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Vehicle Weight Reduction

Vehicle Weight Reduction

We typically report on issues related to end-of-life vehicles (ELVs). As an outfit who scraps cars, where you can get cash for a car, that is our primary function. We like to keep a watchful eye on the opposite end of the spectrum also because the value of a scrap car is closely tied to the components and materials that compose the vehicle when it is manufactured. Ultimately, someone who buys old cars, thus allowing you to get cash for a car, will monitor what the next generation of autos will consist of. Our next topic centers on automobile manufacturers, more specifically, their strategies for reducing the weight of the vehicles they produce. In the October 27, 2015 edition of there was a story composed by Richard Truett titled ‘Ford, GM innovate to remove weight’ with the following details: “Despite cheap gasoline prices in the U.S., the march to remove weight from light vehicles continues. Ford’s new Shelby 5.2-liter, V8 engine is the first Ford engine to be made in-house that uses plasma transferred wire arc process, or PTWA. Ford has used PTWA before, but has outsourced the work. Ford actually patented the process and licensed it to Nissan. PTWA does away with the heavy cast-iron liners in an aluminum engine. Instead, electricity in a plasma cloud vaporizes metal wire, which is sprayed onto the cylinders of the engine block with air. The sections of the cylinder walls that the piston rings travel over are treated; Ford saves more than 6 lbs. per engine.

Ford spokesman Paul Seredynski says that bringing this in-house shows a commitment to technology. Ford’s weight-reduction efforts are part of a larger industry trend. Cadillac recently showed a sectioned body-in-white of the upcoming CT6 sedan.. The car’s outer layer is aluminum — a first for GM — but underneath, the aluminum & steel uni-body is the first application of GM’s mixed-materials approach to reducing weight. GM won’t be following Ford with a full aluminum-bodied truck. The CT6 uses different blends of steel & aluminum to reduce weight and add strength. Delphi Automotive is working to remove weight from the vehicle’s wiring harness by switching from traditional copper wires to aluminum. Cheap fuel prices may have consumers stampeding to trucks & SUVs right now, but U.S. regulators have not and likely won’t relax or delay the strict 54.5 mpg fleet average standard for 2025.” To read the article in its entirety, simply visit this link.

The weight reduction strategies are an engineering work-in progress (to say the least). Attempting to keep the production costs low, while implementing new materials and applications that decrease overall weight is a challenge. Working toward the same goals, these manufacturers are working to improve the efficiency of the drive train, while maintaining good performance for potential drivers.

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