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Tracking Employee Vehicles

Tracking Employee Vehicles

At Cleveland Scrap Cars we buy any car in any lousy condition and are among the many who buys junk cars in Tremont, Macedonia, and Bratenahl. To sell a car for scrap in Mantua, Moreland Hills, or Chagrin Falls, call our office to learn how we buy used cars for scrap. We pay money for a junk car, and have been scrapping cars for several years. When we buy used cars for scrap, we insure that our scrapping cars process is environmentally sound. To us it is about much more than money for a junk car, as we strive to be an eco-friendly option of who buys junk cars. When you sell a car for scrap to CSC, as much as 85% of the vehicle’s composition is recycled and bypasses the landfill.

A recent article on smallbusiness.chron.com titled ‘Rules for the GPS Tracking of Employees’ composed by Cynthia Gomez described the following: “The decreasing costs of global positioning technologies in vehicles & cellphones, is giving employers new ways to track employees. Employee privacy concerns are rising, as GPS tracking has been deemed OK by the courts. The rationale is that workplace surveillance is legal and common. If the workplace is in a car, bosses need a way to keep tabs on their employees; however, there are limits. Keeping tabs of employees using GPS is to be done only when employees are supposed to be working. For instance, it’s OK to ask an employee why his cellphone showed that he was at a bar when he was supposed to be delivering documents to a client. There should be a legitimate business reason for tracking employees’ movements using GPS. A NYC school district employee was fired in 2005 after his cellphone’s GPS contradicted his time cards, as he was leaving work early but getting paid. He sued, arguing that he didn’t know he was being tracked, so they violated his privacy rights. A judge ruled that the district didn’t need to notify employees of the strategies to find misconduct. CT and DE forbid employers from using electronic surveillance, without employee consent. If your company has a policy on such surveillance, tracking via GPS should be in keeping with that policy. Such a policy should remind workers that GPS-equipped technology provided by the company belongs to them and are only to be used for work.” The complete article is available here.

Richard Alaniz posted a story ‘Advantages &Pitfalls of Employee Monitoring’ on fleetfinancials.com with the following info: “GPS devices can offer a return to the bottom line; for example, with GPS, dispatchers can give drivers very specific driving directions to a site, saving time & gas. Such devices also come in handy when road closings require finding detours. Companies can be more efficient with vehicle routing & tracking technology. When dispatchers know where every vehicle is, they can dispatch those closest to the site. Monitoring vehicle speed can save on gas and improve safety. Drivers who consistently exceed the speed limit use more gas, may cause more wear & tear, and are at a greater risk of accidents. Fleet managers can also improve efficiency by tracking & eliminating employees’ breaks. If employees are making unauthorized personal use of vehicles, GPS tracking can discourage it. In cases of theft, GPS systems help recover stolen vehicles. The complete article is found at this link.

A report by ‘The National Work-rights Institute’ illustrated some interesting points as follows: “Oakland is an example of US cities using GPS technology to improve worker accountability. For example, law enforcement in NJ, installed GPS tracking devices on several patrol cars, without notifying officers.  A sergeant caught 5 officers loitering over meals and in parking lots, while their log books said they were patrolling the streets or watching for highway speeders. GPS technology in the workplace poses a threat to employee privacy & sense of dignity. When an employee’s location is tracked in real time, he no longer has any real sense of privacy. The employer reviews every decision he makes. Each tracked location acts like a piece of a puzzle to the worker’s life and after tracking an employee for a length of time, the employer will know that he leaves home every day at 8:00am. He will know that he then spends three hours at the house of his girlfriend, who happens to be an ex-employee. Employers who introduce GPS monitoring may encourage their employees to favor quantity of work produced over the quality of work. Even employers who do not intend on placing production increases above quality in order of importance may do so inadvertently, simply because quality is more difficult to monitor electronically. This report is available here.

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