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Vehicle Conservation Requirements

Cleveland Scrap Cars is involved in the auto recycling of junk cars and facilitating damaged car removal 6 days a week in the (216) and (440). Our buyer of junk cars is on-hand to provide a junk car quote for the scrap price of your car, truck, SUV or van. The price for a damaged car or value of a junk car can fluctuate quite a bit based on globally supply and demand issues which ultimately impact commodity pricing.

According to the Plastics Market Watch Automotive Series, “Standards from the Federal Corporate Avg. Fuel Economy (CAFE) have guided designing & engineering of motor vehicles for over 40 years. These standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) & National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) promotes lighter vehicles & fuel conserving engine & drivetrain production. The Obama Administration in 2012 updated the standards to 54.5 mile per gallon for cars & light-duty trucks by 2025. When combined with previous standards, this almost doubles the fuel efficiency of the vehicles in the next (9) years.  Today, auto manufacturers are working on the CAFE standards for cars & light trucks for the 2011–2016 model years requiring the equivalent of 35.5 miles per gallon.

These newer CAFE goals have support among both auto manufacturers & environmentalists. There are thirteen big automakers that make up for more than 90% of all vehicles sold in the US. These new mileage standards from the EPA & NHTSA force automakers to increase efficiency and develop technologies to transform their auto fleets, including advancements in gasoline engines, transmissions, car weight reduction, lower resistance, improvements  relating to aerodynamics, and improvements in auto A/C systems. The next-gen automobiles are employing plastics technology, such as carbon fiber usage for both interior & exterior components. BMW which has spent millions in the development of carbon fiber-related options is using them in a wide variety of vehicles. For the newer entrants to the vehicle arena, such as Tesla, finding the ideal material for the undercarriage & body panels was certainly a priority. Tesla confirmed its lighter-weight carbon fiber/epoxy blend of composite (2) years prior to finalizing it. Tesla twists long, slim carbon fiber strands within a fabric, which is molded with both plastic and resin.” For the report viewable in its entirety, visit

How to determine the price for a damaged car

In the business of auto recycling junk cars, the buyer of junk cars is going to require that you possess the vehicle title and ID to match the name of the listed owner. Our same-day damaged car removal service is available daily from 8AM-5:30PM and 8AM to 3:30PM on Saturdays. Those seeking to scrap a car for cash should call us @ 216-282-5865. Did you know that our scrapping practices have environmental benefits such as reducing air pollution & the potential for water pollution? As a recycler in the greater Cleveland, OH area with a firm environmental focus, we help to limit global warming and other environmental problems.