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US Auto Industry Careers 1.0

US Auto Industry Careers 1.0

Welcome to our 1st of two installments analyzing careers in the US auto industry. The industry is incredibly diverse and includes auto manufacturers, auto maintenance, vehicle repair, aftermarket components, the sector who buys junk cars, auto sales, automotive finance, many more. With such a massive industry, it’s surprising that there aren’t as many trade specific post-educational paths and programs compared to the traditional programs like nursing, education, carpentry & plumbing. Although the auto industry’s many employers are comprised of individuals whose educational backgrounds focused on engineering, marketing, business, finance and information technology (and many others); it seems to be less visible considering the immense size and scope of the industry. Before beginning, we’ll elaborate on our role among the hundreds in this vast industry. Cleveland Scrap Cars is focused on automotive recycling. Many describe us as a place to junk your car for cash, or that we are those who buy used cars for scrap. We are who buys junk cars, thus allowing owners to sell a car for scrap. The initial phase is typically when we receive a request for a price for a junk car, beginning the process to sell your junk car. We have vehicles & staff assigned to transport the purchased vehicles, disassemble them and move to the recycling phase. When you junk your car for cash with us, you are creating a positive effect for the environment. After we buy used cars for scrap, the recycling progression moves forward. Did you know that when you sell a car for cash you are doing a positive thing for the environment? Calling a scrap car hauler who buys junk cars is often a viable option. To sell your junk car fast, reach out and you’ll know why we are the best in the scrap car buying realm. We’re here to offer you a quick price for a junk car over the phone. If needing to rid yourself of an older vehicle, give us a swift call for a price for a junk car. If you decide to sell your junk car instead of paying thousands in repairs, often it is a logical solution. To highlight the scope of the industry, we quote Gautham Nagesh of the Wall Street Journal as follows: “Sales of passenger vehicles in the country for 2015 was at around 17.5M, leading to whether manufacturers this year could eclipse the 18M mark.”[1] As we know, manufacturing is merely a portion of the industry’s composition. We proceed to learn about (4) professions within the industry. In a 2015 article by Kathryn Dillon on forbes.com titled ‘The Auto Industry Jobs of The Future’ she highlighted the following:

  • Interaction Designer: The Interaction Design Association (IxDA) defines the profession as “striving to create meaningful relationships between people & the products and services that they use.”[2]
  • Autonomous Driving Engineer: According to Bosch, these individuals will “work on solutions for future automated & autonomous vehicles and are looking for excellent candidates with expertise in perception system, object tracking, probabilistic grid representations, object tracking and data association”[2]
  • Sustainability Integration Expert: Per Earth Shift Global these folks “help organizations integrate environmental, social, and economic sustainability into their business & manufacturing operations.”[3]
  • Electrical Engineer: Ken Kelzer, GM’s VP of Vehicle Components, says many of the auto industry jobs for which demand will increase will be focused on integrating consumer electronics–tablets, touchscreens, mobile technology–into vehicles. To go from consumer electrics into vehicle electronics; you have to transform these into a vehicle environment.”[4] The complete story by Ms. Dillon is available at this link.

It is obvious that as we proceed with more in-car technology integration, the demand for tech-savvy candidates will be here. In our next segment relating to the topic, we will examine some of the more traditional professions within the automotive industry. There is an additional resource article created by Barberton Junk Cars that discusses auto-related education that can be found here.

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