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Vehicle in Recycling Scheme

Vehicle in Recycling Scheme

Cleveland Scrap Cars is an auto buyer in the Cleveland, OH area. We provide services allowing you to sell your junk car, which includes damaged vehicle removal. If you are wondering where to scrap a car in Cuyahoga County–then look no further than CSC. In addition, we provide weekly news updates relative to the auto scrap and vehicle recycling market in US. Our next story takes us to California, which implemented a program that pays an average of five cents for recyclable beverage containers, a considerably higher amount then what is offered in most states. As a result of this “recyclable buy-back” program, an “underground network” of many opportunistic recyclers has devised illegal ways of transporting large quantities of these containers from neighboring states into CA to cash in.

An article posted on August 6, 2015 titled ‘Man arrested smuggling 8,000 pounds of used bottles’ composed by Ali Tadayon on had the following details: “The CDRRR seized about 8,000 pounds of used beverage containers being smuggled in from Nevada to be recycled. The estimated redemption value of the containers is $11,596, according to a CDRRR. Rogelio Perez was arrested in connection with the seizure; he was driving a big-rig containing the bottles. Agents from the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CDRRR) and the CA Dept. of Justice’s Recycling Fraud Team conducted a surveillance operation on a truck storage yard in North Las Vegas.

The agents saw a group of individuals load a 53-foot trailer with used beverage containers. A short time later, a white truck labeled “Isaac Transportation” pulled into the lot, coupled to the trailer, and left the yard. Agents followed the vehicle until it arrived at the Yermo agricultural checkpoint. Perez told inspectors that the trailer was empty; upon inspection, inspectors found the beverage containers. The rig was impounded and Perez was booked into jail.” The complete article can be viewed at this link.

In a 2014 LA Times article titled ‘New redemption law puts squeeze on bottle and can recyclers’ this process of fraud was explained as follows: “The state also cracked down on out-of-state recyclers. They were trucking loads of discarded materials into California from Nevada or Arizona, where cans and bottles are not subject to a cash deposit. Officials in 2012 estimated the fraud at $40 million a year. The state imposed load limits and is requiring recycling trucks to submit to inspection when they cross the state border.” The article can be viewed in its entirety at this link.

To sell your junk car to our auto buyer the first step is to get a junk vehicle quote, so you can see what the scrap price of your vehicle is. Once you have decided where to scrap a car, you will coordinate the transaction, which includes towing (damaged vehicle removal) etc… Please note that in Ohio it is a requirement to have the title and a photo ID to sell your junk car. All Ohio-based places where to scrap a car are going to insist on those two documents. Our auto buyer is on-hand (6) days a week to facilitate you junk car hauling or damaged vehicle removal process.

The clear advantages to using Cleveland Scrap Cars are as follows:

  • We have a large service area. CSC will pay cash for cars throughout Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga and eastern Lorain County.
  • Fast and friendly service. In most cases we can buy your junk car or scrap vehicle on the same-day you call us. If you contact us later in the day and we are booked up, we will schedule your scrap vehicle removal for the next day. In addition, our staff is extremely professional, polite and honest.
  • Our quoted purchase price for your old car includes free towing.
  • We buy scrap cars 6 days a week. For those working during the week, we are ready and waiting for your call on Saturday as well.