyclable and is recovered & reused at extremely high rates. To reduce the country’s energy consumption, decrease carbon emissions and increase fuel economy, these results confirms that as AL use continues to grow in the auto sector it also enhances energy security & environmental issues.

Studies indicated that auto components in AL from the moment of obsolescence through the recycling process and to the moment that particular piece of metal is re-integrated in another car or product. The high recycling rate is due to the value of AL as a raw material, pointing to the strong effort to recover this valuable commodity from end-of-life cars. AL continues to show that it is a great solution at every phase of an automobile’s life.” The full article is available here.

What is a junk car worth?

Call us up 6 days a week to receive a price, as indeed we are among the scrap yards that buy cars. I’m sure it is likely that your neighbors are tired of looking at the car—sell an old car for cash to us! Many of those in Cuyahoga, Geauga and Lake County weren’t aware that we buy junk cars. Call it free advice from one guy who scraps cars—find a reliable junk car hauler in the NE Ohio region. Did you know that auto scrap recycling preserves over 80 million barrels of oil, normally lost in making new components?

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Auto Recycling and Earth Day

Auto Recycling and Earth Day

Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars we are a proud proponent of auto-related recycling and scrap throughout Northeast Ohio, including Cuyahoga County, Lorain County, Lake County and Geauga County. Each year in April, we celebrate Earth Day. According to earthdaycoalition.org the purpose and mission of the day is “EDC organizes EarthFest every April to celebrate Earth Day in Ohio. Over 200 affiliate organizations and 500+ active volunteers participate in making EarthFest one of the longest standing celebrations in the country. With as many as 50,000 attending this one-day event, EarthFest has earned distinction as Ohio’s largest environmental education event. Annual exhibit areas include: clean fuels, green home improvement, environmental science and more.”

Cleveland Scrap Cars: Earth Day

How does CSC reflect the goals of Earth Day and the Earth Day Coalition’s mission? We do this is many ways including when you scrap a car for cash with CSC you can rest assured that our scrap car removal service is environmentally conscious. When you sell an old car to CSC the recycling process begins with properly draining & disposing of the vehicle fluids. These fluids in a car for scrap car removal may contain various harmful toxins. When you sell an old car, it is beginning a “new life” for the vehicle and its components. In fact, more than 80% of the vehicle when you scrap a car for cash are recycled & reused in one way or another. Scrap cars (aka junk vehicles) contain many commodities such as aluminum, steel and copper which are in demand globally for manufacturers. We seek to avoid sending any vehicle components to landfills and take special interest in finding renewable sources for everything from batteries, tires, wheels, glass, just to name a few.

On Sunday April 19, 2015 the EarthFest event in Cleveland will be at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds. The event will run from 10AM to 5PM and feature hundreds of exhibitors and live music throughout on 5 stages. Admission for those 12 and up is $8 and here is the link to details: http://partywiththeplanet.us. We encourage residents of Warrensville Heights, Euclid, Garfield Heights and Eastlake to attend and support. Cleveland Scrap Cars has recently expanded our “sell and old car” program into the areas of Lorain, Warren, Strongsville and Mentor and anticipate that those residing in these areas mark their calendars to attend.

The bottom line here is that Northeast Ohio is an area with traditionally poor water quality and excessive air pollution and we hope to contribute to reversing that trend. To scrap a car for cash in Twinsburg, Parma Heights, Lakewood and Linndale Village, the process is simple. The seller simply must possess the vehicle title and an ID to schedule the scrap car removal. To sell an old car in Newburgh Heights, Parma, Beachwood or Bedford you can simply call our junk car buyer at (216) 282-JUNK. Those looking to scrap a car for cash in Bentleyville Village, Tremont, Bratenahl and Chagrin Falls are able to receive same-day scrap car removal if you contact us before 2PM daily. Our next-day cash for cars service is available in Mayfield Heights, Lake County, South Euclid and Cleveland Heights for all those who confirm a junk car pickup after 2PM daily. To sell an old car and insure that it will be environmentally disposed of within the areas of Wickliffe, Brecksville, Bainbridge and East Cleveland is so easy!  We have been paying cash for cars in Chesterland, Moreland Hills, University Heights and Maple Heights for many years now. Even if your car is not running and you are facing an expensive repair bill at a local transmission shop or other repair facility in Seven Hills, Solon, Walton Hills or Northfield, we will pick it up today and pay you cash for the vehicle. Those with a broken down car at Conrad’s, Firestone, Midas or other shop in the areas of Cuyahoga Heights, Oakwood Village, Glenwillow and Aurora should give us a call. We are also buying junk cars throughout Collinwood, Sagamore Hills, Pepper Pike and Shaker Heights. Get cash for a car in North Randall, Macedonia, Lyndhurst and Highland Heights by visiting http://www.clevelandscrapcars.com.

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KIA Leading Way in Scrap

KIA Leading Way in Scrap

Junk car removal is not a problem for KIA. KIA is saving cash for junk cars by eliminating the price for scrap cars. How? By recycling nearly the entire vehicle, KIA is definitely leading the way. Why sell an old car to a scrap car buyer or junk car removal provider, when you can sell an old car back to yourself to lower the manufacturing and production costs on future products.

According to a recent article on AW Automotive World titled ‘Kia way ahead of new 2015 vehicle recycling regulations’ the following points were expressed:

  • 95 per cent of scrapped cars must be re-used
  • Kia already meets the target & is aiming for 100%
  • 9 years of Kia Automobile Resource Regeneration
  • 8-stage process to dismantle end-of-life cars
  • Recycled bio-material already in use in Soul EV

“New regulations require 95% of a vehicle to be recyclable when it reaches the end of its useful life. Kia takes a holistic approach to the environmental impact of its products, encompassing manufacturing, use & disposal. The recently launched all-electric Soul EV demonstrates how cars can be green before they even leave the factory through the use of significant quantities of recycled bio-based materials in its interior construction; Kia is in the development of hybrid, electric & hydrogen fuel cell vehicles while continuing to lower the fuel consumption & emissions. Kia is already meeting the latest EU directive, which requires 85 % of a scrapped vehicle to be recycled or re-used and 10% to be used for energy recovery from the combustion of non-recyclable residues. Modern cars contain explosive materials to trigger their airbags in an accident and large quantities of environmentally hostile solids & liquids which must all be recycled or disposed of safely. Metal components such as the car body, engine and gearbox are relatively easy to recycle, as is the battery and exhaust catalyst, but plastics and rubbers present a greater challenge. Now only 5% of a scrapped car is sent to landfill or incinerated without energy recovery.

Kia has developed an 8-stage dismantling process to recoup as many materials as possible for re-use while ensuring the few components which cannot be recycled are disposed of with the minimum environmental impact. Once the car to be scrapped has been registered it is taken into an explosives chamber where its airbags are triggered in a spectacular display of pyrotechnics. The car is then pre-treated for scrappage before all fluids are removed. The exterior, interior & powertrain are removed and the remnants of the car are crushed in a press. With the Soul EV, Kia demonstrated how recycled materials can re-appear in new cars. 23 items – including the sun visors, luggage area side trim, crash-pad skin and the interior paints – are made from bio-based materials. As a result, the car has been awarded UL Environment Validation. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a global independent safety science company.” To view the complete article, view this link: http://www.automotiveworld.com/news-releases/kia-way-ahead-new-2015-vehicle-recycling-regulations/

Cleveland Scrap Cars pays cash for junk cars 7 days a week in Cuyahoga County. Need junk car removal in Macedonia, Lyndhurst, Cuyahoga Heights or Highland Heights? Are you looking for a price for scrap cars in University Heights, North Randall, Richmond Heights or Streetsboro? To sell an old car in Euclid, Garfield Heights, Eastlake or Parma simply give us a call at (216) 282-JUNK today. Free towing is included in the price for scrap cars in Lakewood, Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights and Seven Hills. The requirements to sell an old car in Beachwood, Bedford, Bentleyville Village and Bratenahl are that you possess the vehicle title and an ID. Our junk car removal services and cash for junk cars operation proudly serve Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights, South Euclid, and Cleveland Heights. Residents of Wickliffe, Maple Heights, Brecksville and Bainbridge are encouraged to visit http://www.clevelandscrapcars.com for a junk car quote.

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Ohio Vehicle Licensing

Ohio Vehicle Licensing

The Ohio BMV has long been an organization managing vast amounts of data; therefore, mistakes and oversights will likely surface. The debate on accountability regarding immigration between the federal government and those states along the US’ southern border has been hot. The governors of both TX and AZ both feel that the Fed is not making a good effort to prevent immigrants from crossing the border. On November 19, 2014 a report on westernjournalism.com entitled ‘Illegal immigrants in Ohio are using loophole to obtain license plates’ composed by James Beattie focused on a BMV shortcoming as it relates to motor vehicle licensing. Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars these types of articles get our attention since we are in the business of scrapping cars, an entity who buys junk cars, thus vehicle titling and transferring is a daily occurrence. In Ohio it is not lawful to sell an old car without the proper title and such.  So how do illegal immigrants register motor vehicles? Check out the story as follows: “Illegal immigrants in Ohio are obtaining license plates using a loophole in the state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). Many have been setting up fake businesses to register their vehicles, a new report finds. To obtain a license plate for a personal vehicle in OH, one requires a valid driver’s license, a state ID number, or social security number, according to ABC 6/FOX 28 in Columbus. But for a commercial vehicle, one only needs to any form of identification in addition to a tax ID number that can be acquired online, then give the name of a phony business (that is not cross-checked with the Ohio Department of State or Department of Taxation), and then you are given the plates. This is not the first time the state has run into problems with vehicle registration. In 2009, The Columbus Dispatch reported the BMV wrote to 47,457 vehicle owners who potentially did not have proper registration to provide proof of legal residency.” To read the complete story–visit this link: http://www.westernjournalism.com/illegal-immigrants-ohio-using-loophole-get-license-plates/

What is required to sell an old car to Cleveland Scrap Cars? The answer is the same for anyone who buys junk cars, the vehicle title and an ID. We have been scrapping cars in a manner that protects the environment for many years in Cleveland. Cleveland is a good environment for a business in scrapping cars due to the relatively excessive use of road salt. The Cleveland area endures harsh winters due to the city’s northerly location and heavy cold wind that blows from the Great Lakes, which also generates “lake effect” snow that in several hours can accumulate 6-7 inches. In fact, Cargill Salt, a privately held salt company has a massive salt mine just west of the city center that stretches from the lakefront beneath the lake for nearly 4 miles. According to a story from April 2013 “Cargill Deicing Technology extracts rock salt from a basin more than 300 million years old so that modern-day drivers can safely maneuver winter roads. Cargill’s location in the heart of the city is ideal for mining salt; it sits on one of the largest salt basins in the entire world. The salt basin itself is ancient. As the Appalachian Mountains formed, they cut off a section of the Atlantic, which evaporated and left behind massive salt deposits which became covered with soil and rock, and those layers, in turn, were eventually covered by the glaciers which melted to form the Great Lakes.” To see the complete article visit this link: http://www.portofcleveland.com/

Need to sell an old car in Lakewood? Asking who buys junk cars in Euclid, Eastlake or Warrensville Heights? We are in the business of scrapping cars throughout Cuyahoga County including the cities of Mayfield Heights, Cleveland Heights, Maple Heights, Parma and Seven Hills. To scrap a car in Collinwood, South Euclid, Chesterland or Twinsburg, give us a call at 216-282-JUNK. Residents of Broadview Heights, Brecksville, East Cleveland, Shaker Heights, Valley View and Independence are encouraged to get a junk car quote by visiting http://www.clevelandscrapcars.com. Looking for who buys junk cars in Solon, Richmond Heights, Old Brooklyn or Macedonia? Look no further than Cleveland Scrap Cars for scrapping cars in the (216) or the (440).