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Vehicle License Decline

Vehicle License Decline

Are you seeking money for a junk car or salvage vehicle in Berea, Geauga County or Bedford? Are you looking for the car buyers, the people that buy junk cars? Cleveland Scrap Cars will provide you a price for a junk car right over the phone for the value of a scrap car. We are proud to now be among the people that buy junk cars in the Lake County regions of Willoughby, Eastlake and Willowick. Additionally, we are now offering money for a junk car to sellers in the Geauga County areas of Middlefield, Chardon and Chesterland.  Our next auto related topic centers on a trend discovered concerning the percentages of those obtaining driver’s licenses.

In a January 19, 2016 article titled ‘More Americans of all ages spurning driver’s licenses’ authored by Bernie DeGroat on, we examine an odd trend in the auto market as follows: “More teens and ‘twenty somethings’ are forgoing driver’s licenses (DLs). The trend is true for most age groups, according to University of Michigan researchers. A new report looked at changes in driver licensure between 1983 and 2014 in the US, which was conducted by Michael Sivak & Brandon Schoettle of the University’s Transportation Department. Sivak & Schoettle found a steady decrease in the % of those age 45 and under with a DL. Also, the proportion of US people between 45 and 69 with (DLs) has declined since 2008, following a twenty-five year rise.

This study strengthens prior findings by the pair that shows lower proportions of younger individuals today have licenses compared to back in the 1980s. About 87% of 19-year-olds in 1983 had driver’s licenses, but now 30 years later, that percentage had dropped to 69%. Other teenage driving segments have also declined: 18-year-olds fell from 80% in 1983 to 60% in 2014, 17-year-olds decreased from 69% to 45%, and 16-year-olds fell from 46% to 24%.

Drivers in their 20s, 30s and 40s also saw their ranks fall as a % of age group population since 1983—down 13 points for those in their 20s, over 8 points for thirtysomethings & nearly 3 percentage points for those in their 40s. For those in their late 50s & older, the proportion of those with a DL is up about 12 points since then—although down more than 2 points recently, since 2008. The only age group to show a slight increase since 2008 is the 70+ year old segment. According to Sivak, the future evolution of these changes will have potentially major implications for future transportation. (DL) changes will likely affect the future amount & nature of transportation, transportation mode selected, vehicles purchased, as well as the safety of travel.”  The article in its entirety can be read at this link.

One weakness of this article is that, although the authors gave us detailed statistics, they failed to elaborate on what the causes for this trend are. David Schepp with CBS Moneywatch speculated the following reasons:

  • Living in big cities is popular again — especially among millennials
  • Online shopping has also reduced the need to drive
  • The popularity of ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. [1]

It seems that Mr. Schepp’s reasoning could play significantly into the trend. Although I am merely among the car buyers & salvage vehicle handlers of the world, I know that most trends are impacted by economics. Perhaps families today are more financially unstable making it difficult for teens to obtain a car & afford insurance? Could it be that a growing sector of people have their (DLs) suspended with unpaid fines associated with the suspension and are unable to come up with the reinstatement fees? (Ohio’s reinstatement fees for an OVI suspension are $450+) Many of these individuals do not entirely abandon driving, but rather become one of the many that drive without a (DL), typically using a vehicle registered under someone else’s name.

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