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Scrap Vehicles in US

Those who pay cash for scrap vehicles are most likely able to provide a price over the phone. The process of selling your scrap car to a junk car towing place is simple. Pick up the telephone and contact a junk vehicle buyer to tow it away. If you are within our service area, we are happy to offer you a price for a wrecked car. Were you aware that scrap automobiles can be a source of other hazardous items, such as lead, mercury and asbestos?

Maura Keller composed an article in the June edition of American Recycler titled ‘Exporting ELVs Impacts Auto Recycling’ with the following details: “Americans scrap 10-12M vehicles a year, a $20B industry in recycled automotive steel, copper, plastic, glass & rubber. As such, auto recycling companies are an important source of salvaged car components for consumers, providing them with a less expensive alternative to new. Likewise, selling scrap metal from scrap cars has historically been a big business. With the now lower scrap prices, there is less scrap volume, slowing the scrap car recycling business & forcing companies to store their inventory, waiting for a better price. While the slowdown in junk cars continues, consumers are utilizing new ways to sell or dispose of their junk cars. According to Jordan Perch, researcher with, an online information hub for all motor-vehicle topics, the primary changes to the method of selling scrap cars is the way consumers advertise their cars. In the past, mostly newspapers or magazines advertised the cars for sale, thus print media advertising prevailed. But how consumers sell their end-of-life vehicles (ELV) now impacts auto recyclers. Currently most people sell their junk cars online. Advances in use of the internet to sell & buy used cars, has helped the auto recycling industry. Online avenues, including Craigslist and eBay are helping automotive recyclers locate and acquire junk cars more easily.

At the same time, scrap yards and automobile recyclers compete for ELVs offered on Craigslist, eBay or directly from junk car owners. In doing so, recyclers need to ensure they are equipped with latest in technology. According to Dmitriy Shibarshin, marketing director at West Coast Shipping, in the past, consumers would either donate their cars or sell them to local scrapyards to be parted. Now that the market has gone global, buyers from developing nations scour the U.S. for old cars, giving U.S. consumers an alternative means of disposal. Depending on the make and model, consumers can get better value by selling to overseas buyers. Shibarshin deals with the shipping of many cars to locales outside of the U.S. He said that cars from the states continue to be one of the most demanded exports, despite limitations on their import to certain countries. Africa and the Middle East tend to be the most popular destinations. Previously, Kyrgyzstan was a big importer in the past until they joined the Russian union and drastically raised their import taxes.

The internet has certainly made it easier to export junk cars to buyers across the globe. “Consumers can now reach a worldwide audience when selling their junk cars. They typically post them on sites such as eBay and Craigslist, which tend to attract end buyers and re-sellers overseas,” Shibarshin said. Some utilize licensed auto dealers to help them sell their cars at salvage car auctions. And there are also a growing number of U.S. dealers who buy junk cars and fix them to a drivable condition and market them to overseas buyers.

While the vast majority of used cars exported from the U.S. find new uses in Mexico, United Arab Emirates, and Nigeria, many also reach Europe. In response to the questions surrounding end-of-life vehicle disposal and the influx of used vehicles, the EU passed the End-of-Life Vehicle Directive, which targets dismantling and recycling of ELVs more environmentally friendly. Now, the national Mexican government also following Europe’s lead on the subject.” The full article is available at

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Where can I obtain cash for scrap vehicles in the greater Cleveland area? Our junk vehicle buyer is prepared to purchase vehicles in virtually any condition. What is the going scrap price for a wrecked car? Prices can vary somewhere between $100 to $200 and beyond. Our scrap car buyer will insure that your end-of-life vehicle is properly reused and recycled. As an eco-conscious scrapper, our program limits water and land pollution, as well as a variety of other environmental benefits.