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US Auto Industry Careers 1.1 (2nd)

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In our prior segment, we focused on some of the newer, recently created careers in the industry—which stemmed from the influx of technology to vehicles. To change gears, we will look at more of the traditional opportunities that are in the field and examine earnings, demand and the recommended training.

Automotive Service Technicians & Mechanics: The US Bureau of Labors defines the position as those who inspect, maintain, and repair vehicles; most of them work in repair facilities. Although technicians often identify and fix automotive problems with computers, they do work with greasy components, tools, sometimes in uncomfortable positions. Employers prefer that automotive service technicians & mechanics complete an education program at a postsecondary institution; industry certification is usually required. The median pay is $37,120 per year ($17.84 per hour) and the job growth is projected to be +5% from 2014 to 2024.

Dealer Salespeople: Selling cars is among the highest paying retail sales positions. As with most sales positions, the compensation will vary based on you individual performance. Let’s take a look at earnings:

  • The Economics Daily in 2015 reported hourly median earnings of $18.06 per hour.[1]
  • Glassdoor says the national average income is $38,840[2]

The minimum requirements are typically a HS Diploma and a valid driver’s license. The majority of the training in conducted in-house (on the job)

General Manager: “General and operations managers at auto dealers received a mean $64.05/hour or $133,230/year as of May 2011. Generally a Bachelor’s Degree is required. The outlook is about +5% growth leading up to 2020”[3]

F&I Manager: According to GlassDoor, the median income is $103,530.[4] Generally a Bachelor’s Degree is a prerequisite. This position works at dealerships in the financing, insurance and other add-on products.

As you can see, the auto industry has a wealth of opportunities. Many are definitely in the upper income ranges and are within reach for most people. Check back for further information on our industry blog.

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