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Where to Scrap My Car in Lake County

Where can I find a local buyer of scrap vehicles in the areas of Bedford, Berea, or Tremont? Simply dumping a non-functioning car sitting around in Avon, Warrensville Heights, or Reminderville does no useful purpose–damaged car removal is a much better option. Free hauling, plus money for a junk car is now available in Aurora, Westlake, and Shaker Heights.  You can make things nice and easy on yourself in Geauga County, Wickliffe, or Macedonia by selecting us as your place where to car my car.

Local police are apparently going to finally take action to remedy the problem of junk motor vehicles littering the region. A new ordinance is on the schedule to be introduced at a local assembly meeting seeking to make an adjustment to local laws. It will require voter approval in the upcoming spring election.  After significant frustration regarding parking enforcement downtown, a voter-based amendment would alter the Vehicle Code Enforcement Standards. This had limited such enforcement of car violations exclusively to sworn officers. These violations hope to stem the tide of the many junk cars dumped in Anchorage each year. Data indicates that the APD marked and arranged for over 650 unwanted or scrap vehicles to be removed in 2017. In 2018, the volume of these cars topped 750.  Anchorage Towing only just attained the contract to handle these junk cars, trucks, and vans.

“Ecologically Friendly” Junk Car Removal

Auto scrap reprocessing saves over 80 million barrels of oil normally lost in creation of new components. As a reputable buyer of scrap vehicles, we recognize how to get this done rapidly throughout North Randall, Solon, and Brunswick. Are you questioning whether to just sell your old car in Walton Hills, Brooklyn, or Streetsboro and have damaged car removal? Those who might be pondering where to scrap my car should contact Cleveland Scrap Cars if you reside in Fairview Park, Bentleyville Village, or Mentor. You deserve to get money for a junk car in Willoughby, Lyndhurst, and Ohio City with same day removal services.

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New Vehicle Recycling Technology & Market Update

Older car owners in Bedford, Berea, and Tremont should be aware that our buyer of scrap cars will pick them up. Same-day or next-day damaged car removal is included in the scrap car quoted price for those in Avon, Warrensville Heights & Reminderville. The latest price for scrap cars in Geauga County, Wickliffe and Macedonia is approaching unprecedented depths, yet showing recovery. When selling a junk car in Aurora, Westlake, or Shaker Heights, it is important to consider whether the service provider is environmentally conscious

A recent article on Verge explained as follows: “The release of Tesla’s Model 3 for the first thirty buyers (actually Tesla employees, per reports), shows how far this young auto manufacturer has really come — and their impact on the rest of the market. When Tesla first debuted with Autopilot in 2015, their CEO (Musk) cautioned drivers to be very careful. This was the original semi-autonomous vehicle technology available in a commercial market. Musk stated that people should not take their hands off the wheel. The videos were an indication that many people will always react poorly when handed an innovative & powerful technology. Since Autopilot’s release, all the major auto manufacturers have developed their own plans for semi-autonomous, automated systems. Examples include:

  • General Motors has it with the Cadillac CT6
  • Mercedes implemented their S-Class with Drive Pilot
  • Nissan is working on the ProPilot
  • Audi’s A8 will be somewhat autonomous.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are still very much in development. The EV segment still has truly flourish and they only represent 1% of the record 17.55M vehicles sold last year across the country. And a recent study of 2,000+ Americans found that 60% were still unfamiliar with electric cars, which has nothing to do with battery range or charging station locations. When viewing a Tesla, many claim it to be the “Apple” of vehicles. The traditional auto manufacturers are also adhering to the franchise dealerships model as both middlemen & service centers. The Tesla model of direct-to-consumer is certainly much different. It will be interesting to see how the brand continues to operate amid the competition”. The complete article is available at this link.

Junk Vehicle Removal in Chardon

Many scrap auto recyclers (such as us) use systems and processes that are friendly to the atmosphere. Best practices are in place throughout Solon, Walton Hills, and Brooklyn by our buyer of scrap cars. Get fast damaged car removal and scrap vehicle hauling service by calling us today in Streetsboro, Fairview Park, & Bentleyville Village. The current price for scrap cars in Mentor, Willoughby, & Lyndhurst is at a significant low currently. While selling a junk car is the last phase of one vehicle, it extends the life of many vehicles that are still on the road throughout Ohio City, Highland Heights, and Maple Heights.

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Extended Auto Loan News

Cleveland Scrap Cars is now offering the fastest damaged car removal service available in Bedford, Berea, and Avon, OH. We are now offering fast cash for cars regardless of the condition in Geauga County, Macedonia, and Aurora, OH. When our junk car buyer purchases a car, truck or van, the process of recycling is the next step taken. The prices in auto scrap throughout the US have a tendency to fluctuate, call us for a quote for a junk car today. Those looking at selling a scrap car in the regions of Westlake, Shaker Heights, or North Randall need only to contact us.

A recent CNBC article tells us the following: “The CEO of Chase’s consumer and community banking division, Gordon Smith, says that his company is backing away from the extended types of vehicle loans, because they could face some stress in a financial downturn. Smith says they are lessening involvement in the 84-mo. term loans.

At Wells Fargo, the lender added $150M to reserves in the 2nd quarter, primarily driven by loan growth in the commercial, auto & credit card areas. However, during its presentation Tuesday, much of its session was devoted not to auto lending, but to the Consumer Financial Protection against the bank after staffers pushed consumers into new accounts for which they didn’t request. Some highlights from the Chase demonstration suggested that, for now, auto lending could continue at a steady pace. The bank indicated in its presentation that new vehicle loan delinquencies aren’t rising very much.

This isn’t the first time this year a leader at JPMorgan has commented on growing debt for car purchases. In June, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon expressed caution on auto loans, which are hitting record highs. Earlier this year, the total volume of auto loans for consumers hit the $1 trillion for the 1st time.

Others have taken notice of the wide ranging credit offerings in the auto loan space. Speaking Tuesday at the Barclays event, Capital One CEO Richard Fairbank told attendees that the amount of capital has backed off recently, and that he has saw competitors taking on too much risk with borrowers. He added that, after making fewer auto loans in the 4th quarter of 2015, the bank has done more lending to auto buyers so far this year.” The full article is available here.

It should come as no surprise that lenders express concern regarding 84 month auto loans. Assuming that you drive around the average of 16K miles a year, then that vehicle is going to have 110K miles on it by the time it is paid off. It seem to be too lengthy of time period for financing such a depreciable asset; not to mention that most people will want to get a new car by the 5-year mark and then likely be rolling some negative equity into their subsequent loan.

Receive a quote for a junk car

We pay cash for junk cars in Solon, Walton Hills, and Streetsboro, regardless of condition and damaged car removal is included. Our fast cash for cars programs includes complimentary removal of your scrap vehicle throughout Bentleyville Village, Mentor, and Willoughby. Another way to characterize our business is as a junk car buyer that services the regions of Lyndhurst, Ohio City, and Highland Heights. Our junk car buyer is able to give you a junk car quote right over the phone when selling a scrap car in the cities of Maple Heights, Middlefield, and University Heights. We are glad to

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Vehicle Conservation Requirements

Cleveland Scrap Cars is involved in the auto recycling of junk cars and facilitating damaged car removal 6 days a week in the (216) and (440). Our buyer of junk cars is on-hand to provide a junk car quote for the scrap price of your car, truck, SUV or van. The price for a damaged car or value of a junk car can fluctuate quite a bit based on globally supply and demand issues which ultimately impact commodity pricing.

According to the Plastics Market Watch Automotive Series, “Standards from the Federal Corporate Avg. Fuel Economy (CAFE) have guided designing & engineering of motor vehicles for over 40 years. These standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) & National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) promotes lighter vehicles & fuel conserving engine & drivetrain production. The Obama Administration in 2012 updated the standards to 54.5 mile per gallon for cars & light-duty trucks by 2025. When combined with previous standards, this almost doubles the fuel efficiency of the vehicles in the next (9) years.  Today, auto manufacturers are working on the CAFE standards for cars & light trucks for the 2011–2016 model years requiring the equivalent of 35.5 miles per gallon.

These newer CAFE goals have support among both auto manufacturers & environmentalists. There are thirteen big automakers that make up for more than 90% of all vehicles sold in the US. These new mileage standards from the EPA & NHTSA force automakers to increase efficiency and develop technologies to transform their auto fleets, including advancements in gasoline engines, transmissions, car weight reduction, lower resistance, improvements  relating to aerodynamics, and improvements in auto A/C systems. The next-gen automobiles are employing plastics technology, such as carbon fiber usage for both interior & exterior components. BMW which has spent millions in the development of carbon fiber-related options is using them in a wide variety of vehicles. For the newer entrants to the vehicle arena, such as Tesla, finding the ideal material for the undercarriage & body panels was certainly a priority. Tesla confirmed its lighter-weight carbon fiber/epoxy blend of composite (2) years prior to finalizing it. Tesla twists long, slim carbon fiber strands within a fabric, which is molded with both plastic and resin.” For the report viewable in its entirety, visit http://www.plasticsmarketwatch.org

How to determine the price for a damaged car

In the business of auto recycling junk cars, the buyer of junk cars is going to require that you possess the vehicle title and ID to match the name of the listed owner. Our same-day damaged car removal service is available daily from 8AM-5:30PM and 8AM to 3:30PM on Saturdays. Those seeking to scrap a car for cash should call us @ 216-282-5865. Did you know that our scrapping practices have environmental benefits such as reducing air pollution & the potential for water pollution? As a recycler in the greater Cleveland, OH area with a firm environmental focus, we help to limit global warming and other environmental problems.

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Junk Cars Accumulating

Cleveland Scrap Cars is back with some more news and information regarding the auto scrap and recycling market. We take in cars for cash and include complimentary damaged car removal services. Our junk auto buyer will provide you a junk car quote right over the phone which includes free junk vehicle removal. The best aspect of our business is our commitment to being eco-conscious. We recycle the maximum amount of material associated with each scrap vehicle and insure environmental compliance. Our next topic centers on an area in Western NY that is slowly being “overtaken” by a high volume of junk vehicles that are unlicensed, unwanted or abandoned.

An article by Amanda Dedie on April 17, 2016 in the Dunkirk Observer titled ‘Junk cars break down Arkwright councilman’ told us the following: “At a recent town board meeting, one councilman expressed frustration with the number of junk vehicles plaguing the town. Clint Nagle says the town is going on its 2nd year with having a number of junk cars filling the front yards of residents, leaving certain areas to be non-compliant with building codes, and also an eyesore. Nagle says these people are taking cars & tearing them down & everything else. He called a couple of other townships, and they only allow (1) car and they send out a notice, and then they pursue them through court after that. He is adamant that the town not turn into a virtual junk dump.

Town Councilman Chris Cannon chimed suggesting that they place a large newspaper ad and let people know that if they have more than 1-2 vehicles in their yards, and they’re piling up a lot of junk, that they’ll be notified, warned and have to pay a large fine. Cannon says that if I had a bunch of junk cars in my yard right now, unlicensed, you’re darn right that action should be taken.” The full article is available here.

Why do these people simply abandon an old car in the neighborhood? This just makes the area look much worse and poses environmental concerns as they can potentially leak hazardous fluids and serve as traffic hazards as well. It would take these irresponsible vehicle owners about five minutes to call a “cars for cash” place that offers damaged car removal to have them removed.

Damaged car removal service in Berea, Parma, Euclid and Solon.

Those seeking junk vehicle removal plus some cash for an unwanted vehicle are encouraged to call (216) 282-JUNK today. We are an environmentally conscious auto buyer that serves the counties of Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga. As an auto scrap organization with best practices already in place, we divert many tons of materials from being tossed into landfills. Protecting our natural environment with our auto junk program is an effective way to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and other costly energy resources.

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“Buy Here” Auto Industry

“Buy Here” Auto Industry

Here at Cleveland Scrap Cars we report news and happenings well beyond simply damaged car removal or selling an old car. We are the premier option when going to scrap a car in Cleveland, Independence or Eastlake. The reasons are many and include the following:

  • We provide a quote for a junk car over the phone when selling an old car
  • Same-day damaged car removal when you sell a car for cash
  • Our vehicle removal and customer service staff is friendly and fast!
  • Our quote for a junk car is a cash price, which includes free towing

Our next topic discusses the “buy here—pay here” auto business in the US. Russ Heaps with Auto Trader posted an informational article titled ‘What Is Buy Here Pay Here?’ with the following details: “If you’ve found that every other credit avenue for financing a car is closed to you, a Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealer may be your last resort. Typically, we borrow money for a car through third-party lenders, such as banks, credit unions etc…. BHPH financing means that you arrange the loan and make payments on it at the dealership where you purchased the car; the car dealer is also the finance company.

Because loan decisions are made by the dealer, who wants to sell you a car, approval is nearly guaranteed. If you have steady income, your chances for approval are good. As a high-risk borrower, you can expect a double-digit interest rate. The BHPH dealer might require you to make trips to the dealership to pay in person. Although some will accept payment online or by mail or phone, BHPH usually means physically bringing your payment to the dealership. Rather than settling on a car and then talking financing, a BHPH will 1st qualify the customer before determining how much they’re willing to lend. Finally, the dealer will show the customer which cars are options to buy, and choices will probably be limited.” The complete article is at this link.

Next we review an article by Ken Bensinger in the Los Angeles Times titled ‘A vicious cycle in the used-car business’ which had the following information: “Tiffany Lee wanted a car. But as a single mother of three, bad credit and a $27,000-a-year salary, she couldn’t find a bank or dealership to give her a loan. A friend steered her to Repossess Auto Sales. She put $3,000 down for a 2007 Ford Fusion, agreeing to pay $387 a month for 4 years. The interest rate: 20.7%, nearly triple the national average. Lee fell behind on her payments & filed for bankruptcy; the dealership called and offered to make her loan more affordable. Lee drove back to Repossess Auto. Moments later, employees parked cars tightly around the Ford, blocking it in. There would be no new deal and Lee’s car was being repossessed.

In this fast-growing corner of the auto market, dealers command premium prices for road-worn vehicles. For most of those people, having a car is the only way to stay employed, and they’ll accept almost any terms to get one. BHPH lots sold nearly 2.4 million cars last year and about 1 in 4 buyer’s default. The car can be repossessed and put back on the lot for sale in short order. A new buyer makes a down payment, takes on a high-interest loan and the cycle starts anew. Provided they don’t get wrecked, these recycled vehicles just keep paying dividends. At some dealerships, cars have been sold and resold. They equip cars with hidden GPS devices & ignition blockers to make the repo man’s work easier. Some keep lawyers on staff, filing dozens of lawsuits to recoup unpaid balances & garnish debtors’ wages.” The full article is available here.

What happens if the vehicle breaks down and needs a costly repair? An article on autodealermonthly.com titled ‘Three Reasons Customers Stop Paying – What Do You Do When It Happens’ composed by Ben Donnarumma in November 2009 explained: “I learned that people stop paying for their vehicle whenever something major breaks on it or they don’t have enough vested interest (meaning down payment). So, you need to have a plan or a policy in place to handle mechanical breakdowns. Otherwise, you’re sending a truck out to pick up a repo. You can sell service contracts, provide a warranty, finance the maintenance after the fact, or negotiate a side-payment or split with the customer. The important thing is to listen, understand the problem & communicate without a conflict.

Require 10 verifiable personal references for every loan; don’t accept co-workers as references. BHPH customers change jobs frequently. The odds are pretty favorable that somebody on that list is owed money too and they are more than willing to share information with you.” The complete commentary is available here.

Who buys junk cars in Northeast Ohio? Cleveland Scrap Cars is where to scrap a car in Cleveland, Mentor or Tremont. Selling an old car begins by calling for a quote for a junk car. The price will typically include complimentary damaged car removal (towing). Regardless of where you scrap a car in Cleveland, they will require the vehicle title and an ID.

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Scrap Car Spotlight 1.1

Scrap Car Spotlight 1.1

Cleveland Scrap Car is back with our 2nd edition of Scrap Car Spotlights news. SCS is a forum that relates to auto recycling, damaged car removal and where to junk a car. Our next industry professional is Mr. Troy Webber, owner of Chesterfield Auto, which has Virginia-based operation sites in Richmond, Midlothian and in Fort Lee. Chesterfield offers a quote for a junk car both through their website and over the phone. Mr. Webber provided the following information:

  1. What are some of the primary functions you handle in managing Chesterfield?
    I have 3 stores, so I do not manage day-to-day functions; I rely on my GM’s to manage those operations. My directors and I evaluate reports on the business & deal with the long term, high level type of issues like policy & procedural changes, insurance, licenses, retirement plans, health insurance plans etc…
  2. What types of vehicles (for salvage) are your most sought after? (ie… any types of vehicles that you cannot buy enough of?) We ask our customers what kind of car they are looking for when they come in just so we know the answer. The results are; Accords, Camry’s, Ford and GM pickups, Grand Cherokee’s and Taurus’s. We can’t get enough Wranglers and will buy every Wrangler I can get my hands on!
  3. What are some of the changes in the auto recycling industry recently that you have noticed? I have seen a noticeable trend away from the full service business model to the self-service model. A lot of the old well established and well run full service/late model yards are either switching over to entirely self-service or trying to run a hybrid self/full service type of business.
  4. Can you elaborate on what kinds marketing efforts, campaigns or technology that you have had success with and/or certain marketing ventures that did not meet expectations? Any retail driven business depends on people knowing about you. If the people don’t know you exist, they will not shop at your store. We have had success with our TV & Radio advertising campaigns. We are also devoting a huge portion of our marketing budget to digital ad campaigns on the internet. This is a new avenue for us and it seems to be the trend of the future. TV and radio ads are a great way to get your name out there but it can be very expensive and you rarely have any quantitative results to show for it. With internet ads, you know exactly how many calls, clicks & visits you got from each ad, what each call, click or search cost you & you can really customize based on objective results. In my experience bill boards are a waste of money.
  5. Are there any key differences or niches that your company specializes in that are unique among the local auto recycling market? We don’t have any niches or specialties per se, but we are unique in the fact that we do offer a free 30-day cash back warranty on all our components.
  6. Are there any advantages or disadvantages unique to those in the industry within that state of Virginia that differ from other states?  In the past few years VA began to allow licensed demolishers to buy vehicles with no ownership documents & without any prior owner notification procedures under certain circumstances.  We can run the VIN through the DMV database, and it will indicate whether or not we can buy the car. Up until then, the process with no documentation took months, and was costly, so cars were being disposed of illegally.

We encourage those interested in more information on Chesterfield Auto to visit their website at http://www.chesterfieldauto.com/ 

Cleveland Scrap Cars is a site to scrap a car in Mentor, Twinsburg or Old Brooklyn. Wondering where to junk a car for cash? We include free damaged car removal and offer a fast quote for a junk car. To scrap a car in Mentor, Eastlake or Garfield Heights the requirements are that you have the title and an ID. Where to junk a car should be a simple process once you obtain a quote for a junk car. Regardless of whether the vehicle is wrecked or needs damaged car removal to scrap a car in Mentor, Solon or Strongsville, we will pick it up.